Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 10


I try to move, but my entire body aches. My muscles are so tired from shivering and being cold during that hellacious rain storm. I only remember Slade climbing up into my shelter. As I move, I realize that I am completely naked under the sleeping bag. I close my eyes, and flashes of this morning come back to me. Slade saved me from freezing to death. Fuck, now I'll owe that asshole. I ease myself into a sitting position and reach for my pack, I need to put some clothes on. I get myself dressed in a tank top and my swim suit bottoms, because there is no need in getting all dolled up in a bunch of clothes. I don't plan on doing anything for the rest of the day.

There is one of my smaller pots sitting on the platform, smoldering with what looks like leaves and twigs. Next to it is a can of soup, and when I touch the can it is hot. Slade! I pull the tab on the top of the can to open it the rest of the way, and don't bother getting a spoon for it, I'll just drink it right out of the can. I have no shame at this point, I am starving. As I finish my soup, I see that I have a small fire going out of the beach, and I'm guessing that Slade did that after the rain stopped. I have no idea how long I was asleep, or when the rain finally stopped, but the sun is shining so bright and it is warm now. Just as I hop out of the shelter, I see Slade coming from the tree line with an arm full of wood pieces. He sets them down on the platform across from me. "This wood will need to dry out, but keep it up here so you'll have some if it comes a down pour again. I'm going to grab some of those palm leaves and those larger leaves, those will make good fire starters." he says, walking back into the trees. He is at least clothed today.

Slade brings a huge stack of leaves back and sets them on the platform as I am getting my fishing gear ready. I need to go catch us some fish, maybe he will except that as a token of thanks for saving my ass. I tried to save the fire when it first started raining, but I ended up getting more soaked than I should have. I can never tell him that I had been sitting there, freezing since the rain had started falling. I know that he would make fun of me for it, and I just don't feel like listening to his shit today. "I'm going back over to my side now. Glad to see you ate." he says, pointing towards the fire pot. "Don't let your fire go out." he says over his shoulder, walking away from me.

"Slade?" I finally leak out.

He stops walking and turns to me. "Yeah?"

"Thank you. Thank you for coming to my rescue this morning." I say, hoping he can pick up on my sincere tone.

"Don't mention it. Plus, I got to curl up to your naked body for a few hours. I would say that I got a pretty good deal out of it. You get cold tonight, you know where to find me." he says, letting that stupid, sexy smirk of his stretch across his face. Why is he so fucking good looking? Why couldn't I be stranded here with an ugly dude or woman? Curse you, PPE!

I tried to snag some fish, but they just were no biting today. I give up and settle for a protein bar and some electrolyte mix in my water. Dark is encroaching upon the island, and as I lay on my bed, I feel a sense of longing for that skin-to-skin contact. I know now what his skin felt like against mine, and my body is wanting more of it. As the day has come and gone, I remembered all that happened while Slade was helping me. The soft circles that he rubbed on my back with the palms of his slightly calloused hand. The heat that radiated off of him, warming me all the way to my soul. Pretty sure that I felt an erection on him, but I was too cold to mentally think about that and now I'm wishing that I had been able to.

Laying there, thinking about him, not being able to stand it any longer, I slip my flipflops on and grab a torch from the fire on the ground. it will provide enough light to get me to his camp. Will he send me back to my camp? I wasn't even thinking about that as I rounded the corner and see his fire blazing. What if he doesn't find me attractive and is actually repulsed by the sight of me? I don't think I am a bad looking person, but I know that I'm not the prettiest either. I get into his camp, and see him laying on his bed. Without looking at me, he opens up his sleeping bag, a simple gesture to let me know that I am welcomed. I climb in next to him, and curl up into his side. He lowers the sleeping bag to cover my body, and lays his arm over me, holding me in place on my side against his muscular frame. God, why is this man so tempting? After a few moments, he starts doing those rubs on my back, which cause me to wiggle practically into his skin because I am already so close to his body. Slade moves is other hand and lays it lazily over my hip. Before I even know what is happening, the hand on my hip is mimicking the rubs that he is doing on my back. I slip one of my arms out from my coiled body, and lay it on his chiseled stomach. His abs. I don't even have to rub them to know that he has a fucking 12-pack of them. Without thinking, my fingers start grazing this side, from mid-rib to hip bone.

He breaks the silence first, but doesn't stop his movements on my skin. "I suffer from insomnia. Big time. This morning, laying with you and trying to get you warmed up, I slept. Hard enough that I dreamed. I haven't dreamt in years, since I was a kid."

"What did you dream about?" I ask him, not changing my actions.

"This." he says, with a swift movement, he is hovering above me, in between my legs. His lips are so close to mine that they are sparking with desire for him to kiss me like I have never been kissed before. As if he could hear my thoughts, his lips caress mine. I feel his tongue swipe my mouth, wanting access. I give it. He is holding himself above me with one hand and gently squeezing my hip with the other. With every swipe of his tongue in my mouth, my pussy trembles with need. My skin is covered in goosebumps, but I am far from cold.

Despite my want to continue, I push on his chest enough so he pulls away. I can feel his very prominent erection brushing against my underwear. It is all that I can do not to lift my hips into it. We lock eyes, and I can tell that the jackass from a couple of days ago, isn't present right now. "What are we doing, Slade?" I ask him, knowing that I have a concerned look on my face. Guys like him only find girls like me attractive when there are no better options available in the moment of their need for release.

"Can I be blunt with you?" he asked. I nodded. "I want to fuck you."

"Well...that is...uhh...that is very blunt, Slade. But, I don't think that is a good idea. I'm not on a pill, and I'm sure you didn't bring condoms with you. So..." I sputter out.

He bends his head down and places open mouthed kissed down my neck to my shoulder. "If you let me fuck you, Sidney, I'll pull out before I cum." he said into my skin. Pretty sure I just came a little. "I'll be gentle." he adds, and I can feel a smile on him mouth as he continues to kiss all over my neck. One of his hands is still propping him up, but the other is making fast work of running his fingers all over my skin under my shirt, brushing all around my breast without actually touching it. My eyes are closed, and my whore of a mouth lets out a moan. "Will you moan like that when I fuck you?" he questions, brushing the edge of his thumb against my nipple, causing me to arch a little. He pulls away from me, lifts my shirt up to just over my breasts, and his lustful eyes lower as he takes one of my nipples into his mouth. At this point, I am thankful that we've been able to bath in a little spring-water pond that is set within the island. At least I know that I don't stink. Slade is treating my nipple like a delicate flower, moving his tongue gently over it, sucking lightly enough that the nerve endings are firing off. I find that my hands have wondered up to his strong shoulders.

"I can't take any more, Slade." I breath out. Without hesitation, he pulls my shirt all the way off, then grabs my panties and slides them off of me. Repositioning himself in between my thighs, I close my eyes and brace myself. He is huge, and it's been so long that I'm sure I have some cobwebs in there. He bends down and starts kissing me, and I feel his tip circling around my entrance.

"You are fucking soaked." he breaths out, letting a grunt escape his lips. I feel his tip enter me, then inch by tantalizing inch, he pushes himself into me. "I've never fucked a woman bare before. You feel so fucking good wrapped around my cock." he says, burying his head into my neck, a hand reaching up and gripping the back of my neck.

All I can do is let out those soft moans of pleasure, waiting for my orgasm to finish bubbling to the surface. He literally pumped into me four times and the flood gates opened wide for him, hitting that G-spot right off the bat. "Oh shit!" I whisper out, as it all breaks loose. He doesn't stop though, he just keeps going. Moving his hand from my neck, he reaches down and starts circling my clit with his thumb. Wrapping my legs around him, I release my juices all over him. "Slade" is all I can moan out into his ear. No one, not even myself included, has ever made me cum this way. I feel his dick throbbing inside me, so I lower my legs from his waist so he won't have any trouble pulling out to cum.

"Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!" he groans out and thrust harder into me, making me shatter under him for a third time...also a new one for me. His cock is thickening inside of me, and I can feel its hardness intensifying. "Motherfucker..." he says as he pulls out and shoots his hot seed all over my stomach, stroking himself to get every last bit out. "Shit! That never happens! Fuck me!" he says in the midst of his heavy breathing. He grabs a towel that is hanging from his roofline, and helps clean me off. "Let's go for a little swim." he says, reaching out for my hand. Perfect way to end a very perfect night.

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