Pretty Fake Fantasies

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A new kind of disease

Carter's POV

I was falling for Ava Piers. I realised this the moment I saw her wearing my jersey. She looked so beautiful. Too beautiful.

My heart started beating so fast, I could hardly form any words.

I know it sounds chessy but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. The way she smirks or isn't anything like the others girls at school who only care about how I look or how popular or rich I am.

She treats me like she would any other person and that makes me feel like I have value, like I am my own individual being without the Grey surname. It makes me feel like Carter Grey and not Carter Grey, the son of a millionaire or Carter Grey the most popular guy at school.

She's just I don't even have words to describe how perfect she is to me. It's been what 2 weeks since I've known her? And I've already fallen so deep that it seems crazy and impossible.

How do you fall for someone that fast? Love doesn't happen in 2 weeks! And it's not like I'm a 14 year old, raging with hormones, crushing on any and every girl I see. But the way she thinks and God how strong she is, it all just makes me feel more and more attracted to her everyday.

How she held her head high even when kids at school used to say so much crap to her, how she survived all that shit she's going through at her all of that makes her so freaking attractive.

I don't know why I asked her to wear my jersey to the game, that's something usually the girlfriends/boyfriends of the players do.

Aron Plutoik, a team mate of mine told me his girlfriend was coming to the game wearing his jersey and for some reason I imagined Ava, wearing my jersey and cheering for me at the game.

I wasn't planning on asking her to wear my jersey when I asked her to come to the game in school but after the talk with Aron during after school practice today I found myself at the library with an extra jersey of mine, handing it to Ava.

I was sitting in the locker room, with all my gear on, thinking about how fast circumstances have changed.

I must've lost my mind cause I for sure knew that Ava does not feel the same way about me and even if there is a 0.0001% chance that she does have feelings for me, she will just ignore them, deeming them unnecessary and distracting.

But I can't help but like how I can talk to her and she doesn't judge me. It's so easy to approach her and we just click perfectly together like a lock and key..meant especially for each other.

Fucking hell I'm unrequited love was all I needed in my life!

My thoughts made me groan for the hundredth time. I dropped my head in my hands.

"Dude what's up with you?" I hear my friend Josh ask as he settles down on the bench next to me.

"You've been groaning like that since this morning" he says.

"Nothing, just got myself into a sticky situation" I tell him. I might be open with Ava but things are different with my friends. It's better I rather not tell him, he has a big mouth anyway..the whole school will know about this if I said anything to him.

"Well you should stop thinking about that and start thinking about the game, it's kind of a big one dude" he tells me patting my back. God guys sucked at consoling.

If Ava was here she probably would've said 'stop being a wuss and just deal with whatever it is.'

The thought made me chuckle.

"Well that's the spirit. Come on now we gotta go, the game is about to start" he says, thinking I was chuckling because of what he said.

I shook my head, trying to get rid of all thoughts about Ava. I grabbed my helmet and went to the entrance that led to the field with the other teammates.

As soon as the announcer took our team's name we went in there, cheering at the top of our lungs, basking in all the cheers from the crowd as well. I looked around and spotted Ava in a second.

She was looking right at me,cheering of me.I winked at her and put my helmet on.

I turned to my team "okay guys huddle up" I said to them. It's important for me to pump them up before a game.

"We are the best and we will beat those Corwell assholes. I know you got what it takes, we need to bring the thunder on them boys! We have prepared for this game, remember all the crap we went through, the laps around the field, the late night practices. It was all for today and we will crush those bitches today! 1 2 3 BREAK!!"

I turned towards the seat where Ava was sitting for the last time. I'll focus on the game now and think about Ava later.

I put my mouth guard in, ready to crush Corwell tonight.

Ava's POV

The game began 15 minutes after Carter had showed me to my seat. I felt beyond awkward sitting there, on my own with noone to talk to. I started fidgeting and pulling my fingers in order to distract myself.

I guess socializing with Carter has made me into a nervous idiot.

Soon I heard the announcer start doing his thing and then our school's team was introduced.

I looked at the entrance from where our team emerged, all the boys screaming like gorillas. I saw Carter enter the field and automatically started cheering. This is what I was here for, to emotional support mate? Are we even Friends?

I snap out of my thoughts and look back at the field, my gaze landing back on Carter because well he was the only person I really knew here.

He looked through the crowd and his eyes landed on me, I smiled at him and cheered a bit more. He winked at me and turned back to his team while putting his helmet on.

My heart did that weird thing again. God, I think I'm dying. I looked back at Carter and saw him talking to his team. I guess he was boosting their morale? Is that it? It's either that or they're gossiping about who among the Corwell guys has the best eyes which I'm preety sure is not it.

Next, the Corwell team was introduced. They came screaming and hooting just like our team had. The stadium cheered for them as well.

All the guys on that team looked buffed and big, like Spartans ready to rip everybody to pieces.

'No wonder they have won so many matches' I heard my subconscious comment.

My eyes scanned all the players on the enemy team...they were big but clearly not as big as Carter. That dude looked like a Mountain to be honest.

Soon the game began and I did not understand a thing. I just looked around for some familiar faces from our school in the crowd and when they cheered, I cheered. I did not want to make Carter feel like I was not into this, the dude looked like a puppy who had gotten a thousand bones to chew on when I agreed to come to the game.

My back hurt, I was beyond bored and not understanding a single thing. If someone from the crowd looked at me, they'd think I was very much into the game, analysing every player and every move but in reality I was just looking at Carter move so gracefully among all the other players.

'no wonder people had so much faith in him' I said to myself.

He looked so focused and so different than how he usually is. I guess he really loved football and clearly from what I am seeing took it very seriously.

That made me admire him. I know I was a bit snarky about Carter being the most popular guy in school but in all honesty he was nothing like the other popular jerky kids.

He wasn't a womanizer, he wasn't a bully, he had good grades and paid attention in all the subjects. The only reason I didn't liked Carter before was because I ASSUMED he was like all the other kids, without a care in the world, just thinking high school was gonna last forever..

But I guess I was wrong...

20 more minutes into the game and it was half time. The players all went back to their respective locker rooms to recharge and re-stratergize I guess.

I felt bored sitting there alone so I decided I'd just go and check up on Carter.

Now, I know he's probably busy and shit but I just wanted to tell him he played really well and if he was busy I'd just leave.

I went to the locker room but didn't see Carter outside, only a few other players from our team. I recognised one guy named Josh, he hanged out with Carter a lot as much as I can remember.

"Josh, uhh is Carter inside? Is he busy?" I asked him..I mean it's better that I asked someone than just barge inside the guy's locker room.

"Oh, yea he's in, just resting himself. You can go in if you want" he told me and then went back to his conversation.

Well then here goes nothing.

I went inside and what I saw inside was appalling. Sweat and body odour and dirty clothes and jerseys and a shit ton of half naked dudes.

All their eyes turned on me as soon as I stepped inside.

"Uhh I'm looking for Carter Grey?" I threw the question out in the field, hoping someone would catch it and answer without me having to specifically go to a person.

"Uhh he's right at the very end.." a guy replied. I nodded and mumbled a thank you.

'Ava what are u even doing here? This is so weird. Just get out!' I hear my subconscious scream at me.

'well couldn't you have said something before I barged into a room full of so many naked guys?!?" I screamed back at my subconscious.

Leave it to my subconscious to tell me something is a bad idea while I'm in the middle of executing said idea!

I zigzagged my way through all the guys and dirty clothing on the floor. To be honest what else did I expect, it was a locker room for guys who were playing football outside. It's not like it would smell like roses after all that running.

I made my way to the very end of the room and saw Carter. He was lying down on a bench with an ice pack on his shoulder.

He looked highly uncomfortable, the bench was too narrow for his body and he was holding the ice pack with his other hand and trying to balance himself on the bench at the same time.

I made my way to where he was lying and bent down a bit to hold the ice pack to his shoulder. The shoulder area looked red as if an elephant had rammed into it at full speed. Ouch!

My sudden appearance out of nowhere and holding the ice pack startled Carter, as expected.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" He said while trying to sit up. I pushed him back down.

"I came here to tell you that you were amazing on the field. What happened to your shoulder?" I asked him.

"Well you see I was doing what Quaterbacks do but this guy came at me out of nowhere" he said, his eyebrows srunching up thinking about the incident again.

"Does it hurt a lot?" I asked him while removing the ice pack to inspect the damage. I was preety good at dealing with injuries thanks to my father. To me it didn't look too bad..the bruising wasn't too much. It looked like it hurt a bit but it should be okay with the help of the ice pack.

I positioned the ice pack back on his shoulder and looked at Carter to find him already staring at me.

"So does it hurt too much? Do you feel a lot of pain while moving your shoulder?" I asked him again. It could be that it hurt even though it didn't look like it. Just making sure.

'for what? You're not even Friends' my subconscious remarked.

'oh shush, he is kind of a friend..just shut up' I said to myself

"Nah it doesn't, I'm okay" I hear Carter say. I nod my head.

"You enjoying the game?" He asked me.

"To be honest I don't understand much but I'm still enjoying the little I can wrap my head around" I told him mixing a little bit of truth and lie together.

I didn't want to be completely honest since Carter would definitely feel bad and think I came here because he forced me to and I couldn't bring myself to completely lie to him either.

I usually have no problem with lying but Carter can tell when I'm lying, how he figures that out I don't know and I just didn't want to lie to him I guess.

"Half time is going to be over, you should head back to your seat" I hear Carter say as he sits back up making me stand up straight as well since I was holding the ice pack to his shoulder.

"Yea, you be careful and don't die out there" I tell him. I remove the ice pack and keep it next to him on the bench and start to turn away.

Carter suddenly grabs my arm, making me look back.

"Thanks for coming to check up one me. You're definitely doing a great job as my cheerleader" he said to me smirking. Ahh this Carter felt more normal...I was familiar with this playful side of his and not the serious side I saw on the field.

"Whatever" I said and beelined out of the locker room. I did not know what to say to him. My wrist tingled where Carter had held my hand. I didn't look back till I reached my seat.

Gods, in the begining I couldn't wait for this evening to begin and now I can't wait for it to end cause I was sure something is wrong with my body.

I kept my hand on my chest trying to calm myself down. I was sure my cheeks were flaming red right now. What is wrong with me? Why am I being this way?

I massaged my wrist where Carter had held my felt weird.

I checked whether I had a fever or something cause I suddenly felt hot. Maybe all the stress is finally taking a toll on me.

I took a deep breath in, trying to relax. Just a few more hours and then we can go home and rest.

I'm sure I just need a good night's sleep to shake off whatever this is.

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