The Biker's Rules

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A Real date

***POV - Damion

I push my foot down, speeding up my black Lambo down Grant Avenue. I’m running a little late and softly curse our main Ingenieur. We are testing out the new bikes and he made me do some extra laps cause there was something wrong with the bike’s throttle - and now I’m late!

It’s not as if I could tell him the truth, namely that I have a secret date with my best friend’s little sister. But I managed a quick shower; rushed through traffic, and now I’m parking my car in front of the small pub.

I’ve texted Mel and she’s already waiting for me inside. I know it’s not the gentlemanly thing to do, but it’s not as if I can just pick her up at her home where her brothers or the paparazzi can see us. Hiding our relationship is not what I want, but we’ve decided to do this so we can take things slow and get to know each other, before going public and throwing our lives into chaos.

I walk into the bar and immediately notice her sitting on one of the chairs at the counter with her back facing me. Even without fully seeing her I know that she’s wearing one of those dick-teasing dresses of hers again, this time a black figure-hugging number with thin straps crossing at the back to expose some flesh. To finish it off, she’s wearing black-and-gold clumps with thick soles.

A guy is leaning against the bar talking to her, and my blood starts to boil when I see his eyes skimping eagerly over her body, just to get stuck on her cleavage. When I get closer I hear the dead-man-walking say, “Let’s go someplace more secluded, babe.”

His hand reaches out to caress her bare arm but Mel pulls it away. First I see red, then I see green – but for her sake, I try to keep calm. If I make a scene, people would definitely notice and our secret might leak out.

“Can you please leave me alone? I’m waiting for somebody.” His eyes shoot up and find mine, killing him with every step I take closer to them. He seems to turn into a mixture of fear and miffed, but I seriously don’t give a shit about him or his feelings. I put on my corkiest cockiest smile ever and plant a kiss on Mel’s neck, my arms possessively encircling her. She jolts, but then relaxes almost immediately.

“Hi, angel.” Every tendon in my body is strung to full capacity … ready to take this asshole out … but I can’t afford a fight tonight, I have to prove to Mel I’ve changed my ways. I look over at the drunk-ass and with a stern face make my intentions clear as daylight, so the thick-headed dipshit can get the message loud and clear through his thick skull.

“Maybe you should find that secluded place by yourself.” I leave no doubt that he’s either leaving on his own two legs or being carried out on a stretcher. He seems to grasp the message but probably inspired by all the alcohol in his system, he courageously kisses Mel’s hand … It pisses me off instantly, and before he can even let go of her hand, I grab his arm and hit his face with my head. Like a bag of maize, he falls solidly backward between the chairs and I turn to face my beloved girl, ignoring the unconscious man on the floor.

She looks up at me with a big smile and rolls her eyes.

“Ug, do you always have to be such an alpha-boy?” I pull my face.

“A what now?” My eyes move slowly over my girl’s body, and if I thought for a second that the dress was sexy from the back, it’s nothing compared to the look from the front. This girl has me so out of control it’s not even funny … cause my boner is trying to unzip my jeans as we speak. I’m definitely fitting the bad playboy image whenever I’m around her, but I can’t control it - she gets me aroused with just one look.

“You know … like a wolf-leader thing … a control freak … ug never mind.” She grabs me behind my neck and pulls me closer for a kiss flaring on my situation. So, to defuse the pocket rocket and avoid an extremely awkward moment, I shift my position; rest my weight on my toes; lift my heels from the ground and contract my calf muscles.

Tip to all the guys out there, a man can get rid of an erection by flexing a large muscle for about 30 seconds or more. That’s some next-level Jedi shit, people. Just to make sure it works probably, I fall to plan B … I search for the worst-looking guy out there - finding a dude standing across from us at the bar - and I imagine him naked. That does the trick to sink my ship, cause I feel my junk shrivel up like a discarded gherkin.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mel frowns and I realize I must have a totally disgusted look on my face, still staring at the hairy gorilla a few feet away.

“Eh, I was just thinking about all the brave souls who died on the Titanic.” What, it’s the first thing that came to mind … sinking ship and all.

“Seriously?” She pouts her lips and I laugh softly. She bites on her bottom lip and I sigh, all my previous hard work has gone to waste, cause little Johnny is back up again. Ignoring any more plans, I simply pull my shirt from my pants so it hangs over and hides the evidence. And then I lean closer, my nose in her hair and my mouth almost touching the soft skin of her neck.

I explain the thinking-of-a-naked-dude strategy and she burps into her drink and starts coughing with laughter. Her mischievous eyes tell me that she’s not going to let me forget this soon.

The man on the floor groans softly, trying drunkenly to get up. I totally forgot about him. And not wanting any more unpleasurable moments, or to attract too much attention … I think we need to continue on our way.

“So are you ready to go?” She gets off the chair and takes my hand while I drop some money on the counter to pay for the drinks. I help her into my car and then we drive off to our next destination. I’ve planned a date where we would not run into anybody we know, and hopefully not into the press. She looks around the interior of my vehicle, rubbing her hand softly over the leather seat.

“So, Mr. Grimm, ain’t you scared that once I see all your wealth and riches I won’t let you go?” I smile softly, knowing that she might easily be just as rich as me. Logan told me that she made a hell of a lot of money with her freelancing jobs.

“Oh, I’m hoping that you would keep me forever, angel.” I place my one hand on her leg, her dress moved up and most of her perfect thighs are exposed to my hungry eyes.

“I was thinking about adopting you, but it seems you take a lot of effort to handle.” She smirks at me with teasing eyes.

“Adoption, as long as it includes me sleeping naked in your bed every night, I’m in.” She gasps and hits me with her fist on the arm.

“See, exactly the tiresome handiwork I was talking about.”

“So you think it’s exhausting if I think of my girlfriend naked in bed?”

“Girlfriend, heh?” She looks surprised. “And when did that happen, cause it seems I missed being asked.” She bites her lip and I know she’s doing it on purpose, teasing me. I can see the sparks in her eyes. This girl is driving me fucking crazy.

“Wait, so you want to tell me THE GUY has to ask the girl to be his girlfriend? Seems a little unfair to me. Cause THE GUY also has to tell her he loves her, then THE GUY has to ask her to marry him. What does the girl do?”

“THE girl has THE babies.” I’m not sure she thought that through before saying it, but it catches me off-guard. Some spit goes down the wrong hole and I have to cough a few times to get rid of it.

“Seriously?” I ask … she shrugs her shoulders, her face looking as innocent as a raindrop.

“Well, if THE GUY doesn’t pull his socks up, THE GUY might just lose the privileges bestowed upon him by THE GIRL, like kissing, holding hands, sleeping, and any other boyfriend-related issues.”

She points to my chest with her little index finger, tapping on it every time she says ‘the guy’.

“Oh, I see. Well, I suppose the guy will have to make a plan then.” And suddenly I want to see her blush again, so I push the joking a little further.

“Just to make sure, if you’re my girlfriend do I get to pat the pussy?” It has the wanted effect. Her jaw drops and she stares at me as if she can’t believe I just said that.

“What? A guy has to know what the limits are?” I give her a lopsided grin and look into her beautiful eyes.

“Pat the pussy,” she says slowly pulling out each word, “ … you’re kidding?” she chuckles and shakes her head as if she still can’t believe it. I love teasing her so I take it even further.

“Well, I’m totally willing for you to choke the rooster, for that matter.” Again she seems baffled and then she burst out laughing, clutching her tummy.

“What the hell am I going to do with a boy like you?”

“A boy like me?”

“Yes, a freaking boy like you - annoying, cocky, sexy, confusing, exhausting, bad-ass, trouble, a little stupid and apparently owning a whole petting zoo …” She counts it off with her fingers.

“Oh, I can think of loads of possibilities.” But then I think about it and I know I have to warn her beforehand.

“Mel, about this girlfriend thing … it’s not that I don’t … I just want to protect you. If you were to become my girlfriend for real, you’re going to be in the public eye – a lot. Things are going to get crazy … even worse than what they are now. I’ll try to keep you out of it as far as I can, but you know how it works.” Feels like I’m apologizing a lot these days.

“I just want you to be sure, that’s all,” I finish my explanation.

“Well, I’ll have to lie if I say I’m not scared,” she turns her head to stare through the window. My heart thumps like a fucking drum and I swear a horse just kicked me in my guts … I can’t breathe. Is she going to back out? Fuck, she can’t leave me now … selfish I know … and I’m the one that warned her. She turns her head back to me.

“But I suppose it’s part of the package that comes with Damion Grimm.” I softly let out the breath I was holding … thank fucking goodness … I almost died here. It’s scary how just a few words … the thought of her leaving me … can throw me into hell like that. I’ve never thought about it that way, about how my racing would inevitably affect my personal life in the future.

I park the car and watch Mel’s face … she frowns at the sight before her.

“We’re going in that?” I pull up my shoulders and give her the look that I know drives her bonkers for some reason. She keeps on staring, with what I hope is amazement, through the window.

“Who’s going to fly it?” She asks turning her head towards me and I just shrug my shoulders with a smile.

“Ug, stupid question, of course, you can fly,” she rolls her eyes mumbling to herself.

I lean over and open the glove compartment to take out a small rectangular navy suede container with a big smile. I hand it to her and she takes it with a confused face.

“What’s this for?” she asks.

“To remember our first official date forever,” I manage to say. Why do I feel shy and silly at the moment?

I watch as her eyes start to glow when she sees the contents.

“Damion … it’s beautiful.” She looks into my eyes and hers seem like the deepest ocean holding the promise of undiscovered treasures and I know that I must be the one to dive into those unexplored depths.

She picks up the white gold necklace and holds it in the air - the dainty chain strung between her fingers - and admires the exquisite heart hanging in the air. The heart has the same skeleton design carved into it as my tattoo and the word ‘forever’ is written on the back. I take it from her fingers and put it around her neck. The pendant falls softly onto her skin just above her cleavage. Ug, now I have to think about that ugly naked man again.

“Melaena Blackburn, would you do THIS GUY the honor of being his girlfriend?” I smile sheepishly at her, waiting anxiously for her answer. Yes, I know I’m the cocky ass, but this girl makes my palms sweat.

“Damion, I’m not sure how to say this ….. “ O shit is she going to say no. I can see it in the sadness on her face. I push my hand through my hair, suddenly feeling sick.

She takes my face in her delicate hands and the next moment she giggles softly.

“Yes, you stupid buffoon.” For a moment, I am frozen before it hit me – she said YES. This girl ... I swear I aged 10 years in mere seconds.

I jump out and open her door, but I lose all my willpower when she steps out of the car.

Fuck the whole world, I don’t care about anything right now except that she said yes! I pull her close putting my lips on hers. Her arms move around my neck and I bite her bottom lip softly to gain entrance but she voids my brain of any rationality by sucking my tongue deep into her mouth.

I suck in my breath, pushing her against the car, my hand moves under her dress and squeezes her ass. She moans and her hand reaches down to lightly trace over my throbbing cock pushing against my pants, and for the second time in mere seconds, I’m brainless.

A bundle of flashing lights beams through the darkness and I guess the saying ’seeing stars” are for real. Some more lights flash and bring me slowly back to my senses; breaking the kiss reluctantly, finally realizing what I’m doing.

“Baby, if you keep doing that I’m going to take you right here on the bonnet of my car,” I whisper softly, barely able to breathe. Another series of flashes and I’m in full focus again, realizing something is going on … it’s not in my mind. Some more flashes.

I look around and see the media van parked just outside the fence, a man standing on top of the van; camera clicking. How the hell did he find us here? Somebody must have tipped him off, but that’s a problem for another time. The fact is, there’s going to be a picture of us smooching and her hand on my crotch for everybody to see. Shit, shit, shit!

The press just took pictures of our very intimate snogging session. Shit. No way I’ll be able to explain my hand up her dress and my tongue in her mouth as anything else … there’s going to be no hiding it now and we’re officially fucked.

I pull Mel quickly towards the helicopter and help her inside before running around to get in myself. I help her with her headphones and safety harness and then after pushing a few buttons the rotor blades start with a loud noise.

“Are you okay?” I ask Mel through the speaker on the headset and she nods.

“Mel, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t stop myself … I should have been more careful.” I pull the control and we lift from the ground and fly over the city. I smile while watching Mel looking at the lights below us, it’s an incredible sight. I fly over some of the focal points around San Francisco pointing them out to her, one of my favorites being Alcatraz.

The flight takes a little longer because of the tourist route we took, but we land safely at our destination and I wait for the blades to stop turning before I get out and help Mel down.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I suppose it had to come out sometime. I just wish I had more time to make sure how … “ She stops mid-sentence as if she said too much.

“You feel about me?” I finish it for her, my heart hurting and I push her hair back.

“No, I know how I feel about you, I wanted to make sure how you feel about me.” Her words shock me and for a moment I don’t know how to react. I just look at her.

“I wouldn’t be too worried about that if I were you.” I kiss her softly and then I lead her to the door that leads from the roof into the building.

“Where are we?”

“Sacramento. We’re going to a place called Coin-up. We can eat and play games all at the same time without having to worry about the press. But I guess that ship has sailed, so let’s just have some fun before I get slaughtered tomorrow when your brothers see those pictures.”

“OMG, I’m going to die a virgin.” She says sounding serious and my heart does a sudden somersault. I hold open the door and for the millionth time today, I watch her face light up with wonder and excitement. It sure makes my death tomorrow worth it.

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