Pretty Fake Fantasies

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A "not that close" Friend

Watching Carter on the field, moving with such finesse was so fascinating.

Even though I understood absolutely nothing about the game, the scoreboard clearly told me who the winner was going to be.

In the first half of the game, our team seemed to be dwindling and struggling. That boosted the enemy further, maybe it was a strategy to make them rely on their ego rather than common sense. In the second half it seemed as if all our team's players were under some kind of a spell, breaking through the opposition's defence like it was nothing and scoring points after points. I guess the strategy worked!

Only a minute was left in the game. Our team was clearly ahead. The referee's whistle sounded for the last time and all the players went into action.

My eyes were solely focused on Carter. He moved between players, docking and ducking but all of a sudden three player of the enemy team rammed into him at full speed, hitting him helmet first.

I jolted up from my seat just as the buzzers sounded, indicating the end of the game, the announcer declared our team as winners but everybody was too shocked at the balant foul, to cheer and celebrate.

I left my seat and ran to where Carter was lying on the field, the medical team on call surrounding him and checking up on him within minutes. The entire stadium was silent.

I ran past everyone and was at Carter's side in an instant. I was seething with anger. He was knocked out. All I could do was stand there and look at his face, his nose bleeding.

Someone pulled me aside telling me to calm down and a stretcher was brought in.

I heard someone say that Carter would have to be taken to the hospital. Fuck!

They carried Carter to the hallway area outside the locker rooms. I silently followed them, my eyes fixed on his unconscious body. They put the stretcher down in front of the locker rooms and I backed away into a corner, allowing the medical staff to check up on him.

People were bustling about, a doctor checking his pulse and assessing his wounds.

I was frozen to my spot in the corner.
Who tf does something like this?!? Those fucking bastards did this on purpose.

Soon an ambulance was called and Carter was taken to Mary Saint Clair hospital, the one and only hospital in our town.

I was left in the hallway alone. I couldn't move. He was badly injured, when they took his gear off, his body was literally black and blue from the impact. I wanted to go to the hospital but I just couldn't move. I kept my eyes trained on the Corwell player's locker room. My fists clenched.

Something came over me and I went inside out team's locker room and looked around for something, anything I can get my hands on, anything that can bust a person's head open.

I found one of the players helmet and picked it up. I barged inside the Corwell's locker room and saw their coach talking to the three guys who did that to Carter. Those assholes were grinning.

As soon as I stepped inside, all their heads turned to me, I walked towards the three punks, setting my target on the guy that was standing closest to me.

I marched towards him and smashed his face in with the helmet.I kept on hitting until I saw blood.

A series of painful groans and screams left his now bleeding face and as shock wore off, all the other boys were on me, holding me back from trying to kill one of their teammates.

"YOU FUCKING PRICK! COME NEAR CARTER GREY AGAIN AND I WILL RIP YOUR BALL SACK OFF!" I screamed at the guy who was doubled over in pain with his coach hovering above him, trying to assess the damage I did.

I was dragged out of the locker room and then the stadium while I was screaming and cursing at those assholes. The Corwell player's who dragged me out blocked the entrance preventing me from going back in and messing up the faces of the other two culprits.

I somewhat felt satisfied after smashing that guy's face in so I didn't try to get in again. Instead I let the bloodied helmet drop to the ground and made my way back home.

I have never been the violent type in my life but I don't know what happened to me back there. EVERYTHING was so hazy and blurred from the moment I saw Carter fall on the field, unconscious.

As I watched him lying on that stretcher, I couldn't help but feel angry.

Those fucking Corwell assholes were sour losers, resorting to endangering a person's life rather than accept defeat.

When I reached home or how I reached home, I don't remember. I just found myself lying on my bed, thinking whether Carter was alright or not.

I wanted to go to the hospital but what WOULD I say? Was I a friend of his? On what basis would they let me in to see him?

The truth was we were nothing, I don't even know what I was doing, getting so worked up over him getting hurt. Football players get hurt, our last Quaterback quit because he broke his hand during a game with Sinewald, that's how Carter became the Quaterback in the first place.

But I didn't feel angry for our ex-Quaterback, then why now?

I knew the answer to this but I wasn't ready to admit it. I cared for Carter. The past few weeks he had been there for me everytime I broke down and that's why I wanted to do something for him when he was down.

I am going to get suspended for school violence but I didn't care, my mind seemed to go back to Carter again and again not even caring for a minute that this could ruin my chance of getting into a good college with what I did tonight. All I cared about at that moment was Carter which was weird Because I don't care about anyone except mum and Ray.

I couldn't go to the hospital, there were soo many people around him, I'd just be adding to the crowd by going there.

"You can visit him in the morning" I said to myself. Yes that would be good and maybe he'd be awake by then and in less pain.

I turned around on my stomach and groaned into my pillow.

I thought back to when Carter told me to meet him on the field after the game, I did not expect that to go down like this. Nobody did.

The door to my room creaked opened and my mum's head popped in.

"When did you get home? If it weren't for your groaning I wouldn't even know you came back!" She said to me while opening the door a bit more.

I looked at my bedside alarm clock and it was 9 PM. I didn't know it got this late, everything at the stadium happened so quickly, it felt like mere minutes.

"Yea, uhh the game ended quite abruptly" I told her while sitting up. My head automatically dropped in my hands as I thought about how "abruptly" the game ended.

"You were supposed to text me Ave, I was worried" she said to me but I couldn't even form a reply, my mind was swirling with thoughts about Carter. His injuries looked drastic...did he break something?

I just nodded at my mum, not caring about what she said.

"Hey" she said a bit more softly, sensing that I was worried about something. She entered my room and sat down next to me on my bed.
"What's wrong Ava? Did something happen at the game?" She asked me concerned.

"Umm yea Carter, out team's Quaterback, he was attacked by three players of Corwell." I told her. Thinking about that made my fists clench.

"Oh, that's the Gray's kid, isn't he?" She asked me and I nodded my head.

"Yea, he got hurt preety bad, all bruised up and shit" I told her.

"Oh that's so bad. Is he a friend of yours? I've never seen you this worried about someone before" she said to me.

"Yea, umm we know each other." I told her, a sigh escaping me. I hope he's okay...

"Why don't you go and see if he's alright then? You seem quite worried" she stated the obvious. I wanted to go and see him but...

"I can't we're not that close and he's in the hospital anyway..they won't let that many people in. I'll visit him tomorrow." I told her. It was the logical thing to do. He had his whole team, his parents and the coach and teachers there, I'm preety sure I won't be able to even lay an eye on him with that many people around him.

"Okay, then you should get some sleep. I can tell that you're planning on stressing over a "not that close" friend all night but that won't help." She told me while stroking my hair.

"Take some money from me, buy him some fruits and flowers and go visit him tomorrow. But sleep for now or else you'll look like a ghost in the morning. The boy already got injured, you don't want to give him a heartattack tommorow, now do you?"
My mother said while making me lie down on the bed and tucking me in.

"Okay" I said to her. My head was too crowded for me to say anything else.
I don't know why I was so worried but I just was and it seemed right to be this worried. Carter got hurt, a lot!

My mother soon left my room. I'll visit him tomorrow and he'll be okay.

It's Carter, there's literally nothing that can bring that boy down...

And with that thought I drifted away.

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