Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Uhh I might need a change of panties

Ava's POV

I woke up in a sour mood. I can't believe my feelings did a 360 within a few hours alone.

I was excited to go back to school but then last night happened, My stupid self happened. I kissed Carter Grey.

I groaned and pulled my hair, flung my arms around and hit my matress with full force like a frustrated 6 year old.

I don't know how I'll face Carter today.
Would he even want to talk to me? Would he think I'm weird?

"Of course he would, an ugly bitch attacked him with her giant fish lips! What else would he think?" My subconscious snickered.

"Thanks babe, that helps a lot!" I snickered back. I took a deep breath in, held it for a few seconds and let it go. I did that for a while to calm my self down.

I can't let one embarassing moment turn me into a sobbing, pathetic teen. I will face this like an adult. It wasn't a big deal, it was just a peck on the cheek, I was thanking Carter for checking up on me and being a nice friend.

I repeat that in my mind in the shower, while I was getting ready, during breakfast and on my way to school. By the time I saw Carter Grey standing in front of our school building, I started believing it and felt more in control.

"Yes Ava, be a grown up!" I told myself as I held my head high and grabbed Carter's shoulder to turn him around.

"Hey, grey! Why are you standing out here like a statue? Are you planning on skipping school? Cause if you are, you can't! It's my first day back and I need you with moi" and there comes the word vomit. My subconscious rolled her eyes like she predicted this would happen.

'what happened to being a grown up about this?!??' I screamed at myself.

I looked back up at Carter to find him staring at me, looking flushed.
Is he sick?

"What's up Grey? You look a little flushed.." I said worried he might've gotten sick becaue of his late night randezvoue last night in the cold.

"I have something to tell you" Carter said making my eyesbrows go up. Well atleast he didn't mention last night...wait is he going to mention last night?!?? Oh my gods what if he's ditching me for what I did last night!!

He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the school building. We manoeuvred around the Swarm of kids and headed towards the football field. He pulled me behind the bleachers, to my special place.

"Fucking hell" my subconscious mumbled. Even she didn't want to lose Grey as a friend.

Once we were in, Grey made me face him. He was about to open his mouth but I shut him up by placing my hand on his mouth.

"Listen, I know what you're going to say. I know I shouldn't have kissed you like that last night, that kiss was a-" suddenly Carter put his own hand on my mouth to shut me up.

"We'll talk about tit for tat" my subconscious said.

"Can you not" I screamed at her, annoyed she'd ruin an important moment with her unnecessary commentary.

"Before you say something I know all too well you're gonna say having watched multiple romantic comedy dramas all thanks to my mom, let me say what I wanted to tell you" Carter said after removing my hand from his mouth.

I nodded my head at him. Here we go, I did not imagine that Carter would be the one to end our little pact but I did imagine it being my fault.

"I like you and I want to take you out on a date" Carter said making my heart stop. My eyes went wide and my mouth gaped which made Carter remove his hand from my mouth.

"Did Carter Grey just said he liked me?" I asked myself in my head.

"Yupp, it seems like it" my subconscious replied. It made me feel happy and dreadful at the same time.

I looked around myself finally figuring out what this was. He was punking me! This was one of those scenes from TV shows where the bullies make fun of the ugly girl by telling her a popular, handsome guy likes her and then laughing at her when she thinks it's true.

I looked at Carter, who looked red like a tomato for some reason. Maybe it was the guilt for doing this to me but I never took him to be such a cruel person or a bully to be honest.

I took in a deep breadth and bee lined out of that place. I came out from behind the benchers and started making my way back to the school building. I didn't want to miss my class for this stupid thing.

"AVA!" I heard Carter shout. Fucking asshole! His voice just made me speed up.

But Carter being an athelete caught up with me preety fast. He stopped me by grabbing my shoulders and held onto my arms when I tried to get away.

"Leave me alone!" I told him. I know you might think I'm being stupid but this is how I handle things! Avoid them until I can. This has to be a big fat joke! There's no way in hell...

"Seriously, are we doing this crap again? Walking out on me when I'm speaking to you? If you want to reject me, fine! But atleast don't be THIS bitchy about it!" He said suddenly letting go of me.

"I'm being bitchy?!?" I screamed at him. His words infuriated me. "You're the one playing a fucking prank on me and I'm the bitch here?!?" I said, appalled at his words.

"A prank?! You think this is a prank?! I confess my feelings to you and you call them a fucking joke?!" He screamed back at me.

He has no right being angry right now!

"Oh so if it's not a joke then you really like me? Like you have real feeling for me and we're gonna go on dates and shit??!?!!" I screamed at him, fucking rubbish! I call bullshit on his acting.

"YES!!!" He screamed back. We were both breathing heavily by now and definitely fuming with anger.

I looked into Carter's eyes, now I know if this was a novel, I'd say something like "I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn't lying" well boohoo this isn't a novel and I couldn't tell bat shit by looking into his eyes.

"Don't joke about this Grey. End this here" I said to him, a bit calmly this time.

"Are you fucking nuts? I'm not joking Ava! I like you, is it really hard to believe?" He said.

"Grey-" I got interrupted by...his lips. I was about to tell him I was tired of whatever this was but he pulled me into his chest and slammed his lips on mine.

Gods, his lips were soft. At first the kiss was rushed, deep and needy. Like he was trying to desperately tell me that he wasn't joking about this through the kiss but then he slowed down and the kiss was a lot gentler, he was taking his time, sucking at my bottom lip, making me gasp and open my mouth.

He explored every inch of my mouth with his tounge and by the time he was done, I was left breathless. He broke the kiss and put his forehead against mine.

"Is this enough to make you believe that I really do like you? Or do I have to take you home and fuck your brains out for you to believe me?" Carter said to me. He never talked in a such a crude but surprisingly turning on way. It made me go red and I could feel my cheeks heating up.

Now me being me wasn't going to just run back into the building like a shy ass idiot.
So I did what I could to take back control of the situation.

"Like I'd fuck you" pathetic, I know! I do not know what I was thinking but I was weak in my knees and still shivering from the electricity shooting around in my body from wherever Carter had touched me.

"We'll see about that. I'll pick you up today at 7:30 pm. Wear something fancy cause I'll be taking my future girlfriend to a nice ass restaurant for our first date." Carter whispered in my ear, making me shiver. Fuck he smelled so good. Gods, this guy was going to be the death of me.

I just nodded my head, making Carter chuckle.

"Who knew all I needed to do was kiss you to render you speechless" he whispered and kissed me near my ear.


Carter left me standing there not that I was going to walk with him to class anyway especially after what happened.

Also I needed a minute to process everything that happened just now.

1- Carter likes me!!!
2- Carter kissed me!!
3- oh gods can he kiss!
4- I think Carter was turning into a sex monster!
And 5th
I am Royaly fucked!

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