Slaying Slade - Black Sails - Book 2

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Chapter 8


We have been on this island for eight days now, and Slade has walked around in nothing. Not one single stitch of clothing. My hand has healed up nicely, and I was trying to cut the stitches out of my hand, but couldn't get my non-dominate hand to work so he ended up having to help me. Standing less than a foot away from him, smelling his mix of ocean water, sweat and deodorant is about to make me lose my mind. I tried to look up at the sky while he was cutting that line out of my hand, but my eyes failed me and wondered where they shouldn' that monstrosity known as his dick. Seriously, the thing looks like a small person. How the hell is it possible for a penis to be that big? The rest of his tattooed body is nothing to balk at either. It is like his genes are perfect. I bet his parents were beautiful human beings. The only time that I have spoken to him in the last five days is to ask him for help in removing the stitches from my hand. He didn't say anything, just walked over and took my hand, then got to work. I've been working on my shelter alone, because I will be damned if I ask that man for any help ever again. It's game time, and I am here to win!

"What do you want to do with the money from this deal?" he asked me, after we were settled in for the night. He is still allowing me to share his shelter until mine is finished up tomorrow. "I ask you everyday, and you never answer me. I told you what my goal was. It's only fair."

"I want to be a mom. More than anything. The money will help me with the artificial insemination and provide a nice nest egg for me and my future baby." I say, realizing how pathetic I sound.

I see him from the corner of my eye, raise up onto his elbow and stare in my direction. "Hell, you want to get knocked up, all you have to do is ask." he says with a laugh.

"I knew you wouldn't take me seriously. You are no better than anyone else. You know, I told you how religious my parents are? Well, they actually prayed for me to be unsuccessful with getting pregnant "in a manner not fitting of God's plan". You can joke about it all you want, I know that I am just some loser that can't seem to find a man that is daddy material. Laugh it up! Go ahead!" I say, lowering my voice to a whisper with each sentence.

"Fuck! I'm sorry, Sid. I really am. I actually thought you were joking, because...well, look at you. You're a gorgeous woman, and I figured you would have men lined up to make you their baby momma." Slade said, in a calm, relaxed voice.

"It's fine. We should get some sleep. Tomorrow will be another busy day for me, and I need rest. Good night, Slade." I say, rolling so that my back is facing him.

"Good night, darlin'. Be sure to dream about me doing naughty, nasty shit to you." he says, letting out a chuckle.

Ignoring him, I close my eyes and drift to sleep.

The next morning, I get up and eat some peanut butter and granola, then head over to my camp site. When I round the corner, I am stopped in my tracks. My shelter is finished, and even has some palm limbs with leaves stretched across the back and one side. The platform that I will use for my bed, has lots of Elephant Ear leaves layered on it for extra cushioning. The roof is completely covered with limbs and leaves, all looks to be woven for durability and water resistance. I know that I will catch flies in my mouth if I don't stop gapping, but how did this happen during the night? Slade! Why did he do this for me? Where is he now? I need to thank him.

After hours of exploring the forest of the island, I could not find Slade anywhere. It is clear to me that he doesn't want to be found. His camp fire is still burning, so he is coming back every so often to feed it wood, but he isn't sticking around the site at all. I grab my pack and rummage inside until I find an ink pen and a book. Tearing out one of the blank filler pages from my airport novel, I write 'Thank you! You didn't have to finish my shelter for me, but I am very thankful that you did. It is lovely, and I am proud of it. Thank you!' I wedge the note in between two slates of the platform, so it won't blow away and he will be able to see it. I feel bad for calling him names, now. It is time for me to go spend my first night alone at my very own shelter.

It's funny how you never notice the sounds of the island when someone else is near you. I'm not going to lie, it is freaky. I find myself missing the companionship of Slade. Since he avoided me all day, I'm certain that he does not feel the same way. He is glad that I am gone and out of his camp. Closing my eyes, I focus on just the sounds of the ocean to help lull me to sleep.

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