Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Twitching eyes

Ava's POV

I decided some nice black skinny jeans, a belt with a silver loop would be the best choice for the game. I put on a sleeveless t-shirt before putting on Carter's jersey. I looked at what I was wearing in the the mirror and it looked decent to me.

I put on some mascara and lip tint, brushed through my hair and I was good to go. I quickly took some money from my savings and stuffed them in my wallet.

I looked at myself once more in the mirror...I don't know why I was being this obsessive but I just wanted everything to be perfect tonight. I just wanted to enjoy my first ever normal school event, without any shit going down.

I went downstairs and into the living room where mum and Ray were.

"Mama, I'm going to the football game at the town's stadium" my voice made her look up at me from her computer, she came home but brought her job with her. Not that I mind, on the other hand I was so happy she was enjoying herself.

She smiled at me "okay sweetie, be back before 11 and be safe. Keep your phone on and send me atleast 4 texts so I wouldn't feel too worried." She said to me.

"Okay." I then diverted my attention on Ray "Ray, you want me to bring you some ice cream on my way back?"

"YES! chocolate!" He said nodding his head furiously.

"Okay bud. Bye mum" I exited the house with that. I hardly went out at night, I had to always be at home, with make sure HE didn't do something to him.

I made my way towards the town's stadium. I was excited about tonight, even though I don't know anything about football, I just wanted to enjoy being outside. I felt like a normal teenager, doing normal teen things.

I reached the stadium and boy was it packed, given it wasn't very big...could fit like 500 people at most but it was still big and I was preety sure it was filled to the very brink.

I guess people cared about this little feud between the two schools more than I had previously thought.

I went to the locker rooms. There weren't many people around and I didn't see Carter there so I took my phone out and texted him.

'lm outside the locker room'~ Ava Piers'

I looked around a bit. There were some players going in and out of the locker rooms but except them the area was preety much empty.

"Ava!" I got snapped out of my thought by Carter. I saw him come out of the locker room our school was assigned, he was wearing his jersey just like mine.

"Hey" I greeted him.

"That jersey looks good on you" he told me, taking me in.

"Yea but I don't think white's really my color...I think one of the Corwell guys black ones would look better on me" I teased him. He looked irritated which made me laugh.

"I know you're joking, but my hate for those numbnuts is too strong to see that" he said "and I think white's totally your colour, infact it feels like a colour that was made just for you" he said making me laugh again.

"So you don't have anything to do before such a big game?" I asked him. He should be getting ready and stuff right? I don't even know what footballers do before a game.

"I'll show you to your seat and then I just have to put my gear on and wait for the game to start" he said. He held my hand and lead me outside, towards the seats in the stadium.

"How did you manage to save a seat? There are so many people here!" I asked him. He couldn't have saved one himself, given he's playing tonight.

"I asked a guy to save a seat. It's close to the field but not too close and right in the centre, you will able to see everything" he told me.

We soon reached a really scrawny looking guy, who spotted Carter and stood up. Carter took out $50 and HANDED HIM THE MONEY?!!?

"You spend $50 on this?! Are you crazy, these seats are free, I could've sat on any other seat" I told him.

He pushed me towards the seat gently and grabbed my shoulders and made me sit down, his face a few inches away from mine making my breadth hich. His eyes were freaking beautiful...I never noticed the slight hazel touch in his brown eyes before and man did he smell good.

"Well, I could've spent more but it wouldn't matter to me more than THE Ava Piers coming to a game to support me!" He said that as if I was some celebrity.

"You know, now I'm starting to think I should've charged you for this, you clearly don't mind spending UNNECESSARY money" I told him stressing the unnecessary part.

"Ava stop complaining and enjoy for once. And even if you did charge me, I wouldn't mind." He winked at me making my eyes go huge. Is his eye twitching? Cause for a minute there I actually thought he winked at me...but Carter grey winking at me?

When pigs fly out of my ass.

'Ava! You're reading too much into this. He's being his normal, playful self!' my inner self snapped at me.

He chuckled and continued "now Don't forget to cheer for me when we win" he said to me and let my shoulders go.

"Hmm" I mumbled...I didn't trust my voice at that moment. Carter was too close for my liking....calm down my heart. I think I might be getting a heart disease from interacting with Carter so much.

"Meet me in the field after the game. We'll grab a bite after the game" he told me. I nodded my head.

"All the best Carter" I said finally regaining my voice.

He winked at me again and went away, to get ready for the match.

His twitching eye made my heart skip a beat. Wtf is wrong with his eyes?!?
And wtf is wrong with me?!

I must be going crazy.

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