Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 22


We are at the seven and a half month mark in the pregnancy. Our house is currently under construction, and I've started working on getting fencing installed so the cattle can be delivered next week. In exchange for a place to live, a few of the guys from the club have offered to help with working the ranch, and that meant we now needed to add building a bunkhouse to the property. Sid insisted that it be set up like apartments, that way the men could have privacy. These guys will be good hands to have around, and they are all living out of a saddle bag right now, so this will be a fresh start for them as well. Things are looking up for us. The club will be able to have the ranch to add to some legitimate profits because I'll be making sure they get a cut. Journey has Sid taking it easy because she's been having a lot of cramping. I come back to our home, well technically it is Jerry's but we are still staying here until our house is finished, and find Sid sleeping in the recliner with an empty ice cream container resting on her big belly. Journey assured us that it is just the one baby in there, but he is going to be a really big boy.


Two days later
I came in from having church at the club, and see Sid leaning against the kitchen island. Something is wrong. "You okay, darlin'? What is it?" I ask, rubbing her back.

"We need to go. My water broke a few minutes ago, and contractions have just started. I think we should go ahead and get to the hospital. I got my bag ready, the baby's car seat and his bag are ready also. All we have to do is load up and go." she says, flashing me a smile.

We get in the car and head to the hospital. I hand her my phone and tell her to send out the alert to everyone that the baby is coming and we are headed to the hospital. A few members give a thumbs up emoji, and others tell us that they will meet us there.

Just as we are pulling into the hospital, Journey's name appears on my phone. "Hello?" I answer.

"Amberly is also in labor. We still on for the original plan?" she asked. I look at Sid and she takes the phone from me.

"Journey? Hey. When the baby is born, put my name as the mother and Slade as the father. Hopefully, we will deliver close enough that the babies will pass as twins. I know I'm early, but with his size, they may be able to pass as twins. Can you do that?" she asks. My woman has really embraced the club life, and all that goes into keeping those we protect safe.

"You got it. Good luck over there. Keep me posted. Love you guys." Journey says as she hangs up.

"Darlin', you sure you want to do that?" I ask her as I help her out of the car.

"Absolutely. Now, lets go get this spawn check out. We're still so early, I'm a little scared." she says.

After hours of pain and pushing, our son makes his appearance weighing in at 7lbs 10oz, 22in long. I don't know how Sid pushed that chubby baby out of her, but she did and I now have a new found appreciation of women. Within a few minutes of our boy coming, Journey sends me a text "It's a girl. 7lbs 4oz, 18in long. Certificate is handled."

I bend down and kiss Sid, whispering into her ear, "We have a daughter too. 7lbs 4oz, 18in long."

After a short time, a nurse brings in a breast pump to help get Sid flowing good. Sid takes our son and he latches on to her breast without issue. When he is done nursing, Sid pumps milk into the bottles that the nurse brought in. "Get this to our little girl. I want her to have as much of a chance as our son does." she says, handing me the warm bottles. I take some things out of the diaper bag, and put the bottles into it. I leave the room and head to the club, and go straight up to Kid's room because that is where the baby girl is. Knuckles is standing guard, but lets me right in. Journey is rocking the baby, trying to soothe her cries. I take out one of the bottles and take the baby from Journey. As soon as I put the bottle to the baby's lips, she begins to eat and stops crying. Journey and I talk about Sid and my son, and I showed her a photo of him. Him and the girl look so much alike, which is good and will help with our plan. The baby girl finishes her bottle, I burp her with Journey's help, and tuck her back into the small nest they had built for her on Kid's bed. I leave the remaining bottles with Journey and ask her to please keep my little girl safe. I take the birth certificate back with me to the hospital. Sid and I have to think of names.

Back at the hospital, Sid is sound asleep when I walk it. Spence was sitting off to the side toying with my boy's fingers. "Thanks man, for staying with them while I was gone. He's something, isn't he?" I say.

"He is. I don't tell people this, but I really love babies and small kids. They just have a magic to them, you know? I've been talking with Journey a lot. I'm thinking of going to med school to be a pediatrician. Matteo said he could get me a recommendation. I've got all the college credits that I need to enter med school from the online stuff I've done. I haven't told Kid or anyone else yet though. What do you think?" he inquires.

"Dude. That would be awesome. Follow your dreams man. You'll always be a part of the club. Kid won't fault you for wanting to better yourself, man. I think you should do it." I say, patting him on the shoulder.

Sid sleeps until the baby wakes up wanting to nurse. As he gobbles down her milk, we talk about names. "For the girl, I want Anna Maria" she says definitively. I fill out the name Anna Maria Larson. "What are your thoughts for a boy name?" she asks.

"I don't know, darlin'. What would you think is a good strong, don't mess with me or I'll fuck you up, name for our boy?" I ask her back with a smirk.

"Lucifer Slade Larson. Write it down." she orders.

"Hell yeah, I love it." I nod and write it out on his certificate. "Should we send birth announcements to your parents?" I say with a sarcastic laugh.

"Nope. But I will take out an ad in the local paper to announce the babies." she said with an even more sarcastic laugh. This woman is wild, but I love her.

We take turns loving on the baby, when Sid's lady doctor walks in. I had a conversation with her a few months ago, and we worked out an agreement that she would sign both certificates stating that she delivered both babies. In exchange, I helped her shithead ex-husband "move". He was fighting her for custody of her kids, made a bunch of false claims against her, and was abusing the kids daily. We helped her, now she is helping us.

"Mr. and Mrs. Larson. Congrats on your twins." the doc says with a very grateful smile. "It warms my soul when children can be with parents who will love them and keep them safe." she tells us as she scribbles her signature on both birth certificates. "On a personal note, thank you both for helping me get my girls back. They are having to go through therapy now, but they are getting better each day. I can't thank you enough, really. You have my personal cell number, if you ever need anything at all please don't hesitate to call me. I mean it. I owe you my kids' lives." she said, giving us a wave as she leaves the room.

"It's so crazy how her ex just dumped the kids off in the middle of the night on her doorstep with a note saying he was going to Mexico and for her to keep the kids." Sid says, giving me a wink.

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