The Biker's Rules

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***POV – Damion

WARNING – sex scene!!!

“I love you.” It was just a whisper, but it was clear enough. I don’t think she meant to say it out loud, but it snookered me and made my heart stop. I can’t believe it. Maybe I was just dreaming or hearing voices. I know she feels something for me … but does she really love me as I love her? Could it be true? But the better question - am I worthy of her love? I pull Mel closer, tracing the contours of her arm with my finger. She’s perfect in every way. And worthy or not … Johnny walked through the tunnel … there is no backing out. And I for sure don’t want to. I switch on the TV and scroll through the channels until I land on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone.

There’s no way I’m going to get some sleep now. I take her hair twisting it with my fingers and it’s soft and silky like … flip … like something soft and silky … my brain is a bit of a mooch right now so I can’t entirely think straight. After years of wanting Mel and dreaming about her, it happened, it really fucking happened and it’s way better than any dream. I kissed Mel, touched her, tasted her, and made love to her.

I didn’t just fuck her … after tonight I know now that there’s a big difference between having just sex and making love. A fucking huge humongous gigantic distinction. No woman has ever made me feel so much or cum so hard, I could feel the orgasm spinning through me like a thunderbolt and then erupting, blowing out like a volcano. I’ve never in my life experienced anything like that. It was the best feeling, the best experience of my life, it was fucking mind-blowing!

I also know that from the exact moment my cock entered her tight little wet pussy, everything changed. She ruined me for other women, all I want from now on is her. Fucking spellbound pussy is what she has. Things will never be the same, and we can’t go back to where we were.

I’ve always thought that maybe if I fucked her, the spell she has over me would disperse … but instead, it fucking deepened … if that’s even possible … but I know for sure now that I’ll never be able to forget about Mel. What I feel for her can’t be described in words and that terrifies me. Pandora’s box of chaos and destruction has been opened … and I’m ok with that, okay with the fact that I’m not in control – as long as she’s with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still scared that I might lose my grip and slip up somehow … but as long as she’s next to me … fighting my demons with me … I’ll make it. She’s the only girl I love with all my heart, the only girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. I smile happily. Things are going to be just fine. My hand is still running up and down her arm and suddenly I’m anxious, that steel grip suddenly pulverizing my heart. But what if she decides to leave? That I’m not what she wants? What if she can’t handle my darkest parts? Will she still love me if she knew?

No, I can’t let her go, not now, not ever. She belongs to me. What can I do to make sure she stays? I think about the options I have. I would love to put a ring on her finger; make sure she’s mine; but it might be too soon. She did say that she loves me, but was it for real? I don’t want to scare her by moving too fast but I also don’t want to waste time or lose her. Maybe I should just talk to her, tell her the truth. And hope for the best. Yep, I’ll do that.

“I love this part” I jolt, not knowing she was awake. And then I realize I’ve missed about half the movie as I turn my concentration back to the screen. I take her hand in mine, interlacing our fingers.

‘Now if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us all killed. Or worse, EXPELLED’

“She needs to sort out her priorities.” I make my voice thick and low, saying it at the same time as Ron. Mel tries to suppress her giggling but ends up bursting into loud laughter. I look down and see tears streaming over her cheeks. She looks up and into my eyes, letting out a little gasp. I could so kiss her right now, but I need to stay in control … hell … she just lost her virginity … but then she licks her lips and I pull her up with a growl and put my lips to hers.

I get up for air and she gives a little moan, her fingers still tangled in mine. She opens her eyes and I drown again in those deep blue pools. Shit, I really lack selfcontrol around her.

“I need to pee.” Her voice is full of emotion. She wiggles out of my arms because I’m not ready to let her go, and I stare at that perfect body as she walks to the bathroom. As I roll over, I notice the small bloodstain on the bed and my heart cringes. I took her virginity. Somehow it makes me feel like a jerk and a hero all at the same time, but mostly I feel on top of the world knowing that she’s mine and mine alone. Just thinking about her screwing another man, is torture and torment for my heart.

Then it hits me! Rule 6, I broke rule 6! What was I thinking? I didn’t think, that’s it, I was swept off my feet by my emotions. This never ever happened to me before. I’m always extremely careful. Fuck!

Without thinking I hit the wall next to the bed with all the emotions wrapped up inside me. I should have waited. She comes back wearing one of my T-shirts and hops on the bed, wobbling right back into my arms and she takes my hand. Then she traces the broken skin on my knuckles.

“What the hell?” her face turns into a worried frown.

“Sometimes my hand collides with a wall when I’m frustrated.”

“And you are frustrated right now? Really?” I can see the fear in her eyes and I know what she’s thinking – that I’m going to let her down. I got what I wanted and now I’m gonna go. Well, I have a big surprise for her – I’m never going anywhere and I won’t let her down … never in a million years. I’m hers … only hers.

“Let’s just say that it started when I met my best friend’s annoying little sister years ago.”

“So she’s the reason you go around hitting walls.” The fear in her eyes evaporates and I smile. I’ll make her trust me.

“Well, it’s better than hitting people or kittens or puppies don’t you think?” She giggles and pulls my arms around her.

“Mel, we … I didn’t use a condom. I’m sorry, I lost control and didn’t even think about it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been on the pill since junior year.” Her phone pings and she reaches over to grab it. The T-shirt moves up and she’s not wearing any panties so her naked ass is totally exposed, and dammit it’s making me hard all over again. I think about it and realize that it was the first time ever I penetrated a girl bare-back and I’m spoiled now, I’ll never wear a condom again. Fuck it felt good. She falls back on the bed and wipes the screen with her finger.

Something she’s reading makes her face lit up, eyes sparkle like the freaking milky way.

“Care to share?” She looks at me as if debating whether or not to let me in, but then she hands her phone to me. It’s Alejandro and he shared a picture of a cute black kitten with emerald green eyes. I’m starting to think this guy has some psychic powers I don’t know about. The phone pings again and I read the message out loud.

Alejandro: Surprise, little sorella! I adopted him for you after our last date at the shelter – reminded me of someone #LittleReaper #SuperCute

I’m immediately pissed off at the guy. Date? What fucking give him the right to date her? And why is he in her life again? She grabs the phone back and her eyes look away as if she’s been caught out by the principal. She types something back fast and throws her phone on the bed. Then she crawls back into my arms.

“Date? Isn’t that a boyfriend privilege? ”


“So Alejandro, he’s …”

“extremely handsome and beautiful and stunning and perfect, yes I know.” She finishes my sentence with a suppressed giggle, but I feel myself wanting to hit something again.

“But before your hand starts colliding with Alejandro’s pretty face, or a puppy, he’s just a really good friend, like Axel, and that’s why he has dating privileges. But they are way different from yours!”

“Oh, and how’s that?”

“He doesn’t get to pat the pussy for one.” Feeling like a jealous overbearing stupid stalker, I run my fingers through my hair.

“How do you know if a guy is attractive? I’m not sure how to classify a man as being beautiful … is that even a thing … a beautiful man?” She trails her fingers along with the muscles of my torso, crucifying me with every movement. This girl has no fucking idea about the control she has over me or the control I lost.

“I guess a nice muscled body and a tight ass, maybe a pretty face. Oh, and most important, deep emotional eyes.”

“Ah, I see … well, you have all that right here in your bed and if I try extra hard, I can be extremely deep too.”

“Ug, I’m not sure the word deep exists in your cocky egocentric world.”

“What I look MARVELous like Clark Kent and you are my kryptonite!” I pout out the word Marvel … She grunts and then bursts out in full laughter.

“Nice pun, just too bad Superman is DC.”

“Okay, so I’ve never been a huge comic nerd … I’m more of the intelligent bad-boy deep jock type.”

“Is that even a thing?”

“Of course. Just admit that you can never win with me.” I laugh and she gives a little determined smile, I see her face coming closer to mine and I swallow cause suddenly my throat is juiceless and my mind drops between my legs.

“Is that a challenge?” I drown in those eyes again and my mind goes blank.

‘I’m not going home, not really.’ Potter’s voice on the TV drills into my twisted mind we’ve officially missed the whole movie.

“If you ever win, it’s because I let you, little witch,” I smirk, but in truth, she has all the power over me and she always will. Normally I have full control over what my dick does, and never once did I get an erection without me allowing it to happen, but with Mel my cock seems to have a mind of its own.

“Really? Are you sure about that Mister Grimm?” Her hand moves down my chest, closer and closer to my manhood. I can not speak, I’m fixed in a trance I can’t seem to get out of. What the fuck is this girl doing to me? She wrinkles her nose and my dick starts filling with blood, making the sheet covering it, move. She lets out a little laugh and then pouts her lips at me.

“So do I win?” She lifts the sheet to expose my full pulsing erection. She looks at it and then with a winning smile looks back into my spellbound eyes. I pull the sheet up and give a deep sigh, knowing that I’ll probably never win my control back, and I don’t think I want to.

“Nope, he only listens to me. I tell him what to do.” I’m so lying right now just to save some face.

“Well, either you admit that little bing-bong over here is under my command or you can sort this little problem out all by yourself.” She strokes my pecker through the sheet and I grunt.

“Okay, okay, you win. I’m your slave.” I look at her with devilish thoughts in mind.

“Well, that’s good enough I suppose.” She pulls the sheet down and with a sly grin slips her very wet mouth around my extremely hard cock. Her eyes keep mine captured as I watch spellbound as she runs her tongue down my flesh before swallowing me deeply. I pull my head back, bending my body to thrust my hips up, while I hiss softly. Her hand is devastating my control by grabbing onto my sack while her tongue slips over the slit on my head. Then she takes as much as she can into her mouth and sucks hard. I won’t be able to hold on much longer if she keeps it going.

I grab her and pull her up. Her mouth releases my plonker with a loud POP. She’s now on top of me, her legs on both sides of my body and her naked private parts on me. I remove the T-shirt off her slowly while sucking in my breath at the sight of her breasts.

Voodoo-eyes, voodoo-tits, voodoo-pussy, she really has me spellbound.

“Are you not sore?”

She looks into my eyes and bends down wiggling her hips and suddenly my boner is a throbbing aching double boner.

“Not too much.” I kiss her softly, taking my time to taste the sweetness of her mouth. She lets out a soft moan and her hand moves down to caress the evidence of my desire. The tip of my cock rubs against her and she bucks her hips. Without warning she pushes back sinking her wet opening over my rampant shaft, taking me totally by surprise and making me grumble her name.

This woman can truly send me to hell and heaven at the same time. I lift her hips with my hands, my fingers cupping her ass, and bring her down, again and again, until she’s riding my cock like a rodeo horse, moaning softly with each thrust, while her tongue twists around mine. She’s so tight around me, pumping me slow and deep, and seeing her tits bounce up and down makes me want to come right there, but I try to keep it in, wanting this moment to last as long as I can for her. I roll my hips upward, needing to bury myself deeper in her wetness and pull out, feeling her slickness bathe me with her feminine juices.

“Damion, please …..” She’s begging and I smile up at her. At least I have some control over her too. Mel bends forward her hair falling in my face, her mouth opens and she lets out a moan and I know she’s right on the edge. Her nipples rub against my chest as she continues to pump me as if she’s lost to the world. I push my hips up, moving in all the way, and she lets out a deep growl, arching her body and shifting her position. She groans again and shouts softly.

“Oh fucking hell, I’m cumming,” and I see her climax exploding through her body, her eyes filled with lusty pleasure. Her wet velvety shaft tightens around me. I drive hard into her pulsing channel and she screams into my mouth. That is enough to send me over the cliff and down the deep end, erupting everything I have deep into her with a loud “FUCK!” I continue to pump, draining myself with each thrust, needing to fill her even more, and then she collapses on my chest.

“Wow,” She’s breathing hard. I take her hand and interlace it with mine, panting as if I’ve run a thousand miles.

“If I knew sex was this good, I’d done it a long time ago.” She pants.

“It’s only this good with me, trust me.” Jealousy hitting me with all its force.

“And I should just take your word for that, should I?”

“You better, cause I know what I’m talking about and I’m not a fuck sharing you.”

“O my gosh, that damn ego of yours just can’t be any bigger, can it?”

“You can’t deny it, you love my little ego.” She chuckles.

“I think I like your dick more.” I gasp, not expecting her to say that.

“Yep, he’s pretty fantastic too. And just a warning, the game you played right now works both ways.”

“Oh, is that the truth.” I let her lie on me while running her hair through my fingers and then her breathing gets rhythmic and I know she fell asleep with me still inside. I pull the blanket over her and I close my arms around her, loving the connection as if we’re one.

And then I realize that I’m not a fuck letting her go. I just can’t. I’ll fight for her, even take on hell and everything else, because I’m downward, utterly, and completely in love with this woman. I’m hooked. All I can hope for is that she really loves me back as much as I love her. Well, that and to not mess things up, to get Logan to accept us together, and to figure out a way to keep her safe from D and Harry. No pressure. None whatsoever.

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