Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 19


We have officially made it to Idaho. Once we unloaded the jet, sure enough there was a man waiting for us next to a blacked out town car. Sid and I load up in the car and he stows our bags into the trunk, before climbing into the drivers seat.

" are taking us all the way to our property?" Sid asks.

"Yes ma'am. You have a visitor there waiting for your arrival." he says.

We drive and drive and drive, Sid dozes off on my shoulder while the driver and I make small talk. "We are 5 minutes away, sir." he says to me, and I wake Sid up.

We pull down a long driveway that was once used for hauling in the cattle that used to roam the land. There is a large group of trucks lined up, and a couple of camper trailers parked off to the side also. We get out of the car and walk our way over to the dozen or so men that are standing around talking amongst themselves. "Hello. Can we help you gentlemen?" I ask, pushing Sid behind me. I don't know who they are, and with my connections to the MC I can't be too careful. Everyone is a threat until they prove otherwise with me.

A rather clean cut looking man steps forward, extending his hand to me, and I shake it. "I'm Ray Tatum, Tatum Architecture and Construction. We are here to get your home drawn out on blueprints and figure out where you want it built. I went ahead and drove the property, and I can tell you where the best location would be, if you'd like to hear about it." he says.

"I don't understand. We haven't hired you, so..." I start to say, but Ray holds a hand up to cut me off.

"It's already been covered up to $2.5 million, which includes everything that you will need to make it move in ready." he says to us. "Come on, let me show you what I've seen." he gestures for us to climb into his side-by-side ATV.

"Take the bumps easy if you can. We're pregnant." I say to him, he nods with a grin.

"I've got four girls, myself. Congrats to you both. I'll drive like the ground will break otherwise." he says, driving off, slowly. He takes us to the farthest corner of the property, which is not exactly where I wanted to build, but this guy seems to know what he is doing so I'll play along with his idea for now. "If you build here, then we can tap into the existing water lines and electricity service. It looks like there used to be a house here, though it has long been taken down." he says, then stops the ATV right next to a pipe sticking up out of the ground. "A couple of feet to the left here, there is a septic tank already in place. All we'll need to do is get it pumped and cleaned out, and it will be good as new. What do you think? Will this spot work for you?" Ray asks.

"Would we be able to add on to the current water lines? That way we can have water access to the entire property? We plan on having livestock and other animals here that will require water. Also, for the guest'll need to have running water. Will that be possible?" Sid asked Ray. I'm pretty proud of her, thinking to ask such a great question, and for thinking ahead about the farm.

"Actually, I think there are some existing lines already in place. All we will need to do is dig them up and make sure that they are still in good condition, maybe update them a little, but I think it'll be an easy task. The guest house, we can tap into the main home's water system for it. Lets go find where you want your guest house, so we stake it off." Ray says, leading us back to the ATV.

We ride around the property for a while until Sid grabs my arm and gasps. "There! Right there! It would be perfect!" she says, pointing to a patch of land with a huge tree towering out of place. Ray stops the ATV and Sid hops out, making her way to the tree. "It's so beautiful. Yes, this is the perfect spot for the guest house. Can we build it here, Slade? Please?" she grabs my hands, pleading with me.

"For you, darlin', I'll do anything you want." I say to her, pulling her in for a quick kiss. She starts walking away from the tree, and when she is about 100 feet from it, she stops and looks at me. "Is that where you want the front door to be, darlin'?" I ask her.

"Yep. The steps to the front door need to start here. Come stake it, Ray." she orders. Bossy! I love it! Maybe she'll boss me around later. I got something I can stake on her...mind out of the gutter, Slade. Focus on this stuff right now.

Ray pulls out some wooden stakes with orange ribbon tied at the tip, and starts taking orders from Sid on how big she wants the little guest house to be, and he stakes out a big square. He then makes some notes in a notebook, and Sid is waving her arms around giving off her wants. This is what married life is like, getting bossed around by a tiny little woman.

After the guest house, we head back to where we started at. Our driver is still there waiting for us, and so are all of Ray's guys. He pulls out a laptop and sets it on the tailgate of his truck so we can see what he is drawing up. He shows a variety of blueprint samples and we configure our house off of a few of the samples. Once we have the idea of the layout, he and Sid hammer out the finishing touches. The end result is a ten bedroom, ten bathroom home. There will be a large, almost commercial grade kitchen. Formal dining room, living room, office that will be large enough for me and Sid to share, an entertainment room that Sid says will also serve as my 'man room', a full sized laundry and mud room. She is designing her dream home, and by the sounds of it it is my dream too. She is adding a little touch of both of us in this house. Ray finishes up after taking almost an hour to work up the first edition of the blueprints on his computer. We will have to go into his office in a few days to see the actual printed copy and make any adjustments. His guys are going to stay on-site and start making sure all of the existing water and electric lines are in good shape and start making repairs on what needs to be mended. We thank him for coming out and helping us with our property design. Sid and I climb back in the car, and I give the driver the address for the club. It's time to take Sid to my first home and introduce her to my MC family.

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