The Biker's Rules

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The dance

***POV - Damion

I stare out the window, but I don’t seem to notice the buildings passing by nor the people rushing to get to their destinations. No, my mind is on the little blond who solidly stole my heart and my soul.

“Earth to Damion!” I turn my head when Jackson bumps me with his fist on my arm. He’s holding out a glass of champagne, the golden liquid shining in the light coming from the busy city street. I smile and take the glass, looking at the others holding up their hands for a toast. I stretch out my arm into the air and my glass clings against theirs. Logan is still sulking and not speaking to me, so Jackson took his place as Ava’s companion for the night.

“To having a blast at the ball!” Enrique shouts and we all cheer along, taking a sip from our drinks. We’re on our way to the venue where the freshmen-gala is taking place. I’ve organized limos, one for us guys and one for the girls. They will meet us there and I can’t wait to see Mel again. But I know this night is going to take all of my self-control again and it’s already churning up my intestines.

“And so the next bad-boy falls. First Ilkay, now you. Who’s next I wonder?” Enrique smirks. Ilkay fell for some or other doctor a while back, but then she just disappeared and he’s been rather heart-broken must I say, making him even more brooding than usual. Our limo arrives and we get out and wait for our dates on the sidewalk so we can walk down the red carpet together. The press is eagerly waiting alongside the carpet, cameras already flashing like mad, and I know it’s time to make my relationship with Mel official for sure.

Enrique’s dates are already waiting for him so they head inside, posing for photos as if it’s nothing. The press loves Enrique, he doesn’t seem to try and hide anything, just go with the player image he portrays. But even though he seems to screw around more than the rest of us, it’s not a true image of the real him. He waves at us before heading into the building.

The limo pulls up and Jackson opens the door for the girls. They get out one by one and grab their escort with a smile.

Kiara is up first and she looks stunning in a figure-hugging green dress, making everybody’s head turn and most of the guys drool. She sure is one extremely pretty girl, looking something like Selena Gomez or maybe Angelina Jolie, and Sean smiles from ear to ear while walking down the carpet, the press for sure liking the two of them together. Sean has to stop and answer a few questions, no doubt about his date before they’re allowed inside.

Ava takes Jackson by the arm, and Lucinda goes with Noah. They both look just as nice as Kiara, wearing red and black. Jackson gives me one last look over his shoulder before entering the building. He also posed for the cameras but is not as fond of them as his brother and usually tries to keep out of the spotlight.

My turn, so I take a big deep breath and walk forward to help Mel out of the car. She steps out and I’m sure I died and went to heaven. This must be an angel, cause no fucking person can look as beautiful as that. She’s wearing a purple dress that flows to the ground, hugging her body in all the right places. I can see her firm breasts pushing against the thin material of the dress and I’m sure she’s not wearing a bra and that thought does nothing to help calm my growing member at all. My heart necklace lies against her skin just above her cleavage. I move my stance again to hide my half-erection, thinking that I might be blue-balled by the end of tonight.

Cameras are already clicking like crazy and I just want to press her back into the car.

“My eyes are up here” she sounds a little embarrassed. I look up at her face and push one of her curls behind her ear with a sly smile. Her make-up is giving her eyes a smokey effect, popping them in a brilliant violet-blue from her face.

“You look perfect.” She gives a small gasp and moves past me. My eyes flow over her nude back and now I know for sure she’s not wearing a bra. My libido is doing the funky chicken and I have to order my member to keep his shit together. She walks next to me, eyes on the floor, unaware of all the hungry looks from the men around us, but believe me I notice each one with both jealousy and pride. I can smell lavender and raindrops mixed with a hint of vanilla.

Ug, I’m sure I’m going to have a big fat boner the whole bloody night, again. I’m probably halfway there already. I turn her into my arms and kiss her, surprising her for a moment or two before she leans into my body and kisses me back. Now the cameras are going mad, but I stay calm and collected. I even manage to keep my libido in order for once.

“Just a heads up, I’m going to tell the press what they want to hear.” Her eyes grow big and I can feel her body tensing up. I pull her hand through my arm and put a small kiss on her head.

“Are you sure?”

“Never been more sure about anything in my life.” She smiles and shakes her head and then we step onto the carpet, and the interrogation starts almost immediately. To save some time I take one of the microphones and the press goes deadly quiet, waiting for the next frontpage story.

“I suppose you all want to know the same thing. I’ve asked Melaena to be my girlfriend and she luckily said yes. So the secret is out, it’s always been Mel.” I look lovingly at my girl, but she’s playing with the heart hanging around her neck.

“I would like to ask you, to please respect her privacy though.” I grab her hand and entangle my fingers through hers. She doesn’t draw her hand away and I’ll take all I can get at this moment.

“We were all rooting for Damena.” One reporter shouts and then they all start chanting ‘Damena! Damena!’

I take a sly look at her and see her biting her lip. It’s driving me crazy and it takes every fiber in me to hold myself in right now. All I want to do is take her back to my place and fuck her hard, over and over again.

“So what about Chloe?” Someone shouts and I have to take a deep breath before I answer the question.

“Chloe has never been in the picture, she’s just the daughter of my sponsor. And I can truthfully say that I’ve never even kissed that girl. Melaena is the only one for me, always has been, since I was just 8 years old.”

When we eventually get inside the venue, I’m not ready to just let her go. I want her in my arms for a while longer.

“Dance with me.” I don’t wait for an answer, just pull her into me and move onto the dancefloor. I can feel her legs move between mine and then I pull her hips even closer to me. She’s so small against me, her head just reaching my shoulder.

‘I found a love … for me ….. darling, just dive right in …. follow my lead’

Ed Sheeran’s husky voice sings in tune with my heart.

‘Well, I found a girl …… beautiful and sweet …. I never knew you were the someone waiting for me … ’

I lower my head and smell the lavender in her hair. It must be the best smell in the world. I look into Mel’s eyes and I feel myself drowning, sinking deeper and deeper. I can’t breathe. I can feel her heartbeat against my chest and I know I fell flat on my face for this girl.

‘Darling just kiss me slow …. ’ I want to kiss her so bad it hurts.

’I whispered underneath my breath … but you heard it …. Darling, you look perfect tonight’

It’s as if fate wants to tell me something with this song …. Can she look more perfect than right now, her head on my shoulder, her body moving against mine? I pull her closer to me, needing to feel her even more, scared it’s only a dream.

‘to carry love …. to carry children …. of our own …’

Damn you, Ed … now you’ve got me thinking about making babies with her ….. beautiful babies … my babies …. Fuck. My dick is ready for the job, right now.

‘I know I’ve met an angel in person ….. and she looks perfect …’

Then the damn song ends and I hold her in my arms for just a moment longer, staring into those eyes that look like the sky. She pulls out of my embrace and walks to the bar where Kiara is ordering drinks. I join the guys at a table in the far corner and lean against the table. Jackson is talking to Ava and Lucinda while Noah is on the phone, standing in the corner with Alejandro, both of them look like ghosts. Wonder what that is about? Could one of them be the mole?

That Alejandro just rubs me up the wrong way. No, I’m not going to think about Harry or D or anybody else but my girlfriend tonight. My eyes instinctively look around for Mel. I see her standing at the bar getting cocktails. I’m sure the bartender is flirting with her.

The hulk in me is rising again and it feels like I can suddenly kill every guy at this damn party. I sigh again. Why am I being cursed like this? Why did fate send me someone that every guy in the world wants to bang? My eyes wander at their own accord back to her breasts, and my cock jumps up for the umpteenth time just to tell me he’s still working.

“So you really love her?” Enrique is standing next to me, watching me, but I keep my eyes on Mel. I can’t seem to take it off her for that matter.

“I do. I’m not fucking around, I promise you.”

“I suppose we’ll get used to the idea.” I see her walking back with 2 large cocktails, a wide smile over her lovely face. She doesn’t see the drunk guy beelining straight for her. As if in slow-motion I see him bumping into her, tipping the drinks over, the liquid running between her breasts.

“Oh, boy.” Enrique mumbles. Her back arches and she sticks her tits out. I lick my lips. Her dress is soaked making her nipples even more visible through the wet fabric. But she’s unaware of the sex-appeal she’s exporting right now. She just stands there, empty glasses in her hands, looking a bit lost and a whole lot angry. I rush over and take the glasses from her, dumping them on the nearest table. I lead her to the bar and grab a napkin to clean her up. My fingers trace over her skin while I wipe the liquid away, her eyes mirroring the same thoughts as mine – she feels the sparks too.

She sighs and I can see that she’s still shocked, either from the touch of my fingers or the accident. Then she sticks her finger between her breasts. What the fuck is she doing? She looks up seeing the unsaid question in my eyes.

“What, it’s sticky!” She puts her finger in her mouth and smiles, sucking it seductively.

“I could offer to lick you clean if you want.” She looks at me as if she’s considering my offer while sticking her finger down her cleavage again, and then she holds her finger out to me to taste. I put it in my mouth, tasting with my tongue, and then she pulls it out.

“See, it’s actually pretty good. I think we must get another one.” If self-control was a sport, I would win Olympic gold right now. We sit down at the bar and I order a refill, noticing the bartender looking at Mel’s boobs, making me jealous like shit again. He’s walking on very thin ice, in effect the ice is already cracking below his feet.

“Hey, dumb-face, rather keep your eyes on your job while you can still see through them.” The guy looks up at me as if measuring me and then he moves to the other side of the bar and starts cleaning some glasses, occasionally flipping a glance in our direction. Mel giggles and then she pushes her finger in again, wiggling it a little. Fuck, is she trying to kill me right now?

“Maybe we should go get you cleaned up.” She looks around the room until she finds our table.

“We can’t, my brothers will think …”

“Fuck your brothers! They know and that’s that.” She looks at me with a smile. She downs her drink and then looks at mine still untouched on the counter.

“I don’t want to drink now.” I turn in my chair so my legs are on either side of hers and I put my hand on her thigh. She looks up and straight into my eyes, still biting her lip. There’s a fire in those smoldering eyes and then she moves her face closer to mine, she licks her lips and moves still closer. Her lips are almost brushing against mine. Then I feel her hand moving up my leg until it is inches away from my now throbbing cock.

Shit. I won’t be able to resist this for much longer. If she keeps this going I’m going to take her right here on this bar. Her mouth opens and I can feel her breath teasing my lips.

“Do you think I’m starting to know what I’m doing?” Wait, what? It takes some time for my mushed brain to register and start working. And then she gets up and walks away in the direction of her brothers. Just like that. Leaving me feeling frustrated and angry. I breathe in deep to calm my raging emotions while watching her tight ass.

Alejandro stops Mel and I watch as he talks to her. She steals a quick glance in my direction before taking his hand with a wicked smile and moves onto the dancefloor. I watch them dancing and they seem to have a serious conversation. This time I feel like murdering her but I manage to stay collected as I watch them finish the dance. Alejandro gives her a bear-hug before he disappears into the crowd and I keep my eyes on Mel walking to the restrooms, but when she walks past the entrance she stops to talk to a guy.

I can’t make him out cause he’s hidden from my view by a group of people coming in. The next moment Mel is also lost in the crowd and out of my sight. I make a bee-line in the direction I last saw her frantically looking around for her, finding her standing outside on the sidewalk talking to non-other than Ren. I see some cameras flashing as Ren grabs her shoulders. Mel tries to pull away, but he just increases his hold on her. It’s as if all sense blows from my brain as I walk to them and take his hands from her with brute force. I don’t know how the fight started or even who started it, but I know I finished it. When Jackson pulls me of Ren, he is a bloody mess on the ground. Jason is also there all of a sudden and he helps Ren up. A quick survey over his body indicates to me that he’s going to be sore with a broken nose, but he’ll make it. Jackson flags down a cab and directs for me to get in.

I grab Mel’s elbow and march her to the edge of the sidewalk. She doesn’t say a word, not even when I open the door of the taxi and push her inside.

“We need to talk. What the hell was that about?”

“I can ask you the same question! You could have killed the dude!”

“I should have killed the fuck a long time ago. And what were you trying to do at the bar?”

“What? If you flirt, it’s ok, but if I do it then you get upset! Geez, how unfair is that.” She looks flustered.

“What the hell? I’m not upset about the flirting, but why did you leave?” I’m getting a bit bothered ’cause she sits there in that damn purple dress looking like a fucking angel, nipples perked against the still-wet material. And she has this doe-eyed look that’s driving me crazy right now. I push my fingers through my hair and hit the seat with my fist.

“Damn woman, you’re going to be the fucking death of me, I swear.” I’m angry, frustrated and to top it all, my balls are hurting like hell. I stare outside, trying to collect myself, but mostly trying to not strip this girl and have intercourse with her right here in the back seat of the taxi. After what feels like hours we arrive at my place and I pay for the taxi before going inside with Mel. I lock the door and we walk to the lounge, standing for a while, just looking at each other awkwardly.

I kick off my shoes and socks and remove my tie. She turns around and sits down on the couch and then she bends over to take off her shoes and her tits almost spill out and not even Superman himself could keep my eyes away. The faint outline of her nipple peeps out from under that plum material and I have the urge to take it in my mouth and suck on it. At this time my self-control is bigger than the fucking Atlantic ocean.

She gets up and pulls her feet under her body and then she looks into my eyes and swallows.

“I still don’t know what I did wrong! I just wanted to show you that I do know a little bit about what I’m doing. Isn’t it a girlfriend privilege?” While she’s talking she unconsciously wraps her hair around her finger. And now my willpower is bubbling, threatening to boil over.

“Mel, I’ve never said that you didn’t know what you’re doing.” I’m so confused …. I’m the one feeling inexperienced around her.

“You did, at that party at Uncle John’s, at the pool table, you were being a dick as usual! Remember now?” Her eyes move to the fullness filling my pants, pushing them to their limits and she swallows.

“Your pants … you look … are you… sorry … it must be bad for men cause they can’t hide it …. Sorry, I didn’t mean … it’s just … big …” I smile at her word-brabble and take my junk in my hand to try to calm it a bit down and I think back hard and then it hit me ….

“We were interrupted, it’s not what I meant. I wanted to say that you didn’t know what you’re doing to me.”

“Nice comeback … you know what … I don’t know why it bothers me so much. I know you have like loads of experience, while I’m still a virgin and knows nothing.” She gets up and walks to the kitchen opening the fridge to take out something to drink. I push down my erection with my hand and then follow her.

“Mel, is that what’s bothering you?”

“Yes! No! Ug, I don’t know, Damion, maybe I’m too dim-witted to figure it out, figure us out. One moment it feels like I’m in heaven and then the next, I’m thrown into hell, I can’t breathe, scared to shit that you’re going to tell me it’s over, you made a mistake and you don’t want me to be your girlfriend.”

Right now my mind is in a war with my libido, and my heart, the poor thing, doesn’t even comprehend what exactly is happening to it. Her hands are on the counter and I grab her wrist. I turn her around slowly and pull her into my arms. My mind is yelling NO, but my body and heart are in unification now, ready to break all the rules. I bend over and kiss her with all the passion raging through me.

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