Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Confession time


She kissed me!!

She kissed me!!

I don't remember what happened after the kiss, it's all very hazy. How I climbed down, how I reached home or how I ended up in my room. I don't remember anything except the feeling of her lips on my cheek.

She had such soft lips, I could still feel them on my cheek. My heart was beating so fast, it's a wonder it didn't burst out of my chest and ran back to Ava.

Wait, so does this mean she has feelings for me? Or was she just thanking me? Do people thank others with a kiss? I mean it was just a peck technically, so does that mean anything to her? Or does she do this with everyone?

Wait, does she kisses other guys like this?!!?

I sighed, I'm already going crazy and I haven't even known her that long.

I have never been so crazy about someone. I've had girlfriends before and sure I liked them a lot but I've never liked someone this much. The past 2 weeks were torture with Ava constantly ignoring me.

I thought maybe she didn't need me anymore, now that her life was kind of sorted. I don't even know what I was thinking, going to her house and climbing up to her bedroom window. I'm not Romeo, for Christ's sake!

But I was just desperate to see her.

My thoughts made me groan and pull at my hair. God, what is she doing to me?! Why am I acting like a 14 year old boy in love for the very first time.

Is it love tho? It can't be, that's ridiculous. It's just a crush and I'm preety sure it will be over after a few days....right?

I groaned again. Screw this, I don't want to think about this anymore. I feel like my head is about to explode. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and went to bed.

I will handle this tommorow! I'll confess to Ava and we'll see what happens from there. I'm done keeping all this to myself.
It's time to be a man.

If she doesn't share the same feelings with me then I'll move on. I can't keep driving myself crazy like this. It's exhausting!

The next day

*brrinnng* *brrinnng*

The sound of my alarm wokes me up. I barely slept last night. However much I tried, I couldn't keep Ava out of my head. Way to be a grown up about this..

I grabbed my phone from my night stand and turned of the alarm. I got up and went straight to my bathroom suite. I brushed my teeth and showered all the while forming a game plan for today in my head.

I can't just go up to Ava and say "I like you" and then run and hope she likes me too.
No way, I will be cool about it, I have to appear calm and collected. I won't let her see how nervous I am.

It took me 30 min to decide what I was gonna wear today. Normally I would've just worn the first thing I can get my hands on since I look good in almost everything but today I wanted to make an effort.

I spend time in front of the mirror, fixing my hair and even put of a little bit of cologne. I kept on replaying my lines in my head, even practiced in front of the mirror a couple of times.

I looked at myself once more in the mirror. It was a bit chilly outside, so I put on my black hoodie, which I have been told looks great on me. It enhances my biceps and makes my chest look bigger. I had some nice and normal jeans on below.

I know, it's a simple fit and you must be wondering "it took you 30min to end up with this?"

But I didn't wanna over do it. It has to look effortless, right? I rushed down the staris when I realised I was late. The breakfast was already laid out in the dinning room when I arrived.

I went to the kitchen to tell the chef to pack me a sandwich for breakfast since I was late and couldn't sit down to eat.

I went back to the dining room to greet my parents.

"Morning family!" I said as I bent down to kiss my mother on the cheek and nodded my head towards my father.

"You look extra lively today" my mother remarked. It made me smile, today was going to be either very exciting or completely earth shattering.

"Well mom, today is a very important day" I told her.

"Why?" My mother asked. Now normal kids would definitely not tell their parents about relationships and crushes but I had a very open relationship with my parents.

Their only request was that I treat the people in my life with respect and not end up a teen father.

"I have a girl I like and I'm going to confess today" my mother's ears perked up like a fox's upon hearing my words.

She has always wanted me to be in relationship with good people only. Let's just say some of the girls I've dated before weren't the most nicest to other people.

"Ohh goody! Who is she? Do we know her parents? Have I met her? Tell me tell me!!!" My mother bounced up and down on her seat. Lord, this woman..

"Uhh you have met her actually, it's Ava, the girl who used to come and visit me when I was in the hospital" I told her.

"Oh my! Yes! Oh darling you have no idea how much I liked that girl" my mother said clapping her hands. She turned towards my father "didn't I tell you about that sweet girl, Arlo? The one who helped me when I fainted. Oh I'm so happy it's her!" My mother said to my father, who couldn't help but smile at her childish outburst of happiness.

I was soon handed my lunch and I decided to have my driver drop me to school so I could eat in my car. I couldn't stop myself from getting nervous though.

However much I tried to calm myself down, my heart was all fluttery and shit! God, if I'm being like this right now what will I do when I stand in front of Ava.

I put my hand on my chest and told myself that all was going to be okay. This was just a crush, no need to make it into such a big deal. I would go in, tell her I liked her and get out.

Soon I was standing in front of the school building. I tried to be strong and move but my feet were stuck to the ground...what if she doesn't like me? Wouldn't that ruin our friendship as well? What if I'm never able to talk to her again? What if I ruin everything today?!!??

All these questions kept on floating around in my head, scaring me, making me doubt my decision.

Maybe I shouldn't-

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt someone snack me on the back.

"Hey, Grey! Why are are standing out here like a statue? Are you planning on skipping school? Cause if you are, you can't! It's my first day back and I need you with moi" I turned around to find Ava standing there, with her hand on my arm.

She looked so cute, in her usual all black attire.

"We're matching" my subconscious said, like a fucking 5 year old.

I took a deep breadth in, it was now or never.

"What's up Grey? You look a little flushed.." I heard Ava say.

"I have something to tell you" I said. This made her eyebrows go up, she signalled me to go on.

Well, let's get this over with, shall we?
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