Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Grey's falling from everywhere!

I woke up early the next morning not that it was anything unusual for me. What was unusual was the fact that I felt completely drained as if I spent all my energy worrying over Carter.

I half-heartedly got out of my beg and dragged myself to the bathroom to freshen up. My body screamed at me to back to bed but my mind was hell bent on visiting Carter today.

Maybe all the late nights and early mornings and past dramas have finally taken a toll. I shower and change into a black denim overall and wear a bunch of skull necklaces to match my mood today.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I recognised the girl that stood there, she was so different than the girl I saw yesterday in the mirror, right before I left for the game.

This was more me, screaming gore and death. I sighed, mentally preparing myself for the events that today had in store for moi.

A part of me didn't want to go see Carter which is funny since yesterday all I could do was worry over him. But now I knew that there were a shit ton of chances for me to find out that something went extremely wrong with Carter last night and I wasn't ready to hear the bad news.

But another part of me was begging me to find out the damage Carter took from those three asshats last night, this part was hoping that it was just a couple of outside bruises, nothing that wouldn't heal in a couple of weeks.

I sighed again and moved my ass downstairs. I woke up at 5 in the morning, took an hour or so to get ready, which meant it was a little over 6 am when I went downstairs.

I went straight to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. I needed to keep the negetive thoughts out of my mind, atleast until I was inside Carter's hospital room, that way atleast I won't have an option of running back.

I made french toast. A LOT of French toasts. I kept on making one after the other until I heard my mum

"Ava, are you planning on feeding the whole town with those?!?" Her shocked voice made me realise that I had made around 20 french toasts.


"Uhh I got distracted" I said as I placed the 21st toast on top of the "big ass french toast pile". I turned the stove off.

"Ava just go see your friend, it's clearly bothering you so much" my mum said, instantly figuring out what had distracted me.

I took a pate out and put two French toasts on it and sat down on the dinning table to eat.

"Ave sweetie what's wrong?" My mum asked clearly worried. I didn't want to worry her but gods I felt so weird today.

"Nothing mum I'm just scared to find out what happened to Carter" I told her honestly. Just like Carter said, keeping every little thing inside would make me explode....maybe that's why I was feeling shitty today, maybe I was gonna explode soon.

"Oh darling why worry about something you don't even know is true yet? Maybe he's not that have to go there to find out, Don't you?" My mum said.

I looked at her and nodded my head. She was right, why should I worry about something I don't even know is true... let's just go there and visit him and even if he's really hurt, it's not like me worrying about it would change that.

"Well then I'll head out. You guys have breakfast and just leave mine here, I'll have them after I come back" I told her while getting up and going to my room to grab my phone and some money.

I stopped at a florist's shop to get some sunflowers on my way to the hospital. I might beat up guys with a helmet but I am decent enough to take flowers with me while visiting someone in the hospital.

I took a deep breadth in as I looked at the huge, gloomy building that was Mary Saint Clair hospital.

'he's most probably fine Ava, you're just overreacting' I told myself.

I clenched my fists and went inside. I went up to the receptionist and asked her which room Carter Grey was in.

She told me 163, 2nd floor.

I went straight down the lobby and pressed the elevator button. A woman came up next to me also waiting for the elevator but I didn't pay much attention to her.

I stepped inside the elevator and pressed second floor. The woman didn't press any button so I guessed she was going to the same floor.

"Are you visiting someone dear?" I heard the woman say. I turned towards her and nodded my head.

"Yes a friend, he got injured last night" I said, trying to be polite. The woman looked as if she hasn't slept all night.

"Ah I'm here for my son, he got injured last night as well during his football game" her revelation made me snap my head towards her. I studied her face more carefully and could then see that she looked a hell of a lot like Carter!

"Do you by any chance know Carter Grey?" I asked her unable to keep my curiosity in.

"Oh yes I'm his mother, do you know my son?" She asked me, curious as to how I know Carter.

"Yes I'm a friend of his, I'm here to visit him" the elevator dinged and the doors opened indicating we had reached out destination.

Her eyes reflected a knowing look which I couldn't understand.

"Oh, well your timing is a tad bit off honey cause Carter had still not woken up. The doctors suspect he might have gotten a concussion" she said to me.

"Oh, well then that's okay I can visit him sometimes later" I said to her and started to walk away but then I remembered the flowers in my hand.

I turned around to find her already heading down the I ran after her.

"Mrs. Grey!" I said a tab bit loudly, my voice made her turn around.

"These flowers, they're for Carter. I hope he gets well soon" I said to her while handing her the flowers.

She started reaching out for them but then her eyes rolled back into her head and she dropped down.

I tried to catch her "Mrs. Grey! Mrs. Grey!" I said while slapping her face, trying to wake her up. SHIT!

I put her down and feverishly pressed the elevator button, I raced down to the reception and practically screamed at the receptionist.

"I NEED A DOCTOR, A WOMAN FAINTED ON THE SECOND FLOOR!!!!!!" I said startling the nurse but she got the idea that it was urgent and scrambled to reach the landline. I raced back to the second floor and saw Mrs. Grey still unconscious on the floor.

I went towards her and picked her up a bit, trying to get her upper body off the cold floor.

"Mrs. Grey! Mrs. Grey open your eyes! Come on!" I said trying to get her back to her senses. Soon a doctor was by my side and she was carried off to another room.

I waited outside. Wtf is wrong with this Grey family and dying around me?!

The doctor came out and I rushed towards him, bombarding him with questions.

"Is she okay? What happened to her? Is she hurt? Is it serious?" I breathed out my questions.

"Mrs. Grey is fine just tired and fatigued. She stayed up all night, probably didn't have anything to eat or drink and that is why lost consciousness. She will be okay, I have hooked her up to drip, she just needs rest" he told me. His words instantly calmed me down.

"Okay thank you" I said to the doctor. He nodded his head at me and started to walk away but then stopped and came back.

"I'm assuming since you know Mrs Grey, you must know her son as well. I'm his doctor and I would advise you to keep an eye on him in Mrs Grey's absence. We need to know when he wakes up so we can check for a concussion and see if there is any further damage that we need to take care of" the doctor said making me nod. The doctor went away to do his thing and I was left in the corridor of the hospital.

I shakes my head, trying to shake away the fear that crept into me when Mrs. Grey dropped unconscious.

I made my way towards Carter's room. I opened the door to find the room stuffed with flowers and teddy's and chocolates. I guess the whole town got to him before moi.

Carter was laying on the hospital bed, in a hospital gown. His arm was in a cast! Oh gods!

I went in and sat down next to his bed on a stool. He was covered with a blanket, only his arms visible.

But I didn't need to see the rest of his body to know how hurt he got last night, I already saw that yesterday.

I just sat there and stared at him. What else could have I done. Atleast I felt relieved to see him breathing in front of me. All the thought of "what ifs" that were floating around in my head subsided.

After about 4 hours, Mrs. Grey woke up. A nurse came in to inform me and I went with her to the room Mrs Grey was in. The doctor did a little check up on her and told her to rest for a couple of more hours and then she can go back to her son.

The doctor and nurse left, leaving me and Mrs Grey alone.

"I have never been in a more awkward situation than this" my subconscious remarked. I sushed her.

"Thank you for helping me dear and the doctor told me you were with Carter all this time,. Thank you so much for that too" Mrs Grey started first, thank god cause the silence was killing me.

"It's no problem, Carter is a good friend so" I said to her while giving her an awkward smile.

"I forgot to ask your name before dear, forgive me but I was so out of it because of Carter that i-" she said again but I interrupted her.

"Oh no Mrs Grey there's no need to say sorry, I understand. My name is Ava Piers" I told her.

"Well Ava it surely is good to know that Carter had some nice Friends" she said to me smiling. She still looked tired so I thought it would be better for me to butt out and let her get some more rest.

"Mrs. Grey you should rest some more, I'll stay with Carter so you don't have to worry." I told her while getting up, ready to exit the room.

"Oh thank you so much for that but you don't have to" she said once again tryna be nice but if Carter's mum dies on me, wtf will I tell Carter?

"No it's completely fine" I said re-assuring her that I had no problem doing this.

I stepped out of her room and went back to Carter's room to find him awake.

"Hey, Carter! How are you feeling" I asked him in a very hushed but hurried tone cause I knew if he had a concussion or a head ache loud noises could be irritating. Let's just say I've had my fair share of concussion to know this.

"Water first" he said, his voice hoarse. I put some water in a glass from the water jug kept on the table beside his bed.

I stopped for a second when I realised that he couldn't sit up on his own and drinking water while lying down is a big no. So I slipped my hand under his head and helped his drink the water.

He drank slowly and even asked for a second glass. This gave me a lot of time to look at him up close. His nose didn't look broken, just bruised. He had all his teeth in place and no cuts..he did smell like medicine and hospital though. That made me regret not stabbing those three bastards last night.

"I'm done drinking" Carter's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. Frick! The glass was empty and I was still holding his head and starting at him.

I let his head go suddenly which made him jerk back and groan.

"Fuck sorry, are u okay? Did I break something!?" I rushed over to him again, trying to see if his head and neck were okay.

"Yea, I'm okay" I heard him say which made me realise I was practically sitting on top of him with my face so close to his that I could feel his breath on my skin. Fishes and sticks!

I scrambled away and fixed my clothes. I looked back at him but he was already staring at me, smirking. Of course, he was still an ass.

"I was just worried" I tried to explain which made him shake his head.

"Yea sure that how people show worry, by mounting people" Carter said while laughing.

"Stop it! We will not speak of this ever again. Just stay here and I'll go get your doctor" my face was on fire and I just wanted to get out. This made Carter chuckle harder.

"Ava I'm hurting a bit, why don't you worry over me a bit more?" I heard carter scream after me jokingly as I beelined out of the room and towards the elevator.

I knew it was a joke but it just made my cheeks flame hotter.

"Good going Ava, why not mount his mother as well?! She's sick too!" I hear my subconscious say.

"Bitch you shut up, where the fuck were you when that happened? You only open your mouth when shit has already went down" I snapped back.

Carter will never let this go....gods can something BE more embarassing than this?!?

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