The Biker's Rules

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The beach walk

***POV - Melaena

I wake up clinging to a pillow that smells like Damion and I take a deep breath, enjoying the familiar fragrance. I roll onto my back with a big smile and open my eyes slowly, not wanting to let this dream end.

“Good, you’re up.” I look lovingly at the guy sitting on the side of the bed. This really is a great dream.

“I was getting tired of your snoring.” I jump up when reality hits me, pulling the covers with me. I look around frantically. And just like that, the dream ends and the asshole is back.

“I don’t snore!” He laughs and then hands me a cup of coffee.

I eagerly take a sip of the hot beverage. If I ever needed a cup of coffee it would be right now.

“You drool too, little angel. Probably from dreaming about me naked.” His nickname for me somehow always makes me feel special like I belong to him somehow. Well, at least it’s 100% better than ‘babe’.

“Gmf!” I snort, but he’s not far from being wrong about my dream.

“I see you still wake up the same way,” he says.

“And what way would that be exactly?”

“You always wake up friendly, as if you’re stuck in a beautiful dream, and it takes you a few minutes to observe your circumstances, and then you’re just pissed and grumpy.”

I take a sip of coffee and tilt my head, shoving my chin out a little defiantly.

“The first part is true, yep, but I’m only pissed and grumpy when you’re around when I open my eyes.”

“I expected as much. Anyway, I’ve phoned that nice professor of yours, Anne, and explained that you’re going to take a day off due to family trauma. She was so nice about it. Told me to look after you cause you’re special or something. Has she met the real you?”

“What? Anne never lets anyone skip class.”

“I think she likes me! I’m perfect remember.” Oh boy, nobody can be more obnoxious than this guy right here, and immediately I’m even more irked.

“Damion, you can’t just organize my life without asking me!” He ignores my statement flat and just continues.

“Oh, and the ex-dush-dude were looking for you.” He hands me my phone and I look at the call log. I throw the phone on the bed.

“I spoke to him, but he was not extremely friendly after I told him to take a hike, oh and he was furious when he heard we’ve slept together.” I look at Damion as if he’s lost his mind, but he just has this gawky, goofy expression on his too-handsome face. Why does this guy affect me so much? I mean, he’s a jerk, most of the time. He drops a bag on the bed.

“I picked up some of your clothes while I was out. We ran out of milk.” I look in the bag and take out some skimpy denim shorts and a white boobtube shirt, looking at him with confusion. There’s also some underwear.

“Kiara let me in.” He takes out my bra and holds it up in the air. “If my measurement last night was accurate, I’ll say we’re dealing with a C cup.” He looks smug and very self-confident. Then he looks at the size on the label and his smile grows substantially.

“So, 32-C. I’m so fucking good and it’s a perfect size – a Grimm hand-full. See, we were meant for each other.” He holds his hands up, cupping them as if he’s measuring them to my boobs. I pick up a pillow and throw it at his head while screaming in frustration. He ducks, catching the pillow, the smirk still on his face.

“Ug, I hate you so much!” This time I throw him with my empty coffee cup. He catches it easily too, no surprise there.

“Get dressed, I have a plane to catch tonight.” He never asks, he just commands. Geez, he’s a dick. He shrugs when I glare at him, wishing he would fall dead, and I storm into the bathroom, closing the door, deliberately harder than necessary. A few minutes later I walk out, dressed in my shorts and top. I glance in the mirror at my reflection and wonder who packed these clothes – Kiara or him. But I want to believe that my best friend won’t send me something that covers less than 10% of my body on purpose.

Damion is waiting on the veranda. He turns around when he hears me and a delayed reaction comes over his face as he stares at me with a dropped jaw. Is he really bowled over by my looks or is he just being a man … getting his voodoo on when he sees a girl in skimpy clothes?

Girls don’t do stuff like that, we’re more refined.

He’s changed into some floral swimming trunks and a button-down shirt, all the buttons undone, leaving his whole torso exposed. This is where my eyes get stuck and my willpower is not strong enough to move them.

“What now?” I fall onto the nearest chair, legs suddenly wobbly. You’ve got to be kidding me. My brain is still jello so I blink once, then I blink again. Damion is still standing there and oh my molested bird he looks more than fine. His chest is smooth with just the right amount of muscles edged out to give him a strong but lean athletic look, not the overbearing body-building bodies like The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m not a fan of those.

He has a full six-pack and then that delicious V, a thin line of black hair runs from his navel and disappears into his pants, and I remember the image of him in the shower while I stare at the definite bulk pushing against his trousers.

Boy, mother nature sure took her time when creating this man’s looks, there’s no arguing there, and it seems that she then dashed him with the ability to do everything better than the rest of us mere mortals.

My heart is making summersaults and I’m seriously wrestling my libido down, but I try my best to act normal and refined. But his next words tell me that I might just be bluffing myself.

“If you’ve quite finished checking me out, we can take a stroll on the beach and then come back for lunch. The first of five, but I think if you witness my cooking skills, you’ll be head-over-heels after just one meal.”

I don’t even think he needs to fix me any meals, cause I’m guessing that I might be head-over-heels in love already. I know that he said he loves Chloe and that Thalia sleeps over, but deep inside my heart is still a very tiny little flicker of hope that maybe he just doesn’t know anything about love, and that he can learn to love me. I also know that he’s the epitome of trouble … but if he can fall in love with me … he’s the kind of trouble I’m willing to get into.

He walks closer and holds out his hand. I’m not eager to take it cause holding his hand feels way too good and it’s starting to creep me out. For a while, I look at his hand as if it’s going to hurt taking it, but I close my eyes and grab it quickly, waiting for the electricity to subside. He lases his fingers in mine and jerks me up. I open my eyes again. The thin material of my top brushes against his bare chest and before I can put my mind into the fight, my body wins; heat rushes to my core and my nipples get stiff as nails.

Ship, maybe he won’t notice. I gaze up at his face and there’s a twinkle in his eyes as well as a wide grin on his face. He noticed.

“Damion!” I say sharply, agitated by his eyes still resting on my boobs, cause it makes me want to kiss him more.

“What?” I’m so not going to answer that! With my hand still in his, I drag him down to the beach taking big strides. We walk a while, hands still entangled, Damion explained that his little cottage is on one end of his parents’ estate and that their house is in the middle. The beach is also part of it and thus private property.

Then both our phones beep at the same time. I take it out and look at the screen anxiously hoping it’s not D, but it’s just our group chat.

Ilkay: Just did my first penectomy. Guy had cancer. BTW – penectomy is to amputate a man’s penis.

Ilkay posts a picture of the amputated limb lying on a surgical tray.

Jackson: Fuck man, didn’t need to see that.

Enrique: I can’t imagine living without a cock.

Logan: Ye, you probably wouldn’t survive it.

I laugh out loud and then I see Damion moving his hand instinctively down to touch his manhood, making me laugh even more. Realizing what he did he gives me a weary grin.

“Just making sure it’s still okay. But I might need a second opinion.”

“Nice try buddy! Can you be any more of a dick right now?”

“You’re lucky, usually I don’t take a girl on a date before she touched my tools … eh actually, come to think of it, I never took a girl on a date before.”

“Slut! So this is a date now?” I’m trying to read his gaze, not sure if he’s making a joke or not.

“Do you want it to be?” His voice is soft and husky.

“You forget I know all about you!” I’m trying to disarm the situation.

“Is that so? So tell me what you know then.”

“Well, unfortunately, you have that superhero looks of a Hollywood star, and you use it to fuck around with any willing vagina, acting as if life is one long sexual slumber party. But you never let yourself catch feelings and you never date. You apparently have some rules you follow to keep you in line. And most importantly, you don’t do blondes.” He drops my hand and I can see the muscles in his jaw getting tense. His eyes turn to a dark green color. I realize I’ve hurt his feelings somehow.

“Wow! That’s judgemental and totally wrong.” I stop dead and turn to look at him.

“Judgemental?” I ask surprised by his actions and words.

“Yes. Things aren’t always as they appear, you know.”

“So I’m wrong about you? And what part would that be exactly – that you think you’re God’s gift to women? Or that you like girls falling at your feet? Don’t tell me, you don’t screw any available pussy? No, I got it now, you secretly like blondes?”

His face suddenly looks like a mixture between sad and furious. He pushes both hands through his hair, yelping “Ugh!”

Then he moves towards me so fast, I don’t have time to react, causing us to stand so close I have to bend my head up to look at him.

“If you were any other girl, I would have fucked you last night at some or other place and left, and we would definitely not be walking on the beach holding hands, that’s for sure. But you are you.”

I try to hide the pain suddenly ripping through me by turning my back to him, not wanting him to know how much he hurts me. I swallow the spew forming in my throat, hoping my voice would sound at least a little normal.

“I get it, the truth is I’m probably the only girl on earth you don’t feel attracted to. But it’s okay, the feeling is mutual.” I try to secretly wipe the tears from my eyes. No matter what, I can’t let him find out my true feelings.

He puts his hands on my arms and pulls me against his body.

“I’m not sure you can handle the truth.”

“Try me.” My heart beats double time.

“Okay, I would love to sink into that little pussy of yours over and over again, shit I’ve dreamt about it hundreds of times ...” Hell, maybe I’m not ready for the truth. I swallow down the desire his words stirred up. Biting my lip, I stare wide-eyed at the sand, thankful that he can’t see my face right now. And even more thankful that he’s holding me, cause else I would probably drop down.

“... BUT I’m not going to ’cause it’s not what’s most important to me,” his voice sounds so serious now that my gut tells me he’s sincere, “ I’ve played around so many times … that’s true, but I tell you now, they didn’t mean a thing.”

“Huh?” He’s totally blown my mind, I can’t even think straight at this moment. And just like that, his mood changes again. He chuckles and goes back to our previous subject. Flip, he’s truly emotionally unbalanced, changing his emotions like a chameleon on a smarty box.

“So do you want this to be a date?” Now I’m not sure if he’s serious or not – his voice playful. This man is so confusing, switching from one thing to the next like a bored person would change TV channels. I’m not sure I can keep up with that. I need to get us onto a more shallow conversation, so I try to make a joke.

“Not if I have to touch your tools.”

“I’m okay with that – for now.” He still seems slightly serious, but I know he can’t be, he’s just playing a game. I also have to play then, or else I’ll end up drowning soon.

“Well, if it’s a date I better send a picture of you to my brothers. They always have to approve my dates.” I lean over to him, taking a quick picture of us, cozily together in our skimpy clothes, and then I post it on our group chat.

Mel: My beach date (winky-face)

Suddenly our phones are alive with incoming text messages.

Logan: Haha funny (laughing-face emoji) Damion doesn’t date.

Enrique: OMG just get dressed already – both of you.

Mel: Yeh, right and take all the fun out of it.

Logan: I’m with Enrique please get some more clothes on.

Kiara: HOT (red-chili emoji)

Axel: Ah, miracles do happen!

Ilkay: (slap-face-monkey emoji) Gross!

Jackson: Fuck. Let’s put the girls in a convent.

Ilkay: Good idea ... then we don’t have to murder every guy they date.

Kiara: We’re not going to be nuns just so you assholes can sleep better at night!

Enrique: No worries … Damion turned into a nun – he’s pussy whipped by some girl.

Jackson: WTF?

Ilkay: Seriously?

Logan: No ways … he can’t be!

Ilkay: Looks like Logan’s got a little man-crush.

Logan: Fuck off!

Uncle John: Not sure how I feel about this.

Ilkay: Me too.

Enrique: Damion, if you touch my sister you’re dead.

Jackson: Double dead.

Logan: For real!

Mel: Such a lot of prunes – can’t even take a joke. (winky-face emoji)

Logan: Still want to know why you are with him?

Axel: My question too.

Mel: His mom invited me for breakfast … so keep your pants on, we’re just talking – not breaking any rules.

I have to lie … cause if they knew I’ve spent the night with him … oh boy he’s as good as dead … and I would feel somewhat responsible for that – after all, I’m the one who posted the picture.

Ilkay: As long as Damion keeps his pants on I’m good.

I know it would probably cause a revolution or the next World War if this was a real date. I slip my phone back into my pants. Damion looks at his phone and reads the messages and before I can say anything he shakes his head laughing.

“They gave permission it seems as long as I keep my pants on. Yet, they said nothing about your pants needing to stay on.” I choke on some spit and start coughing viciously. He just laughs and takes my hand again.

“So what’s your answer?” He looks straight into my eyes and catawampus, I do want to go on a date with him, but not until he decides what he truly wants.

“Maybe, but before we date, let’s play 20 questions ... to get to know each other a little better,” I throw the bone out there, hoping to get him to open up a bit.

“Huh?” He looks down at me as a small wave splashes over our feet and I condemn those eyes of his.

“Favourite TV series?” I ask to get things going.

“I like GOT and Criminal Minds. You?”

“Vampire Diaries. There are lots of sexy guys in it.”

“Never seen it.”

“Ug, are you serious? We’ll just have to watch it sometime!” The words are out before I grasp exactly what I said. Did I just admit that I want to spend some more time with him? Damion looks down at me but I can’t read his expression.

“What will the perfect date be?” he asks and kicks some sand up with his foot.

“Um, don’t think it truly matters when it’s with the right person, but not something overboard. Something simple but perfect,” and that’s my honest answer. Ren always thought the bigger the better … but that’s not me. Damion gives a small chuckle.

“Like a night at the zoo or a day at the Boardwalk?” I’m going to ignore that statement, totally ignore it. Even though that were the best days … they both ended up in heartache – for me.

“Tits or ass.” I’m trying to rattle him, but I think I’m rattling myself more ... cause I’m starting to fall harder for Damion Grimm every time I see him. Ug, who am I kidding, I’ve fallen for him many moons ago.

“You going to make me choose? We both agreed that you have nice tits, remember ... but I’ll let you in on a little secret. You also have a pretty perfect ass. Please don’t make me choose!” He pulls a sour face with pleading eyes. Yep, I’m a total sucker for punishment.

“Brains or braw?” His next question. I stop and put my finger on my lips, acting as if I’m in deep thought.

“Both ... I need something to drool over during deep conversations.”

“So would I comply ... I mean, just look at what you’re getting here.” He moves his hands in an up-and-down motion, gesturing to his body. I just shake my head thinking that it’s definitely a droolable piece of meat. “And I have the brains too!”

“Cocky much?”

“It’s my signature trade. Runs in the family remember.”

“Oh, my word, don’t you ever get embarrassed or feel shy, timid, uncertain, unsure, something, anything?”

“Huh?” He stops and cocks his head to the side, looking baffled. I guess those feelings are unprecedented to him.

“It seems those words are foreign to you.” He pouts his mouth and then that famous grin smothers his way-to-handsome face, forming those dimples that make my knees buckle.

“And here I thought my feelings are an open book.”

“Nope, you’re moody, dark, mysterious, and extremely cocky, typical Batman attitude.”

“True, but I’m not one to brag or anything.” His super sexy smile grows a little bigger.

“OMG, I’m so not gonna comment on that.” I stop and look up at him. Another wave splashes around our legs, and I’m so overwhelmed that I only notice the small group of joggers when they’re very close to us. The bunch of pretty girls, wearing skimpy outfits, stop running. The one almost falls over her own feet and I just roll my eyes at the sky. They openly gape at Damion and he gives them that signature smirk, tipping his head to the side. I try to ignore the stares and look at the sand instead.

“Hi, Mel!” One shouts and only then do I recognize Thalia. I wave at her feeling a bit silly, cause here I am walking hand in hand with the man she went on a date with. I quickly pull my hand from his but he grabs it back again giving me a warning look that says don’t-you-dare-try-that-shit-again.

“It’s Enrique’s little sister,” Thalia says quietly to the group and suddenly I’m the center of attention. A few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ sound up and I wish I could just disappear.

“I’ll see you at the airport!” Thalia shouts giving him two thumbs up for some reason. The girls giggle and then continue their jog. I look at him, annoyed, shaking my head. And for some or other reason, I want to shout at them to leave him the hell alone. I can’t believe she’s flying abroad with him tonight while right now he dares to hold my hand. He’s unbelievable.


“What? Did I do something wrong?” He shrugs his shoulders, now trying his fuck-me-face on me.

“Stop doing that! It’s just sad to look at.” He just pulls his eyebrows up, making him even harder to resist.

“I thought this beach was like private or something?” the malicious bitch in me is still seeing green.

“It is, but Thalia and her co-workers are staying in one of the houses my parents rent out while they’re busy with a shoot.” His explanation does nothing to ease the jealousy I’m feeling right now. I need to know more or I’ll go hysterically crazy.

“So she’s going with you?” I feel stupid for saying that as soon as it’s out, but my mind is on a warpath led by the green-eyed monster.

“Yep, her next job is also in London, so we decided to fly together. But knowing Thalia I’m going to receive a lecture the whole flight. I do love that girl but she drives me almost as bonkers as you and my mom.” I give an unfeminine grunt, feeling as if the air is too thick to breathe right now. Damion turns me towards him and he gives a little chuckle.

“Mel, I have to come clean about something. Thalia … she’s my cousin.” I pull my hand out of his grip and push him with all my force. He falls onto his butt in the sand and laughs out loud. I kick some sand over his body and walk away. It’s weird, but I feel angry and relieved at the same time. It’s never happened before.

“Mel, I’m sorry.” He jumps up and walks behind me, probably staring at my butt. “I’m sorry, okay? It’s just so cute to see you getting so agitated over her.” He pulls my hair and I blush for some or other crazy reason. “Because when you’re agitated, you blush, and I love to see you blushing.”

Now I’m blushing even more and I stop dead in my tracks. He walks full-body into me, grabbing my hips to keep both of us from falling. I turn to face him.

“You’re a real pig-dick!” I can feel the anger in my eyes. He pulls his eyebrows up and smiles.

“I don’t care. You hate me anyway.”

“You’re right, and I didn’t get agitated about Thalia, OKAY!” I start walking faster and after a little while, he just takes my hand and continues our game as if nothing happened.

“So tell me what is your dream guy then? Let me guess, is it, Mr. Bean? Or maybe me?” He says, BEAST smirk still in place.

“Ug ug ug, you must be the most annoying self-centered man in the world. You’re going to drive me bonkers one day! Or maybe you already did! ”

“You still didn’t answer my question.”

“Well, it’s the opposite of YOU!”

“Great, give me some examples then, I would love to know your type.”

I think about guys that I deem hot and realize that my ‘type’ is very close to him, physically at least. And Damion being Damion, will find that out in mere seconds. Damn his vigilant brain.

“I’m not saying and you can’t make me.” The wrong words to say to a guy like him, I realize too late. In one sudden swift motion, he picks me up, throws me over his shoulder, and starts walking into the ocean. I scream and hit his back with my fists, but it’s as if he doesn’t even feel it. He just laughs and holds my feet so I can’t kick him.

“Damion! Okay, I’ll tell you!” I yell, clinging to him like a nut. He walks out and drops me on dry ground, but as soon as my feet touch the sand I start running, laughing as I hear him swear behind me. He catches up, tackling me onto the sand. I turn around, struggling for breath and he cradles me, his body hovering over mine.

“I’m waiting. So give me some names of guys you think of as hunks.” His voice is soft and husky, heating my core and sending my libido into overdrive. I need to get out, but my body is not listening to me at all.

“I must just warn you, my standards are very high. I care more about attitude and compatibility, but if I have to choose looks, there are a few dreamy guys, like the Salvatore brothers, Brant Daugherty, Burak Çelik, Sean O’Pry, and Giulio Berruti. Oh, and I almost forgot, Robbie Amell of course. There, satisfied.”

“I’m not going to say that I don’t know who that is - I don’t want to lose points in your book. But give me a minute to google them.” He falls onto his back, takes out his phone, and swipes the screen. I watch him looking at his phone for a while, he frowns, and then he looks up, annoyingly sexy grin back.

“I’m way sexier than any of these dudes,” I slap myself and fall backward, lying on the sand again. Yes, his right … but I’m not saying that.

“You’re serious right now? Damn, you are something else.” I say seriously thinking he must be the cockiest guy ever, but he’s right ... he might just be hunkier than all of those guys. He laughs.

“Glad you notice that I’m one of a kind.”

“You can say that again. The irritating hateful and annoying kind.”

“They say love and hate are separated by a thin line.”

“You realize that you’re an arrogant bastard, don’t you,” I suddenly remember exactly why I hate him. Damion moves closer, supporting himself on one arm and then he moves his other hand up along my leg. Goosebumps spread across my skin, butterflies move around in my stomach and I’m lost in the moment. I open my eyes and look at him. He’s a player, he’s playing with you Mel, get your mind in the game! I’m desperately trying to keep myself from listening to neither my heart nor my body.

“You’re doing that eye thing again!” He smiles, shaking his head.

“It’s not an eye thing ... My eyes are just naturally irresistible, can’t help it. Mel, I ... ” He sits up and runs his fingers through his hair. “... I had a good time today.”

“Me too.” Me and Damion Grimm are seriously having a moment like never before. He bends over and moves his head closer. He’s going to kiss me. This is it. I look at his plump kissable lips and open my mouth slightly in anticipation.

A big wave swoops in and floods cold salty water all over us. Damion quickly holds his phone in the air. I scramble to get up, drenched. I dig for my phone in my back pocket. Ug, it’s wet, just like me – and I mean it in more ways than one. It’s cold with the wind blowing from the ocean’s side. I shiver and can feel the goosebumps on my skin again, but this time it’s because I’m truly freezing.

“I’m cold,” I whisper. Damion smirks and looks at my breasts.

“I can see that.” I grasp that I have a pertinent nipple stand pushing through the wet material.

“Jerk!” I bunch my arms across my chest.

“You’re not helping your cause or mine.” I look down and see that my boobs are now bunched up and almost protruding from my top. He looks at me and I see the lust in his eyes, but then, like flipping a switch, his eyes change into emotionless pits.

“We have to get you back before you freeze.” Flip, this guy will truly drive me bonkers, he changes moods like I change panties. He puts his arms around me and pulls me close so his body can warm me up. I drop my head on his shoulder, still too stunned to talk so we walk back in silence.

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