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Truth or dare

***POV - Melaena

Kiara grabs some sand in her hand and lets it run through her fingers. I wiggle my toes, digging my feet into the sand as I watch the guys throw some wood onto the fire. They’re making a bonfire a few feet away to give provide some light and heat. I took a shower after being sticky from the sprayed champagne and am now wearing one of Damion’s sweaters over some jeans. Luckily, I have a secret stash pile of my own clothes hidden in one of his cupboards for the days I stay over.

“So what do you think about that Sean guy?” Kiara asks out of the blue.

“Well, let’s see, beach-blond hair, check, chiseled face, check, dreamy eyes, check, muscled body, double-check. In conclusion, a very handsome man. And if I have to guess, an Ilkay-personality.” If we have to judge a guy’s character, we compare it to one of the men in our group that we think comes closest to the same persona, in this case, Sean seems mostly like Ilkay. And because the guys’ personalities differ so much we have a great range to select from.

“Gmf.” My friend’s grumpy response, but I know Kiara. She never asks something like that unless theirs a very good reason behind her question. I take another look at Sean seemingly in a deep conversation with Damion. Then my eyes move to Logan, talking to a blond and a brunette. I frown and scuff. It’s the same girl Damion found in his house this morning. We still didn’t have time to talk about what exactly happened and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’ve decided the other day to trust Damion and fight for our love … so I choose to believe him.

“Hi, sis, I need your help.” Enrique drops abruptly next to me, looking rather unsure of himself. And an unsure Enrique is something that happens maybe once or twice in a lifetime. “And you owe me for the purple balls!”

“I’ll take it. Shoot!” I see Kiara has a big frown between her perfect brows, she also knows this is serious stuff so she starts talking to the girl next to her to give us some privacy.

“You see,” Enrique starts and then he grabs his hair and then his neck. “… my agent … eh … Dean said that I needed to calm down or else my sponsors are going to dump me. And I won’t get the role for that movie I want to try out for.”

“Huh?” He totally lost me.

“I need to settle down, you know, get a girlfriend or wife or something. They’re tired of my and I quote ‘irresponsible party-player man-whore’ reputation.”

“Oookkkay,” I drag out the word, still not sure where I fit into the picture.

“Mel, I’ve never had a serious girlfriend, and I’m not in love, so what do I do? You’re a girl and clever with stuff like this.” Oh my gosh. Enrique settling down … that’s almost unthinkable. If I have to opinionate in which order my brothers would settle down and get married – it would be Ilkay, then Logan … maybe Enrique … never Jackson.

“Well, how about you just get a girlfriend then? I’m sure you won’t have a problem since almost every girl out there would give up a kidney to hook up with you.” He looks at me as if I just dropped out of space.

“It’s not as if the right girl is going to just fall into my life all of a sudden, and girls always just want either money, fame, or sex from me.” Just then Noah stumbles over Enrique, landing on his lap. Some of the guys are playing ball, and Noah was in full pursuit of the ball, running backward.

“Sorry, dude,” he says, jumping up with the ball in hand.

“And you were just saying that the right girl can’t fall into your lap,” I tease my brother, “Too bad Noah is a guy or maybe the universe is trying to tell you something.”

“Gmf, you’re not helping,” Enrique snorts.

“Well, it’s not as if I can choose your girlfriend for you. But … if you’re really worried about the money aspect why not just sign a contract,” I’m trying to be helpful

Enrique now stares into the sand for a while. Then he smiles and his face lights up like New York City on the 4th of July.

“Noah … universe … contract … you know, little sister, you’re a fucking genius!” Only Enrique would know what’s going on in that screwed-up head of his.

“Ehhh … thanks I guess.” I’m not really sure what I did but as long as it gets me even for kicking him in the balls, I’m happy. My phone pings with a message and I give my brother a lazy thumbs up.

Hayley: Hi pumpkin, are we still on for dinner tomorrow?

Mel: Jip, C U then! Can’t wait.

I smile and put my phone away. But then there’s another message and thinking Hayley replied I just pull out my phone again. But it’s not her, it’s from D.

D: Looks like you’re not the only one getting screwed!

My phone pings again and it’s a photo of the brunette lying across Damion’s legs, only wearing some skimpy g-string. He’s fully dressed in his riding gear; even got his shoes still on. I know what he said this morning, but that doesn’t make what I see less sickening and I feel my intestines turn.

“You okay?” Kiara asks softly and I hand her the phone without saying a word. Her eyes get as big as saucers.

“That’s just fudged up.” She murmurs giving back my phone, but Enrique grabs it and stares at the photo.

“Ah, the nightly stalker. Well, all I know is that it wasn’t me … the girl said herself that I’m not the Enrique that drugged her. Damion thinks it’s D and giving this message I think he’s right.” He hands me back my phone and I look at him rather confused.

“D brought the girl here?”

“Yep, guess he believes the news about you and Damion being a couple. And he wants you to think that Damion is cheating on you. Maybe he hoped Damion would screw that girl for real … after all, she is his usual type.” His words cut through my heart like a warm poker. But in the same instance, it’s also warm and fussy inside. He didn’t cheat. Take that D! Enrique gets up, dusts off the sand from his pants, and then walks away.

Tears sting my eyes and I look at Damion still talking to Sean. As if he feels my eyes on him, he lifts his head and looks straight back at me with a smile.

“Mel, that man really loves you. I mean the way he looks at you is the same way a toddler looks at its teddybear.” Kiara kicks some sand into the air.

Every fiber in my body wants to get up and run into the darkness, but my stubborn mind keeps me frozen to the spot. I don’t want Damion to know that D is slowly getting into my mind, that he’s driving me crazy, that I’m scared about what’s going to happen to all of us, especially Damion. I can’t lose him most of all – just don’t tell my brothers that.

But I refuse to give that jerk-head D the satisfaction of seeing how he affects me. Nope, he’ll never know. I push my chin into the air and bite my lips into a tight smile, trying to swallow back my tears.

“Mel, are you crying?” Kiara takes my hand in hers and she looks concerned.

“I’m scared Kiara, but I don’t want anyone to know.” I wipe my face and she nods her head slowly.

“Is it D?”

“Yes, he’s a lunatic … what if he succeeds in killing one of us … I can’t lose anybody else.” Kiara squeezes my hand softly, “but not only him … my feelings scare me … I’m scared that my brothers will find out … and most of all I’m scared that something will happen to Damion.”

Kiara blinks a few times, but she doesn’t get a chance to reply.

“Let’s play never-have-I-ever … the truth-or-dare version, Jackson shouts and motions for everybody to move into a small circle. Damion comes to sit on my right side, his eyes scanning my face. Will he notice my tears? I look away from him and quickly wipe my arm over my eyes. Axel squashes in between Kiara and me. Jackson explains the rules of the game … you’re supposed to say something you have never done before in your life; the rest of the people have to drink if they have done it … the typical never-have-I-ever … however in this version, you have the option to lie – BUT if someone calls you out, you have to play truth-or-dare.

“Okay, I’ll start,” Enrique picks up his glass, “Never have I ever been in love.” Great start brother. While I take a sip, I glance over my glass and notice that out of the whole group of guys, just Damion, Ilkay, and Jesse drink.

“Awh sis, don’t tell me you’re really in love with that jerk.” Logan teases and I almost drop my glass thinking that I’ve been caught out. Then I realize he’s talking about Ren, not knowing that it’s his best friend that’s the keeper of my heart.

“Phew,” I thankfully blow out my breath. It’s Logan’s turn and he goes with “Never have I ever kissed a dude,” and all the girls drink for obvious reasons, but then Jesse, Damion, and Axel drink too.

“Shit, I knew you were gay!” The brunette looks at Damion with a bright I-told-you-so face, “I just knew it.”

“OMG, dude, you seriously lost your vibe if the girls start saying you’re gay!” Logan laughs out loud.

“He truly is,” she continues, “I was naked and alone in his house and he didn’t even look at me. I swear he wasn’t in the slightest interested.” So maybe I did make the right choice to believe in him. I look at the object of my affection and my heart wants to explode with love. He’s so not who I thought him to be and I think it’s time we start to get to know each other’s deep secrets.

“Maybe he just has higher standards.” Axel cuts her short and she folds her arms around her chest, pouting her mouth.

“I’m still waiting for the explanation where you kissed a boy.” Kiara looks at Axel.

“It’s not what it seems like,” Axel laughs looking at Damion that suddenly bursts out in laughter and everybody looks at them with confused looks.

“It was at a party when we were still in school, Axel got a dare and had to kiss me.” He shakes his head and looks at Axel his green eyes looking like small fires “And it was the worst kiss of my life.”

“Ditto!” Axel shouts out, still full of laughter.

“Wait a minute … “ Enrique suddenly speaks up. “I want to call Logan out … didn’t he kiss that girl that turned out to have a penis …” All the guys suddenly burst out in laughter, holding their stomachs. Jackson is rolling around on the sand while Ilkay falls backward balling his fists in the air. I swear sometimes I think my brothers are high on drugs or something. Logan turns as red as a beet and looks humiliated. Where was I when all this happened? Seems I missed all the fun parts of my brothers’ lives.

“To my defense, all of you guys thought she … he was hot as hell too.”

“Truth or dare my little brother,” Enrique smirked when he eventually stops laughing.

“Dare.” Enrique dares him to jump over the fire and my poor heart clenches as he runs towards the bonfire and then he makes a summersault right over it, landing safely on the other side in the sand. Nobody seems to think it was a stupid idea, except me and maybe Kiara. Logan holds his hands in the air as if he’s the king of the beach or something before sitting down again.

“Let’s just rather play plain truth or dare, guys, it’s more fun,” Ilkay suggests and most of the people agree with him. Ilkay then looks at the blond sitting next to Logan, I think her name is Ava. She’s friends with Ilkay … a nurse at the hospital or something. I hope something would happen between them so Ilkay can forget about that Amy girl that broke his heart.

“It’s your turn.” She smiles and looks at the brunette.

“Truth or dare.” The brunette pushes out her breasts and I now think that girl must be a little daft, or more likely she’s looking for attention.

“Dare!” She says with more confidence than a nerd at a science fair.

“I dare you to take off your bikini top.” Oh my gosh … I’m so not doing that. Luckily my brothers would never allow me to show my goodies in public. The girl gets up and then she let her top fly while the guys cheer and whistle. I look at Kiara and she just rolls her eyes annoyingly.

Next to me, Damion falls onto his back and covers his eyes with his arm. As if he feels my eyes on him, he removes his arm and meets my confused look. He gives a sly smile and covers his eyes again. Eventually, the girl covers her hooters, and then it’s Kiara’s turn.

“Mel, truth or dare?” Thanks, Kiara, and knowing my friend she’s going to ask the most embarrassing question ever, so I’ll try a dare. At least I know for a fact she won’t make me strip.

“Okay, I dare you to kiss the person on your right.” I give her a look of death, but she just pouts her lips and pushes her chin out.

“Bitch!” I look to my right and pat Damion on his arm. He’s still stretched out on the sand, but now has a big smirk on his face. He points to his mouth with his finger. I look up into the sky for some strength, cursing a few times in my head, and call him some names under my breath. I look at his dimples and damn, he’s sexy. I mean, he can stir up a hotness-earthquake launching much more than 20 on the Richter scale, if you get my drift.

“Kiss the gay dude already.” Miss strip-show shouts out. I move forward and put my lips on his, thinking I’m just going to give him a quick peck, but then he pulls me closer, making me gasp, and that small opening is all he needed to deepen the kiss for mere seconds. There is only one devil that can raise the fires of hell, like a blazing inferno, in my body. I swear it feels as if I have a fever, my body temperature shooting up above 41°C. Everybody burst out in laughter but I look at Damion and he just shrugs again putting his hands up.

“Shit Kiara, couldn’t you just have dared her to drink or something! This is not something I wanted to see – EVER!!!!” Logan complains while Enrique just closes his eyes with his hands and Jackson has a look that could kill. Then I sit back on my butt again, weak in the knees. I give Kiara another glare, but she has a humongous grin on her face, just the opposite of all my brothers. They look pissed, even a little nauseated. I need to lighten the situation.

“Definitely not gay,” I gasp, looking at the sand. I don’t want to face anybody right now and I need some time to compose myself.

“Did you actually have to kiss her like that?” Enrique scuffs. Damion sits up and just winks at him with a big smile. The game comes to an end when the guys, including Damion, get up and go to fill up their glasses. Axel stays seated and as soon as the devil is out of earshot he leans over to me.

“He truly likes you, you know. I think he always has.” The girls rush over to where I sit, still a little bomb-shocked from the kiss.

“Are you guys going to the ball?” Ava asks looking around at all of us.

“Of course, I’m not going to miss a party even if I don’t have a date,” Kiara shouts and winks at me.

“We could go in a big girly group,” I suggest and they all agree. Axel excuses himself and moves over to where the guys are standing around the cooler box. I notice Damion and Enrique standing on the other side of the fire, talking to the brunette. Then Enrique grabs her arms and it looks as if he’s going to kill her or something. What the hell is going on?

I’m so focused on the situation on the other side of the fire that I didn’t see Logan and Sean until they’re almost on top of us.

“We heard you girls need some dates?” Logan says and then he looks at Ava, “Would you like me to go with you?” Her face lights up and she nods her head enthusiastically. Damn, and here I hoped she would cure my big brother’s heart. Sean kneels before Kiara and holds out his hand “I would be honored to go with you if you want me to.” And then he quickly adds “And I promise not to drop you on your butt again.”

Kiara rolls her eyes but accepts his offer. Do I see a little romance blooming?

“Come with me,” Damion asks softly while holding out his hand. I quickly look around, not sure what to do. “I just need to talk to Mel about D quick,” Damion says, mostly looking at Logan now sitting between Kiara and Ava.

“Whatever dude. I’m not in the mood to think about that tonight.” I take his hand and we walk along the beach.

I hear Ava saying, “They’ll make beautiful babies!” Kiara laughs so hard she almost chokes and Logan grunts as if he’s being slaughtered. Damion’s grin grows and I know he’s heard her. Okay, I suppose he would make perfect babies, just like him.

“So, you said we needed to talk.” I remove my hand from his, knowing there are eyes on us.

“There are some things I need to explain. Mel, I promise you I didn’t do anything with that girl. It seems D drugged her at the club and dropped her here to seduce me. We still don’t know how he opened the door, maybe he has a key. I just don’t want you to think I would do anything to hurt you.” We stop and I can just make out his pleading eyes in the moonlight.

“I need you to believe me, to trust me.”

“I do. I didn’t doubt you.” He smiles and makes a happy ‘yes’ motion by pumping his arms, his hands in fists.

“We should go back,” he says and I look back at where the group is and notice that we’ve walked rather a long way, so they won’t be able to see us anymore.

“Yes, but there’s something I’ve been dying to do all night.” I move forward and plant my lips on his taking him by surprise, but he quickly recovers and with a grunt kisses me back.

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