Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 3


Just finished getting the 'Approved' call from the people with the contest. I tried to ask them about the guy I'll be sharing the island with, but they couldn't release any information about him. They are emailing me a list of approved items that I can take with me for the 90-day deal.

I get back to the clubhouse, because that is where I live for now. I've been saving every penny that I could because I want to buy a shit ton of land and build a house right in the middle of it. I would visit my Aunt Valerie's farm when I was a kid, and I always wanted to own something like that, so that is what I plan to do with my savings and the money that I am going to walk away with from this fucking contest. The club guys have really been ribbing me about it, but they don't understand that I don't want to live at the clubhouse for the rest of my life. I damn sure won't settle down there with a woman, because let's face it...that is no place for a woman to be that isn't planning on earning her keep in one way or another.

I pull out my laptop and check for the email from the Production people. "Island Isolation : Approved Items Checklist", I see in the subject line. Let's see what kind of shit I can take with me.

Dear Mr. Larson:
Below you will find a list of all approved items that you may take with you for as long as you remain in the competition. Your plane ticket documentation is also attached.

NO fire making devices of any type will be allowed. This includes - lighters, matches, torches, oils, gases, etc.
NO tents, canopies or the like.
NO cots, air mattresses or the like.
NO electronic devices - cell phones, computers, satellite phones, etc.
NO flashlights, camping lights or any other lighting sources.
NO fire arms or ammunition will be allowed - including dart guns, paintball guns, flare guns, bb or pellet guns, etc.
NO drugs (other than prescription), alcohol or tobacco will be allowed.

All items must be able to fit into one (1) hiking-grade backpack.
Permitted items:
Hygiene items
Clothing items
Blankets or sleeping bags
Prescription medications
Small camping style cooking

Non-perishable food items (Remember-it all must be able to fit into the backpack)
Twine, string, ribbon, or ropes
If you have questions about particular items, please do not hesitate to let our staff know.

Your flight plane is as follows:
You will board at Boise Airport on Thursday at 4:40am, with a direct flight to Treasure Cay Airport. Once you have landed in the Bahamas, there will be a driver waiting at the Baggage Claim to take you to a private air field. There, you will be taken by helicopter to the location of Island Isolation. The other contestant will arrive via helicopter, as well, but it won't be for several hours after your arrival. The time clock official begins the moment their helicopter leaves the beach.
Should you have any questions about these arrangements, please let us know.

The island has been purchased by PPE, Inc., and there will not be any other inhabitants on the island during the 90-day contest. Your helicopter pilot will give you a 2-way radio before you unload, in case of emergency or if you are requesting to be evacuated for any reasons.

We wish you the best of luck with the contest, and may you come out of it at least $500,000.00 richer. Good luck.

Robert Budding, CEO of Production Powerhouse Entertainment

Shit! I've got a lot of damn questions! I did research on the company, and they are freaking loaded. They do a lot of nature documentaries, they own several publications that promote island living and nature, and overall seem to be pretty successful at whatever they do. Damn, I'm going to have to get up early for once. Fuck me!

After talking with the members during Church about my departure. I gave them a copy of the case I am secretly being lured into a trap and I don't return after 90-days. Kid said that he and Journey would take me to the airport because she is wanting to go do some shopping. They just got back from their fourth trip out of town, and they needed it. They are getting married when I get back from my own little trip, and I'm glad they are waiting for me. Kid is the only family that I have left, so for him to put life on hold for me like that means something. I may just build them a house on my land when I come home with that million bucks.

I have six days to get my shit together for the trip. Journey said that she would go with me to get all that I needed, and I'm fucking thankful for the help. I wouldn't know what the hell a hiking backpack even looks like, but she said that she will make sure I am all set for my trip. I also need to get my dick wet a few times before I go too. I'll be trapped on an island with another man for a while, so I need to be mentally comforted by as many fresh images of pussy as I can. Honestly, I'm not opposed to whacking off in order to keep from going crazy. I'm used to getting a piece of ass daily, and this is going to be pure torment.

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