Pretty Fake Fantasies

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Bonus~ my fake fantasy life

2 years later

"Did any of you understand anything during the psychology lecture? All I could do was stare at Mr. Kyle's outfit" I said as I sat down beside my friends in the college cafeteria.

Yes I'm in college, first year, my major is psychology.

"Oh my god! Me too! Whatever the hell he was thinking dressing up like was so distracting. I mean not to be judgy but who the hell wears a hammock under a suit jacket?" My friends Rory said making a round of laughter go around our table.

We all soon started conversing about our other classes and such. It was going to be summer vacation soon which means I'll get to go back home tomorrow.

The original plan was for me to attend the college in our town but I got accepted in a college in New York! My mother was so proud and I had applied with the hopes of wanting to go there and however much I wanted to stay home, I just had to attend.

After classes were over, I headed back to my dorm room. My suitcase was already locked and loaded. I just had to submit my application and notice for the number of days I'd be gone from the dorm and everything will be set.

I submitted all the paper work at the reception and was back in my dorm room, soon joined by my roommate.

"You're all smiley smiley today" Natalie said as she settled on her bed and looked at me, expecting me to answer her.

"I'm excited about heading back home" I told her. It has been a whole year since I last saw my family and I missed them so much.

I was doing a lot better, mental health wise. After I had started seeing a doctor back home, I was diagnosed with severe depression after 4 months.

But I didn't lose faith and everybody was so supportive and continued with therepy till I left for college. I still get my anti-depressants but have to rarely use them now.

A year away from that town, with new people around has done me good. I'm glad I didn't give up back then.

Soon it's time for my shift at a local coffee house near my college. I took up the job to have some extra cash on me, my mum was already covering my college fees, I didn't have the heart to ask her for more money.

After my shift at the coffee house, I grabbed a bite to eat at a near by McDonald's and soon I was tucked in my bed, trying to go to sleep. I had an early flight back home tomorrow and I needed to sleep but I was too giddy.

"Erring" "errring" I looked under my pillow for my phone which was making that annoying sound so early in the morning and disturbing my sleep.

I soon found the culprit and almost smashed it to pieces like the incredible Hulk!

"Get up Ava you have a flight" I heard my roomate murmer, it made me groan. Why did I have to book an early one?!?

I reluctantly got up, took a shower, brushed my teeth and put on my best clothes.

I was soon rushing through the airport trying desperately to find my gate through which I was supposed to board my plane.

I found it on time, thankfully and then it was just a matter of 4 hours of flight and 1 hour of a bus journey till I was standing outside my home sweet home.

My hands were getting clamy, I was nervous. I talked to them and Skyped with them but it's been a while since I met them face to face.

I took a deep breath in and rang the doorbell. Suddenly I heard a shit ton of commotion inside the house, a lot of voices and then my mother opened the door.

I rushed into her arms within seconds and hugged her with all my might.

"Oh I missed you too my baby" my mother said, oh her voice, I've missed it so much. I've missed her touch so much.

"I missed you too mama so much" I said.

"Come on in Ave!" My mother ushered me inside and as soon as I reached the living room enterence I was tackled to the ground by my little brother.

"AVA!" He screamed and jumped on me and hugged me tightly.

"Ray! How are you? I missed you so much!" I said as I hugged him back.

"I missed you too" he said and let me go.

"Gosh you've grown taller! Oh my you're almost my height!" I said to him and ruffled his hair to which he made a pained noise and started fixing them again.

"You aren't that tall so it isn't much of an achievement and Don't touch my hair" he said which shocked me.

"Oh my our Ray has discovered sarcasm. Lord you're growing up" I said making fun of him.

"Why don't you go and keep your stuff in your room. I'll set up breakfast, you must be starving!" My mother said.

I nodded my head furiously at the mention of food, which made my mother laugh.
I picked up my suitcase and dragged it upstairs.

By the time I reached my door, I was out of breadth and sweaty.

I opened my bedroom door and dragged my suitcase inside. I didn't pay much mind to the room and was completely focused on my suitcase that I missed the very huge and big Carter Grey lying on my bed.

"Hey Piers" I screamed and turned around to face the idiot.

"Holy fuck Cart! What the hell?!" I screamed at him and then threw the shoe I was wearing at him.

"Ohh still the fiesty Ava I remember" he said while sitting up on my bed and making the come here motion with his finger.

"You scared the living shit out of me you goon!" I scolded him but still went to him without any protest.

I was soon in his arms, with my face incredibly close to his.

"I missed you" I told him, I wasn't the same girl as before. I didn't keep my feelings inside anymore and I wasn't going to wait for him to tell me first that he missed me.

"I missed you too Piers so much, the crusty towel under my bed is witness to that" he said with a smirk on his face. Leave it to this asshole to turn a nice moment into something dirty.

"Oh gods, can you not. Keep that sex demon inside please. My mother is downstairs" I told him but still leaned in to kiss him. His lips felt heavenly, soft and welcoming, just like I remembered.

"You didn't mind that one time when I was over to study for our math quiz and rocked your world" he said while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, making me laugh.

"I missed your laugh, I missed you Ava" he said again and started leaving kisses on my neck. He kissed and sucked right where my shoulder met my neck and made me moan. Fuck

"My mum will get the wrong idea" I said trying to control myself but my voice barely audible since to be honest I didn't want to stop.

"I think Mrs. Piers already knows I've plowed her daughter" he replied and continued kissing my neck. I was a moaning mess, that's what Carter's mouth did to me everytime.

He gently pushed me back on the bed and stradled me. I quickly took his t-shirt of and soon my top was gone as well.

Carter left a hot trail of kisses from my neck to my cleavage. I felt his breadth on my left boob which made me moan. Carter took off my bra like an expert and attacked my nipples making me scream!

"Cart! Oh" I breathed out. Fuck his mouth felt so good. Electric tingles were shooting all over my body, waves of pleasure going straight down to my pussy.

"Fuck I missed your moans" Carter said. He continued his assault on my boobs for a while and when he was satisfied, he started peppering my stomach with kisses.

In a flash my pants were gone and my panty was replaced by Carter's mouth.

"Fuck Carter! Oh my god!" I moaned out, my back arched, my hands grabbing at my bedsheets.

Carter licked my slit like a pro. He flicked my clit with his tongue, sucked it and even bit it making me go crazy from the stimulation.

I could feel that knot of pleasure building up in my stomach. Carter stopped eating me and spread my pussy lips apart with his finger and soon he was pumping two fingers inside me. I was so close to coming.

"Oh Carter! Carter!" I moaned again which made Carter move his fingers faster. He started rubbing my clit with his thumb and his lips greeted my nipples once again.

"Ahhhhhhh" I came screaming and moaning on Carter's hand. He gave a last lick to my nipple and came up to kiss my lips.

"That was amazing" I said to him. I haven't seen him for a year, which meant I hadn't been touched in a year and this was so good.

"I'm not done" he said as he took started unbuckling his pants making my eyes go huge.

He was back on top of me in a second, his cock as hard as wood.

"I have been suffering from blue balls for a year. Now that you're back, I'm not letting you walk ever again" he whispered in my ear and bit it making me yelp. He entered me and thrusted into me like a hungry animal.

Given for how Carter hadn't had sex, he still lasted for a long time.

He was finally satisfied after I came two more time and we were both now just lying on my bed, sweaty and panting.

"Welcome back Ava" Carter said chucking.

I snuggled deeper into his arms. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here. I would've left that day in my secret place.

"Thank you for coming into my life" I told him and kissed his forhead. I was really grateful for him, for everything.

"Thanks for keeping me around" he said while kissing my forehead as well.

"If you bunnies are done, come downstairs breakfast is ready" I heard my mother scream from downstairs which made me turn red like a tomato.

"MA!!!!!!" I screamed back scolding her for being this way. I burried my face deeper into Carter's chest making him chuckle.

"Your mother is too liberal" he said.

"I do not know who this woman is, she was so not like this" I told him honestly.

"I missed how you turned red at every little thing. I remember that one time when I walked in on you changing and got a boner, you turned so red, I was scared you weren't able to breadth" he said laughing.

"Oh shut it!" I said and smacked his chest.

"I can't wait to spend the entire summer with you" he said.

"Me too" I said and kissed him.
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