Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 6


I lay here, in my sleeping bag, pussy so wet that it would put the ocean to shame. He caught me staring at his rather impressive bulge a few times. I couldn't help it, it was like a damn beacon for my eyes. I wonder just how big he is unrestrained. I bet he is fucking huge, just by the outline I saw on the shorts he was wearing. The urge to relieve the pressure I am feeling in my core is killing me. I haven't had sex in a few months, other than with myself. The last couple of encounters were so disappointing and unsatisfying that I ended up finishing the job when I got home to porn. It was enough to convince me that no man would satisfy me, and I was all that I could truly depend on for happiness. I can't forget how he licked his fingers clean after eating earlier. The little glimpses that I got of his tongue...I wonder if he actually knows how to use it for the greater good. I'll use sex as a way to get him out of here, or rather the lack there of. Use the tools at hand, that's how I will win the million for myself.

Closing my eyes, I drift off to sleep imagining Slade's hands caressing my body, his mouth on my nipples, his body situated between my thighs. The sounds of the waves crashing against the shore line, I imagine that is how my body would feel as he brings me to climax with his thick, hard dick driving into my hot, wet center.

I open my eyes, and see that the sun is just starting to peek out over the horizon. I stretch my arms out of my sleeping bag and look around. Slade is propped up on his elbow, looking at me with a grin. "What are you grinning at?" I ask him, unzipping my bag.

"You were moaning and saying my name in your sleep." he said, winking at me. "It was fucking hot as hell. You want to make it a reality, darlin'?"

Oh fuck! "No, I was not! I didn't even dream last night. And don't fucking call me darlin'." I say, crawling off of the platform. I grab a pack of wet wipes from my pack and walk towards the trees. "I've got to pee. Don't follow me, creep!" All I hear is him laughing. How fucking humiliating!?

I come back to the campsite, reluctantly, knowing that the sooner I get my own camp built up, the better. Slade is cutting up some of the plantains by the fire and I see that he has the water boiling already. I put my clothes and wipes into my pack, slip my sneakers on and walk over to face whatever ridiculing comments he has to make. "I thought I was in charge of food?" I ask him.

"Apparently, I was giving it to you pretty good in your dream, so I figured the least I could do is treat you to breakfast, darlin'." he says, letting out a chuckle before standing up. "Go grab the skillet, I've got some canned ham that we can pan fry to go with this." he says, staring me straight in the eyes.

"No such thing happened. Quit talking about it." I say, breaking the stare and walking off. This man will be what breaks me, if I'm not careful. We eat in total silence, and I get the dishes all washed up then dried and put away. "I would like to make my camp on the other side of the mango and plantain trees, which will let them be the dividing line."

"That would be good. Let's go check it out and see what we have to work with over there." he says, putting on some swimming shoes. Why didn't I think to get some of those? So smart! We walk over to the spot I have in mind. It isn't as shaded as his spot, but it will do. "I have a serrated knife in my cutlery kit. It'll work for cutting down some of these smaller trees. I got lucky yesterday. Most of my shit was easy to break. Let's go grab some supplies and we will come back and get started."

We gather what we need and walk back to my future camp site. As Slade cuts down small trees, I snap off some palm leaves. Using the knife, he notches the trees so each will lock into place with each other. "We'll reinforce this with some rope. I've got some. That twine you have won't hold up." he says to me. I suddenly feel helpless and underprepared. "You can use it over the roof though, to kind of strap down the palm leaves. I'll share my rope with you, if you share that twine with me." he stops working and looks at me.

"Sure. That would be great." is all that I can manage to say. I help him get the outer square of the shelter frame pieced together and I hear his stomach growl. "How about we break for lunch?" I ask. "I have peanut butter and plain granola bars. We could make it work for a meal. You shared your meat with me this morning, it's the least I can do." I say, not realizing how that just sounded.

A smile stretches across his face. "Tell me, was my meat fulfilling to you this morning? Because there is more where that came from."

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