Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 1


Because I am a fucking insomniac, I sit up at night and play games on my phone in hopes of it making me drowsy enough that I can get at least an hour of sleep. I know I’m not the only one with this issue, and we all cope differently to it. I stay busy though. I’m the Vice President of Black Sails MC, and I am always thankful when there are jobs that pull me on runs. If I’m busy, then I don’t think about how fucking tired I really am. I am 34 years old, and overall I am content with my life. My best friend, Jonah (or Kid as he is referred to), just went through a rough time, and it has me thinking about my own future. I never thought that I would see the day that he would want to settle down, but he is with a really cool doctor. She is a total badass, and frankly she scares the shit out of me and the rest of the club, but that is neither here nor there. Point is...I hope that I can straighten my shit up and start taking women a little more seriously.

Speaking of women. I run through them like I’m trying to beat my own personal record or something. I like to tell them You’ve Been Slade...see that play on words that I do there (Slade instead of Slayed), yeah they fucking love it. I have never in my life thought of having a steady woman, and until a couple of days ago, I didn’t think that I ever would want one. I’m the kind of guy that you don’t take home to meet the parents. A fucking nightmare dressed up as a daydream...that is what best describes me. The only place that isn’t tatted up on my body is my face, my ass and my cock. I’ve literally got them everywhere else though. Looking at me, you’d think that I just got sprung from the joint, but I’ve never served a day in jail. Now, I have done some shady shit and still do, but the arrests have never stuck and this pretty boy walked free as a fucking bird.

A few weeks ago, I was fucking off on my phone and a pop-up advertisement caught my attention.
Two lucky contestants will spend 90-days on desolate island.
If you can last the full 90-days without requesting to leave, you
will $500,000.00 each. If only one contestant toughs it out, then
the full $1million dollar lottery is yours. Do you have what it takes to isolate yourself from the rest of the world for 90-days with a complete strange?

*Contestants are chosen randomly.

*Must be 18yrs old to enter.
*Full background check on contestants.
*No purchase necessary to enter.
*Additional details provided at time of contest.

Naturally, my sleep-deprived brain thought that entering this “contest” would be a great decision. Who couldn’t use $500K, right? It's not like I'll actually win anyway, it's probably a scam. But knowing the extent that I can go to in order to torture someone, the other contestant will drop out before the clock even starts. I shared the news with my club as soon as I received the phone call telling me that I was drawn as a contestant.
"Hello, Mr. Larson? Slade Larson? I'm calling from Production Powerhouse Entertainment. You entered our Island Isolation contest a few weeks ago. Well sir, contestants were drawn today, and you were one of the two selected."
I thought it was a joke at first, one of those spam calls, and hung up on them after calling them a dumb fucker. Well, they called right back. They said it is a lot like the survival shows that are on television right now, but this is different in that there will only be two of us on the island, and no games. They said that I leave out in a couple of months. There are background checks, physical exams, vaccinations, and probably they will want whatever amount of soul that I have left. I've never taken a vacation for just myself, so once I got the call, I immediately got excited that I would finally get to see a fucking beach and be able to put my toes in the ocean. Sure, we have done some runs to some really nice places, and I've seen the coast, but never been able to stop and really enjoy it. The dude that called from Production Powerhouse Entertainment said that the other contestant is Sid Alexander from Arizona. I sure hope this Sid guy isn't built like me, and I can get him to tap out early so the whole $1mil prize will be all mine. I'm not hurting for money, but imagine all the shit that I could do with that much greenback.

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