The Biker's Rules

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The race

***POV - Damion

I wake up feeling a little squashed and I can’t move my legs. What the hell? I open my eyes to find the root of the problem draped across my legs. I jump up. Shit!

The almost naked girl falls over and lands on the floor with a soft moan. What the fuck? There is a girl in my house, only wearing panties. I sneak a peek at the naked breasts glaring at me, the luscious body. She’s not ugly, I must admit that much, but I don’t feel any need to fuck her, nor do I want to.

I passed out last night, exhausted after a grueling training session. I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch still wearing my racing outfit – thank luck for that I guess.

What is she doing here? I know nothing happened, but I for sure as hell don’t want any other girl near my house or my body for that matter. Shit, what is Mel going to think about this? Will she believe me? I fucking hope so. I slam the back of the door with my palm, scaring the girl, still sitting on the floor with her head in her hands.

After the day at my parents’ house, I’ve been hanging out some more with Mel, but we’re taking things slow and keeping it a secret from everybody, except Kiara. That’s a mission all on its own, ducking her brothers, the press, and almost every human being on the planet, but so far so good. We’ve had a few close encounters, where either me or she or both had to hide, but at least we could laugh about it.

Sometimes she’ll sleep over, with emphasis on sleep, and we’ll watch Vampire Diaries and cook together. Everything is perfect at this moment, so I’m not going to let anybody fuck around with our happiness. I walk with angry strides to the kitchen, looking for the asshole brother this girl belongs to. What if Mel walked in and saw the bitch on top of me? Shit, I don’t even want to think about that.

All the guys have keys to my house, but I think it’s high time I take them back.

“Where the hell are you?” I briskly pace through the whole house but to no avail. There is no one here. I walk back to take my anger out on the slut.

“Hey, get up!” She moans and lifts her head as if it’s not an easy thing to do, then she looks at me, a painful expression on her face.

“Get dressed. You need to go!” I’m almost yelling.

“Ug, my head hurts. Who are you? Where’s Enrique?” She pouts and openly checks me out. So my suspicions were correct.

“You have to leave. I need to be somewhere.” I’m furious at Enrique right now. He brought this girl to my house thinking … Hell, I don’t know what the hell Enrique thinks. And now that he’s gone he left her with me. Fuck that guy. This is the last time. I’m definitely taking back all my freaking keys.

“Can I get a lift with you?” The brunette asks while strapping on her bra.

“Just get dressed. I’m going to take a shower.” I go into the bathroom and shut the door. When I get out of the shower I quickly pull on some clothes, before she decides to come to find me.

I walk to the kitchen, now wearing some faded jeans with a charcoal T-shirt and sneakers, and find the brunette sitting at the table, a cup of coffee in her hands. I pour myself some and drag my fingers through my still wet hair to give it a messy look. The girl doesn’t look up and I feel a bit sorry for her.

“Are you gay or something?” Shit, what is it with these people? Do I look gay?

“Are you ready?” I ignore the question, she nods and I noticed that at least she’s fully dressed in jeans and a red blouse. I phone Enrique, angry about the whole situation, and he answers on the second ring. I don’t even give him time to greet me.

“Hey, dude, what the fuck? You can’t just drop your sluts in my house and expect me to get rid of them for you. Did you fucking lose your mind?” I’m shouting, enraged that my friend dropped me in this spot.

“What? What slut? Are you drunk or something, bro?” Enrique is now really walking on thin ice.

“The girl you left here last night.” I look at the brunette holding her head in her hands.

“I wasn’t near your house last night. I was working.” Enrique sounds lost and confused. Then the girl moans softly, rubbing her temple, and something clicks in my mind.

“I’ll call you back.” I drop the line and take a seat opposite the girl. “What happened last night?” She looks up at me.

“I went to Inferno to meet my friend. The owner, Enrique, gave me something to drink and from there on things get a little blurry. I know that I couldn’t seem to move so he carried me to his car. I can’t remember anything after that. And my head hurts badly.” I get up and give her some pain pills. I’ve seen these symptoms before – she’s been drugged – and Enrique would never do that. So what the fuck is going on here?

“I think you’ve been drugged. I’m going to take you with me to sort things out.” She walks out and I grab my bags, lock the door, and walk to my garage. The girl is standing in my driveway looking bored.

Today I’m taking the ‘family car’, meaning my red Ford pick-up. I put my bag in and jump behind the steering wheel. The girl’s jaw drops and a huge smile spread across her face as she looks at the black Lambo standing on its spot next to the Ford.

“Come on, I’m in a hurry!” I shout, waiting impatiently for her to get into the freaking truck. Okay, it’s harsh, but I’m not in the being-nice mood at this moment, getting out of bed on the wrong foot and all. And I’m anxious about what Mel is going to believe. Maybe I should not tell her about this. But we made a deal to not have any secrets from each other. And if she later finds out I was hiding this it would be way worse.

If I thought I was thinking about Mel a lot before, it’s nothing compared to how much she’s in my mind these days and it’s more frustrating than ever. She’s fudging messing with my mind. Hell, I’m even starting to swear like her. She drives me crazy and I feel out of control, even awkward around her. I had no desire to fuck that girl at all. Not that my dick is not working, on the contrary, it works a bit too well when Mel is around, but as I said … we’re taking things slow … a whole new experience for me must I add. With my mind on Mel, I swerve through the traffic with ease, and in no time I park at their complex.

“Where are we going?” Shit, I totally forgot about the female sitting in the front seat of my truck. She stays seated as if waiting for me to say something. I take a deep breath. I suppose it’s not her fault, she was drugged. But why? I get out of the truck and lean on the open door.

“We’re going to see Enrique.” She frowns and then she seems scared.

“No, he drugged me … I don’t …” But before she can finish her sentence she scrambles out of the truck and starts running away. I run after her and grab her arm. She tries to fight me off and I turn her arm to the back, holding her against me to calm her down. I hear the voice of my best friend.

“Hey, dude!” I turn my head with a big smile in his direction and see Logan walking toward me. But then my blood runs cold because a few steps behind him I see Melaena and Kiara, the latter looking at me as if the cat just dragged me from the dumpster, while Mel stares at the girl in my arms. My smile fades like mist in the sun. NO! Shit. Quickly, I let go of the girl as if I got scorched … and figuratively that might just be true if Mel won’t believe me.

I look up into the sky, cursing fate and the good-for-nothing shitface that did this to me in the first place. The slut walks back to the truck, getting into the back and slamming the door hard.

“Who’s the babe?” Logan asks when they reach me, pointing to the brunette. She occasionally looks at us and I can see the anger and fear on her face. I know I’ll have to pick my words very carefully right now. Not only must I get Mel to see the truth, but I must do it so Logan doesn’t get suspicious.

“Not a clue.” I look at Mel and see her eyes looking hurt, and now she seems angry. Why would she be angry? I know it looks bad but I didn’t do anything wrong. But I suppose with my reputation, I can’t blame her. I just wish she would trust me. Logan holds his hand in the air for a high-five and I obliged but my eyes stay focused on Mel.

“So you don’t even know her name?” We both look at the girl again, and I notice Kiara rolling her eyes with a disgusted look. Mel is looking down and I don’t have a clue what she’s thinking right now. Should I explain now or just leave it until we’re alone?

“Nope.” Now Kiara is giving Mel a what-a-dick look.

“Okay, this is awkward,” Kiara whispers, and Mel looks at her, eyes hurt, and I know this is getting out of hand real fast. Does she think that history is repeating itself? That I brought this girl here like before? I can understand if she does … fuck! I hate seeing the sadness in her eyes. And I suppose if the roles were reversed, I would probably have killed the guy before asking any questions. Mel gives me one last look and turns around, hooking into Kiara, aiming at the truck. I have to act fast if I want to save grace here.

“Someone drugged her, she says it was Enrique. I’m taking her with us to find out what the story is.” I’m speaking to Logan, but it’s meant for Mel. She turns back and I notice small traces of tears in her eyes. Fuck, I didn’t mean to hurt her and I so want to take her in my arms and ensure her I’d never do anything like what she was thinking … not again. I’m trying to show her that I’m sorry with my eyes, without Logan catching on, and it’s not the easiest task let me tell you.

“Flip, he wouldn’t do that. And here I thought you found your balls again.”

“No, fuck. You know I’m over all that.” Also meant for Mel.

“So Enrique is right, you really are a pussy-whipped monk?”

“Gmf!” Both girls snort simultaneously. A guy can never win. Logan looks at them with teasing eyes.

“I guess I’m fucked. I fell rather hard, but the girl is not making it easy.” I can’t think of what to say without him digging deeper into the matter. I notice a flickering in Mel’s blue eyes. What is she thinking? It’s not as if I did anything wrong. Someone tried to frame me, and one name, or rather one letter, pops into my mind – D.

“I would love to meet the woman that drives you to your knees,” Logan snickers, supposedly thinking about my situation. Luckily he’s not looking in Mel’s direction.

She grabs Kiara by the arm and pulls her toward the truck. She looks at me with a big smile on her face and then she bites her lip and wrinkles her nose at me. Fuck, this girl is going to turn me grey before I’m 22, cause now I have more than a semi-erection and I’m wondering if my tight biker pants are going to fit over my cock.

“It’s not funny, dude.” I pull my mouth, eyes on Melaena’s ass now getting into my truck while I hold the door open for her. She looks very pretty today, dressed in torn denim jeans, a top with thin straps over her shoulder, and some thick-soled pumps. She has her leather jacket draped over her arm.

“What’s up with those two?” Logan asks when I slam the door behind Mel.

“Fuck if I know. She’s your sister.” Another lie, ’cause I know exactly what’s wrong with them. He shrugs his shoulders.

“Maybe, but she’s still a girl. I’ll never fully understand the tit-population. Oh, Jackson said they’ll meet us there.” We also get in and I watch Mel in the mirror. Logan is talking to me but my concentration keeps wandering to a certain blond with lapis-lazuli eyes. Could it be that she’s starting to really love me too? I know she has feelings for me, but I don’t know how deep those feelings run. Logan pokes me and I turn my gaze to him, irritated to be pulled from my dream.

“So what do you think?” I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about so I just grumble, “Umm.”

“Damion! Dude, where’s your mind?” On your sister’s ass if you must know, but instead I grunt out “Huh?” and I look at him.

“I said we must have a beach party afterward.”

“Sounds fine.” At least I’ll get to see Mel longer and then she can stay over. The girls keep whispering to each other at the back and I’m dying to know what it’s all about. We drive up to some black tent canopies and I park next to a few black vans with the Reaper logo on them. I open the door for Mel, while Logan is also being the gentleman with Kiara and the brunette.

“You’re late Grimm!” My team manager yells coming from inside one of the tents.

“Sorry, Mark. Had some girl trouble! ” He shakes his head.

“With you it always is,” Dean, my agent, moans standing next to Mark. And then I focus on what Mark says about my next race.

“Smash them dead.” Logan fist-bumps my shoulder and then he escorts the girls to the VIP section where the others will be waiting for them. I told him to get behind the story by talking to Enrique and the girl.

The next moment Jackson comes crashing from outside and falls onto me, almost causing me to lose my balance.

“Shit!” My first thought is that the guy must be drunk or something. I help Jackson back up and he wipes his hand under his nose, then he looks at it covered with blood and wipes it against his shirt. That’s the strange thing about Jackson … sometimes he can’t stand the sight of blood and gag … other times it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

“What the fuck?” He growls, turning his scary gaze to where he came from. He’s not drunk, something happened to him.

“Hey, Grimm, you better keep your little spies out of our space!” A lean bald-headed man with loads of tattoos all over his body remarks, sticking his head through the tent opening.

“We found him snooping around,” it’s Graham Scott, Honda’s top rider and a real asshole. I know he just wants to get into my head before the race, but it’s not going to work. Most of my opponents try to rattle me before a race, hoping that I’ll lose focus and mess up the race, so I’m used to it. On the contrary, it just has the opposite effect - it makes me want to win more.

“Since I’m on top, why do I need to spy on you, Scott?” I salute him with a smile cause I know he chose the wrong brother to liberty a fist on. Jackson might be quieter than his twin, but he’s a hundred times scarier! Even though all the Blackburn brothers are a force to be reckoned with – Jackson is a stone-ass psycho when he’s mad. Before old Graham knew what hit him, Jackson’s foot lands on his chest, throwing him off balance and onto a van outside. Like a flash, Jackson jumps onto him and lands more than a few punches on his body before I manage to pull him off.

Graham’s teammates pick him up and help him back to their tent. He’s not going to race today, that’s for sure. Dean swears, running in a circle like a beheaded chicken, and then he disappears inside the tent, probably to find Mark. I take a look at Jackson’s nose - at least it’s not broken. He takes off his shirt cause it’s stained with blood and I hand him a clean one from our sponsored stash.

Like I indicated earlier, all of these boys are battling some inner demons … lurking, hiding, waiting to emerge. And when someone happens to poke the beast … well, let’s just say it will end badly. Yes, together we manage to mostly control them from running rogue … utilizing our own methods that mostly include an overflow of adrenaline … or sex … or fighting … even a combination of it all. Not many people know this about us … it’s a secret, something we definitely try to keep under the radar – the broken San Francisco boys. And believe me when I say that we’re all damaged in some fucked up way.

Although our tried and tested techniques help, it never seems to heal any of us. The effect of the adrenaline always wears off in the end, like any other narcotic. But since I’ve been closer to Mel, it’s as if I’m getting addicted to another even more lethal drug … one that lasts longer … one I want to overdose on time and time again.

I walk with Jackson to where the rest of the group is sitting and take a seat behind Mel. Just being close to her like this calms me down. Her eyes are on her brother holding his bleeding nose closed with his fingers.

“What happened?” Ilkay asks while examining his brother’s face.

“Honda team doesn’t seem to like Jackson,” I laugh and all the guys give Jackson high-fives with big smiles.

“So, bro, could you get to the bottom of this?” I look at Enrique, gesturing with my head to my surprise guest sitting there like a zombie.

“Well, I’m not the Enrique she met last night, so all I can think of is that you’ve been set up. And are anybody else thinking D?”

“I think you can expect some pictures leaking into the news to ruin your reputation,” Ilkay says looking worried. I quickly peer at Mel, wondering how she’s coping with all this, and the look on her face makes me want to punch some walls.

Dean walks up to me with a big smile.

“Grimm, the organizers just gave us a warning … Honda got a fine. So we’re racing, go get ready,” Mark says looking relieved. I get up and the two girls give me an encouraging hug together. I know Kiara is doing this for Mel so that the brothers won’t get suspicious.

“Good luck, Grimm,” she murmurs in my ear, “we’ll talk about that girl later.” I let her go unwittingly. I retrieve my gear from my bag and get dressed. Like my bike, my racing outfit is entirely black and plastered with logos from all our sponsors. My sleeves and helmet bare the Reaper skull logo, while my surname is written across my chest. Etched in lime green on my back are our team name and my number.

My chosen number is 13, my sister’s birthday, the 1st of March, and it seems that it might be my lucky number. I start walking the track with Sean to relax and see what I’m up against and where I can take shortcuts and risks.

Prior to any race, I always feel the most alive - this is who I am; who I’ve always been, and what I’m best at. I’ve participated in MotoCross races since I was around 3 years old, and from age 16 I was a 450cc A-class rider, winning the championship that year and almost every year since. I still do MotoCross, mostly for practice, but MotoGP is my main focus these days. I started competing in Moto2 racing when I was 14, and you guessed it, I won the championships two years running. Then I moved on to MotoGP, becoming the youngest rider to ever win a championship at age 17 in my very first season, breaking about five records with it. Yep, I’m a double champion – both for MotoCross and MotoGP. I’ve won a staggering 3 championships already (4 if you count this year) and I would love to break Giacomo Agostini’s record.

Sadly, I came in fifth place last year after missing too many races due to some injuries that occurred during a crazy accident. And even though Sean took the championship, we lost the team trophy to the Ducati team. They call us for practice runs and I walk over to my black Reaper 450cc dirt bike. Sean is already waiting for me. I smile at Graham, who is sitting in his team tent … and judging by the fact that he’s not dressed … I was right … he’s out of the race. Seeing the state of his face … the swelling and bruises, my grin increases – Jackson got him good. He looks pissed. And I suppose his manager gave him an earful about his reckless behavior and the fine.

Graham, and the Honda team, are our fiercest competitors both in Motocross and MotoGP, but we manage to beat them most of the time. Honda tried to buy me, but The Reaper team belongs to me and my family and I’ll never leave it.

“Hey Grimm, please keep the tricks to a minimum. You have your campaign race next week.” Dean is always worried I’ll get hurt and it doesn’t matter that we don’t need money from sponsors from the campaigns, he still acts as if the world is going to end if I don’t perform well for the press.

My biggest advantage in both MotoCross and MotoGP is that I’m not scared to take chances, and it makes me faster, more reckless, and a winner. Risky, I know, but it works and it keeps me ahead of the pack. I start my practice run, learning the track, figuring out where I can cut corners; trying different lanes and jumps.

When I’m satisfied I go back and refuel my bike and lube my chain. Sean and I talk some strategies, telling each other what they experienced during the practice. He’s more of a practical safe rider, so we complement each other very well. Mark brings us some food and drinks to increase our energy. Then it’s off to the rider’s meeting where the referee gives us more information and rules as well as the race order and problems that occurred during the practice runs.

“You need to go to the staging area,” one of our mechanics informs me and Sean. We do our usual fistbump and then drive off slowly. A computer has randomly selected pins for starting positions and I get behind the gate. James, the new Honda rider, is between me and Sean, but I ignore him and give my teammate a thumbs up. If all goes well we can bet on a team win for this race.

I watch the white flag come up, and I start my bike, then the 2 and the 1, and the gate drops. I’m off to a pretty good start, flying down the track towards the first hill. I figured out during practice that if I take it quite fast and make a flip in the air, I’ll skip the next hill and save some time, placing me in front. Mud sweeps up around my legs and my bike slips a few times, but I manage to keep on track and stay in first place for most of the rounds. Then in the final round, Mark’s voice sounds up in my earpiece.

“Grimm, James won’t let Sean pass, go inside and block the cocker. Sean, get ready for an outside pass.”

At the very last turn, I slow down a little, blocking the Honda team just enough to give Sean a chance to blast past both of us on the outside to take the win, while I end in second place.

And that ladies and gentlemen are the reason why Sean and I are such a great team. We’re not petty or jealous, we both put the team first, cause, in the end, it benefits us both. A great day for The Reapers. Dean jumps up and down as if it’s our first win ever. Sean is overexcited, and he grabs me as soon as he gets off his bike.

“Shit dude, thanks for the win.”

“Hey bro, congratulations.” Logan hits me on my back, and I smile proudly, but my eyes are on Mel. In his excitement, Sean grabs Kiara and swings her through the air.

“Put me down, you buffoon!” She screams making Sean drop her a little too unceremoniously and she ends up landing on her butt. We all laugh at her shocked face. Logan pulls her up and she glares at my poor teammate. Sean on the other hand stares at her as if it’s the first time he sees a girl. This is going to be fun. Kiara will probably kill Sean before the end of the day. I bump his shoulder to get him out of his haze and he blinks a few times before looking at me.

“That girl sure is fucking pretty. Just like yours.” He says softly and we both turn our heads to look at Mel.

“She’s not my girl.” I want to add a yet but decide against it. The fewer people know about my feelings for her the better. Just until I find a way to deal with her bloody stalker … and also until I find the right moment to tell her brothers about us. That is also going to be fun.

“Oh, so she’s single then?” I turn my head towards my teammate as if he has sunstroke or something.

“You keep your grubby paws off her.” It’s a serious warning. He smiles at me and holds up his hands in a defensive manner.

“Thought as much. The way you look at her says it all.”

Suddenly a group of paparazzi burst past security, storm towards Mel and encircle her. They bombard her with questions, sticking their microphones under her nose.

“What’s it like to be his girlfriend?” “Do you love Damion?” “What do you think about Damena?” “Do you think you’ve tamed the beast?” I push them away and grab Mel, putting my arm around her shoulder and pulling her close to my chest. I try my best to shelter her while trying to ram through them, but they block us.

“Damion, are you going to settle down?” “Is it Mel or Chloe?” “Are you fucking your best friend’s sister?” “Does her brothers agree?” I ignore them as best as possible. At last, the security guys manage to thrust them back behind the lines again.

“You stink.” Mel pulls her nose up and elbows me, trying to get away. I stare into her eyes for a few moments.

“Is that so?” I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder … playfully hitting her butt. She squirms, punching me on the back. Damn, this girl can hit. I laugh, walking towards the stage where my team is waiting for me. I drop her next to Logan.

“Dude, look after your sister, ’cause she’s trouble,” I mock, loving the wind-up satirize look in her eyes telling me she’s planning to get me back. Oh, baby … that’s the whole idea. Sean pops the champagne bottle and sprays it over us.

“Melaena … sister … “ a young voice shouts from behind and my blood runs cold. It’s Luke! Mel also seems stunned. She turns her head and gapes at me for a millisecond before we turn around simultaneously – just in time for her to grab my little brother in a hug. Fuck! Luke can ruin everything. We did explain to him that he should keep my relationship with Mel a secret, but he is only 9. I look over his shoulder at my mother’s face. She pulls up her shoulders.

“Eh, sorry we were late, we had to drop your father at the hospital for an emergency,” she pulls me into a hug and whispers in my ear, “Sorry, I couldn’t keep him away. He insisted to come to watch his brother.” I sigh and roll my eyes, wondering if he came to see me or Mel. Probably both if I know Luke a little.

“So when are you going to run away from my brother again to come and play with me?” he innocently asks a devastating question … his pleading face looking up at my girl. Mel seems as if she’s gonna pass out … and I think I’m not far behind her. But then mom saves the day.

“Yes, Mel, you should come for tea again … or we should go shopping … since I adopted you I haven’t seen you nearly enough,” mom takes an almost frozen Mel into her arms. I can see the serendipitous looks on her family’s confused faces and I nervously scratch the sudden itch behind my ear. Are they suspicious? Will they find out?

“Eh, you boys probably don’t know yet … but your little sister became my new daughter since we click so well,” mom says with a warm smile, now looking at the guys, her arm still around Mel’s shoulder, “You don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

Not one of them utters a word … but they nod their heads at least. Then Jackson pulls his eyes into a line.

“I think it would be good for my sister to have some motherly figure … that’s not a problem,” he suddenly bores at me, “but what I want to know is why she ran away from you?”

I swallow and try to look as unguilty as possible. But before I can even open my mouth, mom comes to the rescue once again. I guess that’s what mothers are for … and thank heavens for mine.

“Well, the other day when Mel came to visit me, Damion coincidentally was also there … and they had fun with Luke … so Mel ran away from my sons cause they wanted to throw her into the pool,” my mom lies with a straight face, grabbing Luke’s arm and giving him a secret stern look that all the guys in our household know by heart – it means shut-the-fuck-up.

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