Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 15


Counting down the days. We are now at 12 days until evac. Sid was sick as a dog throughout the night. She thinks it may just be lack of proper nutrients as to why she has only had a very light period since being here, and as far as the vomiting goes she thinks maybe it was because the fruit was bad or something. I know good and well that she is pregnant, just wish she would face it and be good with it. It's what she wanted after all. Women are so unpredictable with their thoughts and feelings. I swear, I'll never understand them.

Today has gone by pretty well, with her laying around and eating the very blandest of foods to not upset her stomach any more than it already is. I'm excited about her coming to live with me in Idaho. I know she will like it, especially when she meets Journey and the other old ladies from the club. I miss the club and my brothers, and I hope they accept Sid into the fold. It's weird how I feel about Sid. I won't dare tell the guys that I said the "L" word to her, because I'm sure they will give me shit about it. Kid got away with it with Journey, but he is the Prez and he can do and say whatever the fuck he wants. I just need to keep Sid hydrated and fed enough to keep her strength up until we can leave here. The smell of fish cooking earlier sent her into a puking frenzy, but she has managed to keep some soup and water down. Hope she isn't like this for much longer.

As the sun starts to set, I look over at her sleeping in the shelter. I now know what Kid felt when he said that he couldn't live without Journey. I saw him fall apart when she was taken from him, and witnessed what a broken heart truly looked like when they lost their baby. I get breathless when I think that Sid could have easily said she was going back to Arizona. I would have seriously contemplated talking to Kid about opening another chapter up there just so I could move and be near her. She loves me though, and that is something that I just can't wrap my mind around. Sure, woman have said it to me before but it was usually when I had just finished pounding into them. I never loved them though, hell I didn't even love their pussy but it was a means to an end for me. I told Sid that I never fucked the same girl twice, and for me to crave her body like it is a drug should have indicated to her that I was going out of my realm with her.

"Tomorrow is a new day, darlin'. I'll be right here, if you need something." I whisper into her ear as she saws her slumber logs. "I love you."

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