Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Author's note

Hey my lovely lovely people!

I have a lot of people reading the book but unfortunately the responses from reader have been zero. I would love some comments cause I do need to know whether ya'll are actually liking the book or not since I'm not, once again, a writer. So it's only through your reviews that I can know whether I do have what it takes or not.

Oh and again I was wondering if I should post the synopsis or like a little sneak peak for my sci-fi romance book? Tell me in the comments and I shall oblige.

Now about the updates, they will get a bit slow Because I have my school the middle of the pandemic. But I still need to focus on that more but I will try my hardest to post as soon as I can.

Oh and for the people who might be wondering, yea I am posting this book on Wattpad as well but there, the chapters are not editted. It's just easier to write the chapters on that app but I only edit the inkitt chapters since inkitt definitely has provided me with a better platform.


I love y'all and thank you for reading my book and as usual borahae 💜
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