Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 7


Sid and I had a pretty casual evening of getting to know each other better. I’m not going to lie...the girl is hot. Tits and ass that literally make this grown man want to cry. She has a huge tattoo piece covering her entire back, and that leads me to believe that she is pain tolerant, which is good because there are some things that I would like to do to her that would probably break an average woman.

My wristwatch shows that it is a little past 1am, but I can’t even close my eyes to sleep. Just laying there, listening to the waves crash against the beach. It’s relaxing, no doubt. Just as I close my eyes to give them a little break, I hear “ahhh...yeah...ahhh” coming from her sleeping bag. She isn’t moving, but that brain of hers sure is. “...ahhh...right there...ahhh...fuck...” and with that, I am sitting completely up. I’ve kept a constant hard-on since I saw her in that bathing suit yesterday. Seeing her in just a t-shirt and a thong hasn’t helped it either. Considering the state of my continuous bulge, I couldn't hide it. She checked it out. I wonder if that is what she is over there moaning about. I slide out of my sleeping bag, quiet as a little mouse, and ease out of the shelter. I can still hear her moans from the tree line, and it only encourages me to relieve myself. I close my eyes and hearing a small single moan every few seconds aids in my ability to stroke myself as gently as I imagine her lips would do. She has those lips that look like she's just been through a kissing marathon, so naturally red and full. My hot stream sprays out when I hear "Slade, cum".

I ease back into my sleeping bag, and see that she is still asleep, but now she has the moonlight glowing around her. She is fucking beautiful, but if I want her out of here then I need to play on the fact that I just heard her say my name in her sleep. I wonder if I was giving it to her rough or if it was me eating her out or maybe she was blowing me. I'll be sure to ask her when she wakes up.

At the mention of having a sex dream about me, Sid sure clammed up real fast. Embarrassment were written all over her sexy face. We ate breakfast and cleaned up our mess, and now we are headed over to start getting her camp site started. We get some smaller trees cut down and stripped, then get the outer frame made for her shelter. Breaking for lunch, I make a crude comment about her being fulfilled with my meat (from breakfast), and she acted disgusted.

Lunch was silent. We ate, then went back to work at her camp site. Out of the silence, she screams out, "Shit. Shit." I am in the wooded area collecting what had been cut down, so I could drag them to the shelter for use. I can't see her, but I hear her, and know that she is hurt. I drop what I have in my hands and run towards where she is working. She is sitting on the ground, hands between her legs.

"You hurt?" I ask her.

"I cut my fucking hand. I don't know how bad it is, I'm scared to look." she cries out. I can see the blood all around where she is gripping her hands together.

I grab my water bottle and come back over to her, squatting in front of her. "Let me get it rinsed off and we'll see what we are dealing with here." I say, holding my hand out to her. She holds out her injured hand, palm side up, and I can see that she has a pretty good gash. I pour the water over it to clean it a little. "This needs stitches." I say, grabbing my tshirt and wrapping it tightly around her hand.

"Get the first aid box from my bag and a package of new fishing line. There is a small sewing kit in the aid box and I can use the needle and the fishing line to stitch myself up." she says, breathing through her pain.

I run to my camp and grab the items, then rush back to her. She is laying on the ground, flat on her back. I sit the kit and package of line on the ground. I quickly find a small alcohol wipe, and clean the smallest needle from the sewing kit. "Here open this line while I get the needle sterilized." I say to her, slapping the package on her chest. She gets it open with her good hand and her teeth, then hands it back to me. I get the needle threaded, and start unwrapping my now ruined shirt from her hand. It is still gushing blood, but I've stitched myself up and my brothers up with worse wounds than this before. "You need to sit up for me. I've got to get you rinsed again so I can sew you up." I tell her, and she instantly follows my command. "This is going to hurt like a motherfucker, but I'll be as quick as I can."

She screams out as I push the needle through her soft skin, and by the second run she is looking pale. At the third stitch, she falls to the ground. It takes a total of eleven stitches, but her wound is closed tightly. I get another canteen of water and rinse it off. I smear some of the antibacterial ointment over the wound, and wrap the hand with gauze. Her shelter isn't getting built today. I pick her up and carry her back to my shelter, and lay her down on her sleeping bag. I go grab all of the tools and supplies from her camp and bring them back, because it's better to just keep everything in one spot for now.

According to my watch, it is close to 4pm. I get the fishing gear that Sid had set off to the side, and make use of it at the corals. Satisfied with my catch, I make my way back to camp. She is still sleeping, and I figure that after an active night dreaming last night mixed with the hot temperatures and her injury...she is due for a little rest. I get the fish cleaned, and situate the skillet above the small fire that I had started before going to fish. Going through my pack, I take out a can of spinach and add it to the skillet with the fish. We have enough water for drinking to last us until tomorrow evening, but I collect water to boil so dishes can be washed after dinner. I spot a piece of driftwood that would be perfect for setting the hot skillet on, like a small table, so I drag it over to the camp site. Once the fish is cooked, and the spinach is sizzling, I remove the skillet and place it on the new table. Walking over to Sid, I notice just how much sun she got today. Her cheeks, nose and forehead are sunburned. Being as gently as I can, I run my fingers down her forearm, in hopes that it will wake her calmly and easily. She wiggles and yawns before opening her eyes. "Hey darlin'. I got dinner done. You should eat something, then you can lay back down if you want." I say to her, in an almost whisper.

She hops up, stretches, grabs her wet wipes and darts towards the trees. A few minutes later she reappears and comes towards the fire. I hand her a plate and she gets her portion first, and I get what's left. "I'm sorry for passing out on you. The pain was just too much for me I think, and I was hot from working so I'm sure that also didn't help much. Anyway, thank you for doctoring me up and bringing me back here. And thanks for handling my chores this evening." she says, giving me a sincere smile. Fuck, those lips!

"It's no biggie. I've had to stitch myself up and some of my brothers before. It's almost second nature to me at this point. As far as me doing your chores...well, you can just owe me one." I say with a smirk.

"I'm not owing you a damn thing, Slade!" she protests.

Hearing her say my name, even in an angry tone, turns me on. I strip down to nothing and walk into the water. If she is smart, she'll keep her ass up on the beach. If she enters the water with me, then I may be tempted to show her my true self. The one that is verbally sexual aggressive towards women. The one that dominates women, and makes them bend to my will. I wonder if she would be submissive? Tomorrow, I will start upping my game play. I just need to say a few things in just the right way to send her begging to be evacuated. Hell, I may luck out and her damn hand will get infected and she'll have to leave for medical reasons. After rinsing myself off in the warm water, I walk back to the shelter where Sid is laying down with her hand resting on her forehead. I make a little noise so she will pop her head up to see me. "Fucking...Slade...why are you naked?" she screams out, jumping out of the shelter and turning her back to me.

"I just went into the water to rinse off. I wasn't going to do that with clothes on." I say, chuckling. "Did you get a good look or should I let you get another shot?" I throw at her.

"You are a vile, disgusting man. You can't talk to a lady that way. What the fuck is wrong with you?" she gasps.

"Darlin', there isn't a thing one wrong with me. Matter of fact, I'll be sleeping nude from now on. Hell, I might just go nude all of the time." I say, smirking. "You know, you're welcome to shuck those clothes off and do the same. I won't tell anyone."

With her back still to me, I can see her shaking. With anger or with fear? I don't know, and really don't care. I told her that I wanted to use the money to buy land and build a house, make a ranch out of it all. She still hasn't told me shit about what her purpose in all of this is. I get a couple of things out of my pack for dinner, stuff that doesn't require cooking, and walk over to the fire. Laying a towel down, I sit on it and open up a package of seasoned chicken and a vacuumed sealed pack of olives.

"I'll eat over here, since you obviously don't want to put clothes on." she says to me. I continue to eat and act as though I am ignoring her. "You are so rude!"

I finish eating, toss my trash into the "can" that Sid weaved from vines from the forest. I grab my towel from the ground, give it a good shake to get the sand out of it, fold it up and head back to the comfort of the shelter. It is dark now, and I just may actually be tired enough to sleep. Wonder if I'll be entertained again.

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