Pretty Fake Fantasies

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I made my bed and now i had to lie in it

"his hands were under my chin, pulling up the cover, tucking it around me. 'most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.' He turned out the light and went into Jem's room. He would be there all night, and he would be there when Jem waked up in the morning. The end" I said as I read the last paragraph of 'how to kill a mockingbird'. I closed the book and looked at Carter who was listening intently.

"Look at you paying attention, I thought you didn't want to read this" I said teasingly.

It's been a week since the "accident" and Carter has been stuck in the hospital since then, his mother refused to take him home without knowing for sure that her son was as healthy as a horse.

I visited Carter everyday after my shift at the library and decided to read him a book to kill time while I was here. It was a way to avoid any awkward silence but we soon became interested in the book and it became a routine.

"Oh please, as much as I remember you brought that here so you wouldn't get bored" Carter said jokingly, with a grin on his face.

"Yea well, I did get myself stuck here with you." This made him fake a hurt expression.

"Oh how you hurt me! I do not think my heart can take so much pain" Carter said dramatically. His antics made me laugh.

"So, are you exited to go back to school tomorrow and leave this hell hole?" I asked Carter as I got up to gather my things since it was getting late and I had to head home now.

"Hmmm, are you leaving now?" He asked when he saw me packing away my things, his lips drawn together in a thin line.

"This is the time I usually leave, so yea" I told him. I checked whether he had enough water in his jug and packed away the book in my bag when I felt a sudden tug at my shirt. It made me turn around and look at a pouting Carter.

"Can't you stay a bit longer? It gets lonely here and there's still time till my mum comes round" Carter said while pulling me a bit closer to him. The move made my heart skip a beat and my breath hitched but I ignored it as I have been doing since the past week.

"Stop being a child, will you? Your mum would be here soon and you will be fine. You're coming to school tomorrow and you'll see me there anyways. I need to go before my mother has a heartattack." I told him prying his hands away from my shirt.

I turned around to get my home keys from the bedside table.

"I'm hurt you know? Aren't you supposed to listen to and fullfill the wishes of sick people?" Carter said to me.

"That's for people who are dying not for people who are going to get discharged tomorrow" I told him as I picked up my bag and turned around towards Carter once again.

"Stop pouting, I have homework to do and chores! I can't stay any longer. I will see you tomorrow in school" I told him which made him sit up on his bed.

"People would think you don't love me if they saw the way you treat me" Carter said as he put his hand on his chest. Drama queen.

"Whatever Carter, see you tomorrow" I waved him goodbye and started the journey to my home.

I reached home, greeted mum and Ray and started on my chores. When I was done, I started completing all the homework I got today.

Originally it wasn't my plan to go and visit Carter everyday but since he was missing school I thought I should atleast take all the homework and notes to him so he doesn't miss out on the work as much, eventually it became an everyday visit and soon I started staying there for a couple of hours, to keep him company.

I think it's safe to assume that Carter and I are friends now which makes me feel nice. When Maddie was still around and I wanted to kill myself, I didn't make friends on purpose but now that my original plans have gone down the drain, I think having a friend or two wouldn't be that bad.

I'll be able to survive high school better this way. I put my books and notebooks away in my bag and get ready for bed. I brush my teeth, take a shower and plate my hair so they won't be a tangled mess tomorrow.

Soon I'm under the covers, waiting for sleep to sweep me away.

I think I like my life now. No more papa drama, no more sad thoughts and no more tears. I wonder if the godessess were making up for all my past agonies or whether this was the "time will fix everything" shit.

Whatever it was I liked it and I don't want things to change.

The next morning

*Beep* *beep* *beep*

The angry blaring of my alarm clock made me groan. My arm shoots out and I smack my alarm clock to make it stop screaming.

I strech and turn towards my alarm clock to see that I woke up on time today. I got a good, full night's sleep. This made me smile.

"Ave! Get up! You have school in an hour!" I hear my mum scream from downstairs. Oh, I missed that! I usually woke up from either my father's screaming or because I couldn't sleep at all.

I got up, feeling happy and refreshed. I put on some music on my phone and started getting ready.

Soon I was dressed and ready to head out for school. I raced down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Morning ma!" I greeted my mum and kissed her on her cheek. I went to the fridge and grabbed some milk since I was feeling cereal today for breakfast.

"You're in a good mood today" my mum said smilling.

"Yea, I slept wonderfully last night." I told her as I poured some cereal and milk in a bowl and grabbed a spoon to eat.

"Well that's good. A few more sleepless nights and you'd start looking like a living ghost" my mother said as she set up the kitchen table for breakfast.

I finished my cereal, bid my goodbyes and headed out to school. I humed and skipped all the way to school, which was so out of character for me but it felt so good.

I went straight to my locker once I entered the school building and kept my book bag in after taking out the books I needed for the next two classes.

"AVA!" Someone screamed my name which made me turn around. I saw Carter, waving and grinning at me like a 10 year old. He had crutches under his arms and was making his way towards me. His arm healed preety fast but his leg was still in a cast, hence the crutches.

I shut my locker and made my way towards him. It would've taken him a century to get to me, I decided to have some pity on the wounded puppy.

"Looking good Carter" I told him. He did cleaned up good and seeing him in his clothes instead of the hospital gown made me feel at ease.

"This is what a proper shower after a week of stupid sponge baths does." He said making me smile. I was relieved to see him out of that depressing place. Carter and hospitals do not look good together.

"So you ready for school?" I asked him.

"Yea, thanks to you, I had to do all the homework even though I could've just used the excuse of being in the hospital" he said, with his eyebrows raised and his eyes accusing me of ruining his plan to skip out on schoolwork.

"Your welcome" I said with an evil smirk.
"Come on, we'll get late for English" I said as I hooked one arm under his shoulder and started helping him walk even though he was a shit ton taller than me which made this position a bit awkward.

"It would be more convenient if I just used you as a crutch, you're both the same height anyway" he said, grinning like an idiot.

"Hey! I was trying to be nice!" I said as I unhooked my arm and started walking ahead, irritated that he'd call me short and compare me to a crutch.

"God, I was joking. Come here Ava, help me or I'll fall" he said laughing.

"Fuck off, I hope you fall and break your other leg as well" I said as I started towards my english class leaving a laughing Carter behind.

God! I forgot how infuriating this guys was. It was good to have him back, school was too dull without his stupid self.

I was soon joined by Carter in class. Mr. Joy kept on rambling about god knows what and Carter kept on mocking mr. Joy and making me laugh which definitely did not sit well with our teacher but it's not like he could've done anything about it cause well Carter was the injured Hero of our school and it would be a BIG mistake on mr. Joy's part to punish a guy who "stood up" against our school's rivals.

We were halfway through the period when Mr. Joy got a note from the principal office. It made all the students murmer, everybody wondering what this was about.

"Ah, Alice and Carter you both have been summoned to the principal's office" mr. Joy said, smiling connivingly.

'jezz Louise, he looks like the joker!' my subconscious remarked.

'yea, he must've really wanted me and Carter out of here!' I said.

Carter and I both gathered our stuff and walked to the front of class, from the very back and it felt like the scene from 'Games of Thrones' with Cercei Lanester and the whole shame walk.

"You know what this is about?" Carter whispered into my ear as we walked towards our, well mostly my, doom.

I had a preety good idea what this was about but I was NOT gonna tell Carter that I almost murdered someone for him. That will inflate his ego to the size of a freaking megladon.

"Nope!" I said.

We reached the school office and were told by a very judgemental receptionist, to sit down on the butt numbing benches outside the principal's office and wait.

"Is it just me or is the assistant lady really looking at us as if we killed someone?" Carter says to me, his eyebrows drawns together, indicating confusion.

His statement made me almost choke on my own saliva and die. Jeez, we were so fucked.

"I got no clue" I whispered back. God's please let this be over quickly.

"The principal will see you both now" we hear the receptionist's very shrill and very condescending voice. We both got up, Carter as clueless as ever and me ready to face the music.

Lord give me strength for what was to come.

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