Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 24


Our home was completed just as the twins turned six months old. The guest home and the bunkhouse were completed a few months later. Mr. Budding, or Papa Bob, as we have decided to call him, has moved in full time in the guest house and only leaves occasionally for business. Knuckles built a cabin at the far side of the property. Everyone that lives on the property comes to the main house for meals often, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Each one of the guys takes time with the kids and treats them like they are blood family. Slade warned me about how the club does that for each other. Bob helps Slade with the paperwork aspects of the ranch, but Slade and the other guys do the dirty work of making sure the ranch is profitable. Our cattle sell for a good price, and we just started raising chickens for a major poultry company so that is bringing in some additional funds. I decided to start up a homeschool co-op after we moved in, and have a few of the MC kids that come here for their schooling, which is so nice to have the other moms come and hang out with me each day. Now that are twins are three years old, I am starting to get that longing for more babies. I want this house full of them, but Slade and I haven't talked about it yet. Maybe tonight we can talk since it is suppose to be a short day for them. The hands are all going to the clubhouse for drinks and pussy apparently, so we will have the house to ourselves after dinner.

After dinner, and the kitchen is cleaned up, the twins are in bed asleep. Slade and I shower, and crawl into bed. "I love you, darlin'." he says as he kisses my neck.

"I want more babies." I blurt out. This man is going to strangle me, I'm sure.

"I thought you would never ask." he says, slamming his lips into mine. "Come to think of it. I don't want another condom or birth control pill in this house ever again." he says between kisses.

"Own me, Slade. Dominate me, now!" I moan out as his hand slides between my thighs. Slade tied me to the bed and fucked me until I forgot our kids' names. "Starting tomorrow, I won't take my pill anymore. I should be ovulating in a few days. You sure your cool with me being a baby factory?" I ask him, as he lays his head between my breasts.

"Hell yeah, I'm cool with it. We have to be able to pass this land off to our kids someday, plus if we have a dozen or so then they can help me work it. Free labor." he says, laughing and giving my nipple of playful squeeze.

"You're awful. Alright. So, we are doing this." I say, letting a yawn escape me. "Let's get some sleep. I promised the guys waffles for breakfast in the morning. If you want to keep them working here, we have to keep feeding them good." I tell him.

He moves over to his side of the bed and turns off the lamp, then kisses my cheek as he pulls me into his body. "I love you, darlin'." he says.

Sleep is filled with dreams of children running around the property, chasing chickens and cattle and each other. How did I get so lucky to find this man? In all my life, I have never felt this kind of love before. I have never felt so fulfilled, wanted, needed, appreciated.

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