The Biker's Rules

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A little tumble

***POV - Damion

Every time the bell rings, my eyes move to the door abstract-mindedly to see people entering the diner. But this time, my heart does a double-take triple-somersault with a fucking headstand, leaving me gulping for air.

Melaena walks through the door dressed in a short denim dress that accentuates every curve of that perfect body, showing off her sexy tanned legs. Suddenly all my control flies out the door and my pants seem to fit a lot tighter than a minute ago and I shift my position on the chair to hide my uncomfortability. What the hell was she thinking wearing that in public? Not that she looks bad, no, on the contrary, she looks super hot and sexy, and right there is exactly the problem. I look around and I’m right, every guy in the diner is eye-fucking her with hungry lustful stares. Shit. Why did the universe have to throw me a curveball like this – giving me a girl that every man wants to steal.

Thalia stops mid-sentence, noticing my total lack of focus on her. She turns and her face lights up like a freaking Christmas tree.

“Who’s the blond beauty?” Her eyes are teasing me now, but I know she’s not going to stop until she has the whole story laid out in sections before her.

“My best friend’s little sister.” She narrows her eyes and then pulls her do-you-take-me-for-stupid face. I sigh, my nerves already on the edge, and my sanity close to breaking point. I mean, just how much can a dude endure. Not only is she wearing a fuck-me-now dress but she’s here with that freaking dumb-nut skunk-cocker.

“Her name is Melaena. She’s Enrique’s sister.” Thalia knows Enrique cause they work together sometimes. She now pulls an I-get-it face and she’s traitoring on my edgy nerves.

“Oh. The girl from the news your mom was talking about.” My mother met Mel momentarily at my birthday party, and she’s one of the few people that knows my true feelings for that girl.

“What?” I’m not paying any attention to what Thalia is saying. My eyes stay on their table, not missing her taking his hand, the stunned expression on her face when a girl throws herself on him, and also not his anger when soon after that he gets up and walks out, seemingly upset and angry about something.

“Well, she’s very pretty, actually stunningly beautiful, but … eh … she seems so innocent and you are … well, YOU. And she’s blonde.” I glare at Thalia and she pouts her mouth.

How can she look innocent in that fucking dress? There’s nothing remotely sinless about it, no, it’s shouting out for wicked unrighteous sensual behavior. And at this moment I’m more than willing to oblige. A guy walks up to Mel’s table and plops down on the empty chair. I’ve seen him a few times before, he’s friends with Axel. What the fuck is wrong with her freaking weak-brained boyfriend? How can he just leave her to the mercy of all the wolves in this place? I swear I’m going to kill him one of these days. I truly hate that guy.

I throw some money on the table and hurry over to her, you know, just to hear if she’s ok. I owe it to her brothers to look out for her. Now she’s holding this guy’s hand and I overhear her asking him where he’s been all her life. Shit, did she fall in love with this dude, is that why Ren stormed out of here so fast? Shit-shit-shit!

“Everything alright here?” I put my hand on her shoulder, trying to act unaffected. My heart won’t survive her falling for another guy and this time around my threats won’t help. I’ve summed up this dude at the club that night (it’s a guy thing) and he’ll probably kick my butt in a fight, or at least give me a run for my money.

“Yep. We’re just getting something to eat.” She doesn’t turn around, just keeps on looking at the guy. There’s something in his diamond-blue eyes, something I can’t place, something familiar.

“Hi, you must be Mel. I’m Thalia.” Her voice pulls my thoughts back and I know she’s trying to sum up the situation. Mel shakes her hand, but the smile on her lips is as fake as a pram-queen and her eyes gleam with jealousy. Thalia notices it too and secretively pushes her elbow into my ribs, but my eyes move back to the new dick-head on the other side of the table. There’s something about him that makes my skin crawl. Jealousy? Maybe.

I almost forcefully drag Mel from that table, yes my manners can be better, but I do add a please to try to soften the situation. Alejandro gets up and my body tenses in preparation for what’s to come, but Mel deflates the situation and storms outside. I can feel Alejandro’s eyes piercing my back but my eyes are on the pretty tight ass in front of me.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Mel shouts at me. Thalia, thinking the whole situation is hilarious, leaves to lean against my bike, and watches amusedly as Mel gets into my space.

“Me?” I yell back. “I’m not the one chatting up all the fucking guys in the diner wearing that dick-teaser dress!” I clench my hands into fists, the urge to hit at least one of the assholes is overwhelming, but not as much as wanting to throw her over my shoulder and take her back to my place, my hands just itching to pull down that zipper. I’m trying to keep my cool, stay in control and not break any rules. I run my hands through my hair and turn around, feeling a little calmer.

“You’re not my fudging bodyguard nor fashion guru. I had a really crappy day so far, so please just fudge off !”

She thinks she had a crappy day – hell, I’m the one standing here with a suffocating hardon, being yelled at for trying to help her. I try to explain, but she’s not listening. It’s as if she’s on a mission to get under my skin, like usual. Telling me that I’m exhausting … me … hahaha … has she met her. I’m the one that can’t sleep and whose mind is worn out from thinking about her the whole bloody time. Combine that with the guilt I’m feeling for falling in love with my friend’s sister and I’m more than just sapped, I’m worn-out fatigued. But then I notice that she looks seriously tired and worried, so instinctively I’m getting worried too. With her stalker around one can’t be too careful.

“What happened?” I grip the top of her arms to keep myself calm. Touching her always seems to settle my nerves when I’m on edge. Her next statement makes my blood run cold as if ice is injected into my veins.

“He was in your house? Fuck!” I need to figure this out before something bad happens. This D guy is starting to really piss me off now. It’s time we end him, but we still don’t have a clue who he is and why he’s doing this. Who knows how a crazy person’s mind works or when he’ll snap? I need to talk to my parents about this, and maybe Uncle John too. Maybe they’ll know what happened in the past that’s stirring along this revenge act.

And I haven’t missed the part where she dumped her stupid boyfriend, I just hope she’s not falling for this Alejandro guy. Fuck, I need to make a move and quick. Then Alejandro is back and he pulls her from my grip. I bite my cheek cause I want to smash in his head so bad right at this moment. Did she dump Ren for him? Am I too late?

“What do you want?”

“I can ask you the same question.” Something about this guy is not totally justifiable, it’s as if I’m drawn to him somehow as if there’s some kind of bond between us even though we’ve just met. No, I’m not attracted to him in that way, it’s just a strange feeling.

It takes almost all my self-control to walk away to my bike where Thalia is still standing with a big smirk on her face. If she was a guy, I would have punched her right on the nose, but instead, I take it out on my Harley’s seat.

“I take it back. Innocent or not, that girl is perfect for you.” I shove her helmet into her damn hands and speed off. I pull off the road when we reach an empty beach and we sit on a sand-dune watching the ocean.

“It might just be the first time I’ve seen the lack of you for a loss of words. Precious.” Thalia breaks the silence between us. I blow some wind through my nose and bite on my jaw.

“So you didn’t like the dress?” I look at her as if she’s gone mad.

“I fucking loved the dress.” And I’m still stuck with the hardon to prove it. “But it’s not the point. All the guys in the diner were screwing her in their minds, getting aroused.”

“I see, and that made you jealous? Angry?”

“Right now I have the urge to rip someone’s throat out, so don’t push me.” She laughs openly in my face, knowing I’ll never hurt her in any way. She must be the most annoying female in my life, right after Mel and maybe my mom, but she’s the only one I can talk to about this. Usually, I’ll talk to Logan or one of the boys, but this time I can’t because of obvious reasons.

“OMG, you are so screwed. Ok, so let’s try it one more time – who is she?” I glare at Thalia cause she’s pushing all the wrong buttons, but I also know she won’t let up until she’s satisfied.

“She’s the fucking girl who’s been driving me insane for most of my life!” I hit the sand with my hands and let out a long yell.

“Oh … oh my gosh … she’s the girl from the haunted house!” Thalia squeals when the realization hits her.

“Shit! So what’s the problem? You’ve been in love with her almost your whole life and the sexual tension between you two is so thick you can drive your bike on it.”

“Besides the fact that she’s my best friend’s sister, I also have to break almost all of the rules to be with her.” Thalia knows about my rules. I look over at her and smile as she drops her head onto my shoulder. I love this girl and she is one of the few people that truly understand me.

“Shit, I see.” She stares at the sand for a long while as if she’s trying to figure something out.

“You’re scared that if you break the rules, there’s not going to be any control left in your life. But, and I say this with the greatest respect, you are a control freak so this might be a good thing.” I was around 8 when I made the first rule, adding more as I got older. And what nobody gets is that controlling everything in my life is the only way I can keep myself sane, to keep the monsters in my head hidden in the shadows.

“Eh, what if she doesn’t love me back, I’ll not only lose myself but also my best friends, my brothers. There’s no getting back from that, things will never be the same.”

“Damion, dude, you’ll have to do something. Either you go for it and take a chance of getting hurt OR you don’t and be miserable for the rest of your life. And you’ve been trying to stay away from her for years now without success. That alone should tell you something.” Yeh, it tells me that I’m fucked, either way. But maybe she has a point.

“I guess you’re right if there’s even a small chance to be happy with Mel I should at least try.”

“Maybe you should take it one step at a time, or rather break one rule at a time. And I don’t think you’ll ever lose your friends, maybe for a little while, but not forever.” A big smile spreads over my face.

“I knew there’s a reason you’re in my life!” She bumps me with her shoulder.

We get back on the bike and start driving to my parents’ house cause Thalia is staying there for a few days. My mind drifts to Mel, standing there in that dress, eyes glaring at me and I’m distracted and not focused on the road, until a big-rig drives past us, causing the bike to sway. I manage to regain control and realize I might just be going a little too fast so I pull the brake to slow down before taking the next turn, but nothing happens. The brakes are not working.

I put a hand on Thalia’s arm, shouting at her to hold on tight. I know we’re probably going to fall, but I’m going to try to make it as soft a landing as possible. I gear down, but now the clutch also doesn’t seem to work. Damn! I take a look around, sticking to my rules for comfort, contemplating my options. I could try keeping us on the road, but because we’re going down a steep hill, with no way to slow down, we’ll just end up going faster and faster. Think Damion, think.

We’re still driving next to the beach and it gives me an idea. I need the bike to slow a bit more for my plan to work. I put my foot against the rear tire, feeling the heat burn through my bootsole, but it helps enough.

The plan is to aim for an open piece of sand, hoping it would work like a gravel trap. But we can’t go into the sand straight up, as the bike would flip over, throwing us into the air. No, we need to go in sideways. Just as we reach the side of the tar road, I lean to the side and let the bike slide into the sand first, dragging us over the beach a few meters before we come to a stop. I stay on my back for a few moments, to catch my breath. I jump up and look for Thalia, finding her close by, sitting on the sand, removing her helmet with shaking hands.

“Are you ok?” I ask while taking off my helmet and start looking for my phone.

“Yes, I think so. What happened?” She also throws her helmet onto the sand.

“No brakes.” I notice lots of missed calls from Axel, but I phone my dad first to come and pick us up, sending him our location. Then I dial Axel back.

“Hey dude, we had a little accident. You were looking for me?” I listen as he explains the message from D and I just know the dude tampered with my bike. This could have gone very badly. I reassure Axel that we’re ok and tell him that my father is on his way to pick us up. He whispers into the phone that Mel is in a state of shock and I made him promise to look after her. After he hangs up I help Thalia up, it seems she sprained her ankle and we both have some scrapes and bruises. We sit next to the road and I tell Thalia about the stalker and the messages while we wait.

“Damn, the guy sounds crazy.”

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