Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 9


I watch Sid sleeping from the edge of the tree line. I'm clothed, so it makes it easier to hide myself. I saw her note that thanked me for finishing her shelter. I had to. I needed to get away from her. When she went to sleep last night, I crawled out of my sleeping bag and walked over to her side of the shelter. I saw how she had fallen asleep crying, and something switched inside me. I took a long piece of wood, and got it lit from the camp fire, then walked over to her camp and finished her shelter for her. The pang of guilt that I felt from making fun of her desire to be a mother, it was too much even for me. I wish my own mother had cared as much for me, and tried to build a life for me. I saw from a ridgeline in the forest when she approached her shelter, and I saw how surprised she was. She smiled, and my heart started to beat a little faster. It was actually beating. Now, she is asleep, mumbling something. I wonder if she is dreaming of me. She has every single night that we have been on this island. Tomorrow makes day ten.

Just as I go to walk away, I see lightening in the distance. There had been some cloud coverage today, but wasn't sure if it would bring rain or not. I walk as fast as I can back to my camp, so I can prepare for any rain that may come. I scoop some of the fiery coals into one of my pots, and gather twigs and small limbs that can been snapped into short pieces and lots of leaves and stack them all on the side of the platform that Sid used to occupy. At least I will have fire even if it is raining. I got several larger limbs and stacked those in the shelter too, because I will need them to get another big fire going. Hopefully, she will do the same. I built her a fire this morning, and it was still going just now, but I can only hope that she thinks to do the same as I've just done. I climb into my sleeping bag, fully clothed. I close my eyes, and listen to the sounds of storm that is coming our way.

The rain has hammered down for a couple of hours now. I'm thankful that I got this cheap watch before I left out, because it does help with knowing just how much time has been going by. According to my watch, it is a little after 1am. If it wasn't pouring down rain, I would go check on Sid. I shouldn't want to, but I feel compelled to. I'll wait and see how this weather holds up, then I'll figure it out.

I must have fallen asleep to the sounds of the rain hitting my leafy roof. I stayed really dry, which was nice. Looks like I slept a whole four hours, and I am thankful for it. It is still raining, and the beach looks like a wet, soggy mess. I want to go check on Sid. I grab the thermal camping blanket from my pack. It reminds me of tin foil, but it is suppose to keep you dry and warm. I use it as a covering while I run over to Sid's camp. As I round the corner, I see her sitting with her legs drawn up to her chest. Her fire is completely out, and I don't see any signs of one in a makeshift fire pit like mine.

I walk over to her. Her platform is completely dry, but she is shivering and wet, lips are dark from being cold. "Sid, did you go out in this mess?" I ask her as I climb up on her platform from the other side.

"I tried to save the fire." she shivers out. I can hear her damn teeth chattering. I start stripping off my clothes, tossing them to the end of the platform. I dig through her pack and find a towel. Quickly drying myself off, I make my way over to her. "What are you doing, Slade?" she asks.

"Get those wet clothes off. You need to get dry. Come on, I'll help you." I say, hoping she can see that for once I am trying to not be sexual with her. She is so cold that she can barely move, giving me a look of defeat. "Let me." I whisper. I work to get her clothes off and toss them at the end by mine. I give the thermal "foil" a good shake to get the rain water off of it and wrap it around her body. "Sit here, I'm going to get your bag rolled out. We need to get you warmed up." I say to her, moving around until I have her bag rolled out. I grab an extra blanket from her pack and layer it on top of the sleeping bag. Once I have it all ready for use, I lift her up and lay her inside the sleeping bag. I lay as close as I can to her, then zip the bag up around us. I wrap my arms around her and pull her chest into mine. I know that my body is helping hers to warm, because after a few moments her shivering starts to calm. Her breathing lets me know that she is asleep, and I plan to utilize this time for as long as I can.

Looking at my watch, Sid has slept the whole day. I got up when the rain stopped and the sun came out. I managed to get her another fire going from some of my supplies, building it in one of her pots. I had some canned soup in my pack, so I took out a can for her to have when she wakes up. I open the can slightly, setting it directly against the hot "fire pot", it will heat up and will be hot enough for her.

I actually slept when I was laying next to Sid. Her body soothed my mind. I slept hard enough to dream, which hasn't happened in years, not since I was a kid. I'm hoping that she won't be too upset about how we needed to warm up. Hell, I could've easily fucked her, but I would rather she be willing and fully alert for it. It's going to happen, though. The way my balls tingled when my skin touched her, it is now a goal to fuck her then I'll get her to leave the island. Who knows, maybe I'll take her out on a date when we get back to civilization.

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