Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Life's a real Bitch

Why is he still here? Didn't they walk away? And how did he find this place?
why now? why at this moment?

The wheels in my head started turning, I had to come up with an excuse to distract him!

"How'd you get in here?" I asked him, trying to divert his attention.

"I thought there was a wall behind all the plants and tried leaning on it and stumbled through" he said. As he was explaining, I carefully put the medicine bottle in my jeans pocket all the while holding his gaze so he wouldn't look at what I was trying to hide.

"Oh" I said, I didn't even hear what he said to be honest, I was too busy putting away the bottle."well your ball is there" I said while pointing to where his football had landed.

He jogged towards it and picked it up. I chose that moment to slip out of there and run like my ass was on fire. I made my way around the bleachers and speed walked towards the school building.

"Hey, wait!" I heard Carter yell. Instead of slowing down, my feet began to move faster, I have to get away from him.

"Wait" I felt him put his hand on my shoulder and pull me back. I stumbled back a few steps. What the fuck is wrong with him? Can't he just mind his own business? I turned around to face him.

"What?" I asked irritated now.

"What were you doing back there?" he asked again. I rolled my eyes at how nosy he's being.

" It's none of your business" I replied and started walking towards the school building again.

"You were trying to kill yourself, weren't you? You were gonna swallow that whole bottle of pills." My steps came to sudden stop. Shit! What do I do? Think!

"What rubbish! I was just taking my medicine." I said acting a bit taken aback and shocked.

"That's how you take your Medicine? I've never seen someone chug down medicine like beer before" he said as a matter of fact.

"Listen, stop following me and stop spewing crap. It's none of your business and I don't have to explain how I take my medicine to a stranger"
I shot back. I just have to get rid of him. Why are the goddesses doing this to me?!?

I kept on walking towards the school building with him trailing behind me.
'at least he's quite now' I thought to myself. I just hope he doesn't say anything to anyone.

Soon I was inside the school building and headed towards my political science class...with him still tailing me.
Why is he following me? Is it possible he's in this class? But I don't remember him being in this class!!

All the worst possible scenarios started playing in my head. Was he gonna tell my classmates or the teachers? What's going to happen?

I entred the classroom and beelined to my seat at the very end. I kept my eyes down, the teacher came in and started with the lesson. I kept my head down for atleast 10 more minutes but curiosity got the best of me.

I raised my head slowly and scanned the entire classroom and there he was sitting right across me, two rows apart looking straight at me. I looked away, avoiding eye contact.

I'll just pretend to pay attention to the teacher, he'll stop staring. I just have two more periods and then i can just run back home.

But I couldn't even pretend like I was paying attention, I could feel his eyes one me, looking and observing my every move. I chewed on my bottom lip nervously. I looked at the clock that hung above the blackboard.

I couldn't wait for this period to get over.

Why did I never notice before that he was in my class? He's the most popular kid in school, how can I be so self absorbed?!! And how did he even jump to the conclusion that I was trying to kill myself? I gave a preety good explanation, It wasn't that obvious, was it?

The bell indicating the end of this period finally rang after what felt like an eternity. I quickly gathered all my stuff and ran out of the class and then out of the school building. Fuck the remaining classes, I can't be in the same place as him. I'll spend the rest of the day at some park and then go home. He'll probably forget about everything till tommorow.

Oh how I dreaded what'll happen tomorrow. Then I remembered I also have to face my father at home today but surprisingly that didn't scare me anymore, not as much as the prospect of that chatty Kathy opening his mouth.

All I could do now was wait. I looked up at sky and screamed "one day, I ask of you to give me one normal day without any shit going down, can't you do atleast that?!? I swear I will make your life hell once I come up there after dying" I poured out my frustrations to the gods and goddesses. Maybe they'll get angry enough and hit me with a bolt of lightning, at least I wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow.

Can my life get any worse?

Author's note

It's not much but I still wanted to continue the story and have atleast a few chapters up. The story still progressed and in the next chapter we'll find out what Carter does about this.
I ask you to be patient cause even though I've published these chapters, I will be making many changes to them along the way. I will however put *complete* at the starting of chapters that I would no longer change or am done changing and editing.

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