The Biker's Rules

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The day after

***POV – Damion

WARNING – sex scene!!

I wake up to an empty bed and for a brief moment, panic strikes my heart, something wholly new to me. I never get scared or freak out, never. I’m always in control – until now. Mel is messing with my whole fricking being.

For a second I thought she might have left, or that D took her, but then I hear her movements in the bathroom. Her phone is on the nightstand and I take it to see what time it is.

There’s a message on the screen. She must’ve forgotten to close it after reading it. It’s from the asshole ex-boyfriend.

Ren: Mel, we need to talk about Damion. #TruthMustComeOut

Ug, suddenly I have a cramp in my tummy. Will it be so bad if I just snap his neck or something? I mean, one less irritating douchebag on earth won’t be so bad will it? I take a deep breath and hold it in for a few seconds before releasing it.

Damn, I seriously need to push the demons that are trying to escape back, I need control. I pick up my phone and send a quick message. The next moment she walks out of the bathroom, dressed in my team jacket. Fuck … I’ve never seen anything sexier than this. She crawls onto the bed and the sheet lifts again.

I drop the phone on the bed. I usually don’t get hard this fast around any woman, I’m always the master of my desires, but it’s as if she’s manipulating my dick. But I like it, no, I love it. Voodoo-fucking-witch!

“Morning mister Grimm,” she softly teases her lips against my ear. She takes my lob into her mouth and softly nibbles on it, and I’m lost. I close my eyes and groan with pleasure, can’t help it. Her lips move down my neck until she sucks on my nipple, her hands on my hips. She sits up and pulls the jacket zipper down slowly and I feel like ripping the freaking thing off of her, but I hold myself in, liking the little strip-show a bit too much.

Then the jacket flares open and expose her naked body underneath. My cock does the macarena double time. Without thinking I throw her around and press her onto the bed, my one hand pinning both her arms above her head. I slide my other hand down parting her legs and feel the warm liquid flowing from her. She’s already wet as shit, ready for me and I enter her slowly with my finger, taking my time, I thrust in a little and then back out again while sucking on her nipples. My thumb caresses her clit with deliberately slow circling movements, spreading her juices all over her eagerly. She moans, spreading her legs more, moving her hips in small thrusting movements against my hand, so I stop and move my hand away and down her leg. I love how responsive she is to my touch.

I’ve never truly cared about satisfying the girl much, I was more focused on my own needs – selfish I know, but what did I care? But now, with her, it’s as if my need is interlinked with her pleasure. Seeing her cum is almost better than me exploding into her, and that’s saying a lot. Cause climaxing with her is like going to heaven, a place where there’s no darkness at all only light.

She opens her eyes and looks at me confused, moaning, her blue eyes full of lust staring at me from below her long dark lashes. I feel the love filling me, dominating my whole body and I’m more than ready to claim her again and again.

“Don’t you dare stop now!” Demanding little thing. I like it.

“Told you it works both ways.” I grin, knowing exactly what I’m doing. She needs me and she’s aching for me and it’s driving her crazy. Her body squirms, and she’s trying to get her arms from my grip where I’m still holding them pinned against the bed. Fuck, this woman got me hooked like a fish on a line and she’s playing me. I push her back with a grunt, shoving my fingers back into her. She screams and wiggles her body. I start moving again, slowly, in and out, in and out.

“Damion, I’m fudging going to kill you!” I slide the end of my erection over her clit and her hips shove up, ready to receive me and I enter her slowly, pumping her with deliberately slow movements.

“Damion fucking Grimm, shit!” I smile cause she used real swearwords again, two for that matter, and I’m loving the idea that I have some control over her too. But then my own pleasure starts creeping through my body and I increase the pace, pumping into her hard and deep, grabbing her left breast in my hand.

She moans again and then I get blindsided as an orgasm rips through her, pulling me in deeper and squeezing my dick, demanding it to fire off like a loaded gun. I pump again, giving her exactly what she wants, making her roar with pleasure before I release an ocean of semen into her body while kissing those full lips with all the love raging in me.

I roll onto my side, she’s clinging onto me, panting, and I just lie there trying to get my breathing into a half-normal rhythm at least, ravishing in the feeling of total bliss for as long as I can.

“Let’s do that again,” she says pulling me onto my side. I smile, thinking I might just have created a little sexual monster. I have no objections though. None. And I’m all pumped up and ready for round number two.

After getting my breath back for the second time, I get up and grab a towel.

“Mel, I’ve invited the boys and girls over. I need to go on a ride … eh … after what happened. I thought we could have a picnic at the waterfall after. Is that okay with you?” She sits up to face me, her eyes taking mine prisoner as if she’s looking for something in them.

“Need?” Her eyes still searching my soul, but it’s getting too intense so I look away.

“Yes, I seriously need a ride.”

“You know that sooner or later you’ll have to tell me about those demons.”

“I will. I promise.” I want to tell her, it’s just that I’ve never told anybody everything. What if she also thinks I’m broken? What if she leaves me?

After a quick shared shower she puts on that skimpy violet underwear, the same ones I once picked up in her room, and with a quick movement, I pull her into me, my hands explore the seductive thin material covering her breasts and like usual with her, I lose control over my dick, my mind, my body, my fucking life. I can’t control a thing and it scares the shit out of me, time and time again.

“Damion, you’re crazy.” She giggles.

“Crazy about you, yes.” I kiss her one last time and then let her go with a sigh. She pulls on some denim jeans and a blue top with a wolf baring his teeth. I love her style, it’s psycho-girly with a twist of Mel and super sexy. Although, I think Mel would look sexy wearing anything, or nothing for that matter. I put on my riding gear and hand her the team jacket I just stripped from her body, the image of it on her permanently burned into my memory.

“You want some coffee?” I ask. She turns around, looking at me as if I’m stupid. I give her an apologetic grin.

“Sorry, can’t think straight right now. I know you’re addicted to the stuff. Well, let’s go downstairs, and then we can have some before the others show up.”

She looks up and gives me a faint smile. I know the look, cause it’s the same one running through my mind. What’s going to happen from here, after last night? But for now, I don’t want to think about anything else than us being here together. I stand next to her, but shit I’m not good with this expressing your feelings stuff. I take her hand and pull her into my arms, hugging her, trying to let her understand what I’m feeling, hoping she feels the same. And anyway, her in my arms, smelling her scent seems to be the only thing that calms me down these days, like I need to get my fix of her. I’m telling you she’s like a fucking drug, just worse.

We walk hand in hand down to the kitchen. I can feel Mel is nervous cause her hand is squeezing mine a bit too hard. I hope I can convince her and everybody else that my feelings for her are real, the most real thing ever in my life. I make some coffee and take out the rusks my mother sent over. We eat in silence, but my eyes are on Mel.

She keeps on stirring her coffee and now the trepidation and anxiety are back, causing a knot in my stomach. Her brain is working again and she realized that this, us, is a big mistake and she’s going to tell me anytime now. And then I’ll never get back my sanity, I’ll be stuck in the darkness forever.

“Eh, Mel, you okay?” Her eyes scrutinize mine. “Please. Don’t shut me out.”

“Are you going to stay?” What the hell, why would I go anywhere? And this is my house.

“What the fuck? Where should I go?” Please tell me she doesn’t want me to leave, I pray softly.

I walk over and pull her into my arms, holding her tight, stopping my mind from falling to pieces. In a way, it’s rejuvenating and scary at the same time.

“I just thought that you might want to go back to your rules now.” Her voice is soft with a scared sad tone.

“Is that really what you think?”

“Well, we’ve fucked and now you NEED to go on a ride. To get away from me.”

“Mel, firstly, we didn’t fuck. Last night I realized the big difference between sex and what we did. You’re the first girl I’ve made love to and I’m not going to let you go, not ever. And secondly, it’s not like that, I need to ride because I didn’t expect what we did to affect me this much. I’ve lost all control, and I don’t know how to handle it. The only way I can manage to get a small amount of control back is to overdose on some adrenaline or to keep you in my bed forever. I would prefer the latter, but you need time to recover else you won’t be able to walk, and we don’t want that.”

“So you’re not having second thoughts?”

“No, hell no! I don’t know how to explain this to you, so let’s just say that I don’t know how to cope with all these feelings inside ’cause it feels as if I’m going to explode. You see, because I don’t have any control when I’m with you, I need something to counteract that and keep me from erupting. And this something would be doing something extreme like riding or so. So, please don’t think it’s because I’m having second thoughts or anything like that. It’s actually because I don’t want you to leave.” I hope she understands. She’s so pure and innocent, she has only light in her, and she doesn’t know the shadows my past created. And being close to her, being her boyfriend, making love to her, is just overwhelming … I’ve never even thought it possible to feel this much, to love someone this much and I’m petrified that I’ll lose her.

“So I’m bad for you?” Her eyes fill with tears and she gives a little sob. Fuck. Please don’t let me fuck this up right now.

“No, angel, you’re my light. You’re the one that pulls me back, every fucking time. Mel, remember the day at the haunted house … ” She nods lightly.

“Well, that day was the 1st of March, my …” A loud knock on the door startles us both, interrupting me. I let her go and open the door for some excited girls. The guys are still standing around the parking, loading stuff from the trucks.

“Logan is still a stubborn sour puss and didn’t come, but the rest of the gang is right behind us.” Kiara gives me a pitying look and shoves a newspaper into my hands. Ava and Lucinda push past me and follow her inside to grab Mel into their arms with a shrill scream and some bouncing. Girls. They act as if they haven’t seen each other for years instead of just one night.

I look at the paper and a photo of me and Mel kissing on the red carpet is splashed onto the front page.

‘The girl that pulls top biker’s throttle – Reaper gears it up to 3rd base’ And in the picture just next to that, I’m beating up Ren – ‘Bad boy not only breaks records but also noses’

Wow, who comes up with these lame headers? I see Kiara’s teasing eyes watching my every move.

“Sooo, third base, eh?” She winks at me. I drop the paper on the counter before Mel and feel an uncomfortable blush spreading over my face. Shit, it’s not the first time I had sex, so why do I feel as embarrassed as a teenager having his first wet dream?

“Oh my word, did the playboy just blush?” She seems even more intrigued and now looks at Mel with huge eyes. They exchange a look I don’t understand and then Kiara’s eyes grow even wider before she just drops the subject and pours herself some coffee. I fill up the coffee machine again taking a quick peek at Mel. She’s focused on reading the news.

“Honey we’re home!” Enrique shouts entering the kitchen carrying brown paper bags filled with food.

“So, did you see the paper?” Jackson winks at his sister and Mel turns fire-station red and suddenly her brothers’ whole demeanor change to angry-concerned faces. Now everybody is looking at me as if they want some kind of explanation, preferably a denial. And straight away I’m at a loss for words. They’ll probably kill me if they know what I did to their sister last night – and again this morning.

“Huh, eh … guys, do you really think your sister’s sex life is something you want to know about?” They frown and then pull sour faces, shaking their heads.

“Nope.” Jackson looks like he’s going to barf.

“So you’ve broken your rules then?” Enrique’s face doesn’t look any better than his brother’s. I’m trying to think of what I can say to not reveal all the facts, but also not straightforwardly lie to them.

“Yes,” Mel says quickly slamming her hand over her mouth and I know it slipped out accidentally, but there’s no revoking it now. All the eyes are on her, including mine. She turns around and looks through the window, hitting the front of her head a few times with the palm of her hand. Loser style.

“Shit!” This time it’s Axel that’s pulling a face. “Now I understand the spur-of-the-moment ride.”

And just like that, all eyes are back on me, angry, murderous, killer eyes. I swallow some spit and try to pull an innocent face, holding up my hands protectively, but her brothers just circle me in, moving closer and closer.

“At least she’s still here, in my house, and I’m also here … if that helps.” I’m trying to avoid conflict here.

“You ... really fucked … eh … broke the rules … fuck me,” Jackson is the first one to register the meaning of my words. He stops and then so do the rest of them. Their expressions change to pouts as if they’re thinking things over in their heads. The next moment they’re all giving me bro hugs and pats on the back.

“Gmf, men – I’ll never understand them,” says Kiara while shaking her head from side to side. Mel is kneeling on the floor, helping Ava to transfer the food to the picnic baskets. Her back is turned to us and I know she’s feeling a bit flustered about everything, and I don’t blame her.

“Hi, sorella!” Alejandro strides into the kitchen and grabs Mel from behind and swings her through the air. She gives a little scream and then throws her arms around his neck and whispers something in his ear, before getting all red again. Alejandro gets this big mischievous smile on his face, lighting up his eyes. And suddenly I have these murderous thoughts running through my mind. I just can’t seem to get a grip on this guy – my gut doesn’t like him. But my girlfriend for sure seems smitten with him.

Who invited him anyway? I close my eyes and rub my forehead with my fist, counting slowly to ten. Fuck. I don’t even have a girlfriend for a day and I’m on my way to jail to serve out a life sentence for committing murder. Somebody messes up my hair and I open my eyes and slowly stare at the culprit, possibly my second victim on my killing spree. Jackson smiles at me and I can just rip his smirk from his face.

“Jealous much?” he teases. I bite my tongue, pull my lips into a line, and keep my hands safely in my pockets. I keep my eyes on Mel now talking to Noah. Fuck yeah, I’m jealous as shit.

“You for sure have changed.” He pats me on my back approvingly and it snaps me out of my jealous haze. I walk to Mel, pull her into my arms and kiss her passionately, earning some ’oohs‘ahs’ and ‘what the fucks’ from the people around us. I hope Mr. Italian gets the message strong and clear.

“Oookkkay,” Jackson pulls it out sarcastically, “let us load all this stuff and get going before I throw up.” They pick up the baskets and everybody starts walking outside.

Only then do I let Mel go slowly.

“What was that?” She asks with a raspy sexy voice, her eyes full of emotion.

“Because I can.” I take her hand and we walk to where the rest are waiting patiently.

“Have fun guys … I’m going to munch and sleep.” Ilkay just came from a long shift and he’s going to hurt the bed in one of my guestrooms. Since Logan and Ilkay are not going with us, Alejandro and Noah borrow their bikes, leaving Jesse to drive the girls, the food, and bags with the Jeep down the beach to the waterfall.

“See you girls just now,” I kickstart my bike, eager to get some of my control back for a little while, cause breaking my rules, and being with Mel is unhinging my life. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that I need to change my ways of coping a little. Usually, when I feel as if my demons are coming out to play, I fall back onto my rules and either get on my bike or find a girl to fuck. Well, from now on the only girl I’ll do that with is Mel, but right now I have to give her some time to recover … so we go with the other option.

I smile deviously … from now on my little angel’s voodoo-vagina is going to save me frequently and repeatedly. I think about my cock entering her pussy, the look in her eyes when the orgasm hits her, her hands on my dick ….

“Damion!” Axel shouts just in time, I almost hit a branch. Shit, I need to get my head out of her honey-pot and into the task up ahead. We reach the top of the small cliff and we shut down our bikes. I’m going first, because of my background with bikes, I’m always the one testing out the water. I know the plan is to ride along the edge of the mountain to the waterfall and then go down the path to the beach where the girls would be waiting for us already. But I need just a little more excitement today. I plan to jump over a gap between the waterfall and the end part of the mountain that leads into the ocean. From there I’ll have to make two more jumps down to the beach.

I give them a thumbs-up, then I pull the throttle and ride off the cliff with a back turn, landing solidly and then I speed up so I can make the jump over the gap. It’s risky, but I’ve done it a few times before, and it’s always exhilarating, just the adrenaline boost I need right now. I need to focus and concentrate, so without slowing down I just glance back to make sure everybody made their jumps and is following close behind me as we speed on the pass along the peak of the mountain. This path is rather dangerous, one miscalculation and you could end up rolling down a ledge, but we know it well, as we like to ride up here a lot. The jump coming up is a different story though. I need to be fast enough to make it over the stretch, but I also need to quickly regain my balance before making the jumps to the beach, as the last peak I’m going to land on isn’t very big.

If I fall it would be a rather nasty drop straight onto some sharp rocks. Not something I would like to experience today, or any day for that matter. Like I said before, I don’t have a death wish, just need to get a fix. I’m almost at the start of the waterfall, I keep my focus on my driving and what I need to do – get enough speed, do a jump over the gap – no problem.

But then I see my Jeep Hurricane standing on the beach. I hesitate for a moment and pull on my brake when I see Mel looking up at me, fear all over her face, but it’s too late. One of the guys is yelling at me!

Speed, I don’t have enough speed! I’m going to crash! Fuck!

In a panicked attempt, I twist my hand on the petrol, hoping for the best. I pull the front of the bike up when the wheel reaches the end of the mountain and then I go flying over the gap, landing short on the other side, one wheel hanging dangerously over the side. I kick myself away from the bike trying to grab hold of the edge of the cliff as my bike slides down and lands with a thundering noise on the rocks below.

My fingers are cramping and I can’t secure my grip with the gloves. I desperately try to find a foothold but the rocks are slippery from the moss covering them. Panicking I look around for anything that I could grab and the next moment I let go, the sound of a scream ringing in my ears. I manage to grab hold of the small tree, growing on the edge, on my way down, and for a few moments, I’m swinging in mid-air, frantically clinging onto the thin tree trunk with a cramping hand, a few meters above where my bike is being crushed by the rage of the ocean.

Eventually, I manage to pull myself up and climb back onto the ledge.

I lie on my back, trying to regain my breath and steady my heartbeat. Shit! That was close. Not what I had in mind, but it worked, I got more than my fix. Fuck. I get up and look over my body, a cut on my leg, some scrapes, and bruises but I’m fine. I wave at the guys waiting on the other side, a sign that everything is okay.

“Dude, that was a close one!” Axel shouts over to me.

“Can you get down from there?” Jackson now shouts. I look down at the beach, seeing the girls staring blankly at me. I walk to the other side where there are no rocks at the bottom, but sand instead. I manage to climb down until I’m just a few meters from the beach. Now I need to jump off and onto the beach, so I do a fancy flip and land safely on the soft sand. The guys are already waiting for me. They drove down the safe way.

Jackson speaks first. “Are you okay? Shit, what were you thinking dude?”

“Why did you hesitate?” Enrique asks, looking at me as if I’m responsible for all my actions. Okay, I suppose I am. I pull up my shoulders not sure myself.

“Mel … her face stunned me so I pulled the brake.” Their nonplus faces say everything.

“You’ve got a nasty cut on your leg. You should get that stitched up.” Axel pulls the tear in my pants open so he can see the wound.

“I think one of the branches from the tree tore into my flesh.” I get onto the back of Jackson’s bike and we drive down the beach back to the house. For some reason, the girls decided to race back home without a word or even stopping. They just drove past us throwing up sand in their haste. Shit, Mark is going to be more than pissed about the bike, but it wasn’t my fault. It’s these stupid bloody feelings, the loss of my control.

I get off the bike, my body stiff and a little sore. Mel eyes me walking with a limp and then looks into my eyes without saying a word. She walks up to me until she stands so close I can actually kiss her, but something in her eyes tells me that it might just be painful.

“Are you okay?” Her eyes keep mine trapped and for some reason my mouth is dry.

“Yep, it’s just a scrape. Nothing serious.” I smile my best smile, hoping it will lighten her mood, cause I don’t have any idea why she seems so mad.

“Good.” The next moment her hand slaps my cheek with brutal force, sending my head whirling to the side. Damn, that hurt. My face burns like fire.

“Ouch!” Jackson moans as if feeling my pain. She keeps her eyes locked with mine, then she turns around and walks down to the beach.

“OMG, you broke my sister.” Enrique snickers softly next to me. I feel like the angel that got kicked out from cloud number 9 without knowing what the hell he did wrong.

“What the hell were you thinking? No, wait, you were not thinking, were you?” Kiara starts her principal speech on me.

“What? She knew we were going for a ride.” She looks at me observantly while the others join us standing around the Jeep.

“You have no idea.” I run my finger over my arm where blood is trickling from a small scrape.

“Why is Mel so pissed?” Enrique asks the question lingering in my head.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because her boyfriend just leaped over her head on a bike and then almost fell to his death.” I pull my face, not truly seeing the problem. It wasn’t that bad and I’m far from dead.

“I wouldn’t have fallen if I didn’t hesitate when I saw her standing there,” I say truthfully.

Kiara snorts saying something about boys and how stupid we are. Ava hands me a beer from the cooler and I hold it against my throbbing head.

“My heart didn’t jump from a fucking cliff and I still want to slap you.” Kiara moans.

“It’s not that bad, typical girls you’re overreacting,” I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable now.

“Holy crap. The saying is right, men really are stupid,” Ava says and she shakes her head knowingly. We stand around the Jeep, drinking beers from the cooler the girls packed. I think it is a good thing to give Mel some time to cool down before facing the music.

“Dude, what did you do to my sister?” Enrique laughs, hitting my shoulder with his fist.

“Fuck if I know.” The guys laugh, unscrewing the lids from some beer bottles while the girls just give us all some angry-ass looks.

“Ug, this is going to be my last fun day for a while.” Jackson doesn’t look very happy and then the realization sets in and everybody’s face turns sour.

“Mine too, leaving for a photo shoot in Berlyn. I’m going to freeze my fucking balls off.” Enrique complains.

“And to top it off, Dean is on my case cause of all the bad publicity I’ve received lately, so I need to be a good boy. Luckily Thalia will be there, so at least I’ll have some company.”

“Don’t mess with her.” I look at Enrique and he shrugs. “We’re just friends. Hell, she’s probably one of the few girls that don’t want to screw me.”

“I’m also going away to Europe for a week or two,” I almost forgot about that. Maybe I should cancel my trip, cause I don’t want to be away from Mel for that long.

“Maybe I should go and sort my shit out.” I throw the last bit of beer out on the ground and put the bottle back in the cooler.

“Eh, yeh, you’re all on your own with that. And that’s why I don’t have a girlfriend.” Enrique comments as they grab their stuff and leave, saying they’re going back to the waterfall. I watch them drive away, then I throw the empty bottles into the dustbin, all to stretch out the inevitable confrontation I’m dreading.

I find her sitting on the beach staring at the sun being swallowed by the ocean. I move in behind her and cradle her with my legs. I know I must choose my next words very carefully, or else.

“Mel, I want to say I’m sorry because I realize that you must have been scared.”


“Just let me finish, but I’m also not sorry because I had to do that for myself.”

“You’re a crazy freaking lunatic bastard!”

“It’s in my DNA I suppose, I was born wild and stupid.”

“Hahaha – nice try.”

“So you forgive me?” She struggles to get out of my arms and stands up.

“I’m going to the bathroom, will tell you when I get back.” There’s a glint in her eye and I’m not sure I like the way she smiles. I follow her cause she looks as if she’s going to challenge the devil and his whole army or something.

“Wait here!” I stay on the veranda while she goes inside – not eager to test my luck any further. I guess I understand her point of view, but I can handle the stunts, like I said, if she wasn’t there I would have done it perfectly.

“Damion!” She calls my name and then my heart stops right in its tracks. She’s standing on the edge of the balcony of my room, overlooking the pool, naked may I just say, and I just know she’s going to jump. Is she fucking out of her mind? I watch her while holding my breath and she lands in the pool with a big splash.

Her head pops above the water and she screams with excitement because the water is probably freezing. She gets out and runs into the house, dripping wet. For what feels like forever I can only stand there, frozen to the spot, my mind spinning like a fucking tornado. Feelings of lust, anger, and fear are all at war with each other, and I’m not sure which one is the strongest.

I run after her and catch up just as she’s about to enter my room. I grab her arm.

“What the fuck was that?” I’m horrified and frustrated, anger blocking my mind. And at the same time, fear’s grubby paws are gripping my heart, while lust has its hands solidly on my cock. She just bites her lip and stares at me with mischievous eyes. Her body is covered in goosebumps and her nipples are hard as fuck.

“Just so you know … every time you do something stupid or reckless and stop my heart, I’ll return the gesture.” She looks defiantly at me and it’s way too sexy.

“You could have died!” I yell.

“So could you. Are we gonna see who dies first?” She’s calm and collected. I get the point loud and clear. And right now I know my girlfriend is crazy.

I hiss and pull her into a kiss, my lips coming down on hers hard, cause I’m still furious. But I need this.

“NO, SHIT!” Ilkay just came from the spare bedroom and he covers his eyes with his hands, swearing some more. Luckily Mel was hidden from his view by my body.

“Ship!” She screams and runs into my room. I give a small smile, I’ll deal with that little witch later and boy am I going to enjoy it.

“It’s safe now,” I tell him and he opens his eyes, looking pissed off at me. Hey, I forgot that he’s still here.

“Was she just naked? Why are you here? Shit, what did I miss?” I take his elbow and drag him down the stairs.

“Oh, I’ll tell you all about it, but I need you to fix my leg first.”

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