Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 13


I can't believe how this woman laying next to me makes me feel. I haven't slept this good, had sex this good, just overall felt this good ever. I think this could all be compared to when I got my patch with the MC, which will always be my number one crowning achievement. Sid and I have spent the last eleven days exploring each other and bringing so much passion that I can't even describe it. She got her period so the exploring has been one sided with her blowing me and letting me fuck her tits. For once, I am letting a woman use me and I don't know really how to process this. I'm the one that usually does the using, and I definitely have never slept a wink with a woman laying next to me. Hell, I don't even let women get the chance to fall asleep after I have fucked them thoroughly. We now have 33 days left here. What the hell was I thinking, suggesting that I help with her little baby plan? What if she decides to try and force a kid on me? Would she come at me for some sort of commitment or child support? The prize money! If she comes at me for support or some shit, she'll take it all from me. "Fuck!" I shout and jump up, causing Sid to jolt awake.

I pull some shorts on and trot off down the beach line. After a few moments, I hear Sid calling from behind me. "Slade? Stop! Please! Are you okay? Please talk to me."

"I can't believe I fell into a woman's trap. You fucking played into some hidden mommy issues or some shit. Got me hooked on that pussy of yours..." I run my fingers through my messy bed hair and start walking again, shouting over my shoulder, "Just stay the fuck away from, Sid."

I get enough distance between us before I turn around and look back to where I left Sid. She had her back to me, kicking the sand of the beach. Fuck her. Well, not literally, because I'm not touching her again. Damage may have already been done, but just in case it hasn't then I'm not going to seal the damn deal. Looking out into the water, in this moment of complete anger, I realize just how spectacular the view is. I've not been one to use the word beautiful, at least not until being dropped off here and seeing Sid. Sorting my shit out has never been an issue, but I find it being an issue now.

I head back to towards my shelter, knowing that I must pass by Sid's on the way. I see her roughly cramming things into her bag. I stop walking when I'm close enough that I can hear her sobbing. "Sid?" I clear my throat. I hear her breath catch, and for some reason it makes mine catch as well.

Without turning to me, she signs out, "I don't need to hear anymore from you, Slade. As soon as I get my stuff packed up and I get everything tidied up, I'm calling to get out of here. You win!" she says, and I see her breathing pick up like she has been running a marathon.

"Don't do that." I say to her. Shit, now I feel bad. "Look, don't leave. You need the money just like I do. I shouldn't have screamed at you. Fuck, I never say this to anyone so if you repeat it then I'll deny it...but, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I yelled at you. I shouldn't have taken out on you what was flooding through my head. Can you turn and look at me, please?" I ask, putting a hand lightly on her shoulder.

She turns to me, but doesn't look up. I can see her body trembling. How has this one woman changed how I view things? I don't do mushy, soft. Killing people who deserve it, torturing people for the fun of it, those are the things that I can do with ease. Setting up drug and gun deals is like breathing to me. I cup her chin, raising her face. Her eyes are puffy and red, that sexy bottom lip of hers is quivering. I wipe her tears from her cheeks, and hold her face in my palms. "Look at me, Sid." I say, stepping closer to her, close enough to see her pulse racing in her neck. "Can we start over? Please?"

"I can't be yelled at like that again, Slade. I don't know what I did wrong." she said, starting to weep again.

I let out a sigh. "I panicked, okay. Shit started running through this fucked up head of mine. I won't yell at you again. Promise!" I say, raising my brows, hoping she will see that I'm honestly trying to be sincere.

"Okay. Starting over?" she asked, looking everywhere but at me.

"Hell, Sid! I can't start over..." I say, pulling her mouth into mine. I don't want to start over with her. "I don't want to start over. I've tasted you. I've felt you. I've held you. I've slept next to you. I'm utterly fucking addicted to you." I say, continuing my assault on her mouth. I let out a chuckle. "You still have morning breath." causing her to laugh. We hugged it out for a while, and I helped her bring her stuff over to my shelter. She's staying with me until we leave this island.

Sid and I have spent the whole day talking. I told her a little bit more about the MC, and my role with the club. She was pretty shocked when I told her about the club girls, and she said she couldn't believe how women were okay with being passed around by the guys. In telling her about Kid and Journey, I realized that if Kid could learn to love someone then maybe there is hope for us all, but I leave that part out of my storytelling. She told me about how much she loved teaching and hopes that she will pass on her love of reading and all things nature to her future children. As she rambles on about her hopes and dreams, I try to imagine myself being there with her when those things come true for her. My confession of having probably hundreds of sexual partners was alarming to her, but not near as baffling as her confession that she has only had six encounters not including me. A gorgeous woman like Sid, I figured she would have no problem getting men to fall at her feet. Apparently, she attracted the "safe" guys, the type that her parents would have probably approved of to begin with. Her three one-night stands were not my level of "bad boy" but she thought they were a little "seedy". Some of her stories make me laugh, and it is actually kind of nice to just laugh at non-sense. Sid tells me how she witnessed her college roommate getting murdered by a crazy boyfriend, and that caused her to have some sort of breakdown. She also said that her parents told her that it was because her and her roommate didn't open their hearts up enough to God and that is why he caused the brutal death of her friend. What a fucked up thing to say to a naïve college kid. Her parents seem like real treats to have around.

Our day ends on a very happy note, and by that I mean she was screaming my name in that perfectly wonderful voice of hers. Pretty sure I've got some deep cuts on my back from her fucking nails digging into me. "I could get lost inside you." I say, kissing her as we both start regaining our breath.

I lay there, listening to the snores coming from Sid. Makes me chuckle, because she snores like a grown fucking man. I roll over and lay an arm across her, nuzzle into her neck and close my eyes. That fuzzy, pre-sleep feeling is starting to form, and I hear her mumble between her snores "I love you". I freeze, raise my head up and look at her still snoring away. I'm not going to freak out about her saying that, she obviously wasn't referring to me. "Ahhh, Slade!" she moan out in her slumber. Fuck! She was referring to me. I promised her that I wouldn't yell at her again and I wouldn't freak out on her again. Best thing to do is just pretend that she is caught up in two different dreams. One where she is in love with someone, and the other where I'm bringing her some pleasure. Yep, that is a good plan. Not going to make this weird at all.

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