Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Authors note

Please please please I need reviews guys. I can't just write without knowing how you feel about the story. Even if it's negetive lay it on me and I will try my best to improve things. I know it's nothing new or wonderful but it is my first book and I really want to make an effort to produce something nice.

Please don't forget to vote if you like it, comment and leave a review.

Borahae 💜

Oh and btw if you guys stay with me you will be taken on an amazing journey with my new book that I'm developing. I will start it as soon as I end 'preety fake fantasies' and it will be a sci-fi romance!!🎉🎉🎉

Oh and any BTS fans out there I also have a good idea for a fanfic (a nice one not the weird ones. Something respectful) and if you want it then comment and tell me I'll start developing a story around the main plot I have in mind.

Love you, take care. Don't forget to wear a mask!! Borahae
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