Pretty Fake Fantasies

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My bitchiness comes to bite me in the ass

I looked at my reflection in the mirror for the thousandth time, making sure I looked prim and proper.

It's been 2 days since Pramod talked to his niece about letting me interview for the PA job, 5 days since my father's disappearance. If this job works out..I could pay Ray and I's tuition this month. Mum can get a part time job and we'll be able to make next month's fees as well.

Things are finally looking good for us now. I smile at my reflection, a reassuring smile. Somehow everything started to seem a bit less bleak than it was a few days ago.

I pick the one and only sling bag I owned, looking it over, grateful that I realised at an early age to take care of my things since I won't have many. It was in perfect condition, so were my black pumps which I had bought two years ago by saving my lunch money.

I hurried downstairs, hoping to grab something from the kitchen before I head out. I was so damn busy in making myself look perfect for this job that I forgot to eat breakfast.

I entered our kitchen on the left of the staircase and saw my mum, preparing for lunch.

"Morning mum" I greeted her as I made my way towards the fridge to get myself some orange juice and fruits.

"Morning sweetie. Where are you going looking like that on a Saturday?" My mother said chuckling at my outfit. I agree it was very different from my hoodies and sweatshirts that I usually wore but that still hurt.

"I have a job interview" I tell her while carefully looking for every small reaction that comes from her.

"An interview? I thought you already got a job" she told me while srunching her eyebrows together, showing confusion.

"I'm getting another one. It is part time as well but it's not much work. Most of it I can do at home and I would just have to report to my Boss and be in the store for a couple of hours" I told her timidly. I knew what was coming and I had prepared myself for it. Whatever she says, I'm responsible for them now. I won't back down.

"No" she said and went back to cooking.

"What do you mean 'no'" I asked her

"It means that you're not getting another job. Focus on your studies. I will handle the money" she says to me turning to face me once again.

"No, mum. You can't handle it. How would you get a job? Be realistic, who will give a 48 year old woman a job?!? Noone will. I need to earn to cover this month's school fees and if I don't get this job there won't be any school to focus on" I tell her a little annoyed at the way she dismisses my efforts.

Who does she think I'm doing this for?! For myself? For her? No!
I'm doing this for Ray, he doesn't deserve this. If I can sustain us then he doesn't have to be around that toxic shit of a father.

Ray could have a normal childhood unlike me and Maddie.

I put the rest of my juice on the counter and leave my remaining apple as well.

"I'm doing this for Ray. I want him to forget our father, I want him to have a happy childhood. I'm doing this for my piece of mind mum, please let me" with that I take my bag and head out.

I know she's right, I know she's only caring for me but at this point all I see is hope for Ray. I'm already fucked up but my little brother doesn't have to be. So if it means I have to go to a community college instead of an esteemed University then so be it.

I take my phone out and check the address for the boutique that Pramod sent me. The shop was in a very posh wonder the pay is great!

Soon I find myself standing in front of the boutique....I couldn't even remember how I got here. Fucking nerves.

I take a deep breadth and walk in.

I can see the boutique is closed since there were no customers. There were several people sitting on chairs...waiting for their turn to get interviewed as well.
I think I'm the youngest here.
I take a seat beside a nice looking man who smiled at me as I sat down.

"Well you seem very young for an assistant job. How come you're here?" The man asks me.

"Oh well I am just so much into clothes and fashion that I couldn't resist when the opportunity presented itself" I said to him smiling back.

"Oh yea...." He said to me while looking at what I was wearing... judgingly?!

I was wearing my best clothes! Fuck him. I should focus..I looked around me, assessing the competition.

Well all the people looked like they were in their "intership era" age so I wasn't much behind. They're all probably fashion majors as well but there's a ton of books at the library about fashion, all I have to do is study.

Yes, I can do this!

"Ava Piers?" An old looking lady called my name out into the sea of potential future assistants.

"Yes, here" I say, with some extra grace. I stand up and follow the women. She leads me through a corridor till it's very end. There was a door and it read nothing...hmmm weird but I guess they did just start this shop so it's understandable.

I knocked twice and after hearing a cheery "come in" I went inside.

"Good morn-" holy fuck it was her!!! The annoying woman at the library!!
I froze there, my eyes wide and mouth half open. Curse the spirits and the universe!

"Oh umm you're the part timer at the library?" Said the woman.

I got a grip over myself and closed my mouth.

"Umm yes and you must be pramod's neice?" I asked. I should not have said that...that sounded weird as if I was reminding her of my relation with Pramod!

"Oh yes, my name is Vaishnavi, you can call me Ms. V" she says with a polite smile. Okay that's a good sign right? No hostility over the fact that I was a grade A bitch to her?!

"Okay umm here is my resume" I said while taking my resume out of my bag and keeping it in front of her at the table.

"That won't be necessary" she replies to me sliding my resume back to me.

"What why? You haven't even looked at it?" I asked her panick settling in now.

"Well you see this job requires someone who is able to handle different customers as well as partners without having an angry outburst. We require someone polite which you clearly are not" she says to me.

"Please send in the next person" she says into the intercom that was kept on her right.

"No please just give me a chance. I am very capable of doing this work. I really need this job. Please I will do my best at it. Give me chance" I begged her with all my might.

"Please show yourself out Ms. Piers" she said to me in a finalising tone.

"No please, just give me one chance. I can do this job ver-"

"Do not embarasse yourself this way, leave" she says to me a bit more sternly.

It was helpless I could see she had made up her mind about me. Fuck fuck fuck!!!

I straighten my pencil skirt and made my way straight out of that wretched place.

I needed this job...what would I do now?!? Why just why does nothing go my way?!!

I made my way towards the park that was ahead of my school. I wanted to be alone. I couldn't face mum, I couldn't face Ray. I disappointed everyone.

How are we going to cope?!??! Ray needs tuition..

I could feel the tears streaming down my face. What am I supposed to do now?! How do I keep my family together?

I missed Maddie so much..if she was here, she'd take care of us. Is this why she left? did the pressure of taking care of us made her leave?

I took my phone out, wanting to call someone, anyone but who? Who do I call? Who do I talk to? I feel so alone..

I pressed the no. 1 and my phone dialled my speed dial contact.

"Hello?" I heard the voice of the person on the other side.

"Can you meet me at Clara house park right now?" I was barely able to whisper those words.

"Don't move, I'm coming" the line went dead with that.

Please hurry...I don't know if I can take this anymore.

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