Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Well, shit...

"so you really hit him with a helmet?!" Carter asks me for the hundredth time.

"Yes Carter, I did. I picked up a helmet and whacked the shit out of a human being and for that I just got suspended for 2 weeks and you got detention for a week even though you weren't at fault here" I said to him as I rolled my eyes.

Let's just have a little flshback and see what went down in the principal's office, shall we?


I fumbled with my fingers as Carter and I sat infront of out school's principal. He was flipping through a file and from time to time looking up at me and Carter with a disappointed look plastered on his face.

'it makes him look ugly' my subconsciousness barked.

'jeez, you bitch! Shut up, now is not the time to judge people's looks' i screamed back.

You can definitely count on my subconscious to say stupid shit in serious situations.

"Well Ms. Pierce, I'm sure you know why you were called here?" The principal finally addresses me.

I nod my head, kinda ashamed that I let my anger get the best of me. I, of all people, should not resort to violence.

"Well then you most probably know then that you are very lucky that the boy has convinced his parents not to press charges against you" he said, making me shocked. I made that dude's head bleed and he doesn't want to press charges! Wow!

"Sir if you don't mind me asking, what are you two talking about right now?" Carter interrupted the principal, obviously annoyed at being left out from our little conversation.

" Mr. Grey, it is surprising that you do not know what happened since your "friend" here most definitely did what she did Because of you" our principal continued.
"After your accident on the football field, Ms. Pierce got into a physical altercation with one of the players of the Corwell team"

"Physical alter- Ava you got into a fist fight with footballers?" Carter asked me surprised at my stupidity. I know equality and everything but everybody know guys are physically stronger than women and me getting into a fist fight with a jock is practically signing my own death certificate.

"No Mr. Grey, Ms. Pierce here actually attacked a player, named Parker Ried, with a helmate" the principal said, shaking his head at my actions.

I obviously remained silent throughout all this because well what was the girl who almost split a dude's head apart gonna say?!?

"Ava, did Carter ask you to do that?" the principal asked, revealing the reason behind calling Carter here with me.

"NO!" I screamed, suddenly angry. Is he joking right now?

"It is okay to tell me if he had asked you to take some sort of revenge for him" the principal pressed on which just made me boil with fury.

"Are you crazy? Carter WAS FREAKING UNCONSCIOUS! HE HAD A BROKEN LEG AND BROKEN NOSE AND A FRACTURED ARM! do you seriously think that he magically mind linked me and told me to smash a guy's head open?!?" I ranted on, my angry outburst made Carter jump a bit and shocked the principal.

It actually shocked me, where did I get the guts to be disrespectful to the freaking principal, I do not know!

Flashback ends

"Earth to Ava?!" I get snapped out of my thoughts by Carter. We were currently on our way to my home since my suspension was effective immediately and I ended up dragging Carter with me. He tried to defend me and ended up earning himself detention and was also told to return home to "calm down".

"I'm sorry I got you dragged into this" I told him. It wasn't his fault that I assaulted someone but he still got punished.

"To be honest, if I can have you defend me so passionately everytime, I'd take on any kind of punishment" Carter says, smirking.
Gods, his ego had definitely grown.

"I was just angry that noone blamed those guys for hurting a person deliberately! You heard the principal call it an "accident"!" I said with my arms flying dramatically all around me, expressing my annoyence with this situation.

"Oh, just tell me you did it cause you loooovvvvvve me" Carter said laughing.

"Glad to know this is funny for you" I said to him, letting out a laugh myself. However bad a situation was, this dude always made everything seem less serious.

"Well, you did hit someone so this was to be expected. What's the use in being all gloomy and shit over this now? Just study at home for 2 weeks and then come back to school" Carter said shrugging as if getting suspended wasn't a big deal or anything.

I guess now that I can't die, I unknowingly started taking school seriously.

"The main concern is that I have to inform my mum" I told him. My mother will definitely freak out as she should.

"Well think of a way fast cause you're home" Carter said, as we stopped infront of my house.

"I don't want to go in!!" I whined, I have never been reckless like this! That was mainly because of my father since I couldn't afford being like this around him but him being gone doesn't mean I'll turn into a complete idiotic teen and be a bigger burden on my mum.

I heaved out a sigh.

"Thanks" Carter said to me suddenly making me turn towards him, confused.

"You're thanking me for getting you a week of after school detention?" I questioned.

"No, I'm thanking you for hitting that guy. It felt nice to have you do that for me. Shows you care" Carter said, a genuine smile greeting his face.

"I-" he iterrupts me before I can say anything.

"Don't ruin this by saying something absurd. Just go in and best of luck in telling your mum" he said and then walked away, obviously going back to his home. He had to break the news to his parents as well...

I walked up to my front door and took a deep breath in. I had to tell her and if she punished me, I'd take it silently cause I somewhat deserve it.

I was about to put my keys in the keyhole when the door whipped open to reveal my mum.

"Who was that? Is that your boyfriend? You got a boyfriend and you didn't tell me?" She bombarded me with questions.

"Wait, mum what are you doing here? Don't you have work?" I asked her, confused why she was home.

"I was done with work so I was let go early for the day, now answer my questions" she rushed.

"He's not my boyfriend ma, he's Carter the friend I told you about" I told her, rolling my eyes. Carter? My boyfriend? Yea right..

"Oh, the one you went to visit in the hospital for a week" my mother asked, suggestively wiggling her eyesbrows.

"Geez women, there's nothing between the two of us and I have something way more important to tell you than that" I said, finally gathering up enough courage to tell her about the suspension.

"Go on" my mum said.

"I got suspended from school" I told her, expecting her to blow up like any parent would but she remained calm.

"Why?" she asked me. Okay.........

"Well, remember Carter was injured by some players of the Corwell's team? Well I got angry over that and hit one of those players with ummm a helmet" I told her, my eyes automatically lowering.

"Well, you deserve the punishment then. It's not right to hit people Ave but that boy deserved it but maybe like only a punch or a slap..I think you overdid it with the helmet" my mum said as she left me standing in front of the main door and made her way to the couch in the living room.

"WHA-? Mum, you're not angry?"I asked her as I followed her to the living room.

"I definitely am angry Ava and I would really appreciate it if you don't do this ever again" my mum said to me.

Is this woman crazy? This is so not the reaction I expected...

"Mum, this is your angry? You're as calm as a freaking sloth!" I said to her.

"Ava, screaming at you wouldn't work cause I know you and you're the most rational and well-behaved child I have ever seen. This was a first offence and I know it will be the last. I can see you're clearly embarassed for what you did and I trust you enough to know that you wouldn't do it again" my mother explained calmly.

"So you're not gonna punish me? People would think that's bad parenting.." I said to her.

"Well people can shove their opinions up their butts. I know you, I raised you and I have enough faith in you to know that you did this for that boy and not because you're some crazed, violent person." My mother said.

" what now?" I asked her confused as to what I was supposed to do after this. I was expecting her to scream, us to have a fight and then me storming off to my room. I definitely was not expecting a calm and rational and trusting Helen Pierce.

"Well, you can go about your daily business but know this Ava, that if you break my trust again, I will make sure to take serious actions then. I will not tolerate any child of mine being a violent goon" my mother said seriously. I nodded my head, a little scared at the sudden change in her voice. She sounded dangerous.

"Yea, I got it. I'm sorry" I told her, lowered my eyes and went up to my room.

It took me a few minutes to process everything. Even though it was very unexpected, it still felt nice to know I still had some of my mother's trust.

I just had to try and make things go back to how they used to be. I cannot be a wild child, that is the last thing my family needs.

This was a one time offence and I will make sure that I never have to see the principal's office again. My mother is already under stress and I can't believe I did something to add to that.

I slumped on my bed, exhausted even though I did absolutely nothing today. Maybe I should try and not be an absolute teenager...I still have responsibilities and I can't believe I forgot about em for a moment.

I sighed, reality slapped in the face too hard. What was I thinking? Acting out like this?

I whipped out my phone and texted Carter

"You reached home okay?" Sam

After a few minutes my phone pinged indicating I got a text.

"Yea, I called a cab." Carter

I put my phone down after that since I sucked at carrying conversations. I decided to take a small nap and then I'll start with my chores and try to get my hands on all the school work for today.

Today was a hell of a day!

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