The Biker's Rules

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Kicking some balls

***POV - Melaena

“MEL!” Kiara grabs me into a bear-collapsing hug as soon as my feet cross the threshold and she’s not letting go. “Never do that to me again, bitch.”

I smile and try to wiggle out of her arms cause I swear she’s restricting the blood flow to my lower regions.

“What happened to those weak arms of yours?” She immediately drops her hands and glares at me.

“Gmf, making jokes at a time like this. It was a one-night weakness, okay. Only happens whenever I need an ANNOYING guy’s help.” We both burst out in laughter leaving Jackson with a WTF expression saying “I don’t even want to know.”

“Okay, go get out of those bloody clothes, whatever they are.” She wiggles her fingers at me and pulls her face as if she’s Valentina and I just crashed her stage with a Prado outfit.

“Yeh, why are you wearing Damion’s clothes?” Jackson looks at me with his suspicious face. Damn.

“I was cold, don’t read too much into it.” I don’t need Jackson, of all people, on my case … especially not on my Damion case.

Lucky for me, he seems preoccupied with his own mind and drops himself onto the couch and switches on the TV. I take it as my cue to disappear to my room and I hear him saying something to Kiara about getting food before I close my bedroom door.

I run some warm water into the tub, cause a shower is out if I don’t want to get those stitches wet as the doctor ordered. I pour some of my lavender-flavored foam into the bath and sink into the bubbles, closing my eyes. I wonder if Damion and Logan are already on the plane.

Just then my ringtone breaks my mind-running and upon seeing the caller-id I feel my guts pull into a knot. How does he do that?

“Hello,” It’s not Harry or D … but a whole other type of danger. I answer the video call, trying to hold the phone so he can only see my face, not that it’s possible to see I’m naked with all the bubbles.

“Hi angel, just wanted to hear if you’re okay. I’m so sorry.” The worried sound in his voice rolls over me sending shivers to every inch of my body and turning my mind to mooch. His hair is all messy and he has a strange look in his eyes.

“Uh, yeah, got some stitches.” I turn my head so he can see the bandage better.

“I should have never left,” his voice changes, and he swears, hitting the wall next to him with his fist. The loud thud jolts through me … I wasn’t expecting that. Over the years, I’ve detected that he does that, maybe something he picked up from Jackson … hell knows why! He sweeps his hand over his face, his knuckles are bruised and bloody. Before I can scold him for hurting himself a male voice shouts in the background.

“I swear you’re mad! How are you gonna race with that hand? Fuck, Grimm … you almost knocked a hole in the bloody plane!” It sounds like Mark, his manager. Damion does not answer him, but he’s looking into his phone again … his green eyes looking sad.

“I’m coming back as soon as the plane lands,” he says, still sounding strange. To say I’m flabbergasted by this is an understatement. Why would he miss a race just because I got some stitches? It’s not as if it’s the first time for me in the ER. This boy is weirder than my brothers, that’s for sure.

“Damion, I’m fine … really. And my brothers are watching over me like hawks. Go win that race for me.” I look into his eyes, hoping my pep talk would calm him down and change his mind. He gives a big sigh.

“You sure you’re fine?”

“Yes.” I shake my head too eagerly and almost drop my phone in the process, managing to catch it before it lands in the water – again.

“MEL, are you … what are you doing?” I can now hear the smile in his voice and I face-slap myself. He must have seen the water and bubbles on the video. His mood changed like flipping a coin and it rattles me unexpectedly. He knows I’m naked.

“I’m getting wet … I mean I am wet … “ Did I seriously just say that? I take a deep breath.

“I’m wet … playing … LAYING …“ What’s wrong with me? Maybe the hit to my head is worse than I thought. I roll my eyes, there’s no recovery from that one, best just to move on as if it didn’t happen. But the sound of his laughter tells me that he’s not going to just move on.

“Ug, I’m laying in the bath.” I make sure to say it right.

“Is that so? So are you thinking of me while you’re play … eh laying in the bath? Now I’m coming back for sure.” His voice is super husky, his eyes turn brilliant green, and now I am actually wet and it’s not from the bathwater.

“I’m not playing with … never mind… “ I bite my lower lip, my feelings a whirlpool. His laughs fade away and he has a wild gaze that discomposes me.

I’m starting to wonder what could possibly be worse than the devil, cause that’s what Damion is. I’m sure he can teach satan a thing or two. He can for sure teach me a thing or two, even three or five, all with my legs open wide. Flip, I’m so …. what’s another word for fucked? But is it so bad that I want him to do that?

Damion will make a fortune writing books like Cockyness 101 or Getting laid for dummies. No, wait, The smile that drops panties.

“Sorry, the what?” He chuckles softly and I curse my freaking mouth for saying everything my mind musters up out loud.

“Nothing, just a book … I … ug.” Ship. Stupid, Mel. My mind races to find an epic comeback, but all I can see are those little fireflies dancing in his eyes. Boy, he for sure has me drugged, even over the phone.

“Sounds like a must-read.” He laughs again and I just shake my head. He looks away and then talks as if he’s in a hurry.

“I’m glad you’re okay. Maybe I’ll take you on a real date when I get back. I have to go, Logan’s coming. Bye, my angel. See you soon.”

“Uh, wait hold on …. what?” But he dropped the line already and I can just stare at the phone. Shoot, a date with Damion. That can’t be good.

When I eventually drag my sorry ass out of the bath, Kiara is sitting on my bed in her pj’s with some burgers and chips.

“The boys are playing a game and they’re staying over.” She gestures with her head in the direction of my door.


“Enrique showed up with food for an army.” She motions with her eyes to show that she’s also thinking that they’re overdoing the whole protection thing, but that’s how they’ve been our whole lives.

My brothers (and Axel) always protected me and Kiara even if we didn’t want or needed them to. Sometimes we used it to our advantage, but mostly it was just embarrassing and annoying.

“You remember the time when we were like 8 and they came to Jason’s party and attacked the clown,” I say while getting dressed and Kiara laughs so hard she almost falls off the bed.

“OMG, the poor thing was never the same again. He screamed like a sheep being slaughtered when Jackson tried to push him down the drainpipe.”

“And that so crashed our social vibe. It took months for us to get invited to anything again.” We both have tears streaming down our cheeks, “and all they could say is that it was Pennywise, and you can’t trust a damn clown.” I grit out between bursts of laughter, “and my mom was so pissed, she grounded them for a month.”

“You know they are totally dysfunctional, but I must admit it was one ugly clown. And I hate clowns,” I say, still filled with laughter. I take a big bite of my burger, I didn’t even realize how hungry I am.

“So, tell me about the maniac,” Kiara says.

“Ug, he’s around Uncle John’s age and has a lot of scars, like all over his body,” I start, and then I tell her between bites that Harry wants revenge and that he didn’t kill my mother … or so he claims. And I also mention the son that’s in love with me … and that I think he might be D.

“You know, it’s as if I’ve seen him before. I just can’t place it.” I bite a piece of a french fry. I guess I would have seen Harry when I was young … before everything happened … so maybe that’s why he seems familiar.

“Can you remember anything else that might help us find them?” she asks.

And yes! Something strikes me! I drop the fry in my hand, before running out the door, pulling a stunned Kiara with me.

“Hey, guys!” My brothers all look at us storming into the room. Ilkay must have finished his shift, earlier cause he’s gulping down a burger.

“Can I use one of you for a moment?” I ask in my sweetest voice. Their eyes pull up into question marks, and they don’t look too eager to participate in anything I have planned.

Okay, so over the years my experiments didn’t exactly always work out as expected, and usually, they ended up either in the ER with Doc Barney or at least in pain.

Like the time I forced Logan to hold balloons so I can practice my knife-throwing skills. Let’s just say, he ended up with a knife in his leg. And once Enrique’s nipple got pierced and he has a scar on his shin where an ax hit him while Jackson was bitten by a squirrel. There were loads more incidents like that, but in my defense, my intentions were not to harm them. And they always got their revenge somehow. But for some reason, they kept on doing it … secretly loving the thrill. And I learned over the years to pick the right opponent … especially if it’s something that might be paid back with revenge … then I use either Logan or Enrique. It’s not that their paybacks are less scary … they’re just a little bit less violent. And since Logan is not here …

“Enrique, please, it’s important. All you have to do is stand here and close your eyes for a moment, that’s all, I promise.” I know he won’t refuse, they’re all addicted to the rush of adrenaline.

Enrique gets up and stands in front of me. He gives me a suspicious look before closing his eyes. I take a deep breath, and then my knee moves up, hitting his testicles.

“Ooh!” Jackson and Ilkay shout out simultaneously hands moving to their sweet spots. Enrique’s eyes shoot open layered with pain, his face red and he grabs his manhood with his hands rolling into a ball on the ground, groaning hard.

“What the fuck Mel, he’s going to kill you!” Jackson complains and I roll my eyes at his stupidity, cause I know I’m dead. I just really wanted to do that since he almost caught me out at Damion’s house.

“Sorry bro, I just needed to see what your reaction was.” I pat Enrique on his shoulder, hoping he’ll remember this sweet gesture later when he plans his revenge.

“You could have asked.” Enrique whimpers eyes rolling to the back.

“But where’s the fun in that?” I say pulling up my shoulders. Jackson and Ilkay look at me as if I’ve just gone mad-cow crazy. Even Kiara is shocked, standing there like a Kewpie doll.

“That was a low blow – pun intended. Do you know the pain a guy experiences from having his balls kicked in?” Ilkay asks and Jackson nods in agreement.

“Do all guys experience pain?”

“Flip unless they don’t have freaking balls!” Enrique squeaks with a high-pitch in his voice still clutching his goodies.

“Cause I’ve kicked Harry hard and he didn’t even flinch an eyelid. Zilch, nothing.” We all look at Ilkay as if he’ll have an explanation for this, being the genius doctor guy and all. Then his face lights up.

“It’s one of two things, either all his tools have been removed or he has CIPA.” Enrique crawls painfully over to one of the chairs and he sits up clenching his legs together like a girl causing both me and Kiara to burp out a little pathetic giggle, but the look in his eyes makes us swallow it down fast.

“What’s CIPA?” Jackson asks, biting his lip to not look too entertained by his twin’s discomfort.

“It’s a rare condition where a person can’t feel any physical pain.”

“Fucking wish I had CIPA right now.” Enrique’s eyes are scaring me just a little.

“You’re not investigating again?” Jackson asks, giving his brother a sympathetic look.

My brothers know that I love to solve things, but sometimes my leads are a little misleading. Like the time I believed our neighbor was a serial killer hiding the bodies in his backyard. Turned out, after the police responded to my 911 call, that he was burying his dead dog. Okay, I was only 6 at the time, people make mistakes.

I tell them everything I can remember about Harry. Jackson’s face goes dark and there is fear in his eyes, and when he speaks, he sounds hoars like a frog that croaked too much during the night.

“He was tortured.” We all just stare at Jackson as if he’s making a joke, but knowing him, it’s far from comedy night at the library. Did Harry tell the truth? Was Jackson actually part of his torture? Hell, he wasn’t even in high school yet. Ilkay is the first one to get his voice back.

“What do you mean?” Jackson swallows hard and a muscle in his jaw is jumping like a buck-rat.

“I was there.” Holy ship, so it is true! I never knew any of this. What happened? Is that why Jackson seems so broken sometimes, so serious, so into himself?

“Dude, what the fuck, you never said anything about this before.” Enrique looks just as serious as his twin now.

“It was long ago. I don’t want to dwell on it. The point is, Harry was tortured and we can remove CIPA from the board.”

“Damn, I can understand him wanting revenge then.” Enrique cups his junk again. “Having your stuff removed and you’re not even guilty of the crime. Yep, I get the revenge part.”

“But why wait for almost 10 years to take revenge?” I murmur and then all of us just sit there in silence, thinking why and how a crazy guy would want revenge.

“I don’t think we’re going to figure it out just yet. Let’s rather focus on finding our little mole.” Kiara suggests after a while. We’ve figured out that D must have some inside information, as he couldn’t possibly be everywhere I was, so sad as it may sound, all our friends and close acquaintances are now suspects. We talk a little bit more about Harry and D but get bored cause there’s nothing new any of us can put on the table.

“Let’s finish our game boys,” Enrique says switching channels on the TV, stopping at the news channel when Damion and Logan appear on the screen.

“Look, it’s our boys,” he shouts and puts the sound up. I watch the scene on the screen. They must just have landed at the airport.

’MotoGP champion, Damion Grimm, was spotted at London Heathrow airport in England tonight with his best friend, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Logan Blackburn. A reliable source working at the airport said that Damion’s request to schedule an immediate return flight for his private plane has been denied due to bad weather. We asked his agent for some more information.

Dean’s face appears on the screen, a horde of microphones stuffed under his nose.

Dean looks up as if he needs extra courage before he addresses the crowd.

‘Some urgent family issues arose while we were flying here and both Damion and Logan are worried and decided to rather fly back to support the people they love.’ Dean walks back to where Damion and Logan are waiting patiently between some bodyguards. Damion looks pissed. So does my brother.

‘There you have it, something so important happened back home that Damion is willing to miss a race to tend to it. And it seems that the bad-boy was so upset that he punched his fist through a wooden division on the plane.’

They zoom in on Damion’s bandaged-up hand as the group starts walking towards the entrance of the airport, all of them looking like they want to murder someone. Some guy rushes to the announcer and whispers something in his ear. The man’s face lights up like a 150-watt globe.

‘We’ve just been informed that Melaena Blackburn, Logan’s younger sister, has been injured in a home invasion, and now the question everybody wonders about is whether this could be the reason Damion wants to return so badly?’

I stare at the TV as if it’s something from outer space, my jaw drops to the ground. WHAT THE FUDGE!

Kiara pats my head in a trans, like you would a puppy dog, her eyes also glued to the screen. Even my brothers seem to be frozen in time and thrown off balance.

Damion kicks a trashcan, definitely saying some big, inappropriate words while doing it. Logan puts his hand on his shoulder and tries to pull him away from the crowd. One of the bodyguards picks up the unfortunate trashcan and places it in its rightful spot. The paparazzi use this opportunity and crash through the barrier of guards.

‘Is Melaena the reason you want to go back home? Are you a couple?’

I watch as reporters push microphones toward Damion, waiting for an answer.

‘My sister got injured and we are worried about her, so we want to go back to see her but there’s no reason to pull things out of proportion.’ Logan answers instead. Then Dean pushes them forward and they get into a waiting car.

’There you have it, folks, like expected Melaena is the reason for the state Damion Grimm is in, giving hope to the millions of people shipping them under #Damena.’

Chloe appears on the arm of an elderly guy behind the boys looking like the cat that ate the cream, until the crowd starts chanting ‘Damena! Damena! Damena!’

‘The fans are obviously not happy that Chloe Bear is part of the entourage. Was she invited, or did she squeeze herself in by using her father’s sponsorship? Who in truth holds the Demon rider’s heart?’

Some of the ‘Damena’ shouters start throwing random stuff at Chloe; a sneaker hitting her against the head.

Chloe’s smirk disappears like mist in the sun and turns upside down instead. She gets into a car with the man, whom I assume is her father. What is she doing there?

But what truly hurts is the fact that Damion kissed me just a few hours ago, knowing pretty well that Chloe would accompany him to London.

“Damena … sounds like some kind of virus or a breed of cows.” Jackson is the first to provide his opinion.

I get up and storm to my room, feeling green.

“I’ve not forgotten my purple bruised balls, sister, nor the fact that my sperm ended up in my abdomen,” Enrique shouts and I stop halfway to my room, turning back to state my case.

“It was a necessary sacrifice. All in the name of …. “ His evil laugh stops me mid-sentence knowing Enrique will come back with some wicked revenge.

Ug, I’m getting it either way, and it’s going to be bad. But whatever he does to me can never make me feel worse than I’m feeling right now. Was I right about Damion Grimm all along? Is he just playing with my heart like before? Damena … seriously?

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