Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Author's note

I should clarify that this is my work. I started writing this book on Wattpad by the same name but my usename there is sam26631 which could create confusions so I thought I should clarify.

I will be updating this book here and on Wattpad as well, I just wanted to reach a wider audience and that is why I decided to post this book here as well.

Now the story will progress at a very good pace from here. Carter and Ava's relationship would develop further and we would have a nice romance between them but I would also make sure not to make Ava depend on Carter in every aspect, he will emotionally help her but she would be portrayed as a level headed, strong woman (which she already is given how much crap she puts up with alone).

So please keep on reading and also the updates will get slower till 30th Jan since I have my exams but after that I will totally focus on completing this book.

I also have been developing an idea for an amazing new book and I will start working on it as soon as Preety fake fantasies get's completed.

I also wanted to ask if there is any reader out there who figured out why the title of my book is preety fake fantasies. It ain't rocket science, if you got it please comment and tell. Make sure to save this book and follow me for futher updates.

Thanks💜 borahae
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