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The Nosy Boy

I used to blame my mum in the beginning. I used to think why would she stay quiet like this and take all this crap from my father? Why can't she just leave? Did she love my dad that much?

But as I grew up I realised why. My mother got pregnant a month after her wedding, which meant she had no time to even realise what kind of a monster my father was. They made her quit her job, she was alone and scared and pregnant, she stayed for the sake of her child, thinking my father would change once Maddie was born.

But as years went by she realised my father would never change and now she couldn't even leave cause where would she go with her two daughter? To her parents? But how was that old couple gonna take care of her and her children? On what basis would she fight for Ray's custody? She had no means of providing for him. She wouldn't be able to get a job, the world changed during the time she was unemployed and now she knew nothing about how things worked in her field of expertise.

She was stuck and my dad knew this, he and his whole family knew that my mother had nowhere to go and that's why he exploited her all the more.

Soon it was 2:30 pm, I sat on a bench in a local park waiting for time to pass me by. I had nothing to read except my political science book so I just read that cause it was better than sitting idle.

But my mind still drifted to Carter and the immense possibilities tommorow held for me. I sighed and started gathering my things. I have to get back home.

I went back to school and then made my way back home from there. There was no other route that led back to my house from anywhere near the park I was sitting in, hence the reason why I went there in the first place.

Soon I was going down our street and could see my big, burdensome house sitting there and taunting me. It was one of the biggest reasons why my dad thought he could treat us like dirt, because he was providing us with housing.

I climbed up my front porch, took my keys out and unlocked the door.

"I'm home" I screamed as soon as I entered. My mum popped her head out from the kitchen door and said "you were late this morning, I deleted the message before your father could see it" oh thank god! I did not want another headache right now.

"You are a blessing woman" I told her. I kept my shit down and went into the kitchen, picked up the dishwashing gloves and started doing the dishes that were in the sink, I do anything I can to help my mum out, anything to make her workload less.

"How was your day?" She asked. My mind went back to what I was gonna do in my secret spot and the feeling of guilt returned.

"Nothing much, just the usual studying" I replied back, bitting my cheek. "What about you?"

"Nothing, woke up from your father's screaming, made him breakfast, cleaned the glass shards of the broken photo frame, ordered a new one and did the chores, nothing special for me too" she said while giving me a smile. I scan her from head to toe, looking for any signs of bruising. My father has never hit my mother himself, he does throw things at us but never hits us with his own hands. I saw red marks on her arm and instantly knew the crashing sound I heard in the morning from my father's bedroom was from him throwing something at my mum.

That bruise was my fault....I did that.

"Is Maddie still out?" I asked her, trying to divert my attention from the bruise.
"Nobody knows where your sister is these days" she replied, that was true. Maddie had a job now, even though it's part time, she's still earning a bit herself and is always out late and never really around.

My sister became distant from us preety early. She doesn't care for my father's tantrums anymore or about us to be honest. She never helps around the house, just does her thing. I think she's done with this dysfunctional family, but I wouldn't blame her for it.

Well as long as she's okay.

"I'm home" I hear my brother scream as he enters the house.

"Mummy" he comes screaming inside the kitchen. "We had so much fun today at school....." I zone out the rest, I don't really give a damn about what he did in school. I just watched my mum smile at him and my brother jump around the kitchen while he tells mum about his day.

We're all so happy when dad isn't around, I wish to grow up soon, get a well paying job and leave him behind here, all alone with his horrible self.

Soon all three of us start doing chores around the house. I force my mum to go and get some rest. I tell my brother to clean his room while I do everything else.

The chores lasted a few hours and after that I head to my room to get my school work done. I text my classmates to send me notes for the two classes I missed and copy em down....soon I'm sitting idle scrolling through instagram with nothing left to do.

My Instagram notification ping and

what the shit?!? Why did he do that, what the hell?!? I close my phone and throw it away from me.

Was he stalking me now? What's this dude's deal, can't he just let this go?!?
I quickly open my Instagram and just delete it comepletly. The heck is wrong with him?!?.

I just put my phone on my nightstand and went to bed. I don't have the energy to even think about this, I have too much in my head and I just can't right now. I just need to rest. Soon I feel myself drifting away, thinking tommorow is going to be shit.

Carter's POV

Today was like any other day, until I literally stumbled across her, Ava Piers. I've seen her around, I'm not like those popular, stuck-up jocks, who sees noone else besides themselves. I know I share classes with her, I've seen her around sitting by herself with a book.

I've never talked to her before though or maybe she hasn't talked to me before. Kids say she's really rude and doesn't want to make any friends and likes to remain by herself. So I didn't feel a need to approach her.

I was sitting in class, last period, history. The teacher was taking roll call and I heard her name.

"Ava Piers" Mr. Matthew called out. My head whipped around, my eyes searching for her. She wasn't here, was she tryna do something to herself again??

I didn't pay much attention in class, my thoughts were occupied by Ava. I didn't know or noticed that she was suicidal. It isn't any of my business but how can I just ignore something like this!!? It's someone's life we're talking about here.

I have to help her but how?! Do I tell a teacher or her parents?! But what if that makes it worse?! I heard the bell ring indicating that school was over for today. I packed my stuff and headed straight for my bike. I didn't wait for my friends, I had too much to think about

I have to help her somehow, right? I started my bike and headed home. Soon I was parking in our drive way.

I went inside and straight up to my room. "Carter is that you honey?" I heard my mom scream from downstairs. "Yea mum, I'm home" I screamed back."okay sweetie, we'll be going out for dinner tonight as soon as your dad get's back, make sure to get ready on time" she screamed back. "Okay" I said.

I threw my bag on the floor and fell on my bed like a sack of potatoes. My head was hurting now, what do I do with this piece of information I came across during lunch? I can't ignore it but I don't think telling an adult is right either, they won't understand and probably can make things worse.

I whipped out my phone and searched for Ava on instagram, she's a teen, she has to be on IG. I found her account and started following her. I scrolled through her pictures, there were barely any, it was just her, her little brother, her sister and mother (probably). I can keep an eye on her this way. But in a few seconds her account was........ gone?!?!?! What!??

I have to talk to her. I'll wait for her at school tomorrow. I can't let this go.
I closed my eyes, wanting to go to sleep but all I could think about was her.

Tomorrow was going to be stressful..

Author's note

I know that the chapter isn't long and Carter's POV is small but I'm going to pick the pace up from tomorrow and write longer and more detailed chapters from now on. All of this pandemic messed up my schedule bad. I don't get much time with school and language classes and tutions and art school. But I did start writing so I am obliged to finish it and I will. I thought a lot about how I want the story to progress and I will start giving shape to it from tomorrow onwards so please bare with me.

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