The Biker's Rules

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Losing myself

***POV – Melaena

WARNING – Sex scene !!!!!

Damion’s lips are full and soft, but his kiss is desperate and eager as if he wants to prove something to me or himself, I’m not sure. At first, I’m stunned and don’t respond but then he bites my bottom lip softly, and as soon as my lips part he deepens the kiss, pushing his tongue into my mouth. It’s just too much and with a soft moan all my resistance crumbles and I give in to this man, leaning forward I kiss him back. No man has ever held me like this before, or kissed me like this before … And all I know is that I never want this to end. Right at this moment, nothing else matters.

“Mel” he groans and pulls my head against his chest. I can hear his heart beating to the same fast allegro rhythm as mine. This feels so right so how can it be wrong? But it is wrong, isn’t it? No, he’s my boyfriend, the man I love with every fiber inside me … He’s what I’ve been waiting for my whole life – literally since I was 9. And tonight I want to give myself over to him completely, to become one with him. It might be selfish, but I need it, want it. As if he’s reading my mind he pulls away and looks into my eyes.

“Are you sure you want …” I pull his mouth back onto mine, my hands gripping his shirt as heat rushes over me. I’m breathless and tingles are running cross-wire through my body, spreading heat all over. His hands move up my thighs, bundling my dress up and his fingers dig into my ass, making him gasp. Or maybe it was me. He picks me up and carries me to his bedroom.

I know that this is much more than I want, it’s what I need. This man brings out something inside me, and if I go through with this, he can crush my heart even more like a bug and he probably will. But at this exact moment, I don’t want to think about feelings or my heart. For once in my life, I’m taking what I need right now, and what I need is Damion Grimm – all of him.

We can figure everything else out later. It’s as if my body is taking over with animalistic urges I can’t control, and I don’t want to. I tuck on his shirt, pulling it from his pants, and try to unbutton it with shaky dump fingers. As if he can’t wait he tears it off, throwing it on the floor. I push up against him, my palms against those rock-hard abs. Can something feel any better than that? There’s no going back after tonight and I don’t care – I’m going to take as much of him as I can for as long as it lasts. If it ends at least I’ve experienced epic love for a little while.

His hard cock presses against me and the thought of him pushing that big dick into me cause a shiver to run down my spine. Will, it hurt much?

Needing to feel it I move my hand down, fingers trembling I trace the whole length of it through his pants. Damion grunts; pulling in his breath; making a soft whistling sound. Then he pulls my dress down until it falls into a purple puddle on the ground. He pulls away and looks at me standing naked except for my G-string. His green eyes turn almost black and for what feels like a lifetime he just stands there as if frozen.

“Something wrong?” I ask softly, scared that he’s going to back out, or worse, he doesn’t think I’m pretty enough.

“Hell no!” He leans his forehead against mine. “Mel, you’re even more beautiful than in my dreams.” His voice sounds hoarse. And I’m thinking that he was dreaming about me too.

Does that mean … stop, no feelings, not now. He moves his hands slowly up my body, cupping my breast, and stroking my nipple with his thumb. My nipples perk out like steel nails and I’m sure his cock jumped or something, it for sure as hell moved against my hand.

He picks me up and this beast of a man holds me against the wall, hands under my ass, grasping my eager nipple into his mouth, taking it between his teeth, and gently starts sucking on it. Pleasure shoots through my body, going straight to my pussy and I clasp my legs together. It aches, needing to be touched and my legs curl around his body all by themselves. My fingers dig into his back. I’m going to pass out if he doesn’t touch me right now. What the fuck is this? I’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s as if I’m going to die screaming if some serious attention isn’t given to my fanny right away!

“Damion,” I’m begging here and I’m not even sure what’s supposed to happen. All I know is that it feels like my insides are going to explode through my vagina but in a good way. Slowly, he slides his hand up the back of my thigh, moving inch by inch, teasing, until his fingers flicker softly over my private parts, making me hiss.

I’m shivering in anticipation, wondering what’s going to come, and then, he slips his hand under my G-string. I moan hard when his fingers slid through my dampness to find my swollen clit. I jump, giving a little squeal, but then my body takes over, and my back arches, pushing my tits in his face. I feel like a slut, but can’t stop myself, my need is just too great.

“Fuck, Mel, you’re so responsive.” He moans between my breasts. He fingerplays with my clit while he pulls my panties off with his other hand. I pry open the button of his trousers, freeing that mythical giant cock. Damion drops his pants and kicks them off, now only standing in his boxers. I sneak a peep down and see the end of his penis sticking out at the top of his boxers.

My eyes grow like saucers and I touch it with my finger making Damion’s body pull tight. With a grunt, he picks me up and drops me on the bed falling over me. His lips brush gently over my stomach, stopping at my navel to suck on my navel ring seductively, sending me completely over the edge. Slowly his tongue slides from my stomach down until it is just above my bottom hairline. He gently spreads my legs and I hold my breath not even thinking about being shy.

His head descends, his tongue slipping between my wet folds, and without warning, it horsewhips my over-sensitive rosebud and my mouth falls open, but no sound escapes my lips. He takes his time, licks, and sucks until I quiver beneath him.

He spreads me open and his tongue drives into me, licking my juices, curling it one moment then driving deep the next. I feel as if I am coming apart, I’ve never felt anything this good in my life. It feels as if I’m going to die from pleasure. I buck my hips up so his face buries deeper and then I feel a small nib as his teeth bite around my clit, leaving me screaming out loud. I start to shake uncontrollably and then he drives his fingers deep inside my channel and I can feel myself cumming, pulling his fingers in deeper.

Satisfaction rocks my body sending unending waves of pleasure through me that just wouldn’t stop. I make sounds I never even knew existed, feeling something coil inside me, and then another wave of pleasure cascades me over the edge of oblivion, and I scream out his name without even realizing it.

But Damion doesn’t stop. He keeps on slowly fucking me with his fingers while sucking and pulling my little core. I groan and grunt, breathing heavily, but he still doesn’t stop, just continues on his path of erotic heavenly destruction, pulling my orgasm out until I think my heart is going to give in any minute now. I’ve played with myself before, thinking of Damion, but damn it was nothing like this.

“Fuck me.” He whispers and his breath blows over my throbbing clit and the cattle-prodder effect is back, shocking me with so much pleasure I scream out his name again, my hands clasping his head, pulling his hair.

Damion is relentless; sucking and licking; playing and teasing; until I’m scarcely able to hold myself in and another heart-stopping orgasm rolls through me slowly, and then it explodes with fury, flooding every part of me. My legs go stiff, my toes curl and I’m sure my eyes rolled back in my head.

“Holy shit! Holy shit!” I scream, cumming so hard I can feel myself flooding over his fingers and I’m sure my brain just got fried. Suddenly he moves up and covers my mouth with his and I taste myself on his lips and wanting more I suck his tongue eagerly into my mouth. He’s still thrashing his fingers slowly into me, but it’s not enough, I want more.

“I need you … I need more.”

“I just need to make sure you’re ready for me, angel.” He pulls out his fingers and I’m struggling to breathe, chest moving up and down. My hand moves down and urgently grabs his hardness, making his cock jump again. I don’t know when he lost his pants, and I don’t care. I look down.

“Fuck, is that normal?” I blurt out the words, must be from shock seeing that monster, thick and wide and hard as a rock. Damion tilts his head to the side, eyes looking worried.

“Mel, I’m big and I don’t want to hurt you too much. Are you sure about …” but before he can finish I interrupt him.

“I want you to.” I pull him forward and grab his manhood in my hand. He swears softly and moves between my legs, the tip of his shaft wipes over my clit and I wail again with pleasure and anticipation.

“Mel, I don’t want to screw things up … I can wait…” I interrupt him again, but with a kiss this time.

“You talk too much,” I mumble while he leaves an electric trail of pecks along my neck. He pulls himself away from me a little and his eyes catch mine. They are dark green and they’re filled with emotions I’ve never seen before.

“Mel, this is the point of no return for me … I won’t be able to stop.”

I bite my lip, wondering what he’s thinking right now, hoping he won’t stop so I push my hips against him, urging him on.

Then with a “Fuck” and a groan, he slowly pushes the end of his throbbing cock into my wet pussy, while keeping his mouth on mine.

“You’re so tight, I’m sorry, this is going to hurt a bit,” he moans, pushing in a little more and a pain shoots through my body. I let out a little scream while my body curls backward. Damion stops immediately and his eyes grow big.

“Shit Mel, you okay! Fuck! I’m sorry,” Damion says as if he just broke me. I can’t speak, still shaken up by everything that’s happening. He pushes me away from him but I pull him back.

“Don’t stop,” I murmur pressing my lips against his. He grunts. Damion keeps his mouth on mine, kissing while slowly pulling out and thrusting back in, each time a little deeper. I know he’s trying to be as gentle as possible, not to hurt me. The pain subsides and gets replaced by pleasure pulses, running down, coiling, and slowly building into another orgasm. I put my hands on his ass and curl my legs around him, pushing him deeper, needing him to fill me, moaning softly under his lips.

“Mel, you’re fucking killing me,” he whines. “You okay?” He sounds worried, but I’m lost and answer him with a soft pleasurable moan. He growls and drives his cock deep into my body, and starts going faster, groaning against my neck.

“Ship, Damion, don’t stop!” I call out to him, my hands in his hair. Damion removes my hand and intertwines his fingers through mine, holding our hands above our heads. This motion shifts the position of his poking cock and it sends me violently over the edge yet again. Damn this man is magical. I feel him entering me balls deep, filling every inch and I cry out as I climax, tiny pieces of fireworks exploding inside my core, moving through my body. I feel Damion’s cock pulse inside me and he lifts his head, groaning hard as he cums, while continuing to thrust, his eyes shooting fires.

He collapses on top of me fighting to catch his breath, while I’m panting underneath him. He lifts his body, keeping himself inside me, and cradles me between his arms, putting his weight on his elbows. He stares at me and I can see the worry lingering in his green eyes.

“You okay? Did I hurt you much? I’ve never had sex with a virgin before, I’m sorry.” He brushes my hair back, fingers stroking my cheek softly. Everything is perfect right now.

“I’m more than okay. That was epic.” His lips land on mine, burning me with another kiss, before he moves over, slowly pulling out. I don’t want him to move, it’s as if I just can’t get enough of him, as if nothing will ever be enough. Damion reaches out and grabs a blanket folded at the foot of the bed and covers us up. He wraps his arms around me and I snuggle in closer and it feels to me that in this man’s arms is exactly where I’m supposed to be, forever. And if I want to or not, I have to admit to myself that I’ll never love anybody like I love this bad-boy.

I love you, I think in my mind before drifting off to sleep.

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