The Biker's Rules

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The gig

***POV - Melaena

Damion left me and Kiara under Axel’s command in the VIP section to go get ready with his band. And I say command in the best way possible. After the incident with Harry, the guys are set on guarding Kiara and me, but it’s getting ridiculous - some or other annoying cockhead is with me ALL the time, no matter where I go - class, dance, horse riding, home, even shopping. Look, I love the guys, but having one of them around 24/7 is not ideal for my sensitive moral.

‘Stay in the VIP section until I return and don’t you dare try something stupid!’ I imitate Damion’s words before he left in my head, pulling a face to match my ambiance. Gmf, as if I do something stupid all the time. I don’t see myself trying to escape this insane guardianship a few times as stupid. And nothing happened anyway. But you would believe that it was the end of the world the way everybody acted each time they found me. I smile sinisterly, thinking about their faces, especially Damion’s – precious.

Regardless, tonight would be impossible for me to escape – not that I’m in the mood to try anyways. The VIP section is a second-floor deck on one side of the club, separated from the main area below by huge glass panes. It’s only accessible by one set of stairs, guarded by two men as big as gorillas.

You can switch the glass panes making them either normal glass or one-way glass, thus depending on what you want, the main club can either see into the area or not. Pine tables are situated alongside the glass wall, and we’re seated at one of them.

Tonight, the glass is switched to normal, so people can see us from downstairs. I stare unfocused at the dancing mass below, infuriated, to say the least. Then some flashes make me come to my senses. I notice a few cameramen standing next to the stage, taking photos of us. Enrique always let a few lucky reporters into the main area of the club and now I’m even more pissed off with the buffoons in my life.

With most of them being in the public eye, reporters chase them around where ever they go, looking for some scandalous gossip, it’s just the way it works. And with their YouTube site (where they post all the videos of them doing dangerous stupid life-threatening stunts) having more than 150 million subscribers, they are walking life campaigns for all news stations. But it makes it a lot harder for me to focus on my life.

I’ve been photographed more this week than in my whole freaking life. And the #Damena ship going strong, the whole world is watching us hoping for us to declare our eternal love – gmf … as if that’s ever going to happen. On the contrary, Damion has been anything but in a loving mood, having some kind of anger streak, getting into fights, breaking stuff, and doing more and more high-risk stunts.

Yep, their subscribers shot up, but so did the number of cameras following us around, photos of ‘the magic couple’ flooding social media. At least our love square got more interesting when reporters caught Ren sneaking out of Chloe’s house early one morning. At least he got over our break-up, thank goodness.

And talking about that bitch, she’s sitting a few tables away from me with a huge group of people, including Ren and Jason. I’m not sure how they got acquainted and I don’t care – I’m just glad Ren stopped contacting me and that he’s out of my life.

But seriously! This bodyguard and reporters-watching thing is getting to me, big time. And that’s not even the worst part of it. No, the worst part would be if, like today, the one on guard duty sends electric shivers down your spine, leaving your skin in goosebumps and making the whole freaking zoo flutter in your intestines the whole bloody time. It’s driving me up the walls, not to mention that it’s utterly exhausting. It’s like an itch that you can’t scratch and you’re slowly going insane, until it feels as if you can rip someone’s throat out, preferably his.

That is the effect Damion has on me, and it’s been going on since he came back. Or more correctly, since I’ve met him if I’m truthful with myself – which I’m not. Anyway, I’m trying not to talk to him too much, but it is not helping much. Every now and then he would grab me out of the blue and kiss the hell out of me, just to go back to an emotionless mysterious idiot in an instance, and then the next moment he’s angry and agitated.

So right at this moment, I’m ready to commit a horrific murder if anyone just looks at me the wrong way. And frankly, the reason I’m feeling homicidal is that Damion is playing with my heart like I’m a puppet. Genuinely, I’m mad at myself for being so easily manipulated by him!

But, I just lose all sense of direction as soon as my eyes land on him. Pathetic I know. I touch my lips thinking about the kisses and a blush spread over my face.

“Judging by your face Damion was on guard duty again.” Axel leans over the table and says this with a smug face.

“Fuckoff Axel.” Yes, I just swore for real, that’s how mad I am at Damion fucking Grimm.

“That bad, hey?” I look apologetically at my friend. It’s not his fault the guy is making me want to become a serial killer.

“Sorry, it’s just that I loathe that guy. He’s cocky, smug, arrogant, stupid, and above all annoying! Not to mention emotionless!” I ramble on. But that’s not the problem, no, the real problem is that Damion seems to be oblivious about the ramifications of his presence on me. And the even bigger problem is that with each kiss my feelings just intensify and the jackass acts as if nothing happened.

“You sure you’re not secretly in love with the dude?”

“Are you crazy …. “ I’m not sure what the answer is to that question “… I hate him!” That’s it. Truthfully, that’s not it. Damion has just been a huge pain in the ass since I’ve met him because he crawled under my skin and managed to settle himself in my heart, but I always convinced myself over and over again that I hate him.

But now, now I’m struggling more and more to keep my feelings intact, the grip he has on my heart is getting stronger and stronger, and eventually, he’ll rip it open and toss it to the side – like he’s done before. But I’m not sure if I will survive that this time.

It’s like I can think of a million reasons in my mind why he’s bad for me, that he’s going to hurt me so deep that I won’t find the light again, but my heart keeps falling for him over and over again. And I hate feeling so damn weak and vulnerable.

“Okay, whatever you say. I’m going to get some drinks.” Logan is working as a barman in the VIP section tonight while Enrique is covering the bar below us in the main area.

“So, what’s your problem?” Kiara is watching me with big eyes, a knowing expression on her pretty face.

“The problem is Damion! It’s always Damion!” I shout a little and a few heads turn towards us.

“Hell, don’t I know that! What’s he done this time?“ Kiara scolds me and I move to the edge of my seat, waiting for the bomb to explode.

“What hasn’t he done?” I pout like a small child.

“Look, enough is enough! Just admit you have feelings for him and all his sexy cocky bad-boy accolades!” My eyes grow big and wide. The bomb just went BOOM!

“NO!” I say quickly trying to grab the pieces flying through my mind right now, needing to keep them together.

“No? So is it no you don’t love him, or no you don’t want to hear me say it? Mel, since you saw Damion that day at your locker, or actually at the haunted house, there’s been no other guy for you, and by the looks of it, there never will be.” I look at Kiara as if she just swallowed a cow, whole.

Suddenly the crowd downstairs goes wild and I notice Damion and some guys now standing on the stage. I can’t breathe, my heart presses tightly against my ribs, cause he looks amazingly sexy, wearing just jeans and a very tight white shirt showing off his muscled torso, the strong arms, the flat stomach.

Oh my swarming eggshells, there’s no denying, the man is a heart-throbbing, sex-on-legs beefcake. And I know Kiara is right about everything – no man can replace Damion in my life. Why, universe, why?

“I told you so – OOPS, too soon.” Kiara is being annoyingly sarcastic and overdramatic, even placing her hand over her mouth, looking like the bitch in a teenage movie. I notice Chloe standing with her hands pressed against the glass, a big smile on her face, and her eyes on Damion, and I sigh.

“Even if I admit I’m in love with Damion, he doesn’t love me back, so there’s no reason for him to find out how I feel. At least I’ll still have my pride and dignity, that’s something right?” She nods, her eyes looking at me full of pity. I hate that look.

“He’s playing with me Kiara, and I’m not an emotionless beast like him. He loves someone else and I’m just a side-dish.” I keep my eyes on him as if it’s going to change anything and then I say almost to myself, “He’s just going to break my heart in the end.”

“You know I’ll never let anyone do that sorellina!” My eyes shoot up as Alejandro moves to sit beside me, while Jesse sits next to Kiara. How much did they hear? I look over at Kiara and she just pulls her mouth sideways. Alejandro places his arm around my shoulders and leans in to kiss my cheek.

Then the people downstairs seem to take a deep breath simultaneously and the cameras flash like a disco ball, drawing our attention, just in time for me to see Damion’s death-stare before he slaps a chair over and turns his back to the crowd. For some or other reason, he’s mad again. Nothing new, he is on an emotional rollercoaster ever since he left for Italy, and I’m done trying to guess the reasons for his mood swings. Maybe he’s angry because of Chloe and Ren, fuck knows.

The crowd is silent, waiting for what’s going to happen next, but Damion pushes his fingers through his hair and picks up his guitar, looking at the other guys on the stage.

“These guys are pretty good. And like you can see, the ladies LUV them.” Axel is back and I just watch in awe as every girl in the club tries to get as close to the stage as they can. I can relate, cause all the guys on that stage look like Calvin Klein underwear models.

“They certainly have the looks I suppose,” I say without thinking and the feeling of jealousy spreading through my veins surprises me. I lean back against Alejandro’s chest with a deep sigh.

“Definitely,” Jesse wiggles his eyebrows and we laugh at him.

“The funny thing is that all of them are of the market. Mike, the guitarist, is happily married with two kids. Chris, the piano man, has a boyfriend. Stephan, on drums, has an extremely hot chick with a personality, might I add, and Damion, well …..” Axel looks up as if he said too much and then he tries to right the situation.

“Well, let’s just say that he’s never been on the market, but it’s not because of a lack of interest.” I look over the crowd of over-eager girls. So he’s a pretty boy, everybody can see that, but I’m done falling for Damion Grimm. He’s not going to hurt me any further. I’m going to show his slutty ass that I’m not one of his Reaper-girls (as his chicks are called by the press). Chloe can have him and his moody freaking attitude.

“Anyway … cheers guys!” Kiara holds up her glass and I take a small sip of mine. I’m only having this one drink, not wanting a repeat of last time.

Then Mike speaks into his microphone while holding his hands up to try and get the crowd to settle down a bit.

“Ok guys, you ready to party?” He holds the microphone up in the air and the crowd scream at the top of their lungs.

“They usually play requests from the crowd. People love it.” Axel explains. Damion is stringing on his guitar softly, looking down at his hands, not paying much attention to Mike or the crowd.

The band huddle together probably to hear which song they’re going to play first and then Mike looks over his shoulder towards the crowd with a big grin.

“Ok, guys, Damion chose our first song for the night.” Damion is still not looking up.

“Damion, is this song dedicated to someone special?” One of the reporters shouts out and Damion looks over at him pulling up his shoulders.

“Is she here tonight? Is this a love confession?” The guy yells again. He glances up at the VIP section and then quickly down at his guitar again. The reporters as well as the whole bottom floor follow his gaze and Chloe waves at them.

“Damena! Damena! Damena!” The chant echos through the club and I wonder if I’ll fit under the table. Chloe shoots me an angry look, giving me the middle finger and I try to hide my face in Alejandro’s chest.

Kiara looks at the girl with a WTF face and I give her a warning look. I don’t need any more embarrassing photos of me circling around the internet. Then Damion peeps through his lashes at the crowd with a sly smile – looking way too sexy and my heart jumps up and down. The girls go mad, trying to grab his attention.

“Is there a message that goes with the song?” Another reporter now shouts.

He just pouts his mouth and pulls up his shoulders again. Bloody idiot! Now Logan and Ilkay are glaring at me from the bar as if looking for answers. Suddenly I'm glad Jackson is away for a game. It’s all his fault! And the freaking vultures taking photos and all the people all over the world with their shipping. Don’t they have anything better to do with their time?

The people are taking photos like mad and I clasp my hand over my mouth to suppress the curse word wanting to escape my mouth, earning me a stern look from Kiara. Chloe, however, puts her hands on her heart and sends down an air kiss.

I try to focus on anything but Damion, looking at the girls standing at the bottom of the stage scream at the top of their lungs, arms reaching out to the band. I hope the tension suddenly crawling under my skin like a bug is going unnoticed. I don’t think I can stand any more excitement right now. Luckily the guys seem oblivious, their focus aimed at the band. But Kiara winks at me with teasing eyes, and I know she knows. I wrinkle my nose at her. Bitch. She smiles as soon as the word springs into my mind as if she reading my mind. I smile back. There’s a reason we’re such good friends.

The music starts and now the stress-bugs settle in my stomach growing bigger and bigger and I’m more lubricated and coiled up than a piston. I grab onto Alejandro’s leg unintentionally and he whispers softly in my ear. “Relax, sorella. Just breathe.”

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