Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 4


I have spent the last two days making sure that my pack is full of everything that I will need for this contest. I think I will be set for whatever comes my way. I think there will be enough items to last me the full 90 days, and I am secretly hoping that the other contestant doesn't prepare as well and has to leave. I'm not sharing my shit with anyone.

I leave tomorrow morning at 8:00am and fly to Treasure Cay in the Bahamas, then from there I'll be on a helicopter to the island that will be my home for 90 days. My mom freaked out this evening at my 'Good Luck' dinner, but when I told her that I would be given a radio when the pilot drops me off in case of emergency she cooled her heels a little. Of course, they prayed for me and shamed me for lusting after money. They just don't get it.

The flight to Treasure Cay was not so bad. I had a layover for an hour, then it was a straight shot to here. I spotted my driver quickly and collected my pack from the baggage carousel. I'm now waiting for the pilot to finish his pre-flight checklist. He has already handed me the radio and I stuffed it into a side pocket of my pack. I'm suppose to leave it turned off unless it is needed, in order to conserve the battery. Makes sense. I'm so nervous that I may pee myself.

The helicopter takes off, and I chat with the pilot through a headset. He tells me that the island is about a 45 minute flight to get there by air. We talk about lots of things, including my need for the prize money so I can have a baby. His wife of 39 years and he started the helicopter charter service when he retired from the Air Force, and all of his kids work for them too. They have a grandbaby on the way, and to hear his joy makes me jealous because my parents are not happy at all about a grandbaby unless it comes from a place of marriage. Total horse shit!

"There's your island." he says, nodding his head a little to the left. "The other contestant was successfully dropped off a few hours ago, but the clock won't start running until I leave the ground. You have any second thoughts about this?"

"Nope! I'm doing this." I say to him as we touch down on the beach. Sand is swirling up from all directions, and before I open the door to slide out, he tells me to suck in a breath and close my eyes before I step onto the beach so I don't get sand in my mouth or eyes. I thank him for his services, and tell him that I will see him in 90 days.

Once I step foot on the squishy sand, I blindly take a few steps away from the feel of the helicopter. I squat down, cover my face with my arms, and remain there until I hear the helicopter lift back into the air. When the sting of the sand stops hitting my flesh, I stand back up, brush over my face with my hands to remove and sand that may have clung to my nervously sweaty face. Opening my eyes, I am awestruck by almost white sand that I am standing on. The sun is bouncing off of it like a mirror. I slowly raise my head up so I can see my surroundings more. The green of the landscape is a shade that I have never seen before. Beautiful. Looking behind me at the water, it is another shade of green that I have never imagine but it is also crystal clear. Again, beautiful, comes to mind.

I walk towards the tree line so I can see where I will try to set up a camping area for the night. It was after 6pm when I landed in Treasure Cay, and I'm not certain when it'll get dark here. First thing is to find a good spot to camp. Then make a fire. Finally, work on some sort of structure to sleep under in case it rains.

As I walk, I hear a banging noise. I can see the dim light of a small fire. I get closer, seeing that there are limbs from trees or bushes laid out on the ground. I'm sad that the other contestant has some outdoors knowledge. I was hoping that I would have an advantage. When I found out that I was selected, I started taking trips out the woods and learned to do a few survival things that could help me out here, even paid for survival training. Damn it! This is going to be a harder win than I thought. Maybe they will share their structure with me until I can start to build my own tomorrow morning.

The closer I get to the campsite, the more I see this Slade person has done. Out of the bushes, a shirtless man walks out dragging limbs behind him. Holy hell! My mom was right about one thing - she said that God would punish me for being greedy - and let me tell you, the man I see is pure punishment. Tattoos all over his body, muscular, tanned, tall. His arms look like he has small melons for biceps. I can see the sweat shimmering on his skin and I wish I was the rag he is wiping his brow and chest with. Hot damn, man.

In all my staring and eye raping of the man working at the camp site, I didn't hear him calling out to me. "Yo, are you deaf or something?" I finally manage to hear.

"No, I'm not fucking deaf." I snap back. "I'm Sidney, but everyone calls me Sid. Are you Slade?" I ask in a calmer tone. Now he is looking at me like he is trying to see right through me. I walk a little closer to him. The smell of sweat and cologne or deodorant is permeating off of him, making me catch my breath. Fuck he smells good. He isn't even blinking, so I wave my hand in front of his face. "Hello. Are you okay? You need to be evacuated out already?"

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