Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 5


Motherfucker! Sid is a chick! Suddenly, I'm unable to speak. I see her perfect lips moving, but I am struck with the inability to speak back. I see her move closer and closer to me, her eyes raking over me. " need to be evacuated out already?" I finally hone in on her words.

"Fuck no. I'm just shocked is all. They didn't tell me Sid was a chic." I say, staring into her blue eyes, the sun light making them look almost white. "I'm Slade Larson." I lift my hand out to shake hers.

Taking my hand, "I'm Sid. Sid Alexander." she says. It isn't a lost thought that she doesn't really shake my hand, she is more just holding it mid-air.

"I've started working on a shelter for the night, got a fire going. You're welcome to join me tonight since you are getting a late start, but I'm thinking it will be best for you to start out on your own in the morning. Sun looks like we have about another hour or so before it gets dark." I say, worming my hand out of hers.

"I appreciate that very much, Slade. I will definitely strike out on my own tomorrow morning, as soon as the sun breaks. Is there anything that I can do around here to help for the night? I brought some fishing line and some artificial bait...I could try and get us some fresh fish for dinner." she offers.

"I checked it out earlier. There is some coral over there..." I say, pointing to the direction I'm telling her about, "and there were plenty of smaller fish schooling around it. Fish would be great. Also, there are some mango trees just around the tree line from here. That would be a good side dish. Grill the fish, grill some mango slices as a side?" I say to her. I know I shouldn't be nice to her, but tonight will be the free pass. Tomorrow officially starts the battle of who will get the whole prize.

I've been working on some palm branches, fixing a roof over the tree branch structure that I've already built. I'm surprised at how thick the leaves are from the palms. Took me hours to do, but I have my home built. Sid walks back up to the site, wearing nothing but a goddamn bikini, holding up a whole line of fish. Digging through her bag, pulls out a package that has a camping knife in it and a blue camping skillet. This bitch thought of everything. I haven't even looked in my pack yet. What kind of life did Sid from Arizona live in order to know how to clean fish with such ease? She starts putting the filleted fish into the skillet, and when she is done cleaning, she walks it over to the fire. Setting the skillet down on the sand, she goes back to her pack and pulls out a fork and a spoon, grabs the knife, and walks back to the fire. I'm watching her, trying to figure out what the hell she is doing. Stabbing each utensil into the ground within the fire, and sets the skillet on the ends. She made a stand, so to speak, for the pan to sit on so it wasn't directly on the fire. Smart! Maybe I won't run her off just yet. Either way, I have to stay here for a full 90 days, and I could easily keep her around until a few days before that then run her ass off. Yeah, that's exactly what I will do.

"Hey! Hey you!" I hear her say, snapping me out of my ogling of her ass that has been up in the air for the last few seconds.

"Y-...yeah? What is it?" I ask, trying to get my fucking shit together.

"Watch the fish. I'm going to go look for those mango trees." she said, turning to walk where I told her they were.

I've got to get my head right. I need to be mean to her or something, because if I don't then I won't make it the 90 days. I walk over to the skillet, and see that she has done a pretty damn good job of prepping the fish. I should look in my bag and see what all Journey got for me. I went with her, but I got side tracked by a sales girl...needless to say, that girl found out what other types of balls can be used for entertainment at the sporting goods store.

I pull my bag close to the fire, sit down and open it. Looks like I've got a sleeping back, some instant warming packs, a skillet like Sid's, a cutlery kit, some canned meats, peanut butter, trail mix, clothes, muck boots and running snickers, a first aid kit, a compass, a canteen, a water purification kit, some hygiene stuff, a new porn magazine, swimming goggles and fins, rope (which I wish I had seen sooner), two bath towels, and a small camping carafe. A note from Journey..."Make this shit last for the full 90 days. Win that money, honey."

I open the cutlery set and use a smaller spatula to turn the fish, letting it cook on the other side. Sid walks up, grinning like a kid in a candy shop, holding an arm full of mangoes and some other fruit that looks like miniature bananas. "I found a plantain tree." she says, setting the fruits down on the sand. The fish looks like it is almost done. "You mind if we use that coffee pot there? I'll get some water and we can boil it. We'll need it to stay hydrated."

"Be my guest. I also have this." I say, holding up the filtration kit. "Maybe we could boil it first then run it through this? It says that it is good for 6 months worth of use." I point out on the packaging.

"Wow! I didn't even think about getting something like that. Smart thinking, Slade." she says, grabbing the pitcher and heading to the water. I grab the cutlery kit, take a knife out of it, and use the kit casing as a cutting board. Slicing through the fruit, Sid returns with water, setting it down on the sand next to the fire. Retrieving a pair of socks from her bag, she uses one of them as a mitt to remove the skillet from its stand. The flames are lower now on the fire, so she repositions the metal utensils so the will hold the carafe. "There! Now we will have some drinking water. Thanks for cutting that up." she says, motioning to the fruits.

She pulls a camping plate from her bag, and I pull one from mine. We divide the fish and fruit up equally but, since she gathered it all, I let her get her portions first. We chat over our first beach meal about what we do for work, the types of hobbies we have, but when I ask her what she wants to do with the money from the contest she clams up. It's probably something stupid anyway, like a boob job or some shit. She didn't ask me in return, so until she spills it then I'm not going to either.

After we ate, she went to the water's edge and washed off the dishes. I had a plastic grocery sack in my pack, so I gave that to her to put the dishes in as she cleaned them so they wouldn't get sand on them. While she is doing that, I finish working on the platform for my structure so I will have a resting place that isn't directly on the ground. Getting the rope from my bag, I cut off a small piece so I can tie my bag to the rafter of the structure by it's handle. I'll still be able to get into it, but it won't be in my way. I get a towel out so when Sid comes back with the dishes, we can get them set out on the edge of the platform to dry off.

Sid walks up, bag in hand, looking puzzled. "Where would you like for me to set up my sleeping bag for the night? I don't want to intrude on your space." she asks.

"This platform here is big enough for two sleeping bags, with plenty of space to have in-between. I was thinking, if you want then you can just share the camp with me until you get your own site up and running. A few days won't impact the goal, I don't think. If you catch the fish and handle scavenging for food each day, keep up with filtering the water, I promise to help you with building a structure like mine. We have a deal?" I say, holding my hand out to her as a show of faith.

"Deal. But after my structure is built, then the game begins." she says, looking stern and serious. I want to laugh, because she thinks she is intimidating me. I told her about the MC, leaving out the bad parts of course, so I hope she doesn't think a woman is going to scare me.

"Duly noted. Let's get the dishes dried off and secured, and we can get our sleeping bags laid out. I made a little shelf, if you want to call it that, up along the rafter there. We can stack the dishes there when we get them dried off." I tell her, walking towards the shelter.

"Thanks for being so kind, Slade. I know this is a contest, and we both want the whole pot here, but I don't want to be a vindictive person to get it. Don't get me fuck with me, I'll get even...but I'm not going to deliberately be shitty to you. That's not my style." she says, following behind me.

I bit my tongue. I want to immediately ask her what style she prefers...missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl...because honestly, I can see me doing it all with her. I've been sporting a hard-on since she came back to camp wearing that bikini. I know she's seen it too, because I've caught her eyes resting on my glorious package. Speaking of..."You going to sleep in that, or what?" I ask, waving my finger at her bikini-clad body.

"Umm no. I probably should change. Can you turn your back, please? It's dark, and I don't want to go into those trees unless I can see what might be crawling around me." she said.

I sit down on the platform, with my back to her. "You know, tomorrow I may not be such a gentleman with you." I say, not even realizing that my thoughts are verbalized for her to actually hear.

"I'm not fucking you." she hisses out.

"Yeah, we'll see about that. You'll be begging me for it." I say with a chuckle.

"Doubt it." she said, firmly. "Okay, I'm all done."

I turn around and she is in an oversized shirt and underwear. "Fuck! You can't put pants on or shorts or something? Goddamn!" I say, running my hands through my hair, unable to stop my eyes from browsing her bare legs.

"No, I can't. Stop staring at me." she tells me, crawling into her sleeping bag, ass all up in the air. This bitch is going to make me lose my fucking mind. "And don't even think about coming over on my side of the shelter." Holy shit, she is feisty too. I think I met my match.

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