The Biker's Rules

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Calling my name

***POV - Damion

A bone-piercing scream flies through the club and my heart skips a beat, pulling my intestines into a knot. It came from the VIP section and somehow I know it’s Mel. I drop everything on the stage and start running for the stairs. I have to pry myself from the grabbing hands in the crowd, and I feel like punching my way through, but eventually, I reach the next floor and stop dead in my tracks.

Mel’s lying as if paralyzed on a table, blood on her throat. My heart skips more than 20 beats and for more than just a moment, I can’t breathe. It feels as if I’m dying on the spot.

“Damion” I have to blink a few times. Did she just call me? I must be hearing voices.

“Damion! DAMION!” This time she’s shouting and I notice her body shaking, going into shock. The worry in me takes over and I rush to her, pushing everybody away. I notice Alejandro holding her hand, his face looking like someone punched him in the stomach. Ren is standing next to him, but he seems murderous. I don’t have time for jealousy and shit now.

“It’s ok, I’m here!” She grabs my arms, but her movements are sluggish, almost as if she’s paralyzed. I quickly access the situation and I know she’s been drugged, probably Rohypnol. He must’ve spiked her drink. There’s a cut on her neck and her shirt falls open so her underwear is exposed. Was he trying to rape her? Did he rape her? My eyes quickly scan her pants and I let out a relieved breath. Her pants seem to be intact. Ilkay appears out of thin air and I try to move so he can check on her, but she’s clinging onto me like a nut.

“She doesn’t want to let go, so I’ll hold her then you can treat the wound.” Ilkay nods and I lift her from the table into my arms, closing her shirt as best I can, turning her so Ilkay can have a look at her neck.

“Damion … the clowns … gonna kill me.”

“Shh, I’m here. Just breathe” I’m trying to look and sound calm, hiding the fucking thunderstorm of emotions inside me.

“Don’t leave.” Her voice sounds funny, almost childlike and I smile down at her face leaning against my chest.

“It’s not deep, he just pierced the skin. Take her to Enrique’s office.” I take her to the office and try to place her on the sofa, but her hands are holding onto my shirt with a fierce grip. She must be having hallucinations because of the drug, something about worms, clowns and she thinks I’m the devil saving her, so she doesn’t want me to go. I smile thinking that even her delusional visions are strange.

Logan lays Kiara softly on the one end of the sofa and I realize I was so focused on Mel, I didn’t even notice that she’s been drugged too. I sit down with Mel still wrapped in my arms, her head on my shoulder while Ilkay cleans her wound. He was right, it’s not deep, doesn’t even need stitches. Axel, being trained in first-aid checks Kiara’s pulse. I look at my hand lying on Mel’s thigh and notice it’s shaking. I keep on talking to her, calming her, while holding her tight. Her hands are clinging to my bicep and shirt so hard, her knuckles are white.

“I think we guys need to go and have a talk at the bar.” Enrique gestures with his head. I hold onto Mel until she calms down and falls asleep. Then I move away slowly, lying Mel on the big sofa, moving her behind Kiara so she’s cradling her friend. I grab a blanket from the cupboard and close both girls. Without thinking I stroke Mel’s hair back and push it behind her ear, before kissing her softly on the cheek. When I turn around to leave, Chloe is standing in the doorway. I smile at her awkwardly, feeling like a boy caught with his hand in the cooky-jar.

“What happened?” She looks pissed off. Check the worry in my eye, what do I care about her feelings. I don’t even like the girl.

“They were drugged.” I push Chloe out of the room, calling one of the bouncers to come and guard the door, before joining my friends. I don’t trust Chloe with Mel alone. At this stage, I don’t trust anybody with Mel. Enrique is busy chasing everybody into one corner of the room, making them take a seat there, placing bouncers around them so they can’t leave. I notice Ren drinking some scotch and he glares at me with a murderous look in his eyes, but I turn my focus and anger to Axel.

“You were supposed to watch her!” I shout at Axel, grabbing his shirt. He slowly removes my hands and takes a step back, his body tense as if he’s ready for a fight. Okay, so I’ve been breaking Rule 2 (Never start a fight – don’t draw first blood) more than once these past few weeks, so I take a deep breath and count to 10.

“I was, she went into the bathroom. I’m not going to hold her hand while she pees.” I clench my hands into fists, but instead of taking my anger out on my friend, I throw one of the tables across the room. And then a chair. Nobody tries to stop me, they just stand and watch, patiently waiting for me to get back some control. I take a deep breath and look at Logan, holding onto an empty glass, smelling the contents, a piece of paper in his other hand.

A young waiter is standing between Ilkay and Alejandro, looking pretty uncomfortable. I smile, Alejandro naturally looks pretty scary, and now even more so. His eyes are icy, and he has a scorned look on his face. I might not like the guy flirting with Mel, but something about him yearns for respect. And then there’s the fact that I feel sort of an attraction towards him. Not sexual attraction, no, it’s something else. Confusing I know. It’s not that I want to jump his bones and kiss him or anything, it’s just a strange feeling I have in my guts.

I look back at Axel, still holding his gaze on me as if he’s waiting for me to crack some more.

“Alejandro carried her out.” I look at Alejandro, his shirt has some bloodstains on it.

“I was on my way to the bathroom when I heard a call for help from the ladies’ bathroom. I ran into the bathroom and Mel was semi-unconscious on the floor, then that Ren guy joined me,” Ale explains what happened.

“He left the knife and his mask, if we’re lucky we’ll get some fingerprints or DNA or something,” Ilkay says and then he takes the little waiter by the arm and forcefully places him on a chair. Axel moves closer to me and he whispers in my ear.

“I’ve watched the entrance the whole time, only Ren and Alejandro went in and came out.” I look into his eyes and give him a nod. Logan hands me the piece of paper I saw in his hand earlier. I read the message and the palm of my hand makes contact with the bar.

John Blackburn, I need you to come to meet me on Thursday at 11 pm at the BAE System Pier 2.

No police.

I read the message one more time before pushing the paper into my back pocket.

“Why did she call you? Something up with you two?” Logan looks at me with scrutinizing eyes.

“No, nothing’s going on. She was hallucinating and called me the devil, asked me to keep her away from the clowns.” I know I’m lying but I can’t deal with the truth now, I need to focus on finding this D character. I pull the waiter from the chair, turning him around, pinning his arm behind his back.

“Who gave you the drugs to put into the drinks?” I twist his arm a little until he growls in pain.

“I don’t know anything about drugs. Logan gave me the drinks to take to his sisters, that’s all! I promise it wasn’t me.” He looks like he’s going to shit his pants. I shove him forward knowing he’s innocent – else he wouldn’t have drugged Kiara as well. Logan rubs his temples as if his head hurts.

“Somebody must have slipped it in before the waiter took it. I can’t say, with Chloe’s big group here it was rather busy at the bar.” He hits the table with his fist. Axel drags Ren towards us. I hate this guy with so much passion, it’s not even funny.

“So what’s your story?” Logan also doesn’t like his sister’s ex-boyfriend for some reason.

“I came out of the bathroom and saw the guy running into the girl’s bathroom. I followed him and saw Mel on the floor. That’s it.”

“Did you see or hear anybody else around at that time?”

“There was somebody in the bathroom when I went in, one of the toilets was occupied … and it was still occupied when I went out.”

“I’ll go check it out,” Axel drops Ren’s arm and walks away to the crime scene. I need to get away, to clear my head, so I walk back to the office where Mel and Kiara are sleeping. As I get to the door I hear Kiara’s voice and stop to listen. It is not my intention to eavesdrop, but I do it anyway.

“So you don’t remember anything?”

“No, I remember drinking that blue cocktail, and then it’s sort of blank. And you?” My heart flutters at hearing her voice. She’s awake. She’s going to be fine.

“I think I saw some ants crawling around, and I’m not even so sure about that at this moment. My head hurts bad.”

“I saw worms, but cute green ones, and some ugly motherfreaking clowns with knives, you know. And then the devil himself came from a hole in the roof and saved me from the clowns. And right now I have a motherfucking-thumping headache.”

“The worst part was that I couldn’t move like I was stuck to the table.”

“Yeh, I also had that. Ug, remind me to never drink a blue cocktail ever again.”

They giggle and then both groan, I push open the door. All eyes stretch wide and they look like kids caught smoking by their dad.

“How are you feeling?” Mel just stares at me as if I’m the ghost from Christmas past. I can see she’s tense.

“Okay, I guess.” She sweeps a hand through her hair.

“Who did this?”

“I can only remember bits and pieces that don’t make any sense. I only remember a clown with a knife. Ug, and some green worms.” I see her tense up again and I look down at her face. Then she looks at her torn shirt and she pulls in her breath.

“What?” I need to know everything, painful as it may be. I’m going to get this son of a bitch and strangle him. Now she’s as stiff as a corpse and I see her biting her lip. I almost lose control thinking about what he might have done or was going to do. I want to rip the fucking asshole’s head off and tear him apart piece by piece. It’s crazy to think of the amount of power she has over me, and it scares the living daylights out of me. I know I’ll give all of myself just to keep her safe. Corny, yes I know. But I keep my cool, barely, not wanting to scare her more.

“He said something about showing me how a real man fucks and …” I almost lose it completely and need to bite my cheek so hard that the metallic taste of blood forms in my mouth. She picks up the blanket and looks at her pants as if she wants to make sure he didn’t rape her. I’ve already checked her pants. I can hear her voice is shaky and after a few seconds of waiting for her to continue, I realize she’s stalling.

“AND?” Kiara prompts eagerly.

“… I remember being very scared of the look in his eyes.” She speaks so softly, but I heard every word. I take a deep breath. Shit. I try to cover my emotions as best I can at this moment and rather walk away to find Ilkay with Axel at the bar.

“The window was open. Suppose he could’ve climbed out and down, but it wouldn’t have been easy,” Axel explains.

“Can you and Axel take the girls to your parents? I would feel better if there’s a doctor around tonight and I have a shift.” Ilkay grabs my arm, his worried eyes even more so. I nod in agreement and Axel walks with me to go get the girls.

“We’re going to get you out of here,” I say as soon as we walk into the office. Mel gets up but almost immediately falls over. I catch her just in time and pick her up in my arms bridal style. She snuggles her head against my shoulder and closes her eyes. Axel picks up Kiara the same way and follows me to the stairway. I see the police have arrived and are talking to the people bundled into the corner. Chloe’s arms are waving up and down as she explains something to one of the officers.

“Don’t go breaking any rules,” Logan comments and grabs my shoulder.

“Maybe I’ll come by later when all this is wrapped up.”

“Ok, let me know.” I walk down the stairs to my car and the bouncers try to keep the press away from us. I put her in the passenger seat and buckle her seatbelt. Axel takes Kiara to his car and I tell him that I’m going to stop at a 24-hour shop on the way.

“I’ll phone my dad to meet us at my house.” I drive behind Axel, talking to my dad on the phone until I see the shop. Axel parks next to my truck.

“I’ll keep an eye on them while you’re inside.” He explains, leaning against the front of his truck.

“Do you need anything?” I ask him and he shakes his head. I run into the store to get some energy drinks, just like the doctor ordered. I end up buying chocolates, some crisps and cooldrink, pain pills, and bread. I don’t know what she wants, so I just get a wide variety, hoping something will be to her liking.

A goofy smile crosses my face as I walk past the clothing aisle and I remember that she won’t have any clean underwear at my house, so a packet of panties size small succumbs to the growing heap in the trolley. She can share with Kiara, guessing they’re the same size.

I carry Mel out of the car and dad is waiting at the door. I put her on the sofa next to Kiara. I can see that the drugs and the shock took their toll on her, she’s pale and tired as if she’s going to fall over any minute.

“Stay here!” That’s an order, but I don’t think she’s in any shape to argue with me right now. I meet Axel in the kitchen and hand him some of the energy drinks and sandwiches while dad checks them over.

“I have to go. My shift starts in two hours.” Axel munch down his sandwich and I nod.

“I’ll watch both of them.”

“They’re going to be just fine, just need some sleep.” Dad pours himself a cup of coffee, waiting for us to explain what happened. I hand him the letter and he frowns, looking worried. We talk for a while and then they leave, dad, saying he’ll talk to Uncle John. I make sure all the doors are locked behind them.

I find Kiara fast asleep on the one couch and I remove her shoes and cover her with a blanket. Mel is watching me with big eyes, her pupils large, making her eyes look eery. I carry her to my room and put her down on the bed.

Then I open the water to fill the bath, adding some bubbles. Mel is still sitting on the bed in the exact position I left her, her head leaning against one of the dark-wood posters of my bed.

“Let’s put your bloody ass in the bath.” She nods and gets up from the bed. The next moment her knees buckle and I catch her just in time, making her sit on the bed again, holding her until I’m sure she’s not going to fall over. I take off her shoes and pants and carry her to the bathroom.

“Damion, I can do it myself!” She hisses.

“I’m not trying to be a pervert here, I just don’t want you to faint in the bath. I’ll close my eyes and I promise not to look … much.” I laugh as she stares at me.

“Anyway, I’ve seen it all before.”

“I was drunk and not naked!” She doesn’t sound very sure. I help her to take off the rest of her clothes, leaving her in just those black freaking lacy underwear. I desperately try not to google over her perfect body, but I just have to steal a few secret glances and the little guy reacts on cue, pushing against my pants.

“Damion!” She scolds “You promised!” I look up into her eyes and give her my best smile.

“Sorry, shit, can’t help myself.” I look back down at her cleavage again and she hits me with a fist on my chest.

“I swear Damion Grimm, I’m going to take out your eyes with a spoon.” I look up, still smiling. “It’s just the best tits I’ve ever seen. Can’t blame a man. But I’m done now, scout’s honor” I put my hand in the air.

“You a scout? Gmf. Why don’t I believe that?” She pulls her mouth in that super cute sexy way, forming little dimples in her cheek.

“I was, a good-doing boy-scout.” Then I turn around like the good little boy I am NOT, waiting for her to get naked and into the bath. I’m glad I’ve done the bubble thing cause I don’t think my self-control will hold if I see her completely naked. The splashing of the water makes my dick stir, and my mind is thinking of all the many ways I can take her in that bath, the one with her legs over my shoulders sticking out.

“You good.”

“Yes, it’s perfect, except for the demon in the room.” A faint chuckle rumbles over my lips wondering what she would think if she knew where the demon’s mind is lurking right now. I turn around and slide down the tiles to sit with my back against the wall. If I thought my dick couldn’t get any harder, the sight of her in that bubble bath looking like a freaking angel just proved me wrong. Even her fucking painted black toenails sticking out of the foam are driving me wild.

The day I saw Mel again at the locker, a definite line was drawn in my life. Before then, it seems as if I was living every horny teenage boy’s dream life, I had my motorbikes, was popular in school, great in sport, and was quickly on my way to becoming a celebrity, but I was stuck in the darkness of guilt, fighting my demons. And to manage I needed to control every aspect of my life. Having control was the only thing I could ... well ... eh control in my life. And the things keeping me in control were my rules and sticking to them become a priority.

Then the little girl with the violet eyes from my youth appeared before me again, and boy did she go and throw my whole life upside down in just a second. Suddenly I was thinking about her all of the time and my control started slipping more and more. Then the war started inside me – a neverending fight between my feelings for Mel and sticking to my rules.

Every time Mel made me lose control, I had to counteract and do something to get my control back again. It became so bad, that I started to gain complete control over my emotions. My sex life. My racing. I even tried to control death and each time I smiled into his face, it felt overwhelmingly good, like a drug. I got hooked on the feeling, needing more and more.

So each time after I saw Mel, I took even more risks, made more bad choices, fucked more and more girls, and done more death-defying stunts, putting them on social media like a trophy. I did everything just to try and get my mind off her, but with no luck.

But this past year away from her, almost going mad and drowning in my dark side, was like a wake-up call, and I started my rehabilitation – one step at a time. First, I quit fucking around – no more meaningless sex and one-night-stands for me. And I can proudly say that I’ve been sex-deprived for this whole season. Okay, I may have increased my adrenaline boosts to compensate, but still, I’m rather chuffed with myself.

“Damion!” I realize she’s calling me, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yep.” I jump up from the ground.

“I’m finished. Can you turn around?” When I turn back she’s wrapped up in a towel and my mind is getting all sorts of dirty thoughts again, all starting with me ripping off that towel and ending with my dick in her pussy. Ug, Damion, I scold myself, just minutes ago you were acknowledging about being ‘sex clean’ and now you’re high-diving thinking about her private parts. But I’m sure sex with Mel is not bad for me but rather quite the opposite.

I hand her some clean clothes, including the pack of underwear from the store, before turning around yet again. Me being this good-boy gentleman while having a naked girl in my room is so against my nature, but I’ll do it for Mel. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never had a naked girl in my room before thanks to my rules.

“You bought me some panties?” She laughs, but I can hear her opening the packet.

“Well, it was more for me than for you. Having you without ANY underwear in my bed would probably drive my little guy nuts.” She’s already tucked in bed when I dare to look over my shoulder so I take a quick EXTRA cold shower and run downstairs.

I grab sandwiches, and the energy drinks from the fridge, as well as some of the goodies I bought on the way home. Mel opens her eyes when I put everything on the bed.

“Hungry?” I ask and she pushes herself up to grab a sandwich from my hand without a word, taking a bite, giving me a big smile.

“This is great!” She gestures to the bread, talking with her mouth full. Why is everything she does so fucking cute and sexy? We finish eating and I take the dishes back to the kitchen and put them in the washer. I look in at Kiara, but she’s still sleeping. I take her pulse and satisfied that she’s ok, I go back to my room.

“Can we watch Vampire Diaries?” She asks as soon as I get into the bed next to her. I hand her some pain pills and she swallows them down with her energy drink.

“Anything you want.” She laughs and puts her head against my shoulder. I breathe in deep, taking in the smell of her hair while pushing buttons on the remote. I must admit, I’m getting addicted to this story, especially if I get to watch it with her in my arms.

But this time my mind is drifting away from the TV, thinking about tonight. How did he spike the drinks under Logan and Axel’s noses? How did he get out of the bathroom undetected? Did he use the window?

“He was there.” She’s almost asleep, so I’m not sure if she’s dreaming or talking to me.

“What?” I don’t understand what she means. “He was there that day in the haunted house, I saw him.” I let her drift off while stroking her arm, my mind overloaded with all the information. I’m not sure who she means exactly, was D there when she got shot? But he would have been only a kid himself. Maybe he was one of the kids in her class? Or was she talking about Harry? Shit, I need to ask her, but then I look down and she looks so peaceful, that I decide it can wait until she wakes up.

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