Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 21


Slade came home from the clubhouse, and sat me down. He told me about some girl named Amberly, and how she worked with another lady to purposely get pregnant. He said that he always wore condoms, and he was wearing one the day he slept with that girl. The girl told his friend Kid and Knuckles that when Slade went to take a pee and get ready to "rock her world" that she poked a straight pin through the condom while it was still in the wrapper. He said there is video proof of her confession, and that he thought he was being safe and careful. She was a fairly new addition to the clubhouse, and he only slept with her the once, the night before flying out. He had told me all about the ins and outs and drama of the club, so I have no doubt that he is telling me the truth. He told me about how she assisted another lady with lying to Kid and his wife about their baby, and that story broke my heart for them.

"So she is a few weeks further along than you are. I need you to help me figure out what to do, darlin'. I don't want you to leave me, but also it isn't that baby's fault that it's mother is a rat and a whore. What do you think I should do?" he asks me, tears welling in his eyes.

"Be honest with me, Slade. What happens to rats?" I ask him, knowing the answer but still needing to hear it.

"They go away, and they don't come back." he says, curtly.

"When the baby is born, you need to get her to sign the birth certificate over to you before she 'goes away and doesn't come back'. This way, if she has family out there somewhere, they can't come take him or her away from you. We will raise the baby together, as if he or she was my own. You hear me? You're right, it isn't that baby's fault about it's mother and we are not going to punish it for her behavior. I want a lot of babies, Slade. We will love this one and add it to our home. I love you, and we will figure it all out together." I tell him, pulling myself into his strong chest.

"I am so sorry, Sid. I really am. If I had known, I would have told you sooner. I just found out though. I just don't want you to hate me and leave me." he says.

"You silly man. I know it wasn't your doing, and it wasn't something that you planned for. Like I said, we will work it out. When the baby is born, we will raise it. Just make sure the mother doesn't come back and try to take him or her away from us. I don't want to know where she goes, just make sure she doesn't cause us a problem later on down the road." I say, giving him a squeeze.

"I sure love you, darlin'. Thank you for helping me through this. I don't know what I would've done if you weren't so understanding. You are really the best thing that has ever happened to me." he says, kissing the top of my head.

I tell Slade that we should probably go to get groceries and how I have been thinking really hard about how good an apple would taste right about now. He tells me, as we climb on his bike, that we are going to go look at cars tomorrow because he doesn't want me riding on the back of the bike while I'm pregnant. We get some food and other supplies from the store, and head back to our temporary home. Thankfully, this Jerry fellow left the cable on so we are vegged out on the sofa watching the comedy channel. Life with Slade flows so easily. I can't wait until we get our ranch up and running. Farm life will be so wonderful.

We've been in Idaho for a couple of weeks now. I decided that today I would finally give my parents a call and let them know that I won't be coming back to Arizona, in case they haven't figured it out yet. Slade actually went with a couple of guys last week and cleared out my house and drove my car back, so I wouldn't have to face anyone. It was nice having him handle my dirty work for me. I called a realtor yesterday, and got the paperwork emailed back to her to put the house on the market for me. My hands shake as I dial my parents phone number.

"Hello?" my mother answers.

"Hey momma." I say, trying my best to sound chipper and calm.

"Oh heavens. Thank you, Jesus. I was so worried about you. I have prayed and prayed that God would send me a sign that you were alright. Where are you?" she asks.

"I'm in Idaho." I say.

"Idaho? What in the world are you doing in Idaho?" she asks.

"Well, I met a really good man. We got married a few weeks ago. I met him on that island thing that I participated in. He was the other participant. When we got to New York from the Cayman's, we decided that we couldn't live without each other, so we got married." I tell her, hoping my excitement will carry over to her.

"Married? You sinned, didn't you? You had relations with that man, didn't you? Are you pregnant too? Is that why you rushed into a marriage?" she fires away at me. I see Slade walk into the house and take a seat next to me. I put the phone on speaker so he can hear what I've had to deal with my whole life. "You answer me, Sidney. Did you commit sin against our Lord?"

"You know what, momma? Yes! Yes I did sin. It was dirty and delicious and we sinned like there was no tomorrow. And yeah, I'm pregnant with his little spawn now." I say, letting out a maniacal laugh.

"Oh Jesus, my savior, please forgive my daughter of her transgressions against you...Sid, you get back to Arizona now. We are going to pray for you and that abomination that is growing in your womb. Wait until your father hears about this." she barks out.

I start to speak, but Slade puts his fingers to my lips to hush me. He then says into the phone, "Mrs. Alexander. I'm Slade, your daughter's husband. Were you always this religious and righteous?" he asks.

"My husband and I have always had a strong faith. Our marriage is built on it, and we raised Sidney to love the Lord as much as we do. She is possessed by Satan and his wicked ways, and so are you." she states.

"Well, Mrs. Alexander, I can assure that I know otherwise about you. I wonder what the people of your congregation would do if they found out that you were a prostitute when you married Mr. Alexander. How would they treat you if they knew that you had abortions? That Mr. Alexander was once a pimp and he married you because you were pregnant with Sid? Hmmm? How about you just go pray on that, and leave us the fuck alone?" he says, hanging up the phone.

"How did you know all of that stuff about my parents?" I ask, confused at what I just heard. My mother was a prostitute? My dad a pimp? Abortions? My head is spinning with this new found knowledge.

"Never underestimate what the MC can find out about people. I knew we needed some leverage in case they tried to come here and make problems for you. At least now we know that she'll be praying for her own salvation and leave you the hell alone." he said with a laugh. I sure love this man.

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