The Biker's Rules

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The cat is out of the bag

***POV – Melaena

I stare at the strikingly bountiful hunky specimen next to me. I better enjoy the sight cause soon we might be blowing out our last breaths, cause my family has seen the pictures posted on the net. We had a great first date, everything was perfect, except for the man taking photos of us in a very awkward situation that’s now splattered over the whole ’World Wide Web. Yes, we’ve checked as soon as we woke up and it’s not flattering, nope.

Damion’s hand is clearly under my dress, while he’s snogging me, while I’m melted against his chest, my hand suspiciously close to his crotch.

The heading: Damion Grimm, racing his best friend’s sister!

Damion called Dean last night and gave him a head’s up about the bomb that’s going to explode on social media. He assured us that he’ll sort it out and that things are not as bad as it seems. But I’m still scared shipless, I mean, I’m officially Damion Grimm’s girlfriend, and so I just handed my heart to the devil for everybody to see, trusting him to keep it safe.

On paper, it doesn’t seem like the best option, cause now, if he drops it, the whole world will witness my destruction and I will lose everything, including my dignity and pride.

My eyes move over the angelic face, his long black eyelashes lying against his perfect skin, and my heart tells me he’s worth the risk.

“You’re staring again.” He mumbles, eyes still closed. Damn him and his devil senses.

“I’m not staring, I’m drooling. There’s a difference.” He opens one eye and a smile tug at the corners of his mouth.

“So, you like my body?”

“Oh, yeh, I LUVE your body, it’s the other parts of you I have a problem with.” He tangles his hand with mine. His other arm is now folded under his head and his face is rather close.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Yep.” His eyes keep mine prisoner.

“Why were you in jail?” He pushes his fingers through his hair and turns on his back, sliding both hands under his head.

“Which time?” He looks at me and smirks. “Told you I was a wild child.” I just shake my head and pull an I-believe-that face that makes him snigger and I’m so addicted to his laugh.

“Ok, once Logan and I were grounded, but there was this party we needed to go to, so we stole one of Uncle John’s cars. The evil Gemini psycho’s decided to report the car as stolen to the police just to get us into trouble. Then they made an anonymous call as to our whereabouts. We tried to run from the cops but ended up in the ER, and the car in the scrapyard. We spent the night in jail before they dismissed the charges.”

“Then there were a few fights, usually because one of us hooked up with some other guy’s girl.” I shake my head. Typical.

“Oh yeh, and when I was like 15 I stole a horse cause it was underfed and abused. The owner had me thrown in jail, but eventually, he ended up there instead of me. The poor colt was only a year old and my parents adopted him and he’s still with us. You can meet him later.”

“So, you’re actually a softy under all that bad-boy bravado.” He starts laughing and I put my hand on his chest, the way his muscles ripple under my touch is something I’ll never get tired of.

He suddenly turned deadly serious, his expression hidden under his normal layer of emotionlessness. I feel his muscles tighten under my hand.

“The worst was being a suspect for murder. Last year Jackson and I messed about with our bikes, doing tricks, and just fooling around like always. Later the naked body of a girl turned up in that same field. Witnesses put us at the scene and the girl was last seen at Inferno. Police thought it was too much of a coincidence and took us into custody. Luckily we could prove that at the time of her disappearance we were at one of Jackson’s hockey games and the rape kid provided them with some DNA, so we were off the hook. They captured her ex. Apparently, she stole some of the drugs he had to deliver to his gang-leader, so he raped and executed her.”

I gasp and notice that I’m clinging to Damion’s arm with a grip that’s probably hurting him, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

He leans in and kisses my breath away. Damn this man.

“What’s the thing between you and Chloe?” Now I’m staring at the ceiling, and I know I’m blushing, but I have to know.

“The THING between me and Chloe?” He pulls his brows up and giggles softly.

“Really? Well, her dad is the CEO of Bear Inc. and they sponsor and make all our riding gear. Chloe is another one of those fangirls that you just can’t shake, no matter how hard you try. She plays a small part in some or other sitcom and thinks she’s the next Julia Roberts, so whenever she’s in town she tries to hang around me to gain publicity. It’s rather annoying.”

“Have you ever … you know … ” A deep laugh shudders his body and my vagina clenches in response.

“No, I haven’t fucked Chloe. But I think Logan might have, once.” We lie in silence for a while, each one caught in their own thoughts.

“Mel, I’m not going to screw this up … I want you to know that.”

“Really?” I look at him, biting my lip, knowing by now that it drives him mad. His eyes turn dark like wet leaves and then he tosses me around so my body is lying under him. His lips are almost touching mine. And then his lips come crashing down on mine. I’ll never ever ever ever EVER get tired of his kisses. And I know that no one can match this. Hell, I have kissed boys before, but now it feels like that was just a sloppy over-eager exchange of spit. Then my stupid mind gives up the fight and joins my body and heart, and I realize that all of me love Damion Grimm for real.

The problem is just that I don’t know if he loves me back the exact same. Yeh, I know he feels something for me but is it the real thing? I push him back and he complains with a deep growl, rolling over pulling me with him.

“We have a date with death, Mr. Grimm and you better get your stinky ass ready.”

“If this is our last moments, I want to remember them at least.” He puts his hand behind my head and forces me closer for another kiss while his hand travels under my shirt, and the other one moves down to my ass. I melt my body into him. His hand sends those electric shivers up and down my flesh. This is so much better than any dream and I feel my body warming up. One hand plays with my breast and the other one runs up and down my leg inching closer to my heated, soaking vagina. My body arch all by itself and a mindless groan escapes my throat. This is pure heavenly bliss. Then he takes his hands away, just like that.

“Damion Grimm! What the fudge?” I scold him and he laughs and throws me onto the bed before jumping up. Then he turns around and takes off his shorts, and I’m spitless again staring at that well-proportioned fine behind. He looks at me over his shoulder.

“I need a really cold shower, but you could always join me, I mean, save water and all that shit. I’m sure the planet earth would be grateful for the effort, I know I will be – grateful that is.”

“You’re unbelievable.” He wiggles his eyebrows.

“And you love it.” I put some clothes on my still heated body and fall back onto the bed with a sigh. He’s right, I love everything about him. And whatever that was that he did just now with his hands … I could get addicted to that for sure.

He walks out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his still wet body. He pulls me from the bed and into an embrace. Oh, my decomposed soul this man knows how to get my libido into overdrive, and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

“Damion, if you don’t want me to rape you right now, you better let go.” That was not exactly what I planned to say, it was more what I was secretly thinking, but it slipped out and there are no take-backs now. He has a gigantic smirky grin on his face, eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Angel, you can misuse my body anytime you want.” But he lets me go and gets dressed.

We walk hand in hand along the path towards his childhood home, but today there’s no sun seeping through the trees cause the sky is misty and cloudy. It gives the once happy cheerful greenery a somber spooky look. Instead of lush green waves, the grass looks dull grey and even the small animals are hiding. My phone vibrates and I almost jump out of my skin causing Damion to look at me with worried eyes.

“Are you ok? I could go alone.” I’ve never seen the expression on his face before and it makes my heart warm, you know, like when you look at a litter of cute puppies. I look at my phone.

Hayley: The doom squat has arrived!

Damion reads the message out loud over my shoulder and gives a grunt.

Mel: Almost there.

“I think my mother likes you more than me.” I snigger at him sulking, pushing out his lip.

“Ug, you’re such a baby, just get over it mama’s boy.” He stops walking and glares at me with a frown.

“I’m going to get my revenge, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.”

“Oh, just see the terror in my eyes.” I wiggle my body as if I’m scared and he just shakes his head while opening the door of his parents’ house. He gestures for me to go first, but as soon as I step through the door he hauls me back with so much force that I fall backward into his arms. Before I can even scream he pushes me against the wall and kisses the living daylights out of me. I must say I love this punishment a little too much.

“Eh, that’s disgusting!” I pull my lips from Damion and see Luke standing there staring at us with a distasteful face.

“Are you two finished?” Hayley looks at us with a big smile. I shove my lips into a line and try to look in any direction not occupied by a human being.

“Not really.” Damion let me go reluctantly and grab his mom into a hug. Luke runs and jumps onto my back, his little arms around my neck, holding on tight. I walk with him hanging onto me like a superhero cape to great Hayley and Deimos, now standing behind his wife.

“Mel’s family is waiting on the veranda. I thought we’ll better keep this outside in case of physical violence. I don’t want to have to use my home insurance to replace broken furniture. Come with me, son.” Deimos puts his hand supportively on his son’s shoulder and looks at him sympathetically.

“Luke, I think you need to go play in your room for a little while,” Hayley tells her little one, removing him from my back with a loving smile. Luke shakes his head and runs up the stairs without complaints. Damion winks at me before he walks away with his father. He doesn’t look fazed, he doesn’t even look anxious or scared. Me on the other hand, I’m shaking so bad, as if I’m stuck in neck-deep snow. Hayley grabs my arm and drags me to the kitchen.

“Let’s get some wine, dol, it seems as if you need it right now.” She hands me a glass and I pour myself some of the red liquid and down the whole glass in one gulp before sitting on one of the high chairs at the breakfast nook. I don’t know how Damion can be so cool and calm about this. Or maybe it’s because he expects that there’s not going to be much of a physical fight.

He explained to me last night that Ilkay won’t fight cause he can’t risk injury to his hands, he needs them for surgery. Enrique for sure doesn’t want to damage his face having a big fashion shoot coming up. So that leaves only Jackson and Logan. Damion is sure he can handle them. But I’m still not convinced that things are going to go down easy. They could always use weapons or bombs or poison … my brothers have scary thoughts in those fuckedup minds of them. Ask me I know.

“So what’s the scoop here?” She leans over, eyes bright and shiny, looking at me to share more details with her.

“Damion asked me to be his girlfriend last night. You know it was our first real date and the press just caught us … eh … ”


“Yeh, that … and now he’s going to die.”

“Oh boy.” She takes a huge sip of her wine and rolls her eyes. “Can I ask you a personal question, how do you really feel about that boy?”

“When I’m not with him I can’t stop thinking about him and when I am with him, I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and it’s epic. I just want to cling to him and never let go. But then again, my heart also seems to be in some kind of a vice grip. I’m so scared all the time as if I’m just waiting for the moment he’s going to catastrophically demolish me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go on after that. And now we can add public humiliation to that.” She looks at me and her eyes grow round, then she pushes a hand over her forehead and rubs it lightly.

“Mel, I don’t think you have to worry about him hurting you, just call it mother’s intuition.” I give her a faint smile, hoping she’s right about her little mummy’s boy.

“Want to go eavesdrop?” We walk in the direction the men disappeared too. Hayley and I go to stand behind the curtain, peeking through a gap, not wanting any of them to notice us. I watch them standing on the veranda, looking like soldiers on different sides of the battlefield.

“I still can’t believe you’re fucking my sister! You ass-stabbing son-of-a-bitch!” Logan looks around as if he wants his brothers to back him up. But instead, Ilkay seems worried like usual, Enrique has a vague unreadable expression on his handsome face, and Jackson, that little dimwit is entertained, an amused smile curling his lips in an upward position.

Uncle John is standing next to Deimos and he looks, a lot worried and a little hurt while Axel is sitting on a chair as if he was expecting this to happen. Damion has the look of the devil, his face stern, stripped from any emotion.

“Hell, you broke your rules!” Logan is still on the warpath.

“It’s my rules and I’ll break them over and over again for her.” Damion counteracts, not taking his eyes of his best friend.

“Fuck you, she’s not just another girl you can screw around with! You’ve hurt her badly before, I won’t let you do it again.” Logan jumps forward, his eyes bulging with rage and his hands clenched into fists. Damion gives a step back, getting his body ready for what is coming.

“Leave … my … sister … alone … ” Logan steps forward after each word, pushing Damion by slamming his hands on Damion’s chest. But Damion doesn’t shy away, it’s as if he’s intentionally waiting for his punishment and then Logan aims for the front of Damion’s nose while yelling “… ASSHOLE!”

His fist hits the bridge of Damion’s nose and blood splatters all over the ground. Damion doesn’t flinch or even try to avoid the beating. I put my hand over my mouth to keep myself from yelling.

“Feel better now?” Damion wipes his nose and glares at this friend.

“No!” Logan throws a punch, hitting Damion’s jaw, and Damion recoils with a wince. In retaliation, he strikes his friend in the stomach, moving forward to land another blow on Logan’s face, but he hesitates and strikes the pilar behind my brother instead. Logan didn’t even blink. There’s something seriously wrong with these guys, as if they welcome trouble with open arms, loving it.

“We’re done now,” Damion finishes, offering a hand to his friend, but Logan refuses. He folds his arms across his chest.

“You have no right to nail my little sister! Fuck you! You didn’t even ask permission.” Logan looks like someone just turned his cock into a knot.

“He has a point, you could have told us. How long has this been going on?” Enrique puts a hand on his brother’s shoulder.

“Well, I’ve liked her for years now, but I never acted upon my feelings until she came back from her trip. I know all of you are shocked and probably angry, but you have no right to dictate who we can or cannot date. Mel is my girlfriend now, and you better deal with it.” Damion rubs his sleeve under his nose again, covering it with blood.

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way, and I probably should have told you earlier, but we needed some time to work things out before involving the family and press. But unfortunately, the vultures captured us on our first real date.” He runs his fingers through his hair and then gapes at Logan.

“But I can promise you, dude, I’m not fucking around with your sister.” Then he turns towards Uncle John, scratching the back of his neck. I smile, he’s feeling self-conscious.

“I know you probably don’t approve of us dating, me having a bad reputation and everything, but I would like to earn your blessing in the future.” Uncle John stares at him for a long time, as if he’s measuring him up to see if he’s good enough.

“You are not what I had in mind for Mel, but I can’t say I’m surprised - you both secretly crushing on each other for years. I guess it was just a matter of time. And it’s Mel’s choice who she wants to be with. But just take things slow, she’s still very young.” This time Damion looks at the ground and I notice a redness spreading over his face. Is thee Damion Grimm blushing? This must be a first. Something to write down in the history books.

“And, if you hurt my girl in any way I’ll cut off your testicles and feed them to you.” Uncle John holds out his hand towards Damion who shakes it a little overeagerly.

“You two girls can come out from behind the curtain now,” Deimos shouts and Hayley takes my hand.

“I can’t believe you touched this guy’s junk in public.” Jackson laughs, looking at the photo on his phone. Damion takes me into his arms and it feels strange standing openly in his embrace.

“Shut the fuck up dude.” Logan grunts, walking away and into the house. I guess he’s going to need some time to accept that his best friend is dating his little sister.

“So you really going to break all the rules?” Enrique asks out of the blue, eyeing Damion looking for the truth.

“Yes, I am.”

“And you’ll be ok with that? The rules were your anchor in life,” Ilkay asks, patting Damion on the shoulder.

“I think I found a new anchor,” The look in his eyes saying so much more than his words.

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