The Biker's Rules

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The truth finally told

***POV - Melaena

I’ve never been to satan’s hide-out … aka Damion’s house. Not once. Never been allowed, or invited, for that matter. Kiara and I baptized it the ‘hell-house’ in our minds.

And now I look at the breathtakingly beautiful two-story in awe. It’s mainly constructed out of limestone, with lots of glass, separated by iron and wood. It almost looks like a modern take on a mountain cottage, complete with a chimney and everything. It’s only bigger and L-shaped with a hipped roof. I slowly gawk at my surroundings while I walk on a pathway edged by green shrubs, colorful blooms, and shining lights. I think we need to find another name for this … it’s more like heaven than hell.

A forest surrounds it, the trees forming dark silhouettes in the moonlight. On one side is a little wooden dock with a large pond; misty steam evaporates from the water, creating a magical atmosphere. Hundreds of fireflies drift like stars over the surface and it looks like a fantasy fairytale scene. I stare at it in wonderment, and then eventually cope to close my dropped jaw. Anybody would be happy to stay in a place like this … I know I would. I might just come here more often … if I’m allowed to.

“It’s absolutely beautiful!” I manage to get out and I look up at him seeing the now-familiar unfamiliar glint in his eyes. He keeps looking at me for a while before he answers.

“Yes, it is.” His voice is very husky and I get the feeling he’s not talking about the scene.

“I might just stay here forever,” I joke … but it might be a fact.

“That’s the plan,” his voice still breaking low and his answer confuses me. But he must be joking back so I change the subject.

“Is this yours?” I ask, he’s still staring at me, his eyes shining like those fireflies. The corners of his mouth creep up a little as if he’s secretly smiling at himself.

“My father had it built so I can be on my own, but it’s still on their estate,” he says, “Actually there’s three of them, but they’re all secluded for privacy … one for me, one for Luke and one for … “ he stops and the anguish in his voice demands my attention, so I peer questionably at him. He runs his fingers through his hair, his green eyes clouded.

“We rent out the other two from time to time,” a vein is jumping in his jaw and now my curiosity is peaked. Who is the other house for?

He opens the front door with lots of square-shaped glass frames embedded into the wood.

“Welcome to my house, Miss Blackburn. You know … except for my mom and Thalia you’re the first girl to ever walk across this threshold,” he says proudly, taking the winds from my sails. Mixed feelings rush through my system – I’m startled to hear that he’s never brought a girl home … for a playboy like him that’s hard to believe – then I’m excited to be first … except for freaking Thalia – that makes me green. Why did he bring her here? Did she sleep over? Did they have s … nope I’m not going there … thinking dirty thoughts around him always gets me into trouble. I shake my head lightly and walk into an open-plan design with a stylish warm homey atmosphere of neutral colors, mostly soft greys, and light wood combined with black … his favorite color – and here and there broken by a dab of bright lime. I stroll towards the huge glass doors that open up on a veranda with lots of comfortable seating, even some hang mats, and swings.

Water falls from the second story into a natural-looking swimming pool complete with rocks and plants, continuing the mountain hut theme. Some more shrubs, reeds, and colorful flowers separate the green lawn from the golden beach. I can’t believe the ocean is mere meters away. To make it even more picturesque, a large barrier of rocks forms an edge on one side of the beach, forming a secluded private area. And everything is coated in soft lighting.

I pull in my breath, taking in the beauty of it all. Being rich I’ve seen my share of beautiful houses … but never one that blends so modernly well into its surroundings … without losing any functionality or comfortability. This just became my dream house … and I envy Thalia or Chloe … whichever one eventually gets to stay here.

There is a knock on the door and Damion rushes to open it. He pulls the woman into a big hug and swings her around, making her scream. He lets her go and they walk over to me. I met his mom at his birthday party but didn’t get a chance to heartily talk to her. Damion looks like his father, but he for sure has his mother’s eyes.

“Mel, you remember my mom, Hayley.” I shake her hand and get lost in her green eyes. Unlike Damion’s, they are friendly and warm and not closed off to the outside world. I wonder why a man who seemingly has everything in life, could have such a broken soul. What caused him to be that way?

“I brought food, you can just warm it later.” She holds up some bags and my tummy rumbles.

“Great,” Damion grabs the bags, “and if you’re a good girl I’ll share it with you.” He winks and runs to the kitchen while I shoot him a glare of destruction.

“Ug, my boys will drive me old way before my time,” Hayley sighs, but love is written all over her face. Suddenly I miss my mom. I always had this thought that one day I’ll get at least a mother-in-law that can fill up some of the voids. Hayley would make a perfect mom-in-law … and again I envy the two bitches … not only will one of them get to live in my now dream house … but they will also get a super mom-in-law. Damion comes back with some drinks and I look at him with a mischievous angry smile.

“How do I say this politely … but your son is a dick,” I mumble to Hayley, still staring at the devil that looks like an angel. He just cocks his brow up with a lopsided grin, and I know he does that when he’s amused.

“Ug, I know right? All the boys in my house have this annoying cocky attitude, unfortunately. It runs in their father’s side of the family.”

We giggle and she takes my arm and steers me to one of the sofas and pulls me down with her. Damion grabs a blanket from one of the chairs and throws it over me. I thankfully pull it tight … being so much in awe of this beautiful place, I’ve forgotten that I’m cold.

“But, they have great hearts and make pretty decent husbands when you fix them up a little and show them who’s boss.” My eyes grow big and I look at him with a winning smirk.

“And just between you and me, my son seems to need a good fixer-upper by the looks of it.” She winks at me and then turns back to look lovingly at her son that’s now scratching the back of his head. I love this part of him … the part where he drops his cocky attitude and becomes vulnerable like a little boy … the part when he shows his heart … the real Damion Grimm behind all the macho arrogant walls. But it doesn’t happen a lot.

“She’s extremely pretty. I can see why you and Luke are so smitten.” Damion pulls his eyes at his mom as if he wants to chastise her, but somebody is at the door again and this time it’s Uncle John. I run into his arms and he grabs me into a tight hug as if he doesn’t want to let me go. Then all my brothers arrive with Kiara and Axel, and for a few minutes, it’s chaos as everyone’s conversing simultaneously while finding a place to sit. Kiara snuggles up next to me on the couch with the blanket.

“Why are you here before us?” Jackson asks bluntly.

“Oh, I came with Damion,” I blurt out before thinking about the after-effects it could have.

“I found her at the track while exercising, so brought her with me,” he quickly explains. Yeah, found me … the stupid ass followed me there … and hold my hand … but I won’t dare tell that to my stupid brothers. Not that I would mind them killing Damion … but they would probably lock me up for the rest of my life – and I don’t want that. Jackson surveys suspiciously between me and Damion as if looking for something, so I anxiously stick my tongue out at him. He gets a sinister grin on his face and I bite my lip. Sometimes that brother scares me. I swear, no one can figure out his screwed-up mind … lots of therapists tried without success. Uncle Johns sent all of us for therapy after our mom’s death … and I’m sure it helped a little … except for Jackson. I’m not sure what happened to my brother … he never talked about it … but I did see bruises on him on several occasions while growing up.

“I don’t know if my stupid son told you why you’re here tonight,” Hayley asks as soon as we’ve settled down and I shake my head. Damion walks in with a beer for Uncle John and then, after a quick look around and not finding an empty chair, he asks me to shift up and sits down behind me on the backrest of the sofa, his legs on either side of my body. Kiara puts an arm around his leg, now situated between me and her, and leans her head against his knee. Me, I try to not touch any part of him. Hayley looks around as if to check that everybody is present before speaking.

“We think that you’re father’s past has something to do with the messages both John and Mel are getting.” I look at Uncle John. I didn’t know he also received messages. He smiles warmly back at me and then Damion puts his hand on my shoulder. So much for not touching him.

“But first, you have to understand that you can never tell anyone else about any of this, no matter what. It’s a matter of self-preservation.”

“Okay, we promise,” I say softly and the rest shake their heads in agreement. This sounds serious and now I’m glad Damion’s legs are leaning against my body, cause for some reason it makes me feel protected. Hayley looks at Uncle John and he seems almost sad, but then he shakes his head and looks at us. For once, not one of the boys in my family is making a snotty remark or saying something random, and that itself is scary as poop.

“I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the different gangs all over San Francisco?” He starts softly.

“I’ve heard of gangs and fights over the news, but no, I’m not too familiar with them.” I look around to see if the others know something I don’t.

“My dad was part of a gang,” Kiara says softly, casting her eyes to the floor. She rarely ever talks about her parents. Her dad is still in jail and her mom fell three stories to her death in our junior year; high on crack.

“Well, not many people know this, but all the gangs in the San Francisco area are ruled by one person. It all started years ago with George Garcia.” He pauses as if contemplating what to say next. I’ve heard that name before … long ago … he was my father’s boss or something.

“But let me start at the beginning. Your grandfather, Alexander Blackburn, and Damion’s grandfather, Derick, grew up with George Garcia in the ghettos. They were like brothers and vowed to get rich and powerful no matter what.” He takes a small sip of his beer.

I think about my grandfather, Alexander Blackburn, and a small chill runs down my spine. I can’t remember much about him except that my brothers were scared of him. Although my gran was always super nice to me, I once overheard a conversation between my brothers where they blamed him for the death of our grandmother. She died even before I was born.

“They started small, with drug trafficking and other illegal stuff. George excelled as a gang leader and soon they made enough money to pay for Alexander and Derick’s studies. Alexander studied law, Derick business, and accounting. Together they became a force to be reckoned with, each one doing his part and soon they become the richest most powerful men in the whole of California. They surrounded themselves with the best fighters, and bodyguards and managed to put police, judges, and even politicians on their payroll.”

My grandfather was the leader of a gang? Or lots of gangs? They were criminals … and my father worked for them? And mom? Did she know all this? She must have … And my brothers? I look around the room at their faces. They don’t seem too shocked … and I just know they knew. Were they in on this? Did they do illegal stuff? No, I won’t believe that.

“George created gangs all over the city under leaders of his choosing, pulling young poor kids into a life of crime and drugs, devastating neighborhoods into destructive crime zones. From the notorious Hunters in the Bayview area to the Towerside gang based in Vistacoin Valley, all were under his rule. If anyone tried to oppose him, they simply got wiped out and replaced.”

Wiped out? What does that mean? Did they murder them? Did my father kill people? And Uncle John … did he kill someone? I bite my lip to try and keep calm. I’m not sure if I want to hear anymore … but I want to know. I got to know. I’ve always been proud of my family … of their accomplishments … but now … now disgust is forming a lump in my throat.

“And then we came along. Being the children of the rulers came with all the luxury you could ever imagine. We had everything we could ever dream of and went to the best schools and universities - but at a cost.” He takes another sip of beer, his eyes staring into the distance.

“We were kids of circumstance. Alberto Garcia, Deimos, and Xander, your father, were the same age, while Deimos’s younger sister, Sophia, and I were two years younger. Later on, George took in two boys, the orphans of a very good friend.” His eyes drift to look at Kiara.

“These kids were your father and uncle, and that’s why your father ended up being my best friend.” He gives a sad sigh.

“At first we were oblivious about what exactly our parents were part of, but as we got older we were pulled more and more into their world, seeing first-hand the cruelty and destruction hidden away by the façade and well on our way to becoming monsters like them,” Uncle John wipes his hand over his face.

“But then Derick died from a heart attack and George organized a new life for his wife with her husband’s money. Deimos and Sophia moved away and dodged the bullet - growing up mostly free from the burden. Xander went to study law and met your mom, Miranda, and fell in love. We had a plan to escape together, but things don’t always go as planned.” He turns the beer bottle a little in his hand as if he’s thinking about what to say next.

“You know, your dad, realizing that our father would never let us go alive, sacrificed his soul to keep me away from all the dark stuff. I was naïve, or maybe I chose to be blind, but I honestly didn’t realize back then that he took all of our father’s monsters on him, leaving me free to do what I want. I never got to see or participate in the sick stuff like him. No wonder he started drinking so much.” His eyes drift off, getting misty as if he’s thinking way back. He gets up and starts pacing up and down in the room.

I grab Damion’s free leg now, holding onto it. His hand on my shoulder gives me a little reassuring squeeze and I immediately calm down a little. He for sure has some or other magical power over my body.

“But a series of events occurred, changing the course of fate, sending each of us on a different path. After Mel was born, Xander wanted to save his family and we came up with a new brilliant plan. Or so we thought. Never did we, in a million years, suspect things to go the way they did.” He stops and shakes his head slightly.

“I, with your father’s help, started a company - the same company I’m running now. Xander would secretly transfer money to me and I legally bought and sold weapons and other tools to George. Later I got some military contracts and the company boomed. I managed to cut myself loose from that life. Things were going in the right direction just as we wanted. As soon as the company was stable and making enough money, your father would divorce your mom and I would take you away from your grandfather. But then things started going very wrong.” He sits down again.

“Harry Brown, the bookkeeper, suddenly found some discrepancies in the books, someone was embezzling money.”

“Did my father steal the money?” Logan asks the same thing I was thinking.

“No, but he was worried that our plan will come to light if they find out about the money he transferred.”

“So who stole the money?” Logan again. For some strange reason, my older brothers are extremely quiet. Do they know something we don’t?

“I’m not sure who stole the money. The thing is, Harry’s wife, Lucy was a bit … eh … ambitious and she made her way into loads of different beds. In the end, she got the blame. Maybe it was her … or maybe she was used by one of her lovers … I truly don’t know. But the next thing, Lucy committed suicide and Harry innocently received the punishment in her place. He was severely tortured; Xander and Alberto again were forced to do the dirty deed. But Harry, although badly wounded, somehow managed to escape with his two kids.” He gets a sad expression on his face, pulling his mouth into a tight lip.

“Your father never talked about it, and I never asked. He just sped up our plan - luckily the company was successful enough … growing into one of the biggest businesses in the country. But your grandfather realized our intention … and your mom got murdered. Xander needed to disappear, leaving you kids in my care. It was not the way we planned, but at least I got to take you away as your father wanted.” His face is still sad and my heart aches for him.

“Soon after that, a car bomb killed both George and Alexander, and Alberto took over as leader. What you must understand about Alberto Garcia is that he is nothing like his father. He might be strict, but he’s also loyal and true to his word - if he makes a promise, he’ll never break it. Since he took over, he started to put loads of money back into the poor areas, fixing them up and adding infrastructures to make life better for the people there. He’s 90% a pretty decent guy.” He wipes his eyes with his fingers and down the bottle of beer, while I wonder what the leftover 10% is about.

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