The Biker's Rules

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The experiment

***POV - Damion

“What are we making?”

“Stirfry.” I pour her some wine and then we talk and laugh while cutting veggies and cooking rice. I always love to cook and mom showed me how to be skilled in the kitchen.

She leans over the pan, fanning the scent towards her nose, sniffing deep, her eyes closed. Then she looks at me with a wicked smile, one that awakes my sleepy little man at once.

“Extremely hot and he can cook. Maybe I should just marry you right now. We can always work on the attitude problem.”

“Be careful what you wish for, little angel.” My eyes move over her body and land on her lips. She’s blushing again and it drives me crazy. I take a sip of my water trying to cool down a little. I’m leaving for London in a few hours and I want … no need to spend as much time with her as possible. It’s getting harder and harder for me to focus on all the reasons why I should keep my distance.

“But seriously, is there anything you can’t do?”

“Mmm, I can’t sit still.”

“That’s it ... you can’t sit still?” She rolls her eyes.

“Yep, I’m hyperactive and wild. That’s why I need the rules - to keep me out of trouble.”

“So tell me about the rules. How many are there?” She pulls herself onto the counter and sits there watching me cook. Her eyes look like pieces of the sky at different times of the day.

“Ten.” I don’t want to think about the rules right now, thinking that I’m going to break them soon, and that will have serious consequences, huge life-changing ones.

“So you’re not going to tell me?”

“Nope!” I pull out the p.

“I’ll figure it out.” I laugh and shake my head. She’s always loved puzzles and I’m sure she won’t stop until she knows each and every rule.

“I know one has to do with sleeping with a girl in your bed.” She accentuates the word ‘sleeping’.

“Well, it’s got more to do with sex than sleep.” I highlight the word ‘sex’ and notice her nipples pushing against the fabric of her T-shirt - or rather, my T-shirt on her body - like 2 plumb berries. I try my best not to stare, but then she looks down at them as if she’s reading my thoughts. She looks back up and catches me with a nipple-piercing look and a little man standing at full attention.

To break the heated sexual tension, I wink and then serve two bowls that we carry to the TV room. The food smells divine and my tummy rumbles in anticipation.

“Now to see my first episode of Vampire Diaries. I hope you’re not just watching because of the cute guys?” I eye her skeptically.

“Told you it’s the main reason, but the story is pretty good too.” She pulls up her brows. “After Vamps, I’ll introduce you to The Originals and Legacies.” I frown, feeling excited about the hidden agenda behind her words. Without realizing it she’s suggesting spending lots of time together. She pulls her feet under her on the couch, while taking a bite of her food. I’m sitting on the other side of the sofa, gulping down my own, eyes on the screen. She takes another bite and a soft moan escapes her lips telling me she enjoys my cooking.

“You’re doing it again,” I say teasingly and she swallows her bite slowly.

“Sorry, but if you can’t handle my moaning, then don’t make such nice food.” Damn, I push down the front of my pants trying to deflate my hard dick.

“Why do you do that?” She looks at me astonished cocking her brows. Did she seriously just ask me that?

“Well, I can sit here with my tent pitched, which I would say is a bad move in about 98% of situations, or I can do a boner tuck.” I shrug my shoulders cause it’s nothing out of the ordinary, for a guy. So for a girl having brothers like hers, she should be used to this and a little less innocent.

“What the hell is a boner tuck?” Obviously, it doesn’t seem to be the case, and I’m starting to wonder if she even knows what a boner is. Kiara slipping that she’s still a virgin didn’t go unnoticed but I didn’t realize she is this inexperienced. It is both exciting and scary.

I would love to be her first but I also don’t want to hurt her. I’ve never deflowered a girl before - I don’t sleep with virgins. I don’t want a girl to lose her first time on a meaningless fuck and all my fucks have been meaningless. But with Mel it’s different, it won’t be meaningless and I’ll make sure it’s special.

“It’s when you tuck your erect member into a better more comfortable position so that others can’t tell you’re hard as a rock.”

“Oh.” She blushes and I’ve accomplished my mission.

“So, was the meal to your satisfaction, good enough to fall in love?”

“It was pretty good, but I’m not stupid enough to just fall in love with you because you can cook.” I put my bowl on the table and lie back, arms behind my head, eyes on the screen. I watch her movements out of the corner of my eye. She turns and watches me lying here. Her eyes move over my torso and land on the bulge in my pants.

“You’re staring and it’s creeping me out.” She jumps, knowing I’ve caught her in the middle of a dirty daydream and she blushes yet again.

Perfection, it’s the only way I can describe her, but I know she’ll disagree, fixated on the flaws. I know she doesn’t like her plump lips, the small scar on her left temple, and the scar where the arrow pierced her arm. She also doesn’t like her toes.

The funny thing is that it is exactly these ‘flaws’ that increase her beauty tenfold. No wonder men can’t keep their eyes away from her, not that she notices most of the time. But it’s the way she acts, the little things she does unknowingly, together with her fierce spirit and cuteness that I love the most – actually, I just love everything about her. Like I said, perfect!

“It’s not creepy! I was just thinking.” I turn to face her, curious about what story she’s going to come up with. She was seriously checking me out, but I know she’ll never confess it.

“Okay, I’ll bite ... what were you thinking about while staring creepily at my hot body, drool dripping from your mouth.” She rolls her eyes and I smile when she wipes her mouth with her hand without thinking.

“Do you always have to be so ... so ... Damion-like? I was just thinking about how I’ve known you for years now, yet you’ve never been like this with me.” Liar liar pants on fire, that was not at all what was running through her mind, but it is a good question and I decide to put some honesty in my answer.

“Maybe I was scared and you were young ... I have some pretty good reasons. But you’re always annoyed around me. Why is that? I mean, I’m one sexy, handsome, clever, and super cute dude. Why do you hate me?” I pout my mouth to complete my statement.

“OMG, see that right there is your problem!”

“What, you don’t like someone with good self-esteem?”

“No, I don’t like someone with a cocky and vain attitude! And I don’t like the way you treat girls.”

“See, rude! It’s not cocky or vain if it’s true, now is it?” Then I move quick as lightning and now her lips are just inches from mine. I stare into her sky-blue eyes, totally bewitched by the violet flecks sprayed within.

“And as for the girls, they’re always coming on to me, I NEVER chase a girl. But I think that’s about to change.” We stare at each other, and her eyes display the same want as mine.

“Care if I do a little experiment?” My voice is husky with need.

“Uh, what now? I’m not sure I want to be experimented on,” she says.

I just want a taste, to see if maybe after I’ve kissed her, tasted her, maybe I can pull her from my mind. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want her right now. Her lips part as my head descends toward hers as if in slow motion.

Her lips feel soft as a feather as I’m testing her willingness. I hold my breath and savor the moment, the feeling, the taste of berries on her lips. She might have moaned or groaned, I’m not sure. I lift my head for a second. The kiss was just a fleet touch of our lips … almost nothing … but it felt like fucking everything.

“Fuck it.” The taste of her makes me want more, and I can’t stop – I’ve lost all control. I grab her and kiss the hell out of her, a hungry, lustful but still passionate kiss. My tongue explores the seductive illegal depths of her mouth. It’s as if I’ve walked in the desert for years and she’s the first water I get to drink and I don’t want to stop.

But then I remove my lips forcefully, my hands still clutching her face. I close my eyes and pull my mouth in a straight line, trying to gain back control, my thirst for her not even close to being quenched. Damn, I shouldn’t have done that! From now on, it’s just going to be more difficult to NOT act on my urges. Fuck, Grimm, you’re so fucked.

I move back to my side of the sofa, trying to act as if nothing happened, but feeling cold and hot at the same time.

“Okay, the results of the experiment are quite clear.” I put my arms under my head and stare at the screen again. At least she didn’t slap me but instead kissed me back.

“You’re a real ass. I really hate you. And don’t do experiments on me again, I’m not a freaking lab bunny.” I smile, knowing now for sure that she doesn’t hate me and it gives me hope.

“Mmm, ye sure. I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you standing at your locker.” And that’s the truth.

I need her close to me, so I pull her over into my arms without taking my eyes off the screen, scared that she would see the longing in my eyes. She lies there frozen solid with her head on my bare chest. I can’t talk, and I’m trying desperately to keep my stupid mouth from smiling.

Her dead phone suddenly rings, it must have dried out, and she picks it up to look at the caller alert, and then she puts it on speaker.

“Hi, Kiara, how are you?”

“Good, but when are you planning to get back? Ur bros are driving me insane. What do I tell them?”

“Tell them to fuck off!” I butt in, giving my unrequested opinion.

“Excuse me?” Kiara sounds surprised, probably because she didn’t know I was listening.

“Never mind him. Damion is being a dick as usual.” She sticks her tongue out at me and I pull a face back.

“He’s a pain in my ass.”

“M.e.l.” I draw out her name.

“D.a.m.i.o.n.” She does the same adding some sarcastic attitude.

“What’s up with you two?” Kiara asks.

“Nothing,” she answers too fast, cause something is definitely going on. I just can’t let the opportunity to tease her pass me by.

“We kissed. Now she’s acting out.” She looks at me as if the living-dead ate my brain. I’m sure she’s seriously considering killing me right now.

“WHAT?!” Kiara is shouting through the phone. Mel looks at me again as if I truly am braindead and takes the phone off speaker, putting it against her ear.

“It’s not like that! He’s just being Damion. I’ll be home soon. Just tell my brothers I’m with Hayley.” She ends the conversation, still looking at me as if I’m Lucifer’s, right-hand man.

“I really really really hate you!”

“It’s just because you haven’t made love to me yet.” This time her blush creeps down her neck and disappears in her cleavage. So magnificent. I pull her onto my chest again.

“I think I’m going to like this story,” I mutter above her head as if nothing happened. We’re busy with the second episode. Elena walks into the Salvatore house looking for Stefan; the crow flies in and Damon appears with his usual cocky, sexy attitude.

“I like that dude,” I say, breathing into her hair.

“Who Damon? Yeh, you would cause in the beginning he’s a dick like you, but love changes him. He becomes the guy that always saves her, that puts her above anyone else, including himself - even if she hates him for it. Secretly he’s the hero but nobody seems to notice, and that’s true love, to not be selfish.”

I stare at the TV for a long time in silence, thinking about what she just said. True love. Is this it? How do I know if what I’m feeling is the real deal?

She’s right - if you love somebody you have to think about them first. So am I selfish to want to be with her if it means maybe destroying her bond with her brothers, with her uncle? And being my girl will change her life, everything she does will be scrutinized and pulled out of proportion by the press, twisted into something ugly for the whole world to see. And then there are also the demons hiding in my mind. Can I do this to her? Or a better question would be, can I ruin her life just to be with her?

“Umm, bad boys always fall the hardest,” I say then.

“Is that a fact, or are we talking about personal experience?” She asks and I scuff at this comment.

“Yep.” Not sure which one I’m agreeing to, but I close my eyes for a second, breathing in her scent and it’s the best smell on earth I swear. Am I bad for wanting this? Should I just let her go?

“Then there’s still hope for you guys. I would love to see you on your knees.”

“I thought we covered the what-can-happen-when-I’m-on-my-knees topic, angel.” I turn my head now fully facing her and then for the second time my lips land on hers, but this time it’s softer, deeper, and still fucking mindblowing. I know I shouldn’t do it, but my willpower is not that strong.

“But seriously I’ve been on my knees for almost 10 years already. It’s just that nobody ever noticed.” My voice is husky and barely a whisper. She stares wide-eyed into my eyes as if she’s looking for something, maybe the truth.

“Mel, if I ask you something, can you tell me your honest opinion?” She nods.

“I can try.” Her face now eagerly turned to me.

“If a guy like me, pursues a relationship, do you think it’s fair towards the girl?”

She blinks and then frowns.

“What do you mean with a guy like you?”

“Um, someone that’s broken, with a bad reputation, and being in the spotlight all the time … the paparazzi that twist every little detail into ugly knots of lies and deceit … Is it not selfish for me to want to be with her even if it means destroying her world?” I hold my breath, waiting anxiously for her answer.

“Mmm, I think the main thing is whether you’re sincere or not. If you honestly love the girl … and she loves you … then I believe none of what you said matters. It’s not selfish to want to be with the person you love … AND as long as there’s love and trust between you, you should be able to handle everything that gets thrown in your path. I mean, isn’t that what a relationship is all about … taking the bad with the good?”

I swallow down the breath I was holding. Maybe there’s hope for us after all. But I need to be 100% sure that she’s willing to go for something like this.

“So you’re saying that you would choose to be with the person you love even if it could possibly destroy your world?”

“Definitely. After all, if you’re not willing to risk everything to be together, maybe that person is just not important enough … not your true love.” Her voice breaks and I realize she’s rather emotional right now. Does she know who I’m talking about? She must … it’s rather obvious.

Then I turn towards the screen again. Stephan intervenes and the brothers get into a fight.

“I just don’t get why they are not close, they’re brothers and brothers should be close.” I’m still all coiled up from the kiss and her words, my mind running on hormonal energy right now to just try and act normal.

“They’ll get there later. We’re lucky to have brothers that we get along with and that we love to bits. Not everybody is that privileged.” I’m lucky, I have Luke and her brothers and Axel, but for how long? Will they hate me if I date their sister?

“Mel, Luke is not my real blood brother, he’s actually my cousin that’s been adopted by my parents.” I blabber it out before I thought it through. Shit, why did I say that? But maybe it’s a good thing … I don’t want any secrets between us anymore, so I’m going to trust her with this.

“My father had a younger sister, Sophia. She struggled with MS but was very stubborn, she refused any help, until she got pregnant. And not by just anybody, but by Alberto Garcia himself. He didn’t know about the baby. Luke was born in secrecy and my parents adopted him, saying he was their own. Sophia died before Luke was even a year old.”

“Oh my gosh. That’s horrible.”

“Yes it is, but I love the little dude as if he is my own brother. And Mel, please, nobody knows, not Luke or even your brothers. If Garcia finds out he’ll take Luke away.”

“He is freaking cute.”

“More than me?”

“Hhmm ...”

“But I’m dangerous and sometimes you need a little danger in your life.” She opens her mouth to disagree but then decides against it, closing it again. But then she changes her mind again.

“Did you just quote Damon?”

“Maybe. We have to go.” I get up and pull her with me.

“You can be such a caveman sometimes. I’ll pack my things.”

“Leave the toothbrush.”

She stuffs her legs through the tiny shorts that she hung on the balcony to dry out after we returned from the beach.

I pull my slacks off, only leaving my boxers, making no attempt to cover up. If she’s as naïve as I suspect she is, I need to break her in slowly. Okay … that sounds bad … not exactly what I meant. Thing is, I’ll have to take things slow … one baby step at a time. First, she has to get used to my naked body. I for sure want to explore more of her perfect figure.

My phone rings – it’s Thalia. I turn my back on Mel to answer my cousin’s call.

“Hi, are you on your way to the airport already?”

“Sorry, dude, my job got canceled at the last minute. I’m now leaving tomorrow first thing tomorrow for China. Just wanted you to know not to wait for me.” I’m a little disappointed. I was looking forward to spending time with her. But at least Logan is still going with me. We talk a little more, while I watch Mel in the mirror, her eyes peering at my body. You take a good look, little angel … from now on this body belongs to you and only you.

After saying my goodbyes, I take care to get dressed extra slowly into some ribbed jeans, a white T, and my team jacket. I have to look good, I’m going into paparazzi territory, and I’ve learned a long time ago that you always meet the vultures prepared. As I turn around I notice Mel being in a haze, biting her bottom lip and I grin moving closer to her. She has a habit of doing that whenever she’s thinking deeply about something and it’s probably the sexiest thing about her. It drives me wild and horny every fucking time.

“I love when you eye-fuck me.” I put the attention on her, not wanting her to know about the lustful thoughts – the urge to throw her onto my bed and un-virgin her clouding my mind. My words pull her from her haze and she continues to stack her stuff into a bag that she flings agitated over her shoulder when she stands up. My shirt covers the whole of her pants as if she’s not wearing any.

“Keep the shirt, it looks good on you.” I grab the said shirt at its collar, then jag her forward so hard that she falls into my arms with a little girly scream. My lips are on her open mouth and I enter my tongue into her warm depths, her body immediately folds perfectly into mine, her hands in my hair, pulling my head closer with a moan, needing more of me. Damn, she fits me like a glove, as if the universe made her just for me.

I feel my erection pushing into her stomach, hard as steel. Fuck, I just don’t seem to have any control over my body or mind around her. I need to stop while I still can.

I push her away and see on her face that she’s also fighting for control, her breathing harsh and fast and her eyes a dark blue, almost like the ocean on a stormy day. Then I hand her a grey hoody to put on over my shirt. She pulls on her sneakers, hands still shaking from the kiss and I give a big sigh and rub my face with my hand.

“Another uncomfortable night is waiting for me. You see what you’re putting me through?” I grin and pull her from the bed where she is sitting, tying her laces.

“Tsk.” She clicks her tongue and tilts her head, trying to look innocent, but instead looking anything but. I push her down the stairs before I lose all my willpower and teach her every dirty position coming up in my mind’s eye.

We take my truck this time and just when I pull away, her phone suddenly alerts her of a message.

“Ug, why can’t this guy just get the message!” I don’t think she meant to say that out loud.

“Yeh, I hate that guy by the way.” Guessing that she’s talking about Ren.

“I’ve noticed. You did beat him up.” I blink my eyes.

“He punched me first. Why were you with him?” I’m being serious, and it’s the truth. He tried to liberty me when I walked out of the bathroom, so I punched him, once ... just once.

“He was the only guy to ever ask me out, thanks to you!” I do feel a little guilty about threatening everybody to stay away from her, but I was young and in love. Nah, who am I kidding, I’m glad I did it. This girl is mine, she’ll always be mine. I must just get a way to make it official.

“He’s a duce. Luckily you didn’t love him.” She looks down quickly, but she doesn’t contradict me, telling me that I’m right and that makes me feel a lot better.

“So now you’re some kind of love expert?”

“Well, I think if you’re truly madly in love, your eyes will always find that person, you will drown in passion and you’ll be so overwhelmed that it will consume you. Even if that person drives you insane and makes mistakes, you will always forgive and forget. You’ll put them before yourself in an instant. You can’t think about living without them, even willing to die without hesitation … that there is real love.” I take a breath before continuing, “And to get back to the duce - whenever you are in a crowd, your eyes are more on me than him, and no offense, but your relationship with Ren had all the passion of a pair of gay rats. NONE!”

“My eyes on you …” she says as if in a muddle.

“Yeh, I would know ’cause my eyes are always on you.” I smile at her.

“Wow, that’s ... ” I can see she’s surprised by my answer. She didn’t take me for someone deep. She looks at the trees going by and I would love to know what she’s thinking about. She almost seems sad and I don’t like seeing her like that.

“So ... have you ... I mean ... felt like that ... real love?” Her head is still turned away, so I can’t see her eyes.

“Yes. I fell in love long ago when I was in a very dark place.”

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