The Biker's Rules

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Date crushing

***POV - Melaena

I flip through the pages of my diary, sipping my orange juice. Kiara and I just came back from dance practice. Teaching those little kids is something different and I think the group just might have the potential to win - they’re that great.

I’ve written everything about my stalker D in my diary since his first message. I’ve also written down who was there during each occurrence. There are around 10 people from the paintball match that I’ve excluded … leaving 10 suspects … but not one of them stands out at the moment. They’re not students … so how can they get into the university area … they could sneak in I suppose. But not one of them was around when the other photos were taken … or maybe I just didn’t see them. Ug, this is so frustrating. I stare at the names again. D keeps saying he wants revenge for his father … so what could I have done to his father? It must be something bad … but what? What could be so bad that he would try to kill my brother?

“Mel, you can shower now!” Kiara shouts. We take turns to shower else the water pressure gets too low. I jump up and hide my diary in its usual place behind my dresser. I need to get ready for my date with Ren tonight.

I get out of the shower, humming ‘Angel with a shotgun’ again – it seems to be my go-to shower tune these days … at least it’s cheerful. Ren gave me an ultimatum after Damion’s party – he wants to take our relationship to the next base and I need to stay away from Damion.

I needed some time to think, to sort out my feelings and since then I haven’t seen him that much. But I’ve finally made my decision and tonight I am going to tell him.

I wipe the steam from the mirror and stare at myself. My intestines pull into a knot as I look into my own eyes, trying to ignore the message my ‘windows to the soul’ portrays back to me. My deepest, darkest secrets; the ones I’m desperately hiding from everybody, including myself - I would much rather go on a date with a guy I hate, than my boyfriend. How messed up is that? And even worse is that I want that guy to strip me naked and take my body any way he wants to. That there is not just messed up, it’s totally juiced up crazy!

I shake my head and walk into my room to get dressed. As if my blood turned into ice, I freeze on the spot. On my bed lays a bunch of blood-red flowers. My breath stops in my throat, making an oozing sound. One slow step at a time, I walk toward my bed as if the flowers are going to jump up and attack me … and I’m not sure they might not. I notice a card attached to the bouquet and fear mixed with anger shoots through my cold veins.

“Kiara! KIARA!” I yell at my roommate and she throws her door open and runs into my room, dressed in only a bra, panty in hand. I take a deep breath of relief – she’s okay.

“What the fudge!” She yells and I point to my bed with my eyes. She turns her head and a frown pulls between her perfect brows, her eyes almost popping out of her head.

“Who? When?” Her head turns back to look at me and I pull up my shoulders, not trusting my voice yet. She grabs the card and reads it out loud.

Babe, I can’t wait to make you mine. You belong to me, always and forever.

Your true love.



Ug, the talking pig reverence again. What is it with guys and that word? Almost every guy uses it. I’m so glad Damion doesn’t call me that.

“Okay, this is getting crazy creepy,” I say.

“Still, I can’t think of any D guy except Damion,” Kiara sits on the bed between the flowers.

“It’s not him.” I defend him, maybe too quickly, earning a glare from my best friend.

“I know it’s not him, dumbass. He’s crazy, but not this type of crazy.”

“I don’t care who it’s from, what I care about is that somebody was in our house, in my room, while we were here!”

“Oh … OHH shit!” Kiara jumps from the bed and runs to the door to check if it’s locked, while I pick up the flowers and throw them on the kitchen table.

“I think you better ask one of the boys to come over to stay with you until I get back. Or I could cancel?”

“No, you have to do this tonight. I’ll get Axel to babysit me.” She picks up her phone and dials Axel while hopping into some clothes at the same time.

“Hi dude, can you come over please, we have a little situation.” She takes out some wine, pinning her phone between her ear and shoulder, and I grab 2 glasses from the shelf. I need something to calm my nerves. We both do.

“Thanks.” She hangs up and says that he’ll be over as soon as he can. We drink our wine on the couch.

“This is so weird.” She murmurs as if she’s talking to herself. Unwillingly, I get up to go get ready for that date, suddenly even less in the mood.

Why would somebody do this? True love my ass … this guy has a contorted mind if he thinks this is love. My mind keeps running around while I get dressed in a denim mini dress with a zipper at the front, black Doc Martens, and I grab my black leather jacket with a skull embroidered on the back and lots of patches. Enrique bought it for me at a biker shop in Italy when he was there for a photo shoot and it’s probably my most favorite item in my wardrobe.

I find Axel sitting in the TV room with Kiara, reading the note, a frown on his beautiful face.

“Shit,” his only response before dropping the card on the table.

“Crazy, right?” Kiara asks and Axel pulls up his shoulders, still frowning.

“Yeh, way past crazy. I can’t believe he was inside the house.” He then looks up at me and his face turns into an almost shocked expression.

“Eh … Mel … are you going out … eh … like that … I mean … dressed like …“ A knock on the door interrupts his question. Giving Axel a frowny face, I open the door for Ren. His eyes brighten up as I let him in. He notices the huge bouquet on the table and frowns, but doesn’t say a word. Nobody outside of our group knows about my stalker, not even Uncle John, and I like to keep it that way.

“Hi, Ren.” Kiara greets him while Axel just waves, never being a great fan of my boyfriend and not hiding it either. Nobody in my personal group hits it off with Ren and most of them don’t even try to be polite. Hell, Logan and Damion are always blatantly rude to him and Jackson might just beat him if given the chance. I shake my head to get free from my mind-running. I don’t want to think about Damion right now. He’s already taking up too much of my thoughts.

Kiara sees Ren eyeing the flowers, so she picks them up and smiles as wide as her mouth allows her.

“Aren’t they pretty? I got them from a fan.” Axel snorts but I thank her with my eyes.

“Ready?” Ren asks and I grab my purse from the couch. He puts his hand against my back as we walk out the door. I know it’s not a major thing … but I’m still stiff and uncomfortable. Why do I feel like this around him all of a sudden? It’s not as if he never touched me before … we even kissed a few times. There’s never been any sparks, but I didn’t feel forced or bad about it.

We don’t talk much during our short ride as my mind keeps backtracking to the card and the flowers. Is somebody trying to frame Damion as the stalker? But why would they then tell me to stay away from him? It just doesn’t make sense.

“What are you thinking about so deeply?” Ren’s voice dribbles into my mind, stopping it from running any further.

“Nothing, just … “ I don’t know what to tell Ren. I can’t tell him anything going on in my mind so I just leave it vague “ … some family issues.”

I smile to try and convince him as I open the door of the diner, and a little bell rings to announce our presence. It feels as if the whole diner is staring at me and a shiver runs down my spine, leaving a trail of goosebumps on my skin. Feeling uncomfortable, I keep my eyes down, looking at the black-and-white checkered tile floor. Ren puts his hand on my back again and steers me to an open table in the corner. I’m as tensed up as a wine cork and I wonder when all this stress is going to pop and hit me in the face.

I look at the menu with no appetite … my tummy feels as if it’s in a vice-grip, the anxiety of the upcoming conversation is killing me and I don’t think I’ll be able to eat anything. The rigidity in Ren’s face is also highly noticeable. We haven’t been together that long, so why is this so difficult? I guess maybe because I haven’t done this before – and whose fault is that again? Stupid asshole that messes up my life!

“Is something wrong?” I take his hand that’s lying on the table and give it a little squeeze, feeling guilty that I’ve been distracted a little too much. I’m anything but the perfect girlfriend … I know that. No matter what my brothers think … Ren is not a bad guy … he’s always treated me well.

‘He’s cheating on you,’ I hear Damion’s voice in my mind. Is it true? Would Ren do that?

“Mel, you’ve been my girlfriend for more than two months now, and we both know why we’re here, so let’s just get it over and done with.”

His voice draws my attention away from Damion and I blink a few times before setting my focus on the man opposite me. His chocolate eyes stare at me waiting for my response, but the realization of what he’s saying seeps into my mangled brain and it closes up my throat so no sound can escape. Sex or not? The result is me staring at him with a dropped jaw and huge eyes.

“Okay, I’ll need some words, ’cause I’m not a mind reader and you are like a closed book to me. I never know what you’re thinking.” His voice is soft so as to not attract attention from the people around us. I take in what he just said - the opposite of what Damion told me before. How can one guy read me like a magazine and another one think that I’m a locked diary?

I blink a few times more and manage to close my mouth and swallow the huge lump. My mind starts having a duel in my head - trying to focus on Ren through thoughts about Damion. I have to finish this NOW. I close my eyes and tap my temple a few times with my finger. Focus Mel! Right, here goes. I open my eyes and look at Ren.

“Well, I have been thinking about it … about us.” I’m going to be as truthful as I can, without hurting him too much.

“Hi, baby, where have you been the last few days?” A girl walks up to Ren and throws her arms around him, kissing him full on the lips. My eyes grow large … this was unexpected. He pushes her away, throws a quick glance at me, then wipes his mouth and, with an angry face, asks, “What the hell, Julia?”

Exactly what I was thinking. Is this what Damion was warning me about? She frowns and looks me up and down – her face an expression of disgust as if I’m something the cat dragged in. I want to blow her off, but I keep my cool. It doesn’t matter anyway.

“Call me later, sweetheart.” She trails a finger along his cheek and then walks out with swaying hips and her nose in the air. Ren looks uncomfortable and opens his mouth, “It’s not what it … “ he starts to explain, but it’s not necessary so I hold up my hand, stopping him mid-sentence.

“It doesn’t matter. Ren, my father, was not around all the time … and sometimes he drank a little too much … but he and my mom shared this bond … this all-consuming love. You could see it in their eyes. The kind of love they talk about in stories. I know it’s lame, but that’s what I’m looking for.” He opens his mouth but I hold up my hand again to stop him.

“And I just don’t love you, I’m sorry, but it’s not something you can force.” His face falls and I can see that he’s angry. But it’s the truth … sometimes you love the person you hate … it’s not a choice.

“It’s about Damion, isn’t it? You’re screwing the guy.” He hisses softly.

“Why does everybody think that? Anyway, by the looks of it, you’re the one that’s screwing around.”

“A man has needs, Mel. But I love you and if we start having sex, I’ll never fuck around, I promise.”

“I’m sorry, Ren, but I can’t.”

“That is the wrong choice babe.” I shrug, that sounded like a threat, ug. He gets up and walks out of the diner before I can say anything more. I’m stunned by his reaction, and I watch him slam the door, the clinging of the bell rattling through me. Maybe my brothers were right about Ren – was I so blind to not see his true colors? I wring my hands together, blinking away the tears. I’m not sad that we broke up … I’m sad because I feel stupid and used.

***POV - Melaena

Sorella = Italian for ‘sister’

“Hi, sorella, are you okay?” Alejandro flings himself into the chair, not waiting for an invitation and I’m so glad to have him here that I can kiss him right now. I wipe my eyes and put on a smile.

“Damn, am I glad to see you! What are you doing here?” I’m hoping he’s not on a date or something.

“Was in the neighborhood and felt hungry. I saw you walk in. Seems like everybody is here tonight.” Firstly I wonder what he was doing in this part of town, secondly, I wonder who else is here because at this moment I’m not in the mood for more company.

“Did you eat already?” I ask, hoping he hasn’t.

“Nope, was just about to order,” he flashes me a warm smile.

“Can I stick you for a burger and milkshake?” I bite my lip in anticipation, feeling rather hungry but desperately don’t want to eat alone – not after the day I’ve been having.

“You may, madam,” he jokes, “I will definitely not refuse, since I was dreading eating alone.”

He winks the skinny waitress over and she keeps on shifting her weight from one foot to the other while ogling at my companion from under her false lashes. She seems nervous but manages to take our order. Alejandro seems oblivious to the fact that she can’t take her eyes off him.

I put my hand over my mouth to try and hide my smile. I’m not used to such a handsome man being so naïve and conservative … or maybe he’s just better at hiding his playboy ways … like Axel and Jackson. When he’s done with the order he gives her a wide warm smile and for a moment I thought she’s gonna faint … her cheeks the color of a ripe tomato. She walks away slowly, frequently looking back, and I roll my eyes.

My mind does a quick analysis of his looks, and he must be pretty close to a perfect 10, so her behavior is undoubtedly understandable - but for some reason, I don’t feel any butterflies or electricity like I do when Damion is around. Strange. It must be because he’s not an asshole like Damion. I smile when our eyes meet, and he takes my hand on the table, keeping it in a grip.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” he asks and I nod, pulling my mouth into a straight line.

“I can always go and punch that moron a few times,” he chuckles, and I can’t keep myself from beaming. And I retract my statement that he’s different from the rest of the guys in my group – it seems his macho parts are just undercover.

“Alejandro, before we continue anything, I just want to make it clear that we are on the same page – namely the FRIENDS one.”

His face falls and he grabs his chest where his heart is located … looking very hurt. I hold my breath and feel dizzy. No!

Then he winks at me and leans forward with a big smile as if he’s going to tell me a secret.

“Oh, sorella, we’re reading the same book, don’t worry.”

I start breathing again and take a deep breath. Asshole! My heart almost stopped. But in this instance, I just know that Alejandro is going to be a big part of my life and a great, trusted friend. Weird, I know.

“My interest is purely platonic and your heart is already occupied,” he continues with a big smile, showing off his perfect pearly whites. He must think that I’m in love with Ren.

“I’m not in love with Ren … never have been,” I set him straight.

“Oh, I know,” he comments sarcastically, and I wonder who he thinks I’m in love with then. But it doesn’t matter now. I’m finished talking about love for today. I just want to enjoy my time with him.

“You big loaf, where have you been all my life!” He gives a sly smile as if he’s planning something bad and knows things I don’t, his eyes looking past me. But before I can open my mouth to ask what’s going on a hand lands on my shoulder – giving me the answer. The electricity shooting down my core is enough for me to know exactly who the owner of said hand is before I even hear his voice.

“Everything alright here?” His hand tenses up, putting more pressure on my shoulder.

“Yep. We’re just getting something to eat.” I don’t want to turn around and look at him, but then a girl’s voice forces me to face my demon.

“Hi, you must be Mel. I’m Thalia.” The girl is so beautiful, it’s annoying, with long brown hair and smoldering green eyes. Her body is soaked into faded jeans and a loose emerald top and I wonder if she’s some kind of model or something. But what’s even more annoying is that her arm is intertwined with Damion’s as if she has every right to do that. I shake her hand and produce a fake smile to hide the jealous rage suddenly streaming through my body. And to make it worse, she seems really nice, unlike his usual bimbos.

“Come with me.” Damion pulls me up, a little rough, and I know he’s not gonna take no for an answer.

“Damion!” Thalia scolds him and stares daggers at him. He grunts and rolls his eyes with a big sigh.

“Please.” I don’t think he actually means it, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. Alejandro gets up, his face looking like the Grinch on Xmas, and I know trouble is brewing.

“It’s okay, Ale, I’ll be back in two secs.” I walk out of the diner with big strides while everybody looks at me yet again, but this time I’m too angry to care. I give Alejandro a so-sorry smile, he shrugs his eyebrows at me, and then his eyes focus on Damion with a strange, almost longing look.

I’m confused … is he maybe gay like Jesse? I hope he’s not in love with the evil one. Oh, boy, I’ll have to tell him that Damion is the devil and bad news.

As soon as we get outside, I turn to my brother’s bestie, rage piling up inside me.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I holler. Thalia lifts her hands and, with a huge grin, strolls to lean against a black motorcycle in the parking lot. Damion stares at her for a moment, running a hand through his hair, before he focuses on me.

“Me?” He yells back, moving closer until his nose is almost against mine. “I’m not the one chatting up all the fucking guys in the diner wearing that dick-teaser dress!”

His hands are clenched in fists next to his body and I know he’s trying to keep calm. I look down at my dress and I can’t see anything wrong with it. It’s just a plain denim dress, zip in the front, ending way under my panty-line, and not even extremely tight. You can see some cleavage, but it’s not overly revealing.

“You’re not my fudging bodyguard nor my fashion guru. I have had a really crappy day so far, so please just fudge off.” I’m trying to keep my voice down, but not totally succeeding. He turns around and runs his fingers through his hair again. Good, he’s agitated. Well, I’m too. And he’s the one always inserting himself into my life, and mostly ruining it in the process! I’m desperate for that freaking delete button that will remove Damion Grimm from the planet right now. He turns back and faces me again, a little calmer.

“Mel, I’m trying to help. That guy is trouble. He’s a player.” His eyes shoot flames, and I’ll never get used to how they look like emerald fires burning in the pits of hell. Although his eyes are bright shocking green, they have some yellow-blue flecks that jump out and surprise you.

“Yeh takes one to know one! Please, I don’t have the energy for dealing with you right now. You’re exhausting like always and I’m tired. As I said, I had a bad crappy day. All I want to do now is enjoy my food with my friend.”

“What happened?” His hands grip the top of my arms, his fingers burning my skin, his eyes turning from angry to worried.

“Where should I start,” I say, not really wanting to share anything with him, but for some reason also wanting to share everything with him, “for one, you are in my close proximity. Two, I broke up with Ren, and … oh, D broke into our house and left flowers on my bed while I was in the shower. Is that enough for you? Now can I please go and have a peaceful meal with someone that doesn’t piss me off?”

“Was he at your house? Fuck!” Ok, so that’s the part of my night that he’s going with. As if out of thin air, Alejandro is standing behind me, putting his arm protectively around my shoulder.

“What do you want?” Damion shouts - I wasn’t expecting him to be civil with my new friend, but he looks as if he’s going to blow a gasket any moment.

“I can ask you the same question,” Alejandro stands his man, not looking scared one bit as he takes my arm softly and ignores Damion, saying our food arrived. Damion glares at him as if he’s going to strangle the dude, then turns away and walks with big strides to where Thalia is waiting patiently looking like a mouse in a cheese factory. She says something to him, making him hit the poor bike with his fist, sending her into a rage of laughter. She salutes me before getting on the bike behind him. Even though I’m jealous, I can’t help but like that girl.

He pulls away with shrieking tires and I swear that man is the definition of trouble. I’m even sure you will find a picture of him in the dictionary next to the word. I turn to face Alejandro, still standing silently next to me, also watching them drive away with a sinister smile.

“Let’s go eat!” He nods and we walk back into the diner.

“What is it with you and that dude?” He keeps his eyes on mine, his slim fingers curled around his burger. Why can’t I just fall in love with this guy? He’s perfect.

“What do you mean?” He turns his head to give me a you’re-not-serious-right-now look before taking a sip of his milkshake.

“Well, let me see, it’s like he wants to kill anybody that dares to come close to you, and according to Axel, it’s been going on for years now. And the tension between you two, hell you can cut it with a cricket bat.”

“I don’t know. Damion has issues. Maybe he thinks he needs to protect me like my brothers.”

“He’s much worse than all of them combined. Well, except for Jackson maybe … ”

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

He nods.

“Are you gay? I mean, it seems like you have feelings for Damion or something.”

He starts laughing so loudly the whole diner turns their heads to watch us again. Some are amused, others curious and the rest seem annoyed.

“No, Mel, I LOVE girls. And for Damion, I think I might be a little jealous. He has something I have always longed for,” his voice and face are all serious, but then he blinks and quickly changes his expression. “It’s stupid, I know, but I can’t help it. Sometimes I even hate him a little.”

“Oh, that part I understand, believe me. But if I think about it, there’s something about you that reminds me of him - his good parts that is.”

“Yeh, I’m pretty perfect, ain’t I?”

“Okay, now you sound just like him!” I scrunch my nose up, acting disgusted.

“Just joking, sorella,” he laughs, messing up my hair while we walk to his car. Alejandro drops me at my place and I thank him for making a bad night better.

“I’m back!” I yell as I burst through the door, making Kiara and Axel jump. They look at me with sleepy eyes and I know they fell asleep while watching movies. Kiara stretches her arms in the air while yawning.

“You’re back!” she repeats after me. I push myself between them, grabbing some of the chocolates on the table.

“Yep, it was a weird night. Ren still wants us to take things further … crazy right.” I look from Kiara to Axel waiting for them to support me here.

“Eh, Mel ….. he has a point. You’ve been together for like weeks now and he can’t even get to second base. I mean, no offense, but I would have dumped your ass long ago.” I glare at Axel and he shrugs his shoulders at me.

“I’m just saying,” he squicks, and I take a deep breath and look at him a bit more friendly.

“You must lose your innocence some time or another, right? So what’s the problem with taking things a step further with Ren?” Kiara asks, pulling her mouth as if she already knows the answer to the question.

“I don’t know. If I think about having sex with him, it’s like thinking about having sex with Axel or Logan. Well, not exactly the same, but you get the idea.” They both pull sour faces, especially Axel.

“Yuk. I’ll say it’s bad. Logan, maybe a bit more than me, but all the same, not good.”

“Exactly,” I make some hand gestures to back up my statement before I continue, “It’s just not like thinking about having sex with … “ I stop myself just in time but I think the bird has flown the coop, cause they both have this I-think-I-know-but-I-need-you-to-confirm expression on their face. Shoot. Why do I always end up in these situations?

“Yes … having sex with …” Kiara bites her lip with excitement.

“Come on Mel, just say it. It’s not as if we haven’t been waiting for years to hear it.” I glare at Axel as if I’m putting a deadly spell on him but he just smiles while shaking his head.

“Okay, can I continue telling you about my disastrous night now?” They both shake their heads, trying to hide the grins on their lips. Sometimes, like right now, I hate my friends.

“Anyway, Damion was also there with this pretty girl called Thalia. She’s very beautiful and seems so nice. I wonder if they’re dating or something.” Kiara’s eye-roll didn’t go unnoticed.

“Did I say that he’s the worst? Such a player. He told me that he doesn’t like my inappropriate cock-teasing dress. I mean, is he suddenly a fashion designer or something? Who says that? And what exactly is wrong with this dress?”

“Eh, I can totally see his problem with your dress.” Axel looks me up and down.

“So now all you guys have suddenly turned into Christian Dior.” I bite it out, still seeing nothing wrong with my dress, it’s one of my favorite things to wear.

“It’s just, well, short and sexy and on you … let’s just say most guys would … eh … get a bit …” he struggles to find the right words and then he just blurts it out, “Truthfully you look extremely fuckable in that dress, and knowing Damion, that would be a problem for him.” Axel tries to explain but although I get what he’s saying, I’m not sure I understand the justification. Aren’t girls supposed to look pretty and sexy when they go on a date? But I always appreciate Axel’s point of view. He doesn’t have any ulterior motives and he will tell me the truth even if I don’t want to hear it.

“That’s nothing new, she always looks fuckable, get to the point.” Kiara can be so impatient sometimes it’s annoying. So I have ADHD … it’s nothing to get worked up about. I’ll get to the point eventually.

“Point is … “ I push out the words just for Kiara’s sake, “I had a very crappy night and it’s all Damion’s fault, AGAIN.”

Kiara looks at Axel pulling her face, but I, act as if I don’t notice. “Oh, and I finally broke up with Ren so I ended up having dinner with Alejandro.”

Kiara looks over my head at Axel, her eyes telling him, I’ve definitely lost all my little piggies for sure.

“What? I know that look.”

“Eeh, you do realize that you had a crappy night all because Damion was there with a girl and he didn’t like your dress, and only then do you tell us that you broke up with Ren, as some kind of an afterthought.”

“Yeh, so?” I don’t get it. “Breaking up with Ren is not a big deal. It’s not as if I loved him or something.”

“None so blind as those who will not see,” Axel mumbles to himself, earning him a stern stare.

“Where does Alejandro suddenly fit into everything?”

“Oh, he was there to get something to eat and I just feel safe with him, as I do with you guys.” My phone vibrates and I slide it open without looking at the screen. Then it feels as if all the air was just sucked from the room.

D: Mayday! Mayday! A little biker took a tumble.

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