The Biker's Rules

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The universe hates me

***POV - Melaena

I jump onto Alejandro’s back, falling over his head onto his lap. He tickles me and I eagerly roll away to sit next to Kiara.

He tosses me a huge sandwich and says, “Here, I made this for you.”

I take a big bite, chewing slowly with closed eyes, and let out a small, contented groan since I’m starving and this sandwich is amazingly delicious. Silence falls over the group and when I open my eyes, everybody is amusedly staring at me.

“What? I’m hungry, okay,” I mutter and point at the bread in my hand, “and this is utterly divine.” I look into Alejandro’s teasing eyes and say, “You should think about opening a restaurant or something.” His eyes change, suddenly looking sad, although he keeps smiling.

“I’ve put it on hold for a while,” he says softly, looking over to where Noah is talking on the phone, and I wonder what he means by that.

I now also watch Noah … he seems worried or sad … maybe both, his free hand running through his deep red hair. He’s definitely off track and I wonder what’s wrong.

“So are we doing something?” Jesse asks, looking around and forcing my focus back on the group. We’re all finished with our classes for the day.

“I’m going for a run and then to see Hawk. After that, dance class.”

“Ug, way too energetic for my like,” Jesse snorts, “I was thinking more along the lines of a movie or something.”

“Sorry, Jesse, but we have a family meeting tonight,” Kiara says lazily. Ship, I almost forgot about that. Damion organized a gathering to talk about D. I better get going if I want to finish on time.

I grab my bag and Alejandro jumps up to walk with me, but he’s surprisingly silent and I notice a vein jumping on the side of his neck.

“Is something wrong?” He turns, his blue eyes filled with sad emotion.

“Sorry, I’m just distracted. Noah’s little sister is sick and has to get some tests done, so I’m just thinking about how to help them.”

Even though he’s not saying it, I know it’s about money. I know Noah’s older sister is doing like three or so jobs to look after herself and her sister while Noah is studying. As soon as he graduates, his sisters will come and stay with him ... but until then they must be struggling financially. I also know that Alejandro helps them out wherever he can.

“Oh. How old is she?”

“Seven.” It must be hard to worry about money all the time. We’ve always been super-rich, so that’s something I’ve never experienced. I’ve never been the excessive spending type of diva, and Uncle John tried his best not to spoil us by letting us work for our money, and also do our bit for charity, but we’ve never felt the disadvantages of being poor.

“Ale, don’t worry about the money, we’ll figure it out, okay?”

“Thanks, sorella, but I already gave Noah some money I saved. But I think they’re going to need a lot more. No worries, we’ll sort it out.” He gives me a lopsided grin and then walks away, hands in his pockets. I head to the locker room to get changed.

I take out my phone and put it on my playlist, but first type ‘sorella’ in to translate. Turns out it’s the Italian word for ‘sister’. I can’t help smiling, thinking about how quickly Alejandro and I developed a deep bond.

I turn up the volume, put on those earphones, and start with a slow jog around the field, thinking about Ren. He’s still going on about wanting me back. I know I don’t love him. Hell, I’m not even sure I like him that much. He’s just the first guy to ask me out, and I wonder whose fault that is. Suddenly, a pair of green eyes appear in my mind. Why do I keep thinking about him?

“Dreaming of me?” The voice startles me and I trip over my own feet, falling forward. I brace myself for the impact with the ground, but it doesn’t come. Instead, I’m leaning onto a muscular body, strong arms wrapped around me. I slowly look up into those mocking green puddles.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” My words do not affect him, he just plants a BEAST grin on his face and does that irritating eye-thing of his. I’m so spellbound by his eyes that I keep staring into them for a while.

“You always seem to ask me that?” He frowns slightly. “Kiara said I’ll find you here.” He tilts his head, and I perve over his body dressed in tracksuit pants and a very tight-fitting black vest. A green hoody is loosely tied around his waist.

I somehow manage to get out of my trans and start running again, thinking that maybe if I ignore him long enough, he would disappear, but he easily keeps up with me, as if he doesn’t even put in any effort. We run in silence and I wonder why Logan had to have friends.

“So, it seems you’re okay then … “ He looks confused, so I add “… after the accident.” I almost went into cardiac arrest after I read the message. I swear I was dying - by far the scariest moment in my life.

“Yes, nothing serious. Thalia sprained her ankle, but she’s fine.” He smiles at me, but my heart cringes at the thought of Thalia. They were on their way to his parents, so things between them must be rather serious. But not long ago he told his mom that he loves Chloe so much it hurts. Either he doesn’t know what love is or he’s more of a player than I thought. Suddenly I just need to know.

“So, Thalia … seems like it’s serious?” I keep my eyes on the track, not daring to look at him.

“Serious?” He sounds confused. Ug, he’s going to make it hard, I just know it. I look at the sky and roll my eyes, cursing destiny for putting him in my life and swearing at fate for making me want him.

“Yes, I mean, you took her to meet your parents.” Just keep on running Mel, don’t stop.

“My parents?” Yep, he’s making it hard. He can be such a stick sometimes.

“Are you just going to repeat everything I say or are we going to actually have a real conversation.” This time I glare at him.

“I just don’t know where you’re going with this.” He stops and grabs my arm, forcing me to do the same.

“Do you love her?” Stupid Mel, I curse myself for blurting that out, so I try to rectify the situation quickly.

“Sorry, it’s none of my business.” I turn around and start walking towards the place where I dropped my bag.

“Yes, of course, I love her. I love her very much.” My heart sinks into my sneakers. He loves her and I feel a few tears trying to escape my eyes, but I blink to push them back. I can’t let him see me crying. How in the hell would I explain that? And at least now I know he doesn’t have a clue what love is.

“She’s my third favorite girl alive,” he continues, “after mom and … eh

“Oh.” Even in my ears, my voice sounded soggy. “So I guess Chloe is first?”

“Mel, what do you really want to know?” He’s a few steps behind me.

“Forget it.” I grab my bag lying next to the track and start walking to the buildings a few yards away from us, where the equestrian field and stables are located. He takes the bag from me and slings it over his shoulder with ease.

“Where are you going?” I stop suddenly and Damion walks smack into me, his arms automatically circling my waist.

“To see the love of my life.” His face drops and his eyes flicker with a strange glow. We continue walking in silence. Damion props his hands in his pockets and his eyes look down. He kicks the ground, mumbling something about assholes that need to be put into place. Yep, he’s just as dysfunctional as my brothers.

“Hey, Mel.” Alejandro walks toward us and Damion’s face drops even more. Seeing Alejandro, the tears start forming in my eyes again and I run to him, needing a comforting hug right about now. Alejandro drops his bag and puts his arms around me, probably confused as hell, but I don’t care. I’ll explain later.

“Sorella, are you alright?” He sounds genuinely worried and I just cling to him a little more, nodding my head ’cause I don’t trust my voice. He leans his chin on my shoulder.

“Did he do something again?” he asks softly at my ear, and I nod again. He strokes my back and I feel the tension moving from my body. Then he grunts and whispers “Jealous bastard.” I bite my lip not to go into an anxious giggle frenzy, realizing that Ale must have been watching the devil the whole time.

“Hi, it’s Damion, right?” Alejandro says over my head. I can’t see either of them, but I can feel the tension suddenly building in the air.

Ale lets me go and stares at Damion, his eyes sparkling with misconduct. I wonder why he isn’t scared of the biker? Everybody else seems to be. He receives a cold murderous stare back but doesn’t look faced at all. Damion, on the other hand, looks as if he wants to explode. Geez, men.

“Are you gonna be okay?” Ale asks, cupping my face and I nod with a brave smile. Yep, an angry Damion I can handle … it’s his love affairs that get me down.

He picks up his bag and we watch Ale as he walks away. But he turns back and shouts at me.

“Call me later.” I smile and wave, knowing he just did that to piss off Damion even further.

“What are you doing with that guy?” Damion sounds as cold as the frozen fires in his eyes.

“He’s my hate-buddy. Not that it has anything to do with you.” Actually, it does … it has everything to do with him … but he doesn’t need to know that.

We reach the paddock where Hawk is standing half-asleep. I reach into my bag and retrieve a carrot, holding it over the fence.

Shadow Hawk is an Appaloosa Sports Horse, black with white spots on his butt and chest, four white stockings, and a big white blaze covering most of his face as well as his ears. And to complete his uniqueness, he has one blue eye; one black. He’s just absolutely gorgeous, standing at almost 17 hands.

“Hey boy.” He neighs softly and walks over, grabbing the carrot from my hand, shaking his head while chewing. Then he walks closer again, looking for some more. He starts pushing Damion with his head as if it will magically produce more carrots. I laugh but notice that Damion’s sulky attitude is gone and instead, he looks at Hawk with loving eyes, rubbing his soft nose.

“He’s beautiful!” His hand moves slowly along the silky neck.

“Do you ride?” I ask. Damion looks at me, a softness in his green eyes that I’ve never seen before, but then the shield goes up again, concealing his emotions.

“Just for fun.” He is still running his hands over Hawk’s neck. I give my pig of a horse all the carrots and as soon as he sees there’s nothing more for him to eat, he trots off with his tail in the air, shaking his head.


“So, can we go now? The others will meet us at my house.”

“Nope, I have one more stop.”

“What?” I laugh at his confused face and start walking to another building.

“Long story, but Kiara and I teach these little kids to dance.” He is tangled in his thoughts, so I keep quiet and rather try to manage the tingles in my body each time his arm accidentally rubs against mine.

Damion holds open the door for me and I walk down the passage toward the dance studio. The next moment, I trip over my own feet and, like dèjá vu, Damion catches me again. He keeps me smashed against his very hard chest, looking down at me with those demon vampire eyes.

“Don’t you make a lovely couple, but if you wouldn’t mind Mr. Perfect, she needs to get to work,” Damion smirks at Anne and lets me go.

Gmf, Mr. Perfect, fuck me!

“That can be arranged!” Damion says softly. I jolt … did I say it out loud? Oh, boy. I should seriously stop saying stupid things around him.

“In your dreams!” I snort, trying to sound convincing enough while I walk away, putting some extra swing in my steps.

“Hey boy, get your eyes off her butt!” Anne shouts and I turn around, my eyes throwing daggers at him.


“You just look so perky in those tiny little shorts.” He lifts his shoulders and scowls, making me even angrier. Anne just laughs and shakes her head mumbling something about young love.

“Mind if I watch?” Anne looks him up and down as if measuring his abilities, contemplating his offer.

“Are you going to be a distraction?”

“Distraction?” His face looks confused, almost worried, and I can’t help but smile.

“Yes, are you going to distract my girls?” Anne is still measuring him, for what I don’t know.

“Nope,” he accentuates and pulls out the p. She frowns a bit but then shoves him in the direction where the other moms are sitting, waiting for the class to start. The flickering of admiration in their eyes doesn’t go unnoticed and he blushes while running a hand through his hair before he takes a seat. Who knew the cocky Damion Grimm can be shy?

Kiara and I worked out the choreography around the song ‘Unstoppable’ by Sia, and I’m sure it’s going to hit a home run at the competition. These kids’ skills are striking it out of the ballpark, that’s for sure - for an age group between 5 and 8, they’re scary good - the two boys, and 9 girls, doing backflips and jumps that are out of this world.

They’re acting out a story where demons fight against an angel and at the end the little angel is triumphant – the ending scene is pretty perfect, the boys lifting the angel girl in the air and then her wings pop out like magic, leaving goosebumps on one’s skin. We’re going to win for sure. Kiara works with the girls and the boys are in my hands - going through the routine, fixing minor problems until all of us fall exhausted onto the ground laughing.

“Okay, we’ll continue tomorrow. Practice your steps.” Screams, shouts, and a hug-pile of small bodies surround me excitedly.

“That was awesome … I loved it.” Damion is standing right behind me. The two boys suddenly turn into silent statues of admiration.

“You’re Damion Grimm?” Chris, one of the boys in the group asks, his eyes shining with admiration. Damion bends down and shakes his hand.

“Yes. What’s your name?”

“Chris and this is Evan.” Damion shakes the other boy’s hand. “Damn, that’s so cool, wait till I tell my friends at school.” Evan’s face looks like he just picked up a million bucks. And then the girls move to attack Damion’s lower legs, almost causing him to fall over.

Anne turns to walk away, but then she turns back and points her finger at Damion as if she wants to say something, but she doesn’t. Instead, she walks past me and whispers, hard enough for Damion to hear.

“This one’s a keeper girl. HOT.” She spells the last word, fanning herself with her hand. “And those eyes are to die for.” She finally walks away laughing. The kids run to their moms, patiently waiting at the door, and with big hand gestures supposedly explain to them that they have just met somebody very important.

Damion holds out his hand at me, but I just rush past him, bumping him with my shoulder, making a beeline for the door.

“Ouch!” He mocks, faking an injury.

“I hate you so badly!”

“Cruel, you’re hurting my sensitive feelings.” He pouts his mouth like a small child and I have to be blind not to admit that it’s super cute. This guy is the ultimate player, playing girls like a fiddle, knowing exactly what strings to pull.

“I’m sure all this … “ I move my hand in big circle movements gesturing his whole body, “… thing you do, make girls kneel before you, begging for attention, but it’s for sure as hell not working on THIS girl! So you might as well stop trying to get me to drop my panties, it ain’t happening.”

“Damn, now my feelings are mutilated.”

“Ug, you don’t HAVE any feelings!”

“Just to put things straight, usually, the girls start begging when I kneel, giving them … “ I snort, not wanting him to finish his sentence, so I fast-walk to the door again.

“I am willing to demonstrate by the way.” His laugh sends goose-pimples down my spine. I keep on walking not trusting myself to answer that, ’cause the image of him kneeling before me doing whatsoever is stuck in my mind now. He takes my hand and as soon as the tingles settle down, I know my previous words were just a scam. I might just drop my whole wardrobe for this man, but he for sure as hell doesn’t need to know that.

“Mel, I’ll meet you guys at Damion’s place. Axel is waiting for me outside.” Kiara waves at me while walking out the door with a big smile on her face and her eyes on our locked hands. Sometimes I can drown my BFF in a puddle.

The air outside is cold and I’m just dressed in my skimpy gym attire. Damion takes the hoody from his waist and hands it to me.

“Here, we don’t want you to catch a cold.” I take it slowly, contemplating what to do, but then the coldness wins and I put it on. It’s way too big for me, almost stretching up to my knees like a dress. I drop my head, my nose touching my shoulder, savoring the Dior fragrance clinging to the fabric - it smells like him and I love it.

“Thanks,” I say, still breathing in his scent. He nods and then he takes my hand again. I try to pry it away, but he just increases his grip, lacing his fingers with mine.

“Any more loved ones you need to go see, or can we go now?”

“Firstly, my loved ones are not your problem,” I snap at him.

“And secondly?” He looks at me with that panty-dropping smile again. No wonder this guy has a reputation, cause I bet every girl just can’t help but want to screw him. I for sure would not mind right now.

“That’s actually all I got.” He laughs, throwing his head to the side, and I cramp my legs together trying to keep my now damp underwear up. Shoot, since when did I become such a slut?

The universe truly hates me, that’s for sure.

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