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Crazy to Love you Again

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Isabelle Anderson, a beautiful, successful lawyer in Manhattan is faced with a past, conflicted love. They have to work together to find a dangerous murderer. What does fate have in store for the both of them?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter One

Isabelle let her eyes sweep round her office as she stood in the doorway. The whole office looked pristine. Well, except from her desk which was littered with files of cases won, lost and pending. She looked at the wall clock and sighed; 7:40pm. She'd been working overtime for the past several weeks and yet her workload never seemed to lighten. It didn't help that Josh, her boss, kept on adding to her already tottering pile of cases. The guy was a pain in the ass. She needed a break, a vacation to clear her head. She was going to have to talk to Josh about that. Knowing him, she knew she was going to have a hard convincing to do. She locked the door and walked past her Secretary's desk, the sound of her heels echoing in the hallway as she reached the elevator. Kenzie, her Secretary, had long gone home. She had a date with a hot fireman, Isabelle recalled Kenzie telling her earlier in the day as she literally pranced in and out of her office. Remembering it, she sighed again. She couldn't remember the last time she was that 'happy' to go on a date. Thinking back, she'd never actually been happy to go on one, not since ten years. She was too busy with her job to commit herself to any man. Or that was what she told herself. And what a liar she was. The elevator dinged and she stepped out into a faintly lit entrance area. She made her way through the revolving door, bade the security officer goodnight and continued to the parking lot. She got into her Lexus, leaving all her windows up, she turned the car's MP3 player to loud and drove off. As she drove, she shrieked along with Celine Dion about the 'Power of Love'. She thought it ironic that someone like her should still sing the song so devotedly. Afterall, she'd lost every hope in love. So she sang the song to spite herself. She'd only been capable of loving one person and in the end, the power of her love hadn't been enough to make him stay. He'd still left her. But that wasn't important, she reminded herself, clamping the lid shut on the memories of him starting to resurface as she parked off at her garage. He wasn't important. He didn't matter, neither did anything they had and shared.
If only she could make her stupid heart believe it.

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