Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 11


Last night was full of firsts for me. First time I've ever fucked a woman without a condom...even if she says she is on a pill or something, I still wear protection. First time I've ever finished in less than 30-minutes. Sadly, I looked at my watch when Sid crawled into the sleeping bag with me...8:03pm, and when we walked out to the water it was 8:12pm. No foreplay needed either, another first for me. Usually, I require a little head to get the blood flowing good in my dick, but with Sid it was like my dick said "hey fucker, this pussy is perfect and we don't need to waste any time". It was perfect, too. I've been with a lot of women, and I don't think any of them compare to Sid. Most women flail around, or scream out those generic moans during sex, pussy may be tight but not vice-grip tight. Not Sid. Her moans were soft, sincere, in the moment, and that pussy of hers was so fucking tight that it made it hard for me to breathe. The swim we had afterwards only prompted round two, which started as soon as we made it back to the shelter and ended with her riding me and finishing with her taking me in her mouth. Round three was me pounding into her from behind on the sand, because we barely made it out of the water that time, and me shooting my load into the sand next to us. Our bodies are exhausted, and according to my watch is close to 2am now. She is curled up next to me, snoring, which is another first because I don't do cuddling and hanging around after I've banged a girl. Yep, I wore her out. I close my eyes and feel my body drift into sleep. Maybe she is the cure for my insomnia.

I wake to see the sun is shining bright, showing that today will be another beautiful day. Sid isn't laying beside me, and my watch indicates that it is a few minutes after 7am. Damn! I actually slept great in those five hours. I dreamt, I feel refreshed, my balls don't feel like I have weights in them. Getting up, I take a leak in the tree line and grab my toiletry bag and a canteen of water so I can head over to the little watering hole to bath myself and brush my teeth.

Coming back to the camp, I see a plate of fish and fruit sitting there for me, but no Sid. I get the plate and start making my way over to Sid's camp. She is sitting in her shelter with her back to me and staring at the water. "Thanks for breakfast." I say to her. "You okay this morning?"

She peeks over her should and I can see that she is crying. Hell, I'm not equipped to deal with this. "You're welcome. I'm fine. How are you?" she says, turning back around.

"You're not fine. What's up?" I ask her, setting the plate down and crawling up to sit next to her. "Is this about last night?" I ask, wiping a tear from her cheek.

"Yes and no." she says, letting out a sigh. I catch a glimpse of the radio that is sitting in front of her. "I'm calling them to come get me out of here. I can't be around you anymore, not after last night. It's nothing you did, it's all me." she tells me. Man, I was so awful that she needs to run as far away from me as possible. I really thought she enjoyed herself, I know that I sure as hell did, and I've never had any complaints before. Matter of fact, women beg for it.

"You don't have to leave. We just won't fuck around anymore. But if you want it, you know where I'll be." I said, scooting myself out of her shelter, and walking back to mine.

Maybe she is embarrassed. I know she wasn't a virgin, but maybe I'm just a little too much for her to handle. I'll be somewhat bothered to see her leave, but at least now the million will be all mine.

We have been on the island for 35 days now, and I haven't seen Sid since day 22, when she brought over some fish and dropped them off but promptly left without saying a single word to me. I won't lie, it has been lonely not having her to talk to, I'm a very social person, but I'm not going to go begging her to be my friend or anything. We aren't children. I think we both just got some relief and now it is back to business of winning the prize money. I wish that I could say that I haven't snuck around her camp and caught glimpses at her when she didn't know it, I can't lie to myself and pretend that I haven't. This whole deal is making me lose my mind. What the fuck am I doing? I mean, I haven't slept but a few hours total since she and I had our fuck fest, and the thought of that makes my dick do a happy dance because she felt so good. Full of need and want. I don't think I've ever been with a woman that wasn't a complete whore when I fucked her. Sid wasn't by any means, and I think the idea that I could break her sexually is what has me losing my mind. Of course, it could be the total silence and isolation that is driving me crazy too. I don't know. Why the fuck am I even thinking about her still? Just 55 more days to go, and I can have as much pussy as I want and hopefully I'll be a million bucks richer.

Day 41
49 days to go! After putting in a hard day of working on sun tanning my nude body, I grab some soap and a towel and head to what I now call the 'Bathing Hole'. As I get close, I see Sid wading out in the deeper end and it looks like she was finishing rinsing out her hair. I watch from the brush line, like a fucking pervert, hoping that I can catch a glimpse of her nakedness. She gives herself a thorough splashing, and starts making her way to land. The sun is shining on her like a beacon, and I find it hard to look away from her. Once I see that she has made it through the tree line, I make my way to the water and handle my own bathing. I can smell my soap on my skin as I get out of the water and dry myself off. My cock is so hard that it is causing my stomach to cramp, and my balls feel like I have iron in them from the lack of true release. I can't take it anymore.

Marching myself around the perimeter of the water, I find her little path that leads back to her camp. Continuing my march, I get to the edge where the trees meet the beach. There Sid is, laying on her bed. Is she doing what I think she is? I stride closer, and see that yes she is doing what I thought. Her eyes are closed and her hand is moving up and down between her legs. This is killing me. I walk even closer, but she hasn't opened her eyes yet. I get to her shelter, drop my towel down next to her leg, causing her eyes to fly open and her body shoot up. Before she can say anything, I hold my hand up to silence her. "Don't stop. Keep rubbing yourself. I want to watch you." I say, creeping my way towards her. She lays back flat and continues with her motions. I can see the wet glistening from her channel and I want to plunge into it, but instead I settle for laying with my head on her hip and blowing on her hot pussy as she moves her hands up and down over her center. Running my hand from her calf up to the crease where her thighs meet her pelvis, I slowly move a finger inside her. Stroking into her a few times, I add a second finger and continue striking that special bundle of nerves that sends her liquids flowing from her. I pull my fingers out of her, and rub them on her fingers that are now slowly making circles on her clit, getting them wet to add more pleasure to what she is doing, then slip them back inside of her. Curling inside of her, I can feel that smooth spot, and with a little pressure she is arching her back and screaming my name. Before she can come down from her orgasm high, I position myself on top of her and plunge into her causing my own release instantly. "Motherfucker! How did you fucking do that?"

Gasping for air, "What do mean?" she asks, holding a hand to her chest. "My heart is racing right now. How do you do that to me?"

"I literally came as soon as I went inside you." I breathed out, laying my forehead down on her chest.

"WHAT?" she asked, pushing hard on me and shoving me off of her. "You didn't!" she said, jumping off of the bed and rubbing her towel between her legs. I'm so fucking confused right now, and my head feels like it is full of helium. "Why the fuck didn't you pull out? You came inside of me, you fucking asshole!"

"So. What's the big fucking ... oooh! Shit!" I pull myself off out of the shelter and wrap my towel tightly around me.

"Yeah! Shit! Do you realize what we've done? Get away from me! GO!" she screams. What do I do? Nothing. Just stand there like a dumbass. Looking at her. I just figured out a solution to all of our problems.

Smiling, I walk over to a panicking Sid. I pull her into my chest, running my hand over her hair. "I have an idea."

"What?" she sniffles out. "An idea? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Hear me out. You wanted the whole prize pot so you could pay for some sperm, then you were going to use the rest of the money to set yourself and your new baby up with a nest egg. Right?" I ask her, pulling her away, but keeping my hands on her shoulders.

"Yeah, that's right. I need that money to be able to afford the treatments for getting pregnant." she said, looking cute and confused.

"How about I knock you up, for free." I suggest, smirking at my brilliant idea. "I won't have to be in the picture at all, if that is what you are afraid of. I will gladly be your sperm donor. In exchange, we both hang in for as long as we can until we reach the 90-day mark and they come pull us back to reality. What do you say? It's a win-win for both of us." Man, I am smart! Plus, I just like fucking her.

"You are fucking crazy, Slade! Insane! Get away from me. I can't think with you here." she says, turning her back to me.

"Fine, I'll go. Just think about my offer. If you agree to it, then you'll know where to find me." I say, with a little skip in my walk. Sid doesn't know it yet, but this is a solid arrangement. Obviously, neither one of us are going to leave until the end. If I can help her reach a goal of getting pregnant, then I won't feel so damn lonely for the remaining time here. Selfish, absolutely.

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