Pretty Fake Fantasies

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The date- part 2

When we finally reached the restaurant, I wanted to do nothing more than run back home.

When Carter told me we were going to a fancy restaurant I thought we'd be going to a nice restaurant, where you have like waiters who wore proper uniforms and you have the little bald guy at the front desk..

But what I got was wayy beyond anything I've ever heard of! This was the kind of restaurant you have to make a reservation at a month ago! It looked like if I sold it, a 100 generations after me can live their lives comfortably without having to work!!

"Uhh are you sure this is the right restaurant?" I asked Carter. How much would dinner cost here?!? I brought money with me but I don't think I'd even make a pin sized hole in the check with it.

"Yes, they require a reservation but since my uncle owns the restaurant I thought why not?" He said winking at me.

"Are you bragging about being rich right now?" I asked him, raising my eyebrows judgingly.

"You know I'm not" he said dissmisively. Dang it, he knew me too well.

We went inside and were greeted by a freaking hostess! WTF! How rich is this dude's family?!?

"Hi, Mr. Grey we've been waiting for you. You table is ready. Allow me to show you to your seats." The hostess addressed Carter as if she saw him all the time which made sense since this was his uncle's restaurant.

"I feel underdressed" I whispered to Carter while looking around at the other diners their, they were dressed as if they were heading to the Met Gala!

"You're not underdressed, you're perfectly dressed and look very beautiful" he whispered in my ear, a little too close. I could feel his breath on my skin.

I took a deep breath in to calm myself down. I refused to look like a clueless middle class girl. I can and will act like a proper human being.

I unconciously linked my arn with Carter's. I blame the nerves but by the time we reached out table, which was literally on a terrace, I was practically hanging on to Carter for dear life.

My teenage mind was playing tricks on me and making me think that everybody was looking at me which was making me nervous.

We were finally seated down and thank gods we were alone. This was one of those restaurants which had a thousand different set of spoons and forks to eat every course with.

"Seriously?" I asked my eyes pointing to the multiple sets of cutlery.

"I just use any one to be honest" Carter said laughing.

It made me smile as well. After a while a waiter came with our menus but I let Carter order for me since I didn't have a single clue what was good here.

Soon we were left alone and it was awkward. We were good at talking with each other at school, as friends, when Carter is helping me not kill myself but gods it was awkward right now.

"Can you stop" Carter said. I looked at him with my eyes scrunched, my face clearly portraying confusion.

"You pulling your hair" he said while taking my hand away from my hair. Oh, I didn't even realise.

"Nervous habit" I said. I also noticed that Carter didn't let go of my hand. Electricity was shooting up and down my arm because of the contact.

"What are you nervous for? I'm not a stranger" he said smiling sweetly at me.

"Well yea but you know me, I have a tendency of making everything into a complicated mess" I told him.

"Okay then let's talk about random things, we might have been hanging out a lot at school but I don't know that much about you" he said, clearly trying to make me feel comfortable.

"Okay, what do you want to know?" I asked him. Now that I have a moment and really take my time to look at him, I can see how grown up Carter is. I mean I never really noticed before but he looks older than he is. I wonder why?

"What's your favourite colour?" Carter asked. His questions made me laugh.

"Seriously we're doing THAT now?" I asked. What are we 14 year olds?

"Well what do you want me to ask you? I don't have any Philosophical questions for you. Sorry but we're going to have to make do with the 20 questions script" he said while shrugging.

"Okay I'll play along. Ummm purple. What about you" I said.

"Brown, what's your favourite animal?" He asked next.

"Wolves and why brown? That's a shit colour literally" I said.

"Hey don't shame my favourite colour, that's colourism" he said making me giggle.

"Okay so what's your favourite animal" I asked. "I love dogs" he replied and this went on until our food arrived.

Carter order some really good things. I was impressed.

"God this is good" I said moaning as I took another bite of my food.

"Well I'm glad you like it" he said.

"You come here often?" I asked him. For him to know the menu by heart, he has to be visiting often.

"Not to eat but I worked here for three previous summers" his revelation shoked me.

"You worked here?" I asked him. Rich kids work as well? That's new.

"Don't be so shocked. My parents might be rich but that doesn't mean I just sit at home all the time. I thought this would be good for me, I'm not some spoiled rich boy" he said, while putting his hand on his chest to make it seem like he was offended.

"Yea okay, I'm sorry drama queen", I said laughing.

"You're forgiven" he replied cheekily.

After having our meal, we stayed and talked for a while. Carter ordered this amazing drink and we had the an amazing time. Carter paid and we were back in the car headed back to our town.

The drive back was silent. Carter played some music and we just enjoyed the quiet. Halfway through our way back, our hands somehow found each other and stayed there until we reached my house.

"I really enjoyed today", I said turning around to face Carter who was standing at my front porch. He insisted on walking me to my door. "Thank you for the dinner"

"So I think a second date is definitely happening" He said and I noticed how it wasn't a question but a statement.

"Hmmm we'll see" I said, it felt good poking fun at him. Carter just chucked and snaked his arm around my waist. I was taken by surprise, one moment I'm being proud at myself for being cheeky and the next moment I'm looking like a beetroot, my eyes wide and my lips parted.

"Dude what the hell" I said as I tried to get away. I get the whole "I'm a man" act but this was weird even for Carter.

"You were being a smartass just now, what happened?" He said while dipping his head down. My heart pounded in chest, my breath hitched.

I closed my eyes, thinking he was going to kiss me but I was snapped out of my daze when his mouth went near my ear instead and he whispered

"Good night Piers" the fucker chuckled and let me go. He waved at me, who was by the way still standing there like a fool, and started towards his car.

'oh boy not so fast' I was furious. It's one thing making fun of someone in a friendly way and another thing to embarrass me like that.

I stalked after him, turned him around by his shoulders and got on my tippy toes. Carter definitely did not see that coming. One minute he was enjoying his victory and the next he was standing there like a puppy, shocked at the fact that I kissed him.

I pulled away and whispered in his ear "good night Grey" and turned away from him. Take that asshat, I walked back to my house, knowing that Carter was still standing there like an idiot.

Oooo that felt soo good. I might've done a 5-minute victory dance after getting inside my house.

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